Thursday, July 30, 2009

J.Crew Email: ready or not, here we come...

A big "thanks!" to Ema who let us know about a recent email J.Crew sent announcing a new store opening. On Tuesday, August 11th, J.Crew will open a new Crewcuts store in New York City, NY (nearby J.Crew's Collection store on 1035 Madison Avenue).

According to an interview with Jenna Lyons (refer to the "Another Interview with J.Crew's Lyons" post): "While it won’t be the first free-standing Crewcuts, come this August, the Upper East Side will get a store at 1200 Madison Avenue. This new store will carry the full assortment of the line: shoes, accessories, even party clothes. We are so excited to be coming to such a beautiful neighborhood."

The address for the location is:
Crewcuts on Madison
1200 Madison Avenue
(Between 87th & 88th Streets)
New York City, NY

Sometimes a coupon of some sort will be mailed (either snail mail or email) to the area's local residents (as J.Crew does with most store openings and re-openings). It sounds like the new Crewcuts store will be amazing. I can't wait to see it, in person! :)

Congrats to the local residents of New York City!!! :)

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