Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Noteworthy Mentions About

"Thanks!" to HeidiG who pointed out that a sold out message (as shown in the image above) on the website offers customers a second chance, by offering to find it in their stores by calling their 1-800 number. The "We Will Find It For You" is a service that J.Crew offers their clients, for full-priced merchandise. Moreover, if you ask for this service using J.Crew's red phone, you can get free shipping.

However, if you are looking for something on sale, you are out of luck. ;) The image (above) is an example of what you expect to see. The text reads: "We're sorry. This item has been so popular, it has sold out. We've got other ideas-- just call 800 562 0258, we're here to help".

I suspect that the difference between the two messages is whether or not the item went on sale, and for how long it has been on sale. If an item is a new arrival and sold out online, chances are the item is on a store shelf somewhere. As oppose to an item which has been on sale for awhile (since most stores return sale items to the main warehouse after a few weeks- so if online doesn't have it, chances are no one else will either).

And... "Thanks!" to Audrey (in this post) who made a {wonderful} observation about the item page for the Lexi Satchel (Item 18261; $425.00) and the Metallic Lexi Clutch (Item 17545; $225.00). The items have interior shots of the bags!!! Finally, we have a view that includes what the inside of the bag looks like. Many JCAs, including myself, have wanted this additional perspective to be included for the longest time. I hope that they will continue offering this additional view for all future handbag offerings.

What are your thoughts about the different sold out messages that displays? Do you think they are effective in getting customers to purchase the item? Are you excited to see the additional interior image of handbags? Do you think J.Crew will continue to offer it? :)


  1. I have tried the 'we will find it' service numerous times and never had any luck so I find it funny that I am supposed to believe that there is a constellation sweater out there in some store. I did notice that there are a few on e-bay for $775! yikes!
    Seems like every other store can just type in an item number and tell me what store has an item and I am immediately able to purchase the item and have it sent to me. J Crew seems way behind on this one.

    Glad to see more photos of bags- for the cost more than 1 photo would is nice
    Thanks Alexis for a great blog!

  2. My comment is about the disappearance of a favorite website feature. Now, when you click on an item's page and then go back to the list of items, the site no longer brings you directly to the row you were browsing before. It brings you all the way up to the top. Very annoying, easy fix.

  3. I've had some luck in the past with "we'll find it" for FP items and I guess it doesn't hurt to try out for sale items if they offer it.
    I agree with Twiga, why can't they have search option at their registers when other retailers can seem to track items at specific locations.
    I like the detailed photo of the bags. JC needs to also have more close up photos of all their items. Especially when so many of us are buying online before having a chance to try them on.

  4. I have been griping about the lack of additional photos for shoes and bags for a long time. So happy to see the bags from different angles and on a mannequin (sometimes) for scale. Wish the shoes could be shown on a model as well. It would help me gauge where the straps fit, toe cleavage, etc.

    I've used WWFIFY at least a dozen times and only once was unsuccessful with a pair of Red Wing boots for my husband. They offered me free shipping and 20% off (was the current promo) for a different color of boot, which I accepted. The items always ship via FedEx and arrive much faster than my regular J.Crew orders.

  5. I've had great luck with we will find it. My PS has found everything except for one tee, which I asked her to find months and months after it first came out (and I ended up getting it through the weekly exchange anyway).

  6. Yay for the additional photos/views on handbags! I'm always curious as to how the bag looks inside, and this will be very helpful. :)

  7. I called CS to find a Crocodile Jacket and they did the search for me even though it was on sale at the time. They told me they usually don't do this on sale items, only full price. Is that true? It was successful BTW and I LOVE THAT JACKET!

    Tina Z. - I am so annoyed at that website glitch, too. It started when they did the redesign. I notice it doesn't occur on the sale stuff, only the reg price areas.


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