Thursday, March 21, 2013

J.Crew April 2013 Catalog {St. Barths}

Although J.Crew's latest April 2013 catalog is being mailed to customers (and ready to be picked up in stores), it is still not available online. However, J.Crew did post a few images of the catalog and a video. Enjoy the eye candy below!

The St. Barths location is a gorgeous backdrop for J.Crew's latest arrivals. I mentioned this before, but the images are a throw back to an earlier J.Crew... and I love it!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming catalog? Do you like the outfits featured in the catalog?


  1. Has anyone reviewed the Cotton Voile Stripe has made it way to sale and I have never ordered a tunic before and wonder how it fits?

  2. I love it too, Alexis! The styling in the images above is so much better than the 'pile on as much as you can at one time' looks that they've shown for the past year or more. Definitely a welcome change, IMO.

  3. Loving the catalog and the styling! So much more! Everyone is smiling and the backdrop isn't plain white behind a model with mix-matched clothing, bed-head, and a blank stare. Reminds me of the old J.Crew, the one I miss so badly! Really love this catalog! I have been tossing the others in the trash after looking at them once over but this I have a feeling I will keep!!

  4. I love the scenery and beautiful colors! Wish I was there now. :) I agree that it is so nice to see more simple realistic styling and happy models.

  5. I like the JCrew catalogs with the edgier looks. I (lovingly) call it the "slightly deranged models" look.

    I think that if JCrew was to 1) make the catalog more main stream and 2) delay production by one year or so, then it would become Banana Republic. Or Ann Taylor. Or Talbot's. And I do not mean anything against these other companies. I just like JCrew best because I think they are closer to the vanguard.

    Just my opinion...

  6. This really reminded me of a classic J Crew catalog that made me want everything. I don't think I saw any Jenna glasses in the catalog either which also made me happy. Please, please let this be a trend. The models actually look happy to be there for the first time in a while.

  7. I need to stop shopping and start vacationing again.

  8. Yes, it finally arrived this week and I like it better than most of the recent ones we've seen. However, could we get out of the rut of endless shift/short dresses please??? It's so boring. You could find a dress like that at Tommy Bahamas or any "resort" shop. They need to step it up and at least vary some hem lengths every now and again. I found a lot of dresses on that I like better. That said, I am really glad I got the striped string bikini. It will look great with a tan...if summer ever comes. (I'm with you D*ska- the beach is calling my name!)

  9. I agree. I like this catalog much better than past ones of late. The styling is so much better with the one crazy exception on page 74 which shows the jacquard dot top in violet dust with the bennett crop chino in multistripe and the orange patent Lillian sandals. She looks like she got dressed at gun-point.

    1. I agree; that particular photo looks almost creepy. The outfit looks like something that should be on a deranged scarecrow, and she is in such an awkward pose with such a strange look on her face.


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