Wednesday, July 1, 2009

J.Crew Preview: Fall 2009 Looks

We have seen quite a bit of what is to come this Fall 2009, from a sneak peak of the Collection Line (refer here), to the bridal shop (refer here), to the regular line for Men & Women (refer here, here, here, & here).

And now, a big "thanks!" to an Anonymous Aficionada, Happy Life, & J.Crew Guy In Canada, who all shared images of the upcoming Fall 2009 J.Crew catalog for both Men and Women.

What are your thoughts on the new Fall items? Are you excited for what's to come? Do you dislike or like any of them? Which items were you hoping to see? :)


  1. Love the catalog photos! Not too excited about what's been shown so far, but I still can't wait to see the catalog. :)

    On a complete sidenote, the Wall Street Journal recently had an article about the upcoming back-to-school season where Jenna Lyons said "It's better to sell out right now than to have to mark down." -- I suppose this means even more items will be selling out sooner. For better or worse, I've been snapping up new (full-price -- ACK!) items as soon as they come out as a result of the scarcity. Something in the past I'd never done! Here's hoping the price points can stay reasonable.

  2. I have to agree with RatsonParade. I noticed they began putting up lots of fall items up last month. The cords were up two weeks ago and today I noticed they are selling boots and suede shoes too.I think I will spend less this fall and just splurge on key items that I feel I have to have for the wow factor.

  3. I haven't see a whole lot that I like so far in the fall line. I definitelly DO NOT need any corduroys or basics. I just like unusual/fun pieces to spice up my large wardrobe:) but I will wait to see what is in the full catalog.

    However, I do not buy full price 95% of the time. If it sells out, so what. There are always cute clothes coming out all the time. I just refuse to pay full price for something that has a HUGE markup on it. JCrew's quality does not call for paying full price IMO.

    Here's hoping to some cute fall things and waiting for a sale. I really don't care what Jenna says! I hate pressure sales anyway! Comments like hers make me want to wait even more for a sale:)

  4. site had updated. new items in the sale section.

  5. Love these images, which always help me think differently about mixing high/low, basics/collection, fun/traditional. Delicious.

    I'm a Visual Learner and hate "forgetting" about JCrew pieces stuck in the closet. This spring I created my ideal mini-store/display, by turning my bathroom into a dressing room. Moved a lovely floor to ceiling stainless steal/wood shelf in, restored school locker cabinet, stainless steel and antique hooks on the walls, cascading hooks on the tiny closet door. Then added original art, mirrors, an old Persian carpet, and baskets. {No, it is NOT a large bathroom, but using the crowded-with-class concept of a French mini apartment, it works!}

    Every time I step in, I see all my favorite pieces, which can be changed out, whenever. Neat piles of tees, blouses, bright yellow boxes with favorite shoes stacked next to old perfume bottles, jewelry draped over old garden statutes. Might not be the thing for all, but wanted to share with my creative JCrewers. {Thanks to Alexis, for the visual blog!}

  6. Professor,
    Glad you are enjoying your new closet. Sounds just great! Congrats:) I wish I could see pictures!

  7. Professor,
    You should post pictures on your blog. I'd love to see how you created this wondrous-sounding space.

    I've just spent the weekend re-doing my closet. Any other fans of the huggable hangers on here? They really do open up so much more room ... and to come full circle back to the topic of this post, based on early viewings, this new space won't become occupied by j.crew's early fall looks. Not impressed at all. And I agree with Genny - of course Jenna and J.crew wants us to think we should pay full price (ridiculously marked-up price, that is) for their items. I rarely do, either.

  8. La Belle Helene,

    I adore huggable hangers; love cascading them for display of multiple jackets/sweaters/blouses. Feels abundant.

    More simple tools for a walk-in dressing room in the bath: (1) standing tall wooden hat racks w/ hooks that can hold scarves, purses, favorite drapey sweaters, purses, (2) an old wooden men's valet rack, repainted in your favorite pale color, (3) jeweler's black velvet necklace/bracelet display fixtures. {This was needed because I live in 600 sq ft--great for expanding small living spaces.}

    ** Alas, I have no digital camera for show/tell. I'll invite over someone who might help.

  9. Well, I was just over at, where they are showcasing their new July items... they have a top that seems similar to the JC Chiffon trellis tank (item 15135), which I like better than the JC version. I think I'm going to try it out!

    PS - I love Huggable Hangers, I just ordered my second set of 108!

  10. Great suggestions, Professor.

    Re: Huggable hangers - what colors are people going with? Chiefly; do the colored ones rub off on light-colored clothes? Costco sells their brand of 50 for $15, which is a phenomenal price. The only color choice, however, is black - and I'm wondering if that might rub off on my white shirts...?

  11. Professor - welcome back! :)

    Enjoyed your post about the dressing room. My mother always had her favorite items hanging on a decorative coat rack in her dressing room and she swapped them out regularly. She said that some things are too pretty to hide away in the closet and are beautiful just to look at, as well as to wear.

    I love Urbana coat hangers with rubber inserts for shoulders, scarf and pant hanging areas, lingerie hooks and a swivel top. They hold garments in place without stretching fabric and the swivel hook makes it easy to hang over a door in a pinch. For me, they work better and are higher-quality than the huggables. I only use cedar hangers for my winter wool coats though. A lesson I learned from my father.

    Thanks for sharing the preview photos Alexis. I like the taupe blazer and the clutch with the grosgrain bow or pleating on top looks nice in the purple and blue. Looking forward to autumn, my favorite season of all.

  12. Marietta--I ordered the same top from AT, along with some other items from their new July collection. If you go to retailmenot you can find a 30% off coupon.

    RE: JC fall items--only see one item I want--the aqua colored floral top. I hope it's not $200.

  13. I like looking at the pics/styling, but not seeing much that interests me for real life wear. Definitely not into the hobo skirt (potato sack/paper bag waistline). Love the cords, but I already have too many pairs. :P

  14. Oh no.... not more super-long cardigans.

    Do the rest of you like them? Is this style flattering on some body types?

    The first time I saw this style, I thought, "add a few stains, and I could look homeless in that."

  15. hi guys, I'm new here. Sorry to start off on a superficial note but don't you guys think that j.crew male model is gorgeous?

  16. Reba Blogger: I am a happily married woman with two kids and I AGREE 100%...I have adored this male model for years...

    Good observation...

  17. La Belle Helene,

    Glad you agree:) I mean, several items I have bought on sale just in the past few weeks have gone down in price even more! It is crazy....I should have waited even longer!

  18. Cass - I already placed my order (which included that top), and I used a 25% off + free shipping coupon that I had. I guess the extra 5% savings makes up the shipping costs, so I'm about even. Thanks for the heads up, though!

    PS - I am also liking the aqua floral top.... everything else that I've seen so far is ok, but nothing that I'm dying to have. I've already pre-ordered the Michele Obama skirt, which I really want for fall.

  19. I don't have a business or retail background, but I would be curious to hear from someone who does: does Jenna's statement that Rats posted from WSJ reflect conventional wisdom for mass-market retailers, i.e., better to sell out at FP (and presumably lose sales you would have had if you'd ordered more) than to have too much inventory and have to mark down?

    I assume there's a happy medium, of course, but is that the direction in which mall retailers would generally err?

  20. Marietta, if the AT coupon wasn't one time use, would you mind posting the code? I might want to place another order--thanks.

    Hexicon, I think the FP vs. sale idea is that it's better for the brand in the long-run if items sell out at FP so you don't train customers to wait for a sale. I pretty much always wait for a mark down though unless it's something I can convince myself I *need* (i.e. a suit or dress for a specific occasion). Previous poster was right--there will always be more new clothes.

  21. I love that AT is doing copies of JCrew items at a more affordable price point and with great coupon codes! Great news!

    I guess I cannot be trained to buy at full price. Old habits die hard. I get a thrill out of a bargain. I don't get the same thrill from buying full price:)

  22. I wonder why I can't see the pics? Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. Oh, well, guess I'll wait. I don't plan to shop in July unless it's one of 5 items that get a great markdown (preferably with an extra % off as well. :D) Although I do hope to try some of the new items on next week.

  23. The colorful clutches look promising. Not much else is appealing to me. Certainly not the uber-long sweater hanging out of a blazer. Is that a return of the classic J.Crew Barn Jacket for men?

    I find the psychology of shopping quite fascinating. I attended a leadership training course this spring and a woman who manages several franchise retail stores (not J.Crew) related a sales strategy used at her stores. They put out only 1 or 2 of each size of item on the floor and keep the rest in the back. For example: 2-XS, 1-S, 2-M, 1-L, 1-XL. Someone who wears a small would see that there was only 1 left and very few in other sizes and would supposedly be motivated to purchase on the spot thinking that if they waited, the item would be sold out in her size when they came back.

    She said it worked very well and she had learned the tactic years ago when working in a shoe store. A customer would request a size of shoe and when she brought it out she would say that it was the last pair. According to her, about 90% of the time the customer would buy the shoes if they fit and sometimes even if they didn't.

    I had to laugh because I have purchased at least one pair of shoes when told that they were the last pair. Of course, they did fit, were on sale and I did wear them but I have to wonder if I would have made the purchase if not for the "last pair" line.

    I suspect J.Crew is indeed working to train customers to purchase at full price rather than wait for a sale. When you see how low the prices go on some things, it gives a good idea of the huge margin on full price items.

    Sorry for the long post.

  24. That herringbone blazer for men looks really nice. Maybe this season I'll forego all the little purchases and splurge big on a piece like this. Can't wait to see it in person.

  25. Hexicon--

    As Cass and CaptainCrew stated, training customers to buy full price is huge in affecting the bottom line. There is extreme concern in the retail space that consumers won't be willing to pay top dollar for items that will ALWAYS go on sale. Retailers got by for years on the idea that in order to wear expensive jeans or carry a nice purse, you had to pay full price. Using myself as an anecdote, why would I pay $155 for a pair of 7's if I know the exact same pair will be 20% in 4 weeks. Changing this mentality will be a huge challenge.

    I suspect that this is an inventory story also. Everyone got spanked in the past 4 quarters for the huge spike in inventory, causing concern from ratings agencies, banks etc that high levels of inventory would be too expensive and no one wants to make the same mistake.

    As an aside, the only thing I REALLY REALLY REALLY want is that camel colored blazer. I seem to miss them every year and this year, I will be buying that darn blazer. Now whether I pay full price or not remains to be seen ;)

  26. reba_blogger: totally agree he's gorgeous! best one they've had in a while IMO :)

    i don't care for the super long cardigans. to me they just look like they should go over leggings and that's too 80's for me (i did that look already as a teenager! ).

    however, i love how they style everything, even the pleated shorts which i don't care for myself but they look great on the model...and they always show new color combos. i'm just such a longtime fan (since they began) so it's all eye candy to me. i pick and choose which pieces work for me. some i think are hideous for me but someone can always pull them off and look fabulous. can't wait for the fall favorite ;)

  27. I was hoping to see more women's pieces! I have recently started work at a pretty conservative-dressing office, and I need some fun pieces that can walk the line between being fun and fashionable, and also being work appropriate. DOes anyone know when we can expect the first fall roll-out online?

  28. Cute photos, as usual! It looks like it was shot in Big Sur, CA. If not Big Sur it's def got to be in CA somewhere! Those redwoods!

  29. I love the long pink cardigan and patterned skirt, a classic look that always works for me!

  30. I'm not a long cardigan fan, either, Abigail - I tried one on once just to confirm that it would, in fact, look absurd on me.

    I'm going to make another pitch for huggable hanger lovers - are the color ones/black ones safe for white shirts, etc? Thanks for feedback.

  31. La Belle Helene - I have bright yellow huggable hangers, and the color does not rub off. I just ordered another set of 108 in the sage green color.

    Cass - I'm sorry, it was a one time use code that was handed to me in a store by one of the associates that I deal with. But, the 30% off code is a great deal, too!

  32. Everyone: Thanks for sharing your great comments.

    Professor: Your bathroom sounds both lovely & amazing!!! Congrats on the new space. :)

  33. Thanks, Marietta :-)
    Do you order from HSN?

  34. Marietta, no prob, I can wait for the next code. I did already use the 30% and don't think I can use it a second time.

  35. LaBelleHelene - I got my HH from Target - in black - and they have not rubbed off on any of my light colored clothes. and my whole closet just looks so much neater - I love it!!

    RatsOnParade - very interesting quote - thanks for sharing! I wonder how this will pan out for us all IRL.

    Re the new look book - I am in love with the flats that have the big poufy flower on the front, but suspect that I will have a hard time fitting them on my foot. Oh well...

  36. Hi all! For those of you who can't wait for Fall 2009, I just stopped by my local B&M yesterday (which gets all the items ahead of time) and they had the first Fall rollout in store. It was totally fabulous! The colors were amazing and there were alot of really cute items.

    They have a new sleeveless ruffle blouse (I suppose the new replacement for the Victoria ruffle shirt). I bought it in this gorgeous peach/salmon color ($88)

    They also had some new rose tees that were selling like crazy. They only had 1 or 2 left. It's a printed rose with scattered sequins over it...really pretty. It came in a gray color and a champagne color ($42.50)

    They had some really cute bags and OMG, the jewelry was unbelievable. I bought 2 necklaces that were stunning, and the prices were not terrible (one was $48 and the other $98).

    Overall, I was very excited since Fall 2009 looks to be very promising, much better than spring and summer have been!

  37. jcrew fanatic, soo exciting!! Thanks for the report!


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