Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Storybook Charm Bracelet {it's back ...kind of} ;)

As we all know, certain styles & designs get copied from various fashion houses and retailers all the time. In the September 8th post, "J.Crew's Victoria {they're back ...kind of} ;)", the style of the Victorias being duplicated was discussed. Well now, there is one more style being duplicated...

A big "thanks!" to E who was kind enough to let us know about a Storybook Charm-inspired bracelet from Aldo.

The Storybook Charm Bracelet (Item 10934; $125.00) from J.Crew came out last year to quite a bit of fanfare. This bracelet was very popular (I own it myself!) and sold out quickly. Well, Aldo has now come out with its own version, the Gulbrandsen (DCS: 31-07-02; $20.00).

If you look at the two images (where J.Crew's version is on the left, and Aldo's version is on the right), the bracelets have the same charms and in the same order! And the price difference... wow! E also mentioned, that she found the Aldo version "on sale for 14.98 plus by one get one free!" at her local store.

What are your thoughts on the Storybook Charm-inspired bracelet being offered by another retailer? Do you like the alternative or J.Crew's version more? :)

UPDATE: Crew_Girl_In_Canada has a great (& detailed) review of the new Aldo bracelet over at the {wonderful} My Delightful Obsessions blog (click here to read the post).


  1. I am so happy to see this bracelet copied! I think JCrew's jewelry is highly overpriced compared to its qualilty. While this bracelet is too chunky/big for my petite bone structure I think it is pretty! Great find! Great post.

  2. I am going to the mall anyways this afternoon, so i'll have a look at aldo this afternoon and see if I can find it to have a look- I must admit though I amnot the biggest fan of aldo because their stuff tends to fall apart in my experience. It is a pretty close nand blatent copy though!

  3. thanks for the post! i was never able to get my hands on one for less $100 so hopefully this will satisfy my need for it!

  4. Wow, very cute and waht a deal!

    It seems to me that there is a lot of jewelry out there similar to J. Crew's line...even at Target! Wondering if it's the same manufacturer tweaking things for different buyers.

  5. WOW- it is a blatant copy! I had no idea that Aldo sold jewelry. I've always seen the store but never walked in. I wonder if J Crew knows about it.

  6. This is not "similar." It is a complete knockoff. The JC bracelet is pretty, and this one has potential, but I can't believe Aldo would copy the design that exactly.

  7. WOW-great find! It appears identical and the quality probably is no different. The JC bracelet was so overpriced--I picked one up on super sale and made several charms for my chains and then wear the bracelet with just the baubles like the desert bauble version. I have several fantastic necklaces now and a bracelet! The idea came from Slastena's great blog (community).

    Preppy Sue: you nailed it. You can go into your factory in China and show them the item and they will copy it. Sometimes it could even be the same factory and thus the same product!

  8. *looks at Jenna interview post above with comment about not marking up prices*
    *reads this post*
    *smacks forehead*

  9. Crazy, but not surprising really. The only difference I can see is the clasp and you could always get a more secure one from a craft store for a couple dollars.

    I bought a pair of shoes from Aldo when I was in college. The heel broke in half and I took them back. They refused to discuss it until I demanded the manager. Then they said they would fix them. When I picked up the "repaired" shoe, the torn suede was covered in glue and there was a post sticking up into the heel of the shoe. It was far enough that even a heel pad couldn't cushion it and I couldn't wear the shoes. Complained again and was basically told to get lost. I have never again walked into that store and never will. Horribly cheap products and terrible service.

  10. Very interesting...I'd be curious to see them side by side IRL for a comparison.

  11. I purchased the bracelet online... for anyone interested, here is a free shipping coupon: VIPOFFER

  12. Thanks Marietta--I just used the code and bought it online too! What a bargain!

  13. I really don't see much of a difference in quality, there were plenty of complaints from people who bought the real thing and it broke soon after. So at least this way you are really paying how much it is truly worth. When I saw it in store, it was hard to believe because it is SO similar, I really don't think J Crew jewelry is worth the original and even sale prices. You are usually paying for acrylic/plastic! I do own a ton of the necklaces but I got them for much cheaper on ebay/JCAs. It's not like this stuff is supposed to be even semi precious materials so go ahead and enjoy! It's a very cute bracelet and I'm glad I never got it for even the $50 sale price.

    One more note, maybe Aldo knew it was a much cheaper alternative to a very sought after item? For some reason this was the only bracelet that had a lock on its display stand. I had to ask them to open it for me. Not sure if others will come across that.

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  15. I just purchased this bracelet. If you'd like to read my review of the Aldo's version compared to the J Crew version, please check out my blog.


    Hope this helps.

  16. Hello,
    I wore my Aldo charm bracelet out on Sat. night and nearly half the charms fell off. Make sure you tighten each one before wearing. HTH



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