Monday, July 20, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post. Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. My list doesn't change much! I'm looking for the below, and good used condition is fine:

    Giverny print pencil skirt, size 2 or above;

    Cate leather sling backs, size 7 or 7.5 in light chartreuse;

    Lulu peep toe pumps, size 7, honey glaze.

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  3. I'm looking for the Adelaide dress in XS or 0. Thanks!

  4. Pretty much the same list
    I'm looking for
    *Joelle cami sz 6 any color
    *Bubble necklace
    *Golden roses skirt 4/6
    *Portland cardigan M any color
    *Cashmere boquet cardigan M -navy
    *Crystal bow tie necklace - new
    *Ringspun tee's M/L from last year (like tale e vita )
    *Pembridge pencil skirt 6/4 any color
    *Abstract lattice skirt 6/4
    *Library shawl cardigan M
    *Giraffe cami 6/8
    *Golden roses cami 6
    *Chacha polka dots pencil skirt 6/4

    NEW/EUC welcome

    Please email me at ptriciahoward@gmail

  5. Summerweight Bermudas in size 2.

    3 inch City Fit Chino Shorts in size 4.

    Cafe Capris (the old style) in 6P.

    Railroad Shorts in Size 4.

    Email: ruru126 AT hotmail DOT com

  6. Looking to find:

    > grenada palm cami - size 12 or 14
    > perfect patent pumps - size 11, any color!
    > coralie fabric heels - size 11 - lemon

    mackenzie_0007 at yahoo dot com

  7. Looking for:

    - 5 inch chino shorts, size 0 in almost any color but especially dark ochre

    - Delfine pencil skirt, size 0

    - White denim matchstick jeans, size 25

    And if I get really lucky ;)

    - Giverny print pencil skirt or dress, ANY size

    - Abstract roses and or paintbrush floral skirt, size 0

    - Hayworth giraffe cami, size 0 or 2 if you can help, thanks!!!

  8. Hi! I am looking for quite a few items this week.
    They are :

    Ikat skirt 0
    stretch vintage cord skirt (pink or yellow) 0
    Floral-ruffle astrid jacket 0 or 0p
    Classic pea xs (or xs petite) Blue or plum
    Golden Roses skirt size 0
    Crocodrillo skirt 0
    Watercolor/painted tee xs (white)
    Charmeuse pencil skirt 0 (bronze twig or pewter)
    Library bookshelf cardigan xs
    Mica mini (navy) 0
    A long shot, but trixie shoes in black and cream with the yellow box (size 7.5 or 8)

    New or used would be fine. Thanks!!
    Email address is

  9. Hello JCAs, I am looking for:

    - Waterfall necklace

    - Lulu pumps and flats, size 8.5 (preferrably unmarked)

    - Serengeti midheels, peep toe or Juliets, size 9 (or 8.5 if run big)

    - Opera Gloves, size M

    - Lady Coat, size 4, in bright saffron

    - Metallic bronze jean belt, size S or M

    - Metallic flecked pencil skirt in citron, size 2

    - Twisted placket shirts in solids and prints, size 4

    - Liberty print shirts, size S

    - A nice cardigan (any), size S, in a dark green color (kelly green or darker, not olive or moss)

    - Jamie bags (not mettallic or black)

    - Lizzie driving mocs in vine green, size 8

    - Perfect patent leather flats, size 9 (or 8.5 if run big) in dusty rose or yellow

    - Snow leopard print shirt, size S, 2 or 4

    - Quilted Quincy hobo in yellow

    - Cashmere hoodie, XS in heather silver

    - UPTOWN tote from Fall of 08 in pumkin color

    - Tomato charm bracelet

    - Printed scarfs from last fall

    - Metallic Cloque Pencil skirt, size 2 or 4

    - Herringbone Clea jacket, size 4

    - Cotton taffeta Belle skirt in buttercup

    - Pique Andrea jacket, in honey glaze, size 4

    - Antiqued gold sequin dress, size 4

    - Overdyed matchstick jean, size 28, in honey glaze

    - Kelsey Tank dress in heather graphite, size S

    - Double-serge Tuesday Trench, size 4, in navy

  10. I'm looking for the skirt or dress in the lobster print from 2006 in a sz 6 or 8. The one with the white background and brown or navy lobsters all over.

    Please email me if you have either piece in any condition!

  11. Sigh...still searching:
    Delfine skirt, size 2 or 4, new or lightly used!

    Many thanks!

  12. As always, looking for:

    -perfect patent flats, dusty rose, sz 8.5

    -Ischia dress (spring '08), sz 12

    -Veruscha dress (spring '08), sz 10 or 12

    We'll definitely take slightly used!

  13. Still really really want!!!!

    Penelope Peep Toes in Canyon (red, navy, tan), size 7 (6.5, 7.5 will work!) any condition


    lindseybs at live dot com

  14. STILL hoping to find:
    Stardust sequin short sleeve cardigan, size L or XL

    Giverny print bandeau top, size 12



  15. Would still love to find:

    Kayla dress, Size L, most colors.

    Lisa dress, green, size L

    Euc is fine

    email dth.cali at gmail dot com.


  16. 6 short watson pants- any color.

    stacy7005 at gmail dot com

  17. Hello,

    I am still looking for:

    -Metallic uptown tote in platinum gold
    -City metallic ballet flats in petwer/silver, size 8.5
    -Maryjane spectator peep toe heels, dusty rose and graphite, size 8.5
    -Jackie cardigan, honey glaze, sz small
    -Elizabeth halter, ivory, sz extra small (2008 version, i.e., without pockets)
    -Sunburst medallion cuff bracelet, pink/shell color (item # 17880)

  18. oops email me at love2shop4bags AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks!

  19. A few more things I would LOVE to find -- Juliet Patent Mid-Heels in Cool Graphite (Grey) color, size 9. Also, Linen Holly Jacket in either color, size 12. If you have and want to sell, e-mail me at annega at microsoft dot com

  20. Vintage cord pencil skirt - 0 or 2, any color

    Any shoes except flats in size 9

    cute cardis and tops in xs or s

    any and all jewelry...!

    EUC is welcome!


  21. 1) Skinny patent double wrap belt, grey, S.
    2) Jakarta mini, size 2.
    3) Cashmere argyle V-neck sweater, stone sandalwood, XS. Item 15400.
    4) Silk indigo floral skirt, 0. Item 16701.
    5) Marbella mesh bandeau top, XS. Item 16559.
    6) Marbella mesh bikini, S. Item 16545.

    * If anyone has the Marbella bikini (both top and bottom) and would be interested in trading for the polka-dot bikini from earlier this season, I have one NWT in the yellow (sour lemon?) color in size S. It is the twist-front bandeau and the glamour style bottom. I would be interested in either style of the Marbella for a trade as the lemon color of the polka-dot bikini is just not working on me, and would prefer an XS top and S bottom but could do a S in both.


  22. Looking for the following --

    -Cherry Blossom Print Capri - Size 2
    -Greta Coat (any color or pattern) - Size 0 or 2P
    -Honey Glaze and Heather Vicuna Jackie Style Cardigans (not the long ones)- XS

  23. If anyone is cleaning out their closets for fall and have either one of these sweaters please contact me.

    The first, pictured, is a
    2006 either a small or medium. The style number which can be found on the side seam is #78776. The blue is a light robins egg blue.

    The second is a wellesley cabled zip hoodie from HOLIDAY 2006 in a medium the color was called HEATHERED MUSHROOM, a light brown, its style number is #78609. I have a picture of it if you think you have it.

    If anyone has either one and is willing to sell it please contact me at

    Both were ruined be me in the same wash and the merino one was my favorite sweater. The blue looked so good on me. I would be ecstatic if I could find them.

  24. I'm looking for:
    a summerweight cashmere cardigan 2008 in paradise green sz L

    denim pencil skirt sz 10

  25. I'm looking for, as always:

    Bow Pencil Skirt in Tiffany blue/turquoise color, size 0 or 2. New or Used.

    Superfine Cotton Pencil Skirt in Navy. Size 2. If anyone has one or sees it please let me know - it's on sale racks now, but I'm not having luck finding one.

  26. I would LOVE to find a new or used size 6 Abstract Rose dress (strapless, sweetheart neckline). Thanks!

  27. I am looking for the Charmeuse pencil skirt in fresh orange, size 10. Thanks!

  28. Hi, I am looking for
    cascading flower astrid - white/ivory- 0
    berry trim astrid - plum (preferred) or blue - 0
    tulle cascade skirt (from 2007 I think) in white - 0 see pic here:
    sweet flower necklace (it is a golden chain with pink flowers, from last year)

  29. Looking for:

    Plum Berry Astrid size 10

    Juliet Midheels - size 8 - dusty rose

    email me at "pluce at directv dot com"

  30. My pipe dreams:

    Merino mariner jacket, small or extra-small

    Donegal tweed blazer, 2

    Crosshatch cardigan, s, beechwood

    silver.lining.jca at gmail

  31. eyelet shirt size 12 - shadow (navy)

    jodikrueger at gmail dot com

  32. Searching for Danielle Sandals in Shell pink size 11.


  33. still sadly looking for the penelope peep toes in canyon(tan/red/navy) size 8 or 8.5

    also looking for the painted striped tank in grey stripe size s or m.


  34. same ol list

    meringue top, size 8/10,navy

    short sleeve cashmere sweater, gray/green size M/L

    Fiona Canvas, Size 8/10, white

    Aubrey Cotton-Linen, Size 8/10

    Bella Blazer, Size 8/10, charcoal/gray

    petite sizes also welcome

    jkim103 at gmail dot com

  35. * slub cotton twisted v-neck in sandalwood or the green, XS
    * constellations dress in 0
    * cashmere sweater in heather silver, XS


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  37. Silk taffeta Delores dress in caspian blue size 2

    fas at greatharbour dot com

  38. Happy and Stylish-- I believe there are serengeti Juliets, sz 9 on ebay


  39. Looking to SWAP.

    Size 0 - Pique V-Neck Ruffle Dress in Papaya for a size 2 in the same color.

    Please check my blog for picture and further info.

  40. desperately seeking milla bandeau top, M or L.

    also salina flats 9.5 in any color.

    also any city-fit suiting pants size 6T or 6 regular if they run long (34 inseam). also 8T blazers.

    thanks, please gmail me at alyssay

  41. cashmere argyle vest size L
    jodikrueger at gmail dot com

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  43. I would really love to find the striped cotton popover in S...the "We'll find it!" search came up empty :(

  44. Oops! My e-mail for above is

  45. DESPERATELY looking for a bridesmaids dress!

    CASPIAN BLUE, silk taffeta
    8, 8P, 10, 10P




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  47. Size 4 Wool Double Serge Pencil skirt... got ivory on a popback last week, so now bright blue is the only color I have yet to find! Anyone want to part with theirs?

    Size 10 Clea ballet flats in just about any color for my mom. She loves them!

    emilyeeg at

  48. I need a pair of city-fit chino shorts in the 5" inseam in any color of khaki (honey brown or stone) in a sz 8....they can be in pretty much any condition! Please let me know if you have a pair to sell.

    I'd also be interested in any other colors you might have!

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  51. Hello~!
    Does anyone have a Size 4 Seaglass Gown (from 2008 Summer collection) ..
    If you do, please email me:

    Thank you!!

  52. I just saw your message. Thanks, Kendra! =)

  53. Anyone tired of their Travel Trench from last spring? Looking for size 12 in the dune or navy. :)


    mackenzie_0007 at yahoo dot com

  54. I am in need of a cotton dress in red. No strapless. Size 2 or 4. Let me know what you may have!



  55. Hi all!

    Does anyone have a glass bead ribbon necklace they are willing to part with? I am kicking myself for not getting one and now it's too late. I'd love to find the grey or teal color, but would consider any.

    Email me at dth.cali at

  56. Jackie Cardigan, Dark Aquamarine, XS

    jcsusan87 at gmail dot com

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  58. Hello! I have a NWT Jakarta Mini (blue & white, item #16577) in size 4 available for EXCHANGE ONLY for a size 6. Anyone? sartorialdelight at gmail dot com. TIA!

  59. Frantically looking for the silk taffeta bridesmaids dress in Brook in a size 0, 2, 4, or 6 (ditto for Petites)... email is peteandmaraswedding at gmail dot com

  60. Hi -- I have a very lightly used Metallic Cloque Pencil Skirt in a size 2 that I'd like to swap for a size 4 (or maybe a size 6). Thanks!

    claire.m.stanford AT gmail

  61. I am looking for the Silk taffeta strapless sangle dress, color: caspian blue in a size 6. I am in a wedding. If you have seen this dress, please let me know!

  62. Looking for a caspian blue bridesmaid dress in sizes 0-6 in any of these styles:

  63. Hi! I need a caspian blue bridesmaid dress in any size 0-6 in any of these models:


  64. Hi! I need a caspian blue bridesmaid dress in any size 0-6 in any of these models:


  65. Hi I am looking for a bridesmaids dress. The discontinued "Gracie" style, Caspian Blue, Size 2. Thanks!


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