Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Take on J.Crew's Catalogs

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Desert Flower, as well as Taylor (in this post), who shared the following website:

The blogger behind the site takes J.Crew catalogs and pieces a {funny} story together.

The catalogs from J.Crew do have a theme (like destination) that they weave together. If only J.Crew included a fun narrative on each page!

What are your thoughts on the video? Do you think J.Crew should try their own fun-story version?


  1. brilliant!
    (and I am sooo jealous)

  2. What a riot, I love it!

  3. It cracked me up! I thought it was genius. Sure put a different spin on those style guides.

  4. I love the theme song! So funny!

    Two Wheelers

  5. Dying at the wedding one! Love!

  6. I've been humming jcrew crew all day! Great videos!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! watched them all - what fun!


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