Friday, July 3, 2009

Seek & Find: Will you visit J.Crew this Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopping by a J.Crew store this weekend to see what's available in the Spring sale, or to see some new Summer arrivals {wahoo!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)

P.S. I noticed that many of you have already been reporting sale items (and in which stores) in other posts which by the way "thank you!" :) I really appreciate how helpful we are for each other!


  1. Went earlier in the week to return and picked up a pair of stone bistro pants ($29.99) and the corsage tee in dark mushroom (19.99).

    Overall the store was looking fairly drab and uninspiring. Probably good since I don't really need anything. Perhaps I might pick up a Georgia cardigan in navy and stone at some point.

    Going to a wedding in Tahoe in late September. The rehearsal is a beach bbq and very casual. Was thinking of the orange silk charmeuse pencil skirt with a pewter tee and navy cardi and silver flip flops. Opinions on temperature, appropriateness?

  2. I stopped by my B&M yesterday in Atlanta, and the entire back half of the store was on sale. I picked up the Tuxedo-front cheetah cotton cami, a Keagan Ruffle Trench, and a really cute new in-store arrival (an ivory cotton blouse with 2 large flowers at the right shoulder...very cute!) They had the new blouse in a purple color as well.

  3. MaryMoo: Your outfit sounds cute! I love the color combos :) I recall Tahoe getting quite chilly at night, even when it's warm during the day; maybe take some layers?

  4. The Time Warner store on Wednesday sfternoon had plenty of Oxfort lightweight tunics and cotton ruffle tunics on sale ($39.99 and 29.99). Sale section in general pretty furnished, worth the visit IMO.

  5. random Q: are j crew stores usually open on July 4th?

  6. I think those stores in a mall or shopping center will be open, because the mall is. As for free standing stores, I don't know.

  7. Went to the Charleston, SC store. Picked up two soft-tee cardigans for 24.99. Didn't think much of them until I put them on and they are totally soft and comfortable. There was a lot in the sale section. I also got the pin striped ruffle collar broadcloth shirt. I have been waiting for this on sale. I am just disappointed that the size of the solids and the stripes run different. Makes no sense.

  8. I have a question for cardholders out there. I just applied for the card and the way I understood it, you could use the 20% off promo the first time you used the card, but then when I read the "welcome to the card" instructions it said, "use the 20% off on today's purchase." I have ZERO interest in buying anything today and was planning on using the 20% later this month when some of the new fall arrivals started to appear. Ugh. Am I reading the instructions wrong? I hope so...I really don't want to shop today...

  9. Leader: Did they have many size S's left in the soft tee cardis at the Charlaston store? I live in WI but I may do a charge-send purchase! TIA! :)

  10. dina: I think it is the DAY you open the card!?! :( Maybe call and ask or just hold-off on opening it until you actually want to use it!? :-/

  11. dina: I can't remember how it happened for me when I opened my card (if I used it that day or was able to use the % off later), but maybe this post by Alexis will help? I do hope you can use it for later.

  12. hi dina - unfortunately, when you open the JC card it's only good for the day you open it, but it's supposed to be all day for multiple purchases in case you decide to add to your first orginal purchase. i would call CS just to make sure since this new card offer w/ 20% off is supposed to last until the 6th according the post alexis had and the email i got (or at least signing up for it is thru the 6th).

  13. Hi, and thank you everyone who helped out...

    I did call and you all are right...too bad.

    That said...they did say I could pre-order some of the lovelies from the lookbook and apply the 20% to that purchase. So that does help me out a bit!

    I will let you know what I end up getting from the lookbook (as long as the prices aren't astronomical)...

    Have an awesome weekend, all!

  14. I just got back from the Charleston, SC, store and the sale area well stocked as Leader said. However, nothing that I want or need. I did pick up a pair of flip flops for my sister's b-day (she wanted them when they first came out). One of the sa's said that they are no longer allowed to call other stores to find items for customers. :( I just don't understand JC's thinking. She also said the next new rollout is due there on July 23rd.

  15. I am going to the Waterloo, NY factory store today.

    P.S. there is a library print skirt on eBay in size 6. My size, but not a price I can afford! :( So sad. Maybe another JCA can? Here is the link.

  16. The rear part of Walnut Creek is on sale. The store looks good. However, it was all stuff we've seen. Stock is low. My guess is that markdowns will be made when the new shipment comes in, 7/23. I'll be curious to see if the store stays sparse until then. Probably not as I imagine this is when they start shipping stock between stores, to/from the warehouse, etc...

    I have a giveaway on my blog. Also - BR is offering 40% off everything in their outlet + an additional 20% if you spend $100 or more.

  17. Okay...I did it...I bought some items from the lookbook on pre-order to use the 20% discount with the credit card. The liberty print blouse is $118 and the tiered ruffle cami is $88. Those two items I purchased today. I will probably (okay, most likely) order the double-breasted wool coat in August but couldn't suck up the $298 cost today (I can use my educator discount on that later).

    If you all want to see a polyvore I created using images from the lookbook with info on these three pieces, go here:

    Or look for me under my polyvore member name...dinagideon (real original, I know).

  18. MMM,

    I did not look at all the sizes, but in general, they had a fair amount of the sweaters. I purchased a navy and khaki color (not sure of the name) in size S. They also have the gray, which was very pretty and the pinkish color.

  19. Happy 4th of July to all of you american J. Crew fans! Enjoy!

  20. Hope your new purchases live up to expectations, Dinagideon :-) I love J.Crew's fall & winter offerings, too - much more so than their spring and summer stuff.

    Em, I'll give that ebay seller credit for nailing the description of the library print skirt as styled in the Paris catalog. I went back and looked in my copy, and then of course had to gaze at the whole beautiful catalog :-)

  21. Dina -- how exciting! Looking forward to the pics. Thanks for sharing :-)

  22. Hey all: I will post pics as soon as those gorgeous items are in my house...right now they are projecting a September delivery...hopefully early September. :)

  23. Select Gap jeans are 19.99 (original $68 or so)
    BR as extra 30% off on sale items
    If you use gap/BR card you get extra 10% discount

  24. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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  26. Re 2007 Paris catalog: thanks for the link to the video. Unfortunately I didn't save the catalog--does anyone know if it is posted somewhere online? Vanessa is so lovely--IMO she projects warmth and personality in a way that makes me more interested in the clothes. Some of the more recent catalog models seem like nothing more than coathangers.

    Re library skirt: Em, you can console yourself with the knowledge that (IMO) the skirt doesn't look good on. Other JCAs have mentioned this too--it is a frumpy length and cut. I barely wear it . . . yet the fabric is so special that I can't bear to part with it.

    Have a great 4th everyone!

  27. I just wanted to let everyone know that they are having amazing deals on jewelry in store. I just purchased the gold dangling dot-disc necklace for $19.99 (it's still $65 on the website)!!! This was at the 5th Avenue store in NYC this afternoon.

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  28. Just got back from the b&m in Madison, WI. Not a great store, stock-wise, but I did notice that their jewelry was waaaaay cheaper than online.

    The dangling pearl necklace: ( isn't even on sale online was only $29.99.

    And, the silk ribbon chain link necklace (in black) ( was only $39.99while it's still $69.99 online.

    They had one of each, if anyone's inclined.

  29. Just got back from B&A in CA. There were lots of sales items.

    Sunray necklace fresh mint:$49.99 (online 79.99)
    Dauphine metallic-leather T-strap sandals (silver & gold): $29.99 (online $68.99)
    Dauphine patent T-strap sandals (black): $39.99 (online $68.99)
    Lots of T-shirt: $9.99-$29.99

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  30. Did they buy any chance have the Jeweled Garland Earrings and Crystal Soiree on sale?

    Thanks, Ladies!

  31. Dina,
    Do you know what other colors the silk tiered blouse will come in, other than the orange?

    In case anyone was wondering, the gray satchel many of us liked in the fall lookbook is called the Lexi satchel. Will be priced at around $425 but is not being produced in gray. Some colors called haze and fawn but I'm not really sure what those are supposed to be.

  32. Just a couple odds and ends at my B&M:

    3 of the tiered ruffle skirts, all size 6. $29.99

    Also a pair of the Paige metallic sandals in blush, size 9. It said $79.99 on the box but I think they have been marked down further.

    518 456 5902

  33. Lake Forest has a white and a black Gallery Hobo in sales section if anyone is interested, also more accessories marked down ... jewelry, sandals, belts, and linen scarves that were 49.50 now 19.99 (Got one in pewter. Like I need more pewter.) Also quite a few beachy cover-ups and cashmere cardis 99.99.

    Went with several returns, just left w the scarf. Waiting for Fall. Happy 4th everyone!

  34. Is anyone else noticing that their orders are just seating in 'Released' - not shipping out? And - no promotion for 4th of July? - Odd. Maybe another computer system upgrade, discouraging ordering.

  35. For DC area JCAers...I stopped in the Leesburg, VA Factory Store yesterday thinking I might avoid the weekend crowds...NOT! So, much for the recession. The entire mall was PACKED! However, if you are a French Terry Cardi fan -- they had what appears to be an exact replica (B&M version is slightly longer in length). They were 30% off so around $40 but came in White, Charcoal and a Blue (although not quite Navy). I picked up a White and Blue. They hd lots of fun graphic tees -- 40% off so around $14 each -- including some cute "French Market tees" in several colors. I got a French Market tee in Grey. They had some beautiful tumbled leather clutches in Guava and Silver -- $58 -- not a great price for Factory Store, but a beautiful piece. I picked up the Guava. Also, some super cute "beach sweaters" (that look almost identical to "Jenna's favorite Shimmer Cardigan." They run VERY large) at 30% off so go for about $40 and come in Navy, Creme, Charcoal and Blushy Beige. I grabbed the Navy and the Beige. LOTS of tees, shorts, capris, belts, jewelry at decent percent off. They even had some very cute CORDUROY blazers....not many, seems like they were moving fast. Also, Jackie Cardis in Pewter, Navy, Black, Green, Melon, and deep Pink on sale for $34. Probably worth a trip if you are out that way -- but beware crowds!

  36. Oh, I love the library skirt. I am tall and it looks great on me:) I know others really like it and there are lots of posts for people looking for it each week. No frump here...just a beautiful skirt IMO.

    Yes, JCrew is not known for doing anything for the 4th of July as far as promos go. I don't think they did anything last year. Such a shame. So many great ones out there and deals to be had at other retailers.

  37. Hi Cass:

    I don't remember exactly what colors the tiered blouse will be available in, but there were quite a few that she named off...I think I remember some version of white, black, maybe a purple, and one other color besides the "orange-guava" color I ordered.

    I love that it is 88 dollars. Some of the silk camis from J. Crew have been 125 dollars...very steep. This $88 price is similar to the Victoria price. I doubt it will be as popular as the Victoria, though. If I hadn't fallen in love immediately, I would have waited for it to go on sale like I did with the Victorias (and I lucked out with getting the Victorias on sale...they were all popbacks).

    Sorry I can't give any more info...she listed the colors really fast and I just focused on which of the colors would be the orange in the lookbook!

  38. Hi all,

    Made 2 visits yesterday (B&M and factory), I walked out of both empty handed! Maybe I'm just getting v picky or I'm just not that tempted to spend $$$$ I'd rather invest in the fall line.

    Anywho, I plan to give y'all the scoop later today. However, I will say that

    1) the Carmel B&M had a good sale selection esp in ruffle camis, boyfriend tees, serge skirts & sandals. I would have bought a soft peri blue 3/4 blouse but they didn't have my size.

    2) the gilroy factory looked like the set of a disaster movie. Lot's of made for outlet stuff on sale. Hard to find anything tho' because the customers had left everything in a tangled heap. I did try to find a v neck tee in a pretty lapis colour in my size w no luck. I'ts probably just as well since the line for the register was out the door.

    In fact, oth stores were surprisingly crowded for a Fri. w. lines for the changing rooms & lines for the cashiers. I guess a lot of people took Frid off to extende the weekend. CSAs at both stores said that they will be open today - but that they expected even larger crowds!

    I'll get more detailed later. Unitl then, happy 4th everyone in the US!


  39. Dina, thanks for the info. I'm glad the top is coming in other colors because not all of us can pull off the orange. Did they mention when it will be available?

  40. I popped into my local B&M at The Grove, California. The sale section was ok.
    29.99 Charmeuse Pencil skirts, Strapless Jersey dresses, Dressy Jersey dresses belted and twisted strap, Pearl Ribbon Necklaces, Chambray belted shorts & pants
    19.99 Linen Getaway dresses & shorts, Chino shorts, cotton/linen braided strap cami. There were also loads of shoes, tee's and tanks on sale.

  41. Cass: You are so welcome. The CS lady said they would be available in September...

    Good luck! I hope that it comes in so many colors all of us can find one to suit our individual skintones!

  42. Hi ladies, I can't remember the name of the tee, but the South St Seaport J.Crew (NYC) has the slub cotton tee with the blue or orange flowers near the shoulder in-stock at full price. As of 3 PM today they had one orange in an XL and the blue in all sizes. I hadn't seen this in-store for a little while. If anyone sees the orange in a M I would like to know!

    It occurred to me while I was trying to find the name of the tee that I haven't received a J.Crew catalog in a couple of months. In fact since I moved in December things have been a mess with them. My last two rewards cards have gone to my old addy yet my credit card bill comes to my new place like clockwork. I have a silver J.Crew Card which clearly doesn't count for much but I'm feeling rather lukewarm towards them at the moment. Get yourselves together already.

  43. MaryMoo-- What store had the bistro pants for $29.99? I'd love to know! Thanks : )

  44. Hi again,

    Sorry it took me longer than planned... Hope this is still useful to someone :}

    Gilroy outlet had the following gen sales:

    Button down blouses $19 pattern, $15 for solid colours

    Cardigan $45
    Tees $10-$15
    Chinos $20
    Vests $17
    Shorts $15
    Sandals $20

    Dresses 30% off
    Skirts 30% off
    Casual blazers 40% off
    Suiting 60%

    I found 3 reg Jcrew items in the sale rack, the merino v-neck in black for $30, the tulip jacket in chartuese for $30 & a single small liberty print blouse for $30

    I tried the sweater & blouse on along with a cord blazer in ecru, a cotton button down in navy w. cream polka dots, a seersucker blazer & a black imitation Sydney dress.

    The blazers were both no gos in the fit dept. The $90 cord had a weird stance for a 1 button & would have needed tailoring in the waist. The $100 seersucker had a much better waist & two button stance, but also sported 80s shoulders that were unfixable. The v neck sweaters could almost double as a dress & also could be 80s w the right stirrup pants :{

    Both blouses were too tight across the bust & too loose in the waist. Also the polka dot did not survive the 30sec crumple test.

    Most depressing was the Sydney. I have 2 from the website to compare it with. One is the cotton cady in a 6p & the other a poplin reg 4. I tried on the only one I could find, a 2, (see what I'll put myself thru for y'all) & was quite surprised. It fit perfectly in the bust. However, the pleats in the tulip skirt had spread in an unflattering way. Wacky Jcrew sizing strikes again. Also, I should note that the cotton is not comparable to either of the dresses at home. It already looked worn & a little rusty hanging in the store!

    I tried to find something in the tangled pile o' tees (I have a giftcard burning in in my pocket) but couldn't find a small v neck in anything but black & white.

    Discouraged, I was about to try the accessories or crewcuts for my nieces... when I noticed the line for the register - all the way out the door! Sorry, but I was done by then! I walked out, saw an exhausted man sitting next to a child asking "Can we go now? " & completely agreed.

    The sale is set to go thru the 8th if any of my intrepid JCAs wish to brave it.

    In the end, I impulse bought a jacket from Ann Taylor for $30, marked down from $170. It's nice enough, but I'm not sure if it was worth the trip to be honest :}

    Good luck lovely lads & lasses, Hope everyone's 4th was fab,


  45. Hexicon, thank you. That makes me feel better! I am pretty tall so it might look ok, but it is just impractical for my lifestyle as a soon to be lawyer. I can't imagine wearing it much. I just want it!

    I found the most gorgeous dress at the outlet this weekend. It is long, green, with twisted straps, and actually nice material not the incredibly cheap material used in the short dressy jersey twist strap dress. It reminds me alot of the B&M version of the long green jersey dress that sold out pretty fast, I think. In addition, it was on clearance for $50, plus 30% off. I am debating doing a blog post about it since it's just so cute. Perhaps.


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