Monday, March 18, 2013

Madewell Spring 2013 Catalog {online!}

"Thanks!" to many of you who shared the following exciting news with us... The latest Spring 2013 catalog for Madewell is now available online for viewing!

To view it, click HERE. To request a catalog, click HERE. Overall, the catalog has a really laid back, casual feel. Lots of pretty things to look at.
The current catalog is issue number 5. I am surprised that J.Crew (Madewell's parent company) is not publishing more of these per year!
Will you be checking out Madewell's catalog online? Are you receiving the print version via snail mail? 


  1. I got mine last week. I've already bookmarked the items I'm getting. So excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I receive it. It looks great. I'm excited to recreate the look you posted with the black shorts, white blazer and grey slouchy knit sweater.

    I also love the silhouette skirt, but its back ordered until June (as an aside, why does J. Crew and Madewell have new arrivals backordered so long? Why don't they just release them later?)

  3. haven't gotten mine yet. hope they haven't dumped me off their list like jcrew likes to do seemingl y every 6 months or so. i buy more at madewell these days, so hopefully that is not the case.

  4. I haven't recvd it, but I viewed it online last nite. I also like the black shorts/white blazer/grey top look.

  5. I haven't received this one yet, but I will be visiting Madewell next week.

    I also have a couple of reviews here.

  6. Does anyone know if it's still 20% off everything in-store at Madewell? I read that yesterday, but I'm scared I missed it!

    1. HollDoll129, even if the stores do not have it any more, mention the website 20% promo and they will honor the discount.

  7. I got this in the mail. Madewell does a much better job than J. Crew of representing their items in print. You can see pretty well what color the item is and how it looks on a person who isn't styled like a J. Crew model. The linen V-neck tee is nice (runs small, though, I preferred the Large on me).

  8. Just a head's up for Madewell fans: there is a coupon for $25 off a $75 purchase at Madewell now through April 15 for Birchbox subscribers (personalized codes in today's Birchbox email). There is also a free Madewell bracelet with orders of $75+ with code "madewell". This seems to be the first time that Birchbox has partnered with a nonbeauty brand, quite interesting.

  9. Sorry, that should say $65+ orders at for the free bracelet.

  10. I always love the Madewell catalogs.. much more than J.Crew's. Nearly every look is simple and wearable, yet interesting. I like the new shoppable online catalog feature both MW and JC have started doing recently.

  11. great catalog. . . I picked up a print copy at the store.

    The April J.Crew catalog arrived today!!! All the way out here in the Pacific Northwest.

    fun!!! dreamy summer pictures, lots of wearable clothes. New takes on classics like cafe capri and tippis and some great sandals. Bags, too. I only wish for swimwear designed for non A-cups and those with backs they wouldn't mind showing or exposing to the sun and water!

  12. I received two $25 off $75 Madewell coupons, so I won't be using one of them...and it's up for grabs.

    Let me know if you'd like it. First to email me gets it.

    holaphoebe at gmail

  13. I received my Madewell catalog yesterday, and agree with Cate that they do a much better job of representing their items in print than J.Crew does, and I think their styling is better, too.

  14. Agree w/ Cate and FFM: Madewell pretty much takes a "what you see is what you get" approach to their styling online and in the catalogs, which I appreciate. I can usually tell straight off the bat if a Madewell item is going to be too short or boxy for me, as opposed to a lot of J.Crew's recent styles that fit so differently irl than they do online that they must be using binder clips galore in their photo shoots!

  15. Along the Madewell discussion, has Madewell Cabin Cardigan in a size medium at their local store? My store doesn't have it and the 800# says it is sold out:
    Any tips would be greatly appreciate.
    Please email me at


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