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One JCA's Top Ten J.Crew Shoes

In the "One JCA's Top Ten J.Crew Prints" posts (refer to {part 1}, {part 2}, {part 3}, & {part 4} for more), I picked out my favorite prints from J.Crew.

"Thanks!" to Kikki who came up with a great suggestion for another post: "Inspired by your series on favorite prints... I thought it might be fun to countdown favorite shoes, too.". I love the idea for such a fun post. So here it is!

The following are my top ten list. I should add that they are in no particular order. No ranking, because I love them all!

10. Patent-leather Mary Janes (Item 88554; $198.00) from 2007.

Yeah. I don't need to tell you why these gorgeous pair of heels are on the list.

9. Trixie Heels (Item 96339; $248.00) from Fall 2008.

These shoes came in a variety of patterns- each one more beautiful than the next. I wanted them all!

8. Juliet Patent Heel (Item 96716; $198.00) from 2008.Gorgeous glossy patent leather matched with a wood heel- perfectly on trend! This heel also came in the most delicious shades.

7. Fleur Suede Peep-Toe Heels (Item 96587; $195.00) from 2007.
Not hard to see why these heels made the list. In addition to the amazing jewel-toned hues these heels came, the design is divine. The silk satin rosette at the toe is just darling too!

6. Isabella Printed d'Orsay High Heels (Item 76587; $175.00) from 2007.
I love the shape of this heel! So lady like and sexy at the same time. These heels also came in irresistibly fun and festive patterns/ material: tie silk (sour lemon, black) or cotton poplin (bright sherbet).

5. Perle Gladiator Sandals from Summer 2010.
Okay, so these look way better in-person than the stock photo. The cascading beads down the t-strap make these gladiator sandals a dazzling pair to wear. Simply gorgeous.

4. Lula Patent Leather Ballet Flats (Item 51873; $128.00) from 2011.This might not be everyone's choice for top 10 pick, but it is for me. The flat is perfection! They are comfortable thanks to the cushioned insole, interior wedge and elastic collar. Not too mention they are pretty to wear at the office or at a party, as the flat comes in lovely shades!

3. Martine Two-Color Satin Ballet Flats ($198.00) from 2008.

If these look a bit familiar, it is because they also came in a heel. I love the bright contrasting colors that work so unexpectedly well together. The hand-knotted detail at the toe is a delightful twist of the usual bow.

2. Lucia Suede Ballet Flats (Item 86214; $135.00) from 2007(?).
When I think of the classic ballet flats- these come to mind as they are simple and elegant. Luxurious suede, in rich hues, with a charming bow on top.

1. Liza Patterned Peep-Toe Flats from 2008.
Super cute slingbacks that are a delight to wear thanks to the over-sized bow and bright print.

What are your thoughts on the Top 10 shoes from J.Crew? What items/ prints do you think I missed on my list? What items/ prints would make it to your top ten list? :)


  1. Blogger ate my comment... #8 & #10 would get a lot of wear from me.

    I would also put some of their booties on the list. I get lots of compliments on them!

  2. My favorites are...
    * Glitterati flats
    * Juliets
    * Mary Jane spectator peep-toe (solid color, FA08)
    * Penelope peep-toe pump in canyon - If you have a size 8 to sell, let's tawlk!

    1. I really like the contrasting colors on the Martine Two-Color Satin Ballet Flats--very cute.

  3. The Isabella Printed d'Orsay High Heels and the Martine Two-Color Satin Ballet Flats are my favs from this list.

    However my list includes my three must have pairs of all time: they're all yellow, my favourite color. lol. Bear with me as I describe them since I don't know their names.

    The first are ballet flats made of 'Stadium cloth wool'?. They are wool with brass chains and a brown velvet ribbon tie to the chains on top. They came in a bright yellow, bright pink and green. I still wish I had gotten the pink too since I wear them plenty.

    Second on my list is a pair of wool? peeptoe pumps with feathers? and a flower? on top. I question what's on top because sadly it's not in my closet. It's the one that got away. But if anyone knows which shoe I'm talking about, I'd love to know the name. I'm dying for these and would buy it off you, size 7-7.5, just saying.

    The last is the Jane snakeskin ballet flats. So gorgeous. A real beauty and quality leather craftsmanship. Was available in bright pink and tan? to. Again still kicking myself for not getting the pink in these.

    Like gigiofca, I also have the Mary Jane spectator pump but mine doesn't have a peep-toe (maybe it's from another year). Anyway, they're gorgeous and really comfortable leather.

  4. Wow. That was like a story. Sorry ladies, I get so excited about shoes that I get carried away. lol

  5. Lulus and the Penelope Mary Janes!!!

  6. I love the trixies, too; I have the black and ivory pair with the yellow bow (thanks to another JCA).

    I also love the yellow pair seen here in the upper middle: ( Just scored my own pair from ebay!

  7. Love your picks!! My two all time favorites are the lulu pumps (have all colors) and perfect patent pumps (have all colors I've been able to scrounge up)

  8. My favorites are the Juliets. I wish JCrew would re-issue them in new colors. Everything about them is just right-great heel height and "chunkiness", just rounded enough toe, and comfort (IMHO) for days!

    Great picks, Alexis. I'm enjoying these "retrospective" posts, so much.

  9. JCrews shoe heyday was definitely 2007/2008.

    I love them all. Not mentioned which are my favorites - the Penelope peep toe mary jane that came in fuschia, green, black, hair calf, yellow, mutlicolor, and spectator versions. Still hunting down the bright colors....sigh. Best heel for wearing in my opinion. 3+" have never worn so well!

  10. Great collection Alexis. I'll take your word on the gladiator sandals. ;^)

    I have the Lulus, last year's oxford ballet flats and the Serengeti Juliets. Of those I guess the Lulus would be my favorite. I don't buy a lot of J.Crew shoes because I prefer other brands like Chie Mihara. I do have several pairs of older J.Crew boots though, from back when they used to be all leather. Love the Richmond and Glenbrae, as well as a really old pair that was not named but has been given new lifts and sole savers twice and still keep on kicking!

  11. I love the current Viv pumps and mona pumps. They are so classic and go with everything. I do wish I had a pair of Penelope Mary Janes :)

  12. ahh, the trixie heels. those are great! so many fun prints. i also love:
    penelope mary janes!
    fleur de lis flats
    jeweled sunburst flats

  13. WHy can't JCrew offer these unique and timeless beaturies today? Everything they have looks like what everyone from Piperlime to Kohls if showing. Kate Spade is the closest one in terms of style but the pricepoints are too high. So much of their selection is slmost generic- I really believe they have "lost their voice", so to speak

  14. Oh Alexis, I love your list! The peep toe patent mary janes are the one that got away! I have the spectator peep toe patent mary janes which I love but the brightly colored non spectator ones were just... so lovely!

    My #1 all time favorite Penelope - that includes flats, heels, and peep toes.

  15. *is* Penelope... geez. Too early.

    Also, let's not forget those pointy flats and kitten heels circa 2005 that had the velvet ribbon trim. Those were amazing!

  16. I like J.Crew boots. I wear Gleanbrae, Nottinghams and Vintage Roadsters all winter long. I am not crazy about all those fabric patterned shoes because however pretty they are they have limited use, at least for me. From the current colletion I am obsessed with the Valentinas, I have 5 pairs, one on the way to me and I still want navy and nude that Ema featured on her blog. I did a post on them Here and I am featuring 3 different pairs today.

  17. the jcrew brewster boots (short, suede) were so good. wore those into the ground.

  18. taste moog I love the short brewsters too! Classic.

  19. D*ska, I think you are referring to my personal favorite shoes ever, the La Plume satin peep-toe heels. I recently broke them out for the first time and felt so sophisticated in them.

  20. Yes, the Juliet's are practically perfect and...
    1. Piper Spectators -flats and heels (worn through a couple pairs of the flats)
    2. Blythe - flats and high-heel peep-toes (love the button detail)
    3. Penelope peep-toes (never owned a pair but admired from afar!)
    4. Alecia platforms
    5. Marnie flats (from 2005?)

    I wish JCrew would make interesting flat shoes again.

    What a great idea for a post -- thanks Alexis!

  21. Love my Trixie's! I adore the printed fabrics and the bow--I bet I've never worn either pair without at least one compliment. They are very unique & fun! But I have to doctor them up with pads and still make sure I am going somewhere I know I will mostly be sitting.

    I also love my Liza printed fabric peeptoe heels. They are a gorgeous shoe and I have them in a couple of patterns. They are not the most sturdy which I seem to find with all of the open style--meaning no strap--peeptoe heels (including the Serengeti). Again, I must be mostly sitting in order to wear these:(

    I find the Juliets (or Claudia metallic) to be the most comfortable and they are such a classic look--love the wood heels! They really should reissue these. They don't know the business they are missing out on by not offering a lower heel in a classic shape. And what about Juliet in a patterned fabric, J Crew? :)

    RE: penelopes, if anyone is interested, I am selling the spectator grey patent leather peeptoe mary janes, size 8-1/2. Perfect, from retail store, $75 shipped:)

  22. Chiming in on my love for the Juliets. I luurve them! They are the only heels I can really wear all day and not pay the price for doing so. Love them and thanks to JcrewJD, I have quite the collection going now. Can't wait to wear them more in the Spring/Summer.

  23. Love all of these! I'm another Juliet fan and have been building up my collection. I can stand in these for hours easily and I love the easy-wear patent. I adore the Lulu peep-toes and the bow cute and comfortable. I love all the Mary Janes, especially the ones pictured, and the Penelopes. That whole timeframe was a fabulous time for JC shoes.

  24. MommysShoppingAgain, I am glad my collection went to a fellow JCA who appreciates the beauty of the Juliet, haha!

    sweetsy, they are totally missing out by offering such a sparse selection of lower heels. I like the Valentinas but something with a little more substance and less delicate leather would be nice... like... oh, I dunno, the Juliet!

  25. I wish J. Crew carried size 11 in stores. I'm *much* more willing to purchase a shoe that I can try on first, and since I have such a hard time finding shoes, I'm much more willing to spend money on that area than any other.

    LOVE these articles. How about one on jewelry?

    :) Jen

  26. Oh, and if the Isabella flats had come in a navy polka dot with yellow bow, they would have been perfect.

  27. Bobster, I googled the Plume but it's not it, I think it's earlier than 2009, maybe 2007. It wasn't satin, wool I think.

  28. Alexis the Fleur Suede Peep Toes in blue have been one of my favorite pairs I have ever owned, I treasure them! Thanks for sharing.

  29. ohhhh I wish they would bring back #10, 7 & 6

  30. I love all of these!

    For me, I have super super narrow feet, and unfortunately for the fabulousness of my feet (but fortunately for my wallet) J.Crew shoes tend to not fit me because they are too wide. But there have been two exceptions for me:

    The Etta peep-toe wedges in the blue/green suede colorway from 2007 and the Manhattan suede loafer circa 2005/2006ish. I originally bought the Manhattan loafer when it first came out in brown suede and literally walked holes in those shoes. I also was fortunate enough to reacquire a pair in pink about a year ago, and those puppies have seen quite a few miles too.

  31. I love tomboy-ish shoes, so I really like the macalisters, especially the shearling-lined wedges.

  32. I second the tall glenbrae boot as my favorite J Crew shoe of all time (and perhaps the single greatest boot of any brand ever made, considering the price and quality); I have trudged through many a wintry mix in those boots. Also love love love the suede and leather wedges from last summer and new Viv flats, they're so sturdy.

  33. I wish that J.crew did an intermediate heel height. You know, something in between flat as a pancake, and too high to be comfortable for a very full workday that requires a lot of walking around and standing up?

  34. E. that's the Juliet. They are the perfect height.

    Regarding the Juliets, it would be nice if they added a little padding at the foot like when they upgraded the ballet flat. I've also had an issue w/the insole pad of the shoe becoming unglued (?) and sliding around or wrinkling. Improving padding & the insole would make the Juliets absolutely perfect.

  35. I would love to know how these older styles fit compared to today's styles. The Juliets and the purple heels with the little bow are my favorites but I don't own any shoes from back then.

  36. Can anyone comment on how comfortable the Lula Patent flats are? I am looking for a black pair for the office and just returned a pair of flats from another retail store that cut into my heels so badly! I just want comfy flats! (Venting ;) Seriously, though, are the patent Lula's comfortable or will I regret it?

  37. ohhhh I wish they would bring back #10, 7 & 6
    peep toe flats


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