Friday, September 18, 2009

J.Crew Email: Say "I do" to J.Crew {cute!}

A big "thanks!" to Marietta who shared one of J.Crew's latest email.

The email announces the following: "Join J.Crew for our wedding trunk show featuring our Fall/Winter 2009 and Spring 2010 Collections. Preview our bridal gowns and wedding party collections. Our wedding specialists will be on hand to answer questions and set up one-on-one appointments for you."

The dates for this event are: Saturday, 9/26/09 (8-11AM) and Sunday, 9/27/09 (8-11 AM). Just RSVP ( with the date & location of the trunk show you plan to attend.

The location is:
J.Crew at Rockefeller Center
30 Rockefeller Center
New York City, NY
(212) 765- 4227

Moreover, images showcasing all the styles for its Wedding & Parties Fall 2009 collection have been available to preview some time now (refer to the May 29th post, "J.Crew's Weddings & Parties Preview {lovely!}").

To find a J.Crew near you that offers wedding and bridesmaids gowns, check J.Crew's "Store Locator" page (click here), where you can find the category in the key called "wedding collection preview".

Happy {bridal} shopping!

P.S. If you do attend this event in NYC, then I recommend a stop at the Dean & Deluca Cafe (at Rockefeller Plaza) for a chocolate cup cake. (It is *so* worth the outrageous $5 price tag!) ;)


  1. I received an order the other day and actually got one of those Bridal notes discussed in a previous post. I guess they must be putting them in all the online orders now.

  2. FFM: I didn't realize they were putting the bridal cards in all orders- that's exciting. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hey Alexis! I'm not 100% positive they're going in every order, but I did get one in each of the 2 packages I received. :)

  4. I wish the were more active in promoting their bridal line last year when I was searching for a dress! I had to order everything on the phone since the dresses weren't really available in stores (they are now at the Georgetown store which is only a stone's throw away). I found the phone reps to be very helpful and exact with their sizing recommendations though, and I did end up wearing the Gracie gown for my wedding.


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