Friday, September 18, 2009

J.Crew & Jack {knows best} Video {part two}

In the September 14th "J.Crew & Jack {knows best} On YouTube" post, a video clip of Jack Knows Best was featured. WWD (click here) has an article about the back story of J.Crew's Jack {knows best} and a bit more on the video.

Ask Jack: J. Crew Style Video Hits Taxis
By Jean E. Palmieri

September 18, 2009

Mickey Drexler knows who to turn to with a style question, and now the rest of the world will, too. Jack O’Connor, the in-house men’s stylist for J.Crew, recalls the day Drexler, the company’s chief executive officer, called on him in front of a roomful of people during a design presentation. “He put me on the spot in front of around 50 people by asking what shirt and tie he should wear with a suit. I came up with the answer immediately and he thought that was great, and said: ‘Jack knows best.’”

That line became fodder for the company’s employees, who started turning to O’Connor for fashion advice. Now O’Connor features in a new media campaign, “Jack Knows Best.” J.Crew turned to Saimon Chow to create a short film that is streaming in 6,700 taxicabs in New York City during fashion week as well as on YouTube. The minute-long film will be on the J.Crew Web site starting next week and there will be an Ask Jack section there, as well, featuring four frequently asked questions, such as what a man should wear to a wedding and when to choose a two-button jacket over a three-button.

The video stars “The Unsure Man,” who changes his clothes dozens of times as he ponders the appropriateness of his outfits. At the end, he holds up a sign that reads: “Help,” and in swoops O’Connor, “Style Confidant,” to tweak his wardrobe. The video ends with the line: “For style advice, tips and questions,”

O’Connor said the questions since the spots began airing have ranged from how to tie a tie for special occasions to whether black shoes can be worn in the country and brown in the city. So is he feeling overwhelmed by his new role? “A BlackBerry really helps,” he said.

For the list of Jack's advice, refer to: "J.Crew's Jack {he knows best}".

I am liking what I see from marketing when it comes to Men. As of lately, J.Crew has stepped up their efforts to target men– from creating stand alone shoppes for men (in NY and NJ), to offering men's catalogs including the most recent one starring artist Ryan McGinness (click here to view online). :)


  1. I like what they are doing with Men's, and apparently my man does too, because he seems to be taking a longer look at their stuff and more open to my suggestions (colors other than navy, black, brown and grey, for example)... yay! :)

    Jack is cute in that video. teehee. :B

  2. I really like what they're doing with the Men's section, too. It's actually more appealing to look at than the women's section is right now, IMO.

  3. I've enjoyed purchasing J.Crew's menswear for my husband for a few years now and there have been very few misses along the way. Love the featured artists, a really innovative take on clothing presentation. I especially like the different ages of men wearing the clothes. They have done this with women in the past and not just Lauren Hutton but beautiful silver-haired models as well. It actually inspired me to purchase a J.Crew sweater for my mother, which I would never have thought of otherwise. Now I'm starting to look at the menswear with my father in mind as well. Christmas is coming and there are gifts to buy. :)

  4. Tastymoog: I think Jack is cute in the video too! :)

    FFM: LOL! I know what you mean! I think I spent more time looking at the Men's catalog yesterday, than I did the Women's. ;)

    XoXo: I agree that I like how J.Crew will once in awhile feature an artist (both men and women). It's a bit different and lovely at the same time. :)

  5. I'm really impressed with the mens line. It's building on the great items form last year; not a disconnect, but a continuation of the themes and ideas presented in fall 08.

    I have my eye on several pieces. I emailed Jack for a little information, then after his responce I'll be pulling the pin.

  6. xoxo and Alexis I am missing the grey haired model and Lauren Hutton so much! I bet they would both look cute posing like the current wispy, young open mouthed models. Bring the oldies back!!


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