Thursday, July 30, 2009

J.Crew Email: Are you missing out?

J.Crew sent an another email to its non-card members to invite them to open a J.Crew Credit Card (refer to the April 28th "J.Crew Email: Are you missing out?" post). The email lists the same benefits associated with being a card member (which have been discussed many times on this blog).

Looking back, the perks of being a J.Crew credit card holder are the same. Since that's the case, I am not really moved to open a line of credit with them.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's Credit Card? Do you feel the perks over the years have improved with time? What perks would you like to see be added for current card members? ;)

Side Note: The wonderful blogger behind J'Adore These Stores, requests our help. She shares the following:
Hello JCAs! I am working on a school project about one of everyone here's favorite topic - J.Crew!

Specifically, I'm looking at some of J.Crew customer incentives (cardholder benefits, free shipping, and discount codes) and making recommendations regarding customer retention and loyalty.

If you can spare about 2 minutes, please fill out the appropriate survey (links below) - there is one survey for cardholders, and one survey for non-cardholders.

I will be giving away a gift to a random respondent from each survey! Thank you in advance for your time!
  • Link for cardholders: click here
  • Link for non-cardholders: click here
Please note: I am NOT affiliated with J.Crew in any way, and this survey is not being conducted on behalf of anyone but myself for a school project. This survey is to gather data for said project. You can e-mail if you'd like details on the project itself.


  1. Thanks Alexis! :)
    I received this e-mail as well, even though I am a cardholder. They really need to update their database.

    I also don't find their "special" sneak peaks and whatnot to be a good incentive - I get e-mails for cardholder previews at an e-mail account that is not associated with my card! It's nice to know about them, but not really a perk.

  2. Here is the Article regarding the worst credit cards to have -
    J Crew is one of them.

  3. I have been debating opening up a J Crew card for awhile and after reading this post I definitely am not! Thanks to Jcrewcrazy for posting that msn article about the worst credit cards--totally swayed me about opening up one at J Crew!

  4. I got this email and I am a cardholder!

    J. Crew whips me with their credit card promos. I am a silver level cardholder and I still don't get lookbooks much less a catalog. The benefits are not that great as compared to BR and other department store credit cards.

  5. JTS & Emily: That is so funny! They should updated their database!!! ;)

    JCrewCrazy: LOL! Well at least J.Crew was not *the* worst retail credit card. But it's pretty bad that its up there. :)

    Law & Fashion: I know what you mean! Before the blog, I often wondered if I should have opened a J.Crew Credit card, but after reading about first hand experiences with all the JCAs here, I am so happy I didn't. :)

  6. The card is only bad if you don't pay your balance in full every month. If you are responsible, pay in full every month and are going to continue to shop at JC, you might as well get 5% back in rewards for future purchases.

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  8. If you shop at J.Crew pretty often, AND if you pay the balance in full, then it's a great card. That really goes for any credit card (paying the balance!) I only wish the rewards cards were sent out more often, like once a month.

  9. I have the card and I pay the balance each month, so the interest rate isn't an issue. Still, 5% back is pretty lousy, and if you spend $499 you get nothing. I never can figure out when I'm going to get my rewards card, which then expires fairly quickly. Honestly, what can I buy at J Crew for $25? Not much. How about some free shipping or something once in a while? Hellooo?

  10. I would get a card for the (small) reward cards and free alterations. It would be nice to have my pants altered for me. :) My ps is always encouraging the higher-ups to come with a program to give perks to good customers whether they have a JC card or not. I would love that!

  11. My regular credit card gives me a (much) better deal than 5% back in cash for all purchases. I can choose whether or not to use the cash back to spend on jcrew or elsewhere.

  12. I have a card, and I use it for the rewards, but when you stop to think about it, it really is a ridiculous reward. I have the regular BR card (not the Luxe) and they offer so much more - free shipping w/o a code or a ridiculous minimum ($100 is pretty reasonable, not to mention their regular shipping charge is a flat $7), great rewards (it seems one arrives with every statement b/c they have so many double rewards days and other specials) and really great promotions -- like the 10% off every purchase which was running for a really long time (and was on top of any other discount that was going on -- so I often got 50% off things when combined with other offers). The free alterations offered on full price merchandise is a benefit that a lot of stores offer even without a member card (or at least used to). I really think J Crew can and should step it up. Give us flat rate shipping and free shipping above a reasonable minimum, give us real rewards and throw us a nice promotion every now and then. Just look how much THEY are missing out -- many commenters on this thread and the last said they don't have a card, and it seems like these are pretty heavy J Crew shoppers...

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  14. I have a J. Crew card. I'm sure I opened it for the immediate discount. I like getting rewards, but I do think spending $500 to get a $25 reward is ridiculous. I guess I'm a sucker.

    I wholeheartedly believe that if you are a card holder for a specific store you should ALWAYS get free shipping. Especially if you are short - like me - and the stores rarely carry petites or short sizes.

    I also have a Banana card, and I at least appreciate the ongoing 10 percent off any purchase right now. But, I think Banana's quality kind of sucks on some items. This gorgeous sweater dress I bought from them totally ripped upon its second wearing. Not cool. And I often find tiny tears randomly through tops I buy from Banana. And I wash everything on ubergentle cycle. Consequently, I bought just 1 thing from them this summer, despite all of their discounts and gimmicks.

    I do think Banana sends more discount cards to card holders.

    And ITA with the posters pointing out to always pay off the card ASAP. That's how they getcha.

  15. I don't have a J. Crew credit and don't plan to apply for one. I don't shop there enough to warrant having another credit card, especially one that is considered one of the worst cards to have. I shop mostly their fall and winter collection. Otherwise, I am pretty good at refraining from buying everything I want. I don't need anything per se, but the want factor is pretty big at times. With a toddler, I need to be practical when buying clothes at full price. I don't like credit cards to begin with, so there are not enough J. Crew incentives to persuade me to get one. I have only one credit card and that is how I like it.

  16. I don't think being a cardholder is any great shakes, not even as good by a long shot as Banana R., or macy's etc.

  17. I originally opened my card to get free hemming on a pair of pants.

    Other than that, I don't think I have received any benefit from it.
    The period of time used for points accumulation for the reward card is narrow. Even though I shop regularily at J. Crew, I have never gotten a rewards card. I also have a Nordstrom card and it is much easier to accumulate enough points for a reward certificate.

    I think J.Crew should offer free shipping to card holders or at least a low flat shipping rate.
    I refuse to pay the very high J.Crew shipping rates, period.

    I also agree with another poster that card holders should get a shipping break for ordering petite sizes, which are not available in the store.

    Perhaps we are doing ourselves a dis-service with these blogs which only perpetuate the J.Crew mystique. If it appears that J.Crew
    clothes are so highly sought after, then it gives J.Crew the idea that they don't need to give good perks in order to keep their customers.

  18. The benefits are horsesh*t. I spend $500 and get my stinking rewards card of $25 (whopee, I tell you).

    I don't get catalogs on time, shipping is the utmost ridiculous, I didn't know I was paying the bottom feeders of the company so much to 1) ship the wrong size/colors to me and 2) take their time in getting the order right and to my door step. Free hemming? Not if you need something more to be done like coats.

    The extra 10% doesn't even mean anything if you have to use it THAT day, otherwise it expires.

    Stuff shows up online and 2 days later, I get an email to tell me that more stuff has been added to the sale section, OR, new stuff has arrived.

    I think jc needs to work on their features/benefits list a bit more before any of us decide to fall for this one.

  19. I agree with Cass. I treat my credit cards like a debit card. The only thing that matters to me is what benefits I will get, not the interest rate.

    I have JCrew and the TJX Rewards card because I shop at JCrew and TJ Maxx/Marshalls... and getting the rewards for my favorite stores is great fun.

    The rewards aren't that great and there are absolutely no other perks, but if you spend at least a couple hundred at JCrew a month, it's worthwhile, IMO.

  20. I got a JC card last holiday season because they were offering their 20% discount when opening the card and at the time, I purchased a larger ticket item (blazer or something). I was "upgraded" to a silver card holder a few months after. I put the upgraded in quotes because I honestly don't see much difference between the silver and regular card benefits. I agree with other posters, if you pay the balance off the card, it's nice to get the $25/$500 perk. I did use the cardholder number a few times and did find the CS reps very helpful, but I also have had very helpful reps when inquiring about orders during my pre-cardholder days as well.

    DH shops mainly at Banana Republiuc and the BR benefits are nice. DH is a luxe member and he gets numerous discount periods (certainly more than mine with JC!). They also give generous percentage off offers for his birthday or to kick off the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer buying season.

    I have also noticed that with every BR receipt, there is a survey you can take for the most recent buying experience that will give you 20% any full price item, good for 3 months. In any case, we haven't paid full price for anything at BR in ages, and I'm sure with all their offers, we won't have too. An additional bonus: They let me put my name on his luxe card, so now I get the same privledges (free alterations, even after you have worn an item - particularly useful with jeans which shrink with every wash; free shipping with no minimum; special customer service number with a "we will find it"-type function) as he does. Very classy! It would be nice if JC allowed me to put him on my card.

  21. I have a J Crew silver card and BR Luxe card. BR credit card benefits are by far one of the best reward cards from retailers. They offer me free shipping all the time (no minimum), free alteration even on sale items, double or triple reward point periods periodically, additional 10-30% off even on FP items throughout the year. They also send me a one time use of 15% total purchase any time I choose.
    What I hate about J Crew card is all the perks they don't offer compared to BR card. Also, I hate the way J Crew calculates their reward points during specific reward periods. Why can't they just send the rewards monthly as you accumulate, not every quarter?
    I like how I receive $10-20 reward cards from BR monthly in the mail.

    J Crew seriously needs to step up their credit card program if they want to keep their customers or attract new ones.

  22. J. Crew could also pursue a non-credit customer card like Anthropologie. Right now, if you have an anthro card (free to sign up), you get free shipping. I've only recently signed up, so I don't know what other benefits come along with joining. Plus, the anthro card acts as an ongoing gift receipt; I never have to keep track of receipts from in-store or online purchases: it's all there on my card.

  23. All - I posted this on a different thread,but thought it might not be seen. However, thought you might like a mini-review of a new fall item.

    OK All - Completely swoonworthy, I just received my Anton sweater. Let me tell you how I love this sweater. The collar sits up just a little around the neck to add a little flair and style. The button, when closed, makes the sweater look and function like a jacket. I ordered the medium and the large because I was unsure of the fit. The fit was not that different between the two and if I still lived and worked in the city would def. keep the medium. However, am a SAHM now, so am going to go with the slightly looser large. This was ordered in the black color, will be ordering another color too, probably camel as it is a great basic for years to come. The material is thick and soft. Not sure about pilling, but that is not a big issue for me as I am a dab hand with the sweater shaver. This would be loved with the Frances or the Ribbon Bow tank. Oh how I wish they would do a Collection version of this for winter in thick cashmere like the Janelle from last year. Would buy it at full price!

  24. If you pay your balance off in full every month, the interest rate would be no concern.

  25. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no difference between the green JCrew card and the silver one. I got my silver one last month. It just reminds me how much money I spend there, that's about it!

  26. Like so many have already stated other credit cards give better perks. Until J.Crew dangles a much bigger carrot on the end of their stick I'm not biting. MasterCard and Visa are giving me much more bang for my buck. Now that the Canadian dollar is almost at par again I can keep feeding my J.Crew thirst.

  27. That reminds me. I'm going to close this card tomorrow. I opened it for the 10% discount, but that was it!

  28. Quick question - I didn't think the card was available to Canada. Although, it doesn't sound like I'm missing out on anything.

    Please correct me if I'm mistaken. They do keep sending me the offer. Maybe I need bifocals...

    I have 2 other cards that offer me much better rewards - one for travel (let's see 1 ticket to London or a belt, hmmmmm?) and the other gives me my reward points in 2 weeks time that are linked to the card itself.

  29. Jayden, if you close your card you might ding your FICO score. Best to check on that first!

  30. I used to have the card, but I canceled it. I thought it was useless, and it only made more difficult to track my expenses. At least in my bank's card I get miles for purchases. $25 reward for every $500 doesn't seem too attractive... if only it were like the Gap/BR/ON card that gives free shipping and offers every month, as well as rewards.

  31. Hi Jodi,

    I found this, and hope it helps out the other ladies on the blog!

    It's a small line and I'm sure it won't affect me too much. My hubby and I pay off everything every month and have shiny credit :)

  32. I'm late to this thread, so I'm not sure if anyone is reading it anymore, but have the "perks" changed recently? The reason I ask is that it now says that alterations are free on full-priced items, but a few weeks ago I bought a pair of pants on sale and they were altered for free. Has this perk changed or do stores just ignore the rule that it be for full-priced items?

  33. audball - you can add your DH to your JCrew credit card. It's listed that this is available right on the website.


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