Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What To Expect From J.Crew's August Catalog

A big "thanks!" goes to Meredith who shared the following {wonderful & interesting} news about J.Crew's latest catalog.

... I stopped in at my B&M and one of the SA's was nice enough to slip me a copy of the new catalogue after I had noticed it...

Anyway, the back has a note that says "Postmaster: Please deliver July 25-29", so I assume that's when they'll be shipping out.

I don't have access to a scanner, but the theme is John Steinbeck/East of Eden. It's set in Northern California and is gorgeous. The color scheme seems to be lots of lavender/dusty blossom tempered with slates, charcoals, and tortoise prints.

Jenna's Picks include:

  • Silk Evening Primrose Brynn Dress (Item 18137; $158.00)
  • Merino Maya Cardigan (Item 17854W; $88.00)
  • Velvet Flower Pin (Item 19374W; $29.50)
  • Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer (Item 18271W; $188.00)
  • Heirloom Flora Necklace (Item 19492W; $98.00)
  • Skinny Tortoise Patent-Leather Belt (Item 17318W; $39.50)
  • Jeweled Garland Bracelet (Item 18030; $95.00)
  • Vintage Matchstick Cord (Item 17046; $79.50)
  • Tissue Beaded Necklace Tee (Item 17629W; $49.50)
  • Lexi Tote (Item 18262; $325.00)
  • Tiered Crystal Libretto Necklace (Item 18013; $98.00)
  • Nottingham Ankle Boots (Item 16940W; $250.00)
  • Scattered Petals Tank (Item 17207W; $68.00)
  • Spencer Patent-Trimmed Suede Mary Jane (Item 17197W; $215.00)
They seem to be pushing jewelry very hard this issue, as well as shorts.

As a 20-year old college student, I am very excited about this collection! I think it balances fashion-forward styling with pieces that are very much wearable. But I do agree that there are things that are going to set people off--for example, ankle socks (!) are a "trend alert".

"Thanks!" again goes to Meredith for sharing with us!!! :) All the items listed sound fantastic- except for maybe the ankle socks. ;) [Sidenote: The items listed above with a bold item number, have a link to its item page at JCrew.com.] I can't wait to see them in person! Who knows, I might end up lovin' the ankle socks.

Also, I can't wait to receive a catalog & I hope I do too! (I know some of you are facing similar issues, where J.Crew is no longer sending catalogs to some of their regular customers. It seems like they are cutting back on sending them to customers at their homes. I use to get multiple versions of the same catalog, now I am lucky if I get one. Why J.Crew, why?)

Update: "Thanks!" to many of you, including Lilac Cupcake (in this post), who let us know that Shannon has several images of this catalog at her blog (click here to view).

What are your thoughts on the upcoming items for August? Are you excited for the Fall lineup, or are you still thinking about Summer?


  1. Inspired by East of Eden - really? So we can look forward to, for example, brothel clothes? :-)

  2. I can't wait for the fall stuff!!!

    This is OT but does anyone have the Wool Gabardine suiting in Beechwood? What colors do you wear underneath the jacket? I'm kind of at a loss cause it's sort of an odd neutral. The model wears it with the celery color, which I have a sweater in, but I need more options than that...

  3. The color palette sounds very nice. The whole ankle socks thing is a bit Victoria's Secret photoshoot for me! Teensy socks with high heels, with or without a see through lace apron... I guess it negates grooming the hooves, though.

  4. Shannon at Wardrobe Review (Click here to see) posted some pics of the new catalog.

    LOVE the Eden blazer and the Frances cami!!!

  5. LMAO Cheesy Goodness! :D

    The only thing that sounds good to me from that list is the schoolboy blazer and hopefully it is available in more than just the light grey I've seen so far. I don't wear costume jewelery, have more corduroy than I can wear and I reached the saturation point with ruffles, petals and chiffon a couple of months ago already. The shoes and boots seem to be following predictable trends and I'm more enticed by quality footwear by Chie Mihara, Coclico and Fuevog these days.

    I usually like more fall/winter than spring/summer and I'm sure there will plenty of items calling my name once the season gets into full swing. Some gorgeous coats maybe?

  6. Summers virtually over, and I'm not certain it ever really came to my town...
    but, I'm definitely saving for fall:)

  7. so - if the catalog comes out on July 25 does that mean the new items will be online then too???

    I pre-ordered the schoolboy blazer and got it recently and really - it is FABULOUS. TTS, a nice longer cut, put still well fitted. I think it's a great alternative to the boyfriend look that is really popular, and, for me, too slouchy. It still has the longer length, but it's not too long AND the cut is slim so you aren't totally dwarfed in it.

    It's going to come in dark gray, navy, light gray, and then butterscotch (per the pics on Shannon's blog!)

  8. A big thanks for Lilac Cupcake and Shannon at Wardrobe review for posting the new J. Crew fall catalog. Loved the new color palette and fall pieces. I am excited about the Eden blazer and merino cardigans. Can't wait to see these items in person.

  9. Really lovin a lot of these upcoming items - the eden blazer especially!. . . unfortunately I live in a climate that is very warm and will not be cooling down anytime soon - hopefully around the time some of these items go on sale ;)

  10. Was in the Madison Ave store last night, the Grand corsage top ($78.00 item 17144) also comes in a purplish lavendar color. This might be retail only, as so far it is only offered in ivory online.

    Also, scored the Cinema T-strap chunky-heel sandals (item 14712) in gold for $39.99! ($49.99 less 20%). They are still being offered online for $99.99.

  11. Ooh yay! Way to go Shannon & Meredith.

    I recvd these dates from Pleasanton:

    7/25 - fall catalog release

    7/25 - rewards card delivered - I was told 1st batch will be mailed this Fri, and another batch mailed on Mon

    7/28 - Women's August rollout available in-store

    7/29 - Men's August rollout available in-store

    7/31 - First of Fall Store Event (Pleasanton) - Snacks from 5-9p. Bring a friend & get 20% off $125 or more

  12. I'm more of an argyle knee sock kind of chick, but I might give the ankle sock another go (as in, probably haven't rocked that look since I was 10!). ;)

  13. I am just thrilled to see some saturated color back!!

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  15. Ohhhh, just saw the wonderful items posted over on Shannon's blog, I am totally loving the fall collection! I sent my PS an email with 6 or so items to pre-order.... I'm going to return some items from summer that I was iffy about, to use my $$$ towards fall!

  16. Very excited about Fall...The Eden Jacket seems delicious! Now I'm thinking I should have bought less in Spring/Summer!

    Okay, Fall Collection...Spring/Summer shopping ban until then...

  17. Love the Eden jacket, the Maya cardi, the camel schoolboy jacket, the pencil skirts.

    I was disappointed that the two B&M stores I hit in DC had very little selection and not even a whiff of the fall collection. I'm back in the states in September...hopefully there'll still be stock :)

  18. I wonder if the Eden jacket will also come in herringbone? I'm not much of a velvet wearer. I definitely want to try on the schoolboy blazer, although I still get a lot of wear out of my three herringbone Bella jackets, which IMO reign supreme.

  19. after i recover from my last jcrew binge (I was so BAD but I look so good *smile*), i will get the campo bag at the upcoming jca event. i am not over summer, but i am looking forward to the fall/winter lineup

  20. Thanks Meredith and Shannon! Loved seeing the pics. Catalog looks beautiful. I live in Northern CA and recognized it was shot there right away! I love the schoolboy blazer, but hoping to try it on in store before purchasing.

  21. Ann Taylor has a silver pave ball necklace, similar to the JC fireball necklace in shell....


  22. I am excited about seeing some color. I think my favorite is the eden blazer. I hope my b&m has it so I can try it on. I hope to have one since I missed on the belle and didn't like the ecole. I was also hoping to see the tiered silk blouse - maybe next roll out?

  23. I'm in the minority as I am not loving the Eden jacket. I don't like shawl collars on jackets and gathers/pleating around the midsection tend to make a jacket fit sloppy on me (i.e. Maisey jacket).

    Thanks for sharing the photos and info.

  24. Thanks so much, Shannon!

    I am also someone who hasn't been too thrilled with JC's spring and summer offerings, and am someone who generally likes fall and winter clothes more, so I was really looking forward to the fall rollout. I am a little disappointed, but happy that others are finding things to drool over! I went a bit crazy with the markdowns in the past year and now have a closet full of goodies. Other than the color palette, the new offerings replicate what I already have. I'll be looking to get a couple of pieces from JC(love the purples and coppers) and probably be buying a new purse (I'm hoping Coach gets their act together, too) and boots (Frye?) elsewhere.

  25. I was in my B&M store today; the SA told me that new items would be available in stores on Monday, July 27. However, I did see a couple items that did not appear to be available online...

    1. Sherpa hoodies! The style in the zip-up this year is longer in the body (hit me at hip/low hip) and arms than last year and is TTS. Colors available were ivory, navy, pale grey (not heather), blush, and a pale tan. I nabbed one in ivory.
    2. A broadcloth sleeveless top with flowers sewn on at the neckline and a bit of fringy detail at the flower - in a lovely mauve/lavender color. Fit me boxy so I passed.
    3. That striped boatneck that was in some of those fall preview pics a couple months ago. I didn't try it on but it appeared to be nice and long in the torso. It was avail. in a navy stripe and a pale grey stripe.

    Other than that...not much new at my B&M. I must say I am really tired of thin, featherweight, 14 gauge sweaters...all of the ones I saw on the sale rack were sad and pathetic and old-looking.


  26. I hope J.Crew will bestow upon us all a 25% red card just in time for the fall collection roll out ... and apropos of 25% off enticements, today's mail held just such a card from Martin & Osa, a place where I've not only never shopped, I've never even gone into a store. I'm going to check out their jeans - anyone got any feedback on them?

  27. I am big fan of Martin and Osa’s jeans – I am curvy and their bootcut fits me perfectly.

    I also have tons of cashmere cardigans from this store – the quality is exceptional.

  28. georgia girl,

    I too am not loving the Eden blazer, for the same reasons (rounded collar, pintucks under the pockets). Too overly feminine for me... plus it sounds like lots of people are going to be buying it. :P

    I do like that it has buttons, though.

  29. I also am not warm to the Eden blazer. Another crime is the muted colors. There is a Semantiks (petites & POV) blazer at Nordstrom. It's fine wale corduroy, not velvet, but you can pop the collar like the Bella. It came in green, jewel purple, black and chocolate brown. $60 for the Anniversary sale.

  30. gigi,

    I think I saw that blazer last weekend. Did it have 3/4 sleeves? I didn't try it on, but it looked like the sleeves were cropped. I think it also came in teal...

  31. Yes -- that's the one. The teal was vibrant, too. The 3/4 sleeves actually didn't bother me. I'll have to see if I took a pic in it.

  32. I am undecided on the Eden blazer leaning towards not liking it. The way it hits (pockets/gathering) seem sort of high on the model--too near her waist? I don't know.

    I love my Bellas too much. I know if I bought the Eden I would not wear it. The Bella was perfection.

    Glad to hear others are not "dying to have it either;)"

  33. Regarding the comment in the post about "pushing the jewelry very hard" Probably b/c the mark up is so high on it compared to say the clothing...they want to sell it at full price and quickly right out of the door when the catalog first comes out....I don't wear costume jewelry so I won't be buying into the hype:)

  34. Hey Summer, so you're a Bella devotee, too? Which one(s) do you have? I've got the herringbone in azalea (my favorite), black and charcoal. IMO, J.Crew created the perfect jacket when they created the Bella. I wish they'd reissue it in more colors.

  35. La Belle Helene: I am also a big fan of Martin & Osa jeans, great quality, some styles are on sale on-line. They also have some new styles for fall.

    There are a couple of items that I am interested in for Fall, the Eden is a pass for me, I do not like velvet.

  36. Casual Crew & Simply JCrew - thanks for the feedback. There's a store at my mall, so I'm going to check them out next time I go.

  37. Anyone have fit advice for the City-fit luxe cord trousers? TTS? Thanks! : )

  38. Kendra - I bought my normal city-fit pants size assuming these are last year's. I love them - just wish they made them in short so I didn't have to hem them.

  39. I'm not even remotely ready to start making Fall purchases but I do enjoy seeing some new items. Right now there isn't anything that's a must-have for me, but I'm sure that will probably change at some point. ;)

  40. Kendra-

    I bought the city lux cord in ivory last year in a petite 2. TTS all the way. The length was perfect on me.

  41. La Belle Helene,
    I have the velvet in the deep purple and the black. I would have loved the azalea one as well but two is enough:) I got the black one for super cheap on a pop back. I am a long time JCrew fan...since, well, too long to mention:)

  42. I agree with FFM. Summer has a LONG way to go for me. As well as Indian Summer. It won't even be cool enough until mid/late Oct. at best for me to wear any fall items!

    So I won't even be tempted to buy anything.
    As other have commented they have obscene amounts of clothes in their closet...I can wait for a BIG HO HO sale:) if it sells out it does. Wasn't meant to be in my book:)


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