Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Want To Win A J.Crew Necklace?

I know I do! Right now Marie Claire Magazine has a sweepstakes offering twelve lucky winners the opportunity to receive one of the following three necklaces: (1) Square-Gemstone Necklace ($98.00); (2) Gemstone-and-Ribbon Necklace ($125.00); (3) Double-Row Crystal Garden Necklace (Item 19693; $98.00).

All you have to do to enter is click on the link provided HERE. Good luck! :)

NOTE: When you get to the sweepstakes page, make sure you find the link in the box with the words "No purchase is necessary to enter". Otherwise you get stuck into starting a free trial subscription to Marie Claire. (Which happened to me, I ended up having to call Marie Claire to cancel it. In case this happens to you, their customer service number is 1-800-777-3287).

The sweepstakes ends August 31, 2009. For the official rules, click here.


  1. Sweet! I entered and am crossing the fingers. >.< thanks for the heads-up

  2. Awesome--just entered!

  3. Alexis -- did you mean the sweepstakes ends Feb 2010 (not Feb 2009)?

  4. Doesn't seem to be open to Canadians :(

  5. You also automatically get an account created for you even with the free option (ie no trial magazine) You have the option in fine print on the last page to deactivate your account which I did as well.

  6. It's gorgeous!!! too bad not open to Canadians :o(

  7. That's pretty sneaky the way they changed the form so that you have to click just to get the box to not get a free trial. But thanks for posting - I just entered!!

  8. Everyone: I hope one of us wins a necklace! {fingers crossed} :)

    Cliquot: I entered the wrong end date. Its actually Aug 31st. Thanks for the great catch! :)

    Summer: That is a good point about the automatic account creation. Really annoying that they did that- but at least its easy to opt out of that.

    HeidiG: I totally agree!!! When I called them (because I accidentally signed up for the trial offer), I told them that I thought it was shady of them to have that set up the way they did. Although the CS was nice, she said something like "well you should have read the page and seen the link to opt out". Although I am a subscriber to Marie Claire, and like the magazine, I was not a fan of them at that point. ;)

  9. wow I'm a flake, perhaps I should have read your whole post before totally spazzing out with excitement and clicking everything in site :)

    I guess I'll be using that customer service number...thanks for providing it ;)


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