Thursday, July 23, 2009

J.Crew Updates Website With New Arrivals Today!

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Ema, Lesley, Victoria, Tweedybird, as well as No Display Name, Casual-Crew, Silver_Lining, & **Tracey** (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew updated its website (click here). There are new arrivals for men (click here) & women (click here). Although the J.Crew Collection (click here) doesn't seem to be updated yet.

In addition to having new arrivals for men and women, J.Crew also provided the latest catalog online (click here to view).

I can't wait to browse through the catalog to see their version of "East of Eden". From the looks of it, including all the sneak peeks recently, I can't wait for Fall (... well the Fall Collection that is)! ;)

There are lots of lovely items up for sale, including the:
  • Jeweled Feather Headband (Item 19317; $39.50)- already I am in love with it!
  • Silk Frances Cami (Item 17428; $88.00)- loving the new take on the Victoria Ruffle Cami (Item 99742; Regular: $88.00, now $29.99); and the colors like Deep Rose are just lovely!
  • Wool Ruffle-Front Coat (Item 17501; $268.00)- I already have too many Fall/Winter coats, but this makes me wonder if there's room for one more! ;)
Moreover, I am a bit surprised to see a few items up for sale:
  • Solid Anklets Three-Pack (Item 19179; $24.50)- definitely a "pop of color", but does it really work for "any ensemble"?
  • Sally Pearlized patent Ballet Flats (Item 17154; $125.00)- why not just call them the second generation Salina Iridescent Patent-Leather Ballet Flats (Item 95899; was $138.00 select colors $49.99)? ;)
  • Essie® Nail Polish for J.Crew (Item 22678; $8.00)- another interesting collabration with J.Crew
What items are you most excited about and why? Which items are you surprised to see? Which items did you hope would be included? Also, did you receive the latest catalog?

P.S. A big "thanks!" to Brenda Kao (in this post) who let us know that J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code DRF-940. This offer expires 8/1/09.


  1. O. M. G. I just loaded up my cart and can't buy anything right now!! I am in love with the Eden jacket, the ribbon front top, sparkling rose tee in champagne, and the charlie ruffled platforms in dark rust. good thing it's just getting hazy hot and humid here in the northeast and i cant wear any of it anyway!!
    Have fun shopping everyone!

  2. I was so excited to see the new rollouts!!!!! I ordered the frances silk cami and thanks to Desert Flower who predicted that the Aurora t strap heels would pop back and they did. I am so happy that they showed up in my size and I was able to get them. My stalking paid off. I love the imperial tee and ethreal merino ruffle cardigan. Oh heck there are so many things that I love. Happy shopping everyone.

  3. JCrewLover: I can totally understand loading up the cart with new arrivals! :) So many lovely things to get.

    Patina Cabachon: Congrats on the Frances Silk Cami & the Aurora Heels- they're so pretty!!! :)

  4. I haven't had a chance to look through the new stuff yet, too busy shopping the final sale restock.

    I just found the code DRF-940 for free ship over $150+ on Dealio, which claims it expires Aug 1st. I'm not sure about that part, but it does work! happy shopping!

  5. I want to see the maya cardi IRL - I like how it looks online! And, I've seen the twilight stripe cardi and love it! I also hope to see the swirling flowers tee - finally one of those flower tees that comes in some colors my pale self can wear! :D

    Is it just me, or is the collection part of women gone?

  6. DRF-940 works! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  7. Brenda Kao: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THE CODE! I really appreciate it. :)

    Math Teacher: I noticed the same thing about the Collection link missing on the side bar. But when I used my saved link for the Collection, it came up. I am not sure if they forgot to include it or if they are going to give the Collection its own page.

  8. I thought Jenna said pleats were horrible? First leggings, now pleated shorts. Ugh.

  9. Some first thoughts:

    Like the 'swirling flowers', tee, Maya cardigan, Anton sweater (reminds me of my favorite Hudson hoodie!) and boatneck painter tees. I think the wool ruffle-front coat is adorable, but the ruffles are raw-edged. Agh! Would they fray?

    How much light pink can a person own? This looks like it'll be this year's light pewter. On the upside, the 'mars' color is gaw-geous!

    They're actually selling the Essie nail polish now!

    Slub cotton silk streamers tank (18484) - if you like this style, Gap does a very similar one and actually uses color (slate, teal, indigo, and plum).

    Dream yarn is back - everybody, please resist! Are the prices on it higher this year? Yikes. And the crewneck cardigan has exposed seams. *shudder*

    Cotton corsage cardigan - seriously? Looks like more wet paper towels (Gigi, I can't get that image out of my head now!).

  10. I love it and I can't wait until some of the items hit the stores

  11. I like the way the flower pins are placed on the boatneck tee. Pretty.

    I see several things I like but nothing I would pay full price for. For me the items I REALLY like do not come in colors that are flattering on me or are in colors I already own! But fun to look. Maybe I just own too many years/seasons of JCrew:)

  12. I have a cart full and today is not the day I can pull the trigger! I am loving many of the pieces. I'll definitely be buying the evening primrose top, I love the Maya cardigan and the Merino Ethereal cardigan. The pink pencil skirt is amazing, but I wish it came in other colors since I don't wear pink. There is so much I love.

    Patina Cabachon, I'm so excited you got the Aurora heels!! Mine have shipped and I cannot wait to receive them. I'm looking forward to seeing yours on your blog. So happy they showed up for you :)

  13. Hmmm, take a look at the cotton cady Serena dress. It's lovely - but the photos in different colors are of two distinct styles. One has wrap-over fabric in front - the other is a plain front. Anyone know anything about this?

    Compare, for instance, the light caramel with the clover:

  14. Silver Lining: I am with you on the Essie nail polish- I am surprised to see it now up for sale.

    I find it interesting that the Sally pearlized patent ballet flats (item 17154; $125.00) are the new version of Salina's I saw in the stores (and mentioned in a previous post). I could have sworn that the store had the words "salina" written on the price sticker.

    And I am in love with the Jeweled feather headband (item 19317; $39.50)- such a pretty take on the headband.

    Lastly, J.Crew is actually selling anklets- Solid anklets three-pack (item 19179; $24.50). I don't know what to make of these. ;)

  15. I'm using all my willpower to resist the urge to buy the Silk Lumiere Cami....there are so many things I want! (What a total turnaround from the spring and summer arrivals....) I love the fall colors! On my wishlist are the Imperial Tee (item #18095), downtown field jacket and the Campo bag (not new, but on the list just the same), Burnished-leather belt (item #19138), Double-cloth camino coat (item #17505), Wool flannel schoolboy blazer (item #18271), Solid antique-ruffle top (item #17208), and the Butterscotch wool flannel schoolboy blazer (item #18328). Geez...I need to return some unworn things to make room (and money!) for the Fall items! :)

  16. Silver_lining: Amen on the dream yarn - and on the wet paper towels! What a great mental image!

    What do you folks think of the schoolboy blazers? My first reaction was very ooh-this-is-more-like-the-J.Crew-of-old, though (and I suppose I shouldn't be shocked) it seems pretty steeply priced.

  17. Alexis: I just noticed the "anklet" socks! I had these in neon colors when I was in elementary school! I remember trying to be Punky Brewster and wearing two different colors (neon orange and neon yellow) on either foot, with my red and white saddle shoes. Talk about a color clash!

  18. Every fall I get the same way, excited over new items in wool. I buy them and then have to wait a month or two to wear them.

    This fall I plan to take a deep breath and ..... wait. If I hold off a month or so I might actually get to wear them when they arrive.

    We all know I'll cave and buy them right away, but I can pretend to be strong.

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  20. RatsonParade: I am with you on the fall colors. They rolled out some really lovely shades. I am crushing on the Deep Rose version of the Silk Frances Cami (Item 17428; $88.00)!

    Saranagamana: I am a sucker for schoolboy blazers- just love them! The price is steep, but I will wait for them when they go on sale. ;)

    Ratsonparade: OMG! I loved Punky Brewster and her style- which I totally remember too. Two different neon colors was such the look back then! :)

    JCrew Guy In Canada: So true! We still have a few weeks of summer left, so pacing ourselves is a good idea. :)

  21. OH, MAN! I am in BIG, BIG, BIG trouble. There are like 50 things I MUST have! I am going to Private Sale event on Monday and that 20% off $125 is going to come in REALLY handy! All you DC JCAers -- don't forget about the Reston, Virginia Private Event on Monday night at 7:00 p.m.

  22. WHY did they put those stupid tiny 4 pockets on the cambridge cable cardigans?? Maaaybe I could excuse the bottom two, but the top two totally ruin it for me. JCrew, you are not Chanel and you don't know a clue about "precisely placed patch pockets"!

    Ok, now a positive comment: I do like seeing navy, copper, olive, bright cinnamon and sage in the color palette. :)

  23. Well, since I lived in the UK for a time and saw WAY too many school boy blazers in real life this is one trend I will be passing on BIG TIME!

    The Eden blazer is "Cute" but wondering BIG TIME about the actual fit. When someone actually sees it IRL, please post!

  24. Ooooooohhhh!!! So much to love!!! It physically hurts that I can't buy anything till September at the earliest...lots and lots of lovelies, to many to list!

    Sigh, fall is the BEST season!

    Can anyone elaborate on the Dream yarn merch? Is it no good?

  25. Yea! They put some stretch in the city fit trouser cords this season. I like the fit of the pair I got last year well enough sans stretch, but not enough to get more than one pair. This year may be different!

    OK, another thing I habitually buy from JC is gym clothes. Love the sweats and shelf bra tanks and yoga stuff. But SILK RUFFLE TRIM on the new slub cotton hoodie?! Enough already! I can take seeing it on almost every tank, cami, cardi and dress, but gym clothes? Ridic. That said, I will buy it if it goes down to $10-20 later in the season and ceremoniously rip off the ripple and wear it in good health.

    Also, I'm kind of sad the Charlie platforms don't come in the hydrangea like the pumps do. That's a gorgeous mary jane, but I don't need another black MJ. Purpley blue would have done me just fine.

    Some cute new dresses. I like the Les Miz names! Fantine dress is pretty (as are the Cosette mary janes.) The dressy jersey ruffle neck looks pretty and will look awesome on someone less top heavy than I am. I'll probably opt for the flutter scoopneck. It's cute, similar to the Sara but looks less low cut. I am coveting this in the plum raisin. I'm happy to see things that I know that I'll end up stalking! Good riddance to the blah summer, welcome back fall!

  26. I am literally having a heart attack over all the super-cute new arrivals! I will start with my new wish list:

    1) Silk Frances Cami
    2) Ribbon Front Top (LOVE!)
    3) Silk Evening Prim Rose Top (I love this print!)
    4) Velvet Eden Blazer (drooling)
    5) Toothpick Ankle Cord
    6)Destroyed Denim Short (these are just too cool)

    7)Duchess Necklace/Bracelet
    8)Jeweled Feather Headband

    I'm going to be broke! I love all these items!

    I will probably have to hold off on ordering anything right now though because it's still super-hot here in FLA and by the time I actually will need a blazer, etc they might be on sale! We'll see though - I have a hard time resisting! :)

  27. Sacre bleu! The shirred wool skirt is shown in charcoal, with the model wearing PINK anklets and brown oxfords. If I wore this, I think my peers would literally keel over laughing :-)

    I'll further echo calls to avoid dream yarn - my experience with it has been that it pills something fierce. I bought several dream crewnecks in fall/winter 2007, and three them out last winter because they looked awful. I'm not buying sweaters I can't even get a whole season out of wearing.

    I want to try the schoolboy blazer on. From the side-view image, I'm not sure I'll like it, as it looks boxy.

  28. cliquot,

    I have 3 dream blend sweaters from 07-08, and they have held up well-- no holes, maintained shape, color etc. I have had some pilling, but I just shave it off with a sweater shaver. I either handwash or Dryell these sweaters. I also did not buy these sweaters at full price, but it looks like the price has increased (I think the sweaters I got were originally $68 and I paid $49.99).

    Others have had negative experiences with this yarn, though.

  29. annegav: I'm so sad that I don't get to travel for work anymore -- I'd LOVE to go to the DC J.Crew event! I miss going to Reston after work....and Tysons Corner...and Georgetown...and the Leesburg Outlets. *sigh*

  30. thank you for the link! I've been checking the site waiting! off to shop... :)

  31. RatsOnParade...i'm with you on the Silk Lumiere Cami!! must resist another purchase! i love all the colors too. i love the Silk Evening Primrose Top also. i'm sooo excited to see the new stuff. so much that i would love to have...but do i need? nooooo. darnit jcrew! :)

  32. May I also give props to JC for putting their catalogue online? Anthropologie has done that for years and it's so convenient for customers. shopping cart now contains my complete fall wardrobe for only $2000! :P I can dream...

  33. Love most of the fall items:
    frances cami, feather pin, maya cardi, minnie pants, lexi tote, some of the necklaces.
    Too bad it's so hot here in So. Cal.

    O/T can anyone comment on the fit of the Lulu and the Serengeti ballet flats? I saw some on ebay but I'm not sure about the fit. Thank you so much!

  34. Summer..what summer? Here in the northeast its been a long spring. Ah, who needs summer anyway. Bring on the Fall, and J Crew's goodies.

    New men's 484 extra slim fit jeans...Do we really need to go to skinny jean land at J Crew as well? Funny, all the interviews with JC style mavens say pick a jean with a classic cut...not too skinny, not too baggy. And then they go and do this. Anyway, those grey wrinkle wash jeans look tasty.

  35. I love the new fall rollout ..
    I am totally in love with
    Silk Frances Cami
    Perfect fit falling ruffles tank
    Cashmere Cherie Crewneck
    Primrose Brynn dress
    Floral Lorelei dress

  36. Thanks to the free shipping code that was so kindly shared, I just purchased 2 new items and a pop-back from the sale section. I ordered the bell flower top in sage and the cotton corsage cardigan (plus the silk-linen rosette cardigan on sale). I like a lot of the other new cardigans but they're too hot to wear now, and hopefully by the time it's cold enough to wear them they will be on promo or discounted.

    Some items look completely recycled from last season--the francis blouse just looks like a messy version of the victoria and the merino ethereal cardigan is just like the tartine with a v-neck instead of crewneck.

    Will review new items when they arrive!

  37. As usual, I have a cart full of skirts. Wool pencil, baby ruffle, hammered metal, vintage cord pencil and mini. Not that I'm buying them all right now, but it is fun to put them into my cart and ponder the choices.

  38. I would like to try the toothpick cords too, if they made them in a regular length. The ankle length is a no-go for me.

  39. I think I have imprinted upon the dressy jersey ruffle neck dress. I swoon.

  40. I've been bit by the fall bug! I thought I couldn't wait for summer to end, but seeing all these romantic, antique colors and cozy sweaters is making me want fall now! I adore the minnie pant, the Anton sweater, and all the new jewelry!I'm also kind of liking the socks...I can tell this season is going to be heavy on the hosiery...and I'm super excited!

  41. I love the merino ethereal ruffle cardigan and the double cloth camino coat. Both would go well with the N. California weather. The color palette for this roll out is lovely to see. Can't wait to see what more J. Crew has for fall as it approaches. Also, love the John Steinbeck/Northern California theme for the current catalog. Refreshing at best.

  42. Cliquot:

    I purchased a dream cardigan last fall and I think it held up well. There was a small amount of natural pilling that was easily removed.

    I like the merino wool sweaters the best - the 12 guage are a nice in between weight and wear very well.

  43. Did anyone get the merino evening primrose cardigan in burnished olive (18562)? I could never see the picture and now it says it's sold out and I think it was just posted for the first time today with the rest of the new releases.

  44. i love so many of the new pieces, thank you for sharing the info!

    however, i got burned big time this summer spending full price on items that went down to even less than half price in sales lately. makes me hesitant to by right away :(

  45. i plan on ordering the outfit on pg 33 of the catalog (with the maya cardigan and the pencil skirt), the chocolate cord trousers, and the pink wellingtons. :)

  46. On page 73 of the catalog -- the color of that bathing suit is amazing. Does anyone know if anything else is available in that color? (Looks like a pine something or other.)

    Also, like jcrewlover, I spent a few minutes this morning loading up a cart just to see how much it will be. I can't pull the trigger until late August/early September, though :(

  47. JB,
    Ha ha. I seriously need summer. Hence the name. Fall can wait to rear it's ugly head any day IMB!


  48. I am having a shorts moment this summer and wear them all the time. So I am so excited the fall/winter shorts popped up online. I am definatley getting both pairs. They are city fit so I think they will be ok even with the pleats. I am so in love with the jewelry. I like the turn that it is taking especially the golden orb ring and the crystal dangling ring.
    CheesyGoodness I don't really think that the Paris hoodie is work out material anyways. It looks more like lounge wear. I don't take J. Crew weekend and yoga too seriously. I think that it is a post-gym outfit. I love the colors antique stone and dusty blossom so much.

  49. Now I'm so glad I didn't spend too much this spring/summer. So much to look forward to, even though SoCal summers are SOOO long. I want to wear velvet jackets and cords!!

  50. The Silk Frances Cami is definitely my fav! I love the Silk Tricotine Tatiana gown (an update to the Robin long dress) but sadly it doesn't come in petite sizes. :(

    I'm over the jeweled feather headband. It's pretty but doesn't quite work for me and it has been on the street of New York since last summer. Kenley from Season 5 Project Runway was wearing that kind of hairband throughout the show and the next thing you know, it's all over the Soho street.

    Everyone seems to be talking about the Eden jacket so I just have to check it out. Love the silhouette but not a big fan of velvet... waiting to see if J.Crew has more pretty stuff! It has been very exciting so far with the new Fall items.

  51. I agree with warning about the Dream sweaters, my 09 one only lasted 1 season, it pilled more than my JC cashmere.

    I am also waiting for summer to arrive, it has bypassed the great lakes area this year.

  52. Love, love, love the new fall items! I ordered the following:

    Silk Frances cami in Deep Rose Velvet Eden blazer in Iris
    Wool pencil skirt in Rosebud
    Gold and crystal-cluster bracelet
    Shimmering teardrop necklace
    Gilded daisy ring

    I am definitely returning items that I bought the past month or so that I have yet to use.... I'd much rather spend my $$$$ on fall items! Of course, there is more that I want, but I have to pace myself.... I'll order once I pay my bill. :-) Kind of make me in the mood for fall, although we haven't even had much of a summer here in NY.

  53. Marietta, please report back on the sizing of the wool pencil skirt. I love it but I'm curious about whether I could SD to make it fit a little higher on the waist and shorten the length. I prefer a little less than 24 1/2 inches for my pencil skirts.


  54. can't beautiful...must have everything...oh how i love fall!

  55. Just ordered the Petite Eden jackets in Copper and Dark Blossom. Can't wait to see the color and fit! :)

  56. I almost ordered the Frances blouse, but decided to wait for other JCAs reviews...I worry the ruffles will be too overwhelming for someone who is petite...I know, I know...I said the same thing for the victoria, and how many victoria camis do I have in my closet? About four...?

  57. I am loving the frances cami, the anton, cadet and maya sweaters as well as the rose shift and midnight garden dress! Goodbye hard earned money . . .

    BTW - I get a giggle out of the phrases artfully rumpled/distinctively rumpled texture and am wondering if my dry cleaner will be able to maintain that "rumpling".

    At my office, artfully rumpled would invite comments like, did you sleep here last night or do you know how to press or steam clothing? A side benefit for Crew distribution is that it must be easier to ship clothes that need to arrive rumpled!

  58. Does anyone know what the quality of the cashmere is like this season?

  59. where's the collection section? did they do away with that?

  60. This may have been already asked, but are any of these in the stores currently?

  61. JB: I laughed out loud at the "summer, what summer" comment because its so true! It is more like Spring time in CT then Summer. But I can't complain too much- it's nice not having the need to use air conditioning. :)

  62. Artfully Rumpled + Steinbeck = Dust Bowl Chic.

  63. the charlie ruffled platforms = I need every color! Mmmm, fall clothing. Delicious.

  64. Has anyone else noticed that you can no longer check the stock of an item by using 99 for the quantity? They only allow up to 9. Not liking that!!!

  65. Does anyone know if/when collection items for fall will first go on-sale? I'm obsessed with the glen plaid pant, but can't pay that price!

    Thank you!

  66. very fun to look at the new catalog - loving the Monterey/Steinbeck styling. Hope some of these pretties are in store to try on this weekend!

    I am holding off from ordering anything online but appreciate the eye candy.

    Anyone in the bay area been to a B&M store recently?

  67. Yeah, it's me the guy that was going to wait. Well ...... I saw that the pants I wanted were already on sale, fromm $118 to $69. And they are a new arrival. Guess what? I pulled the pin and ordered them, the Classic-fit lightweight wool trouser in heather gray are headed my way.

    I didn't need a shipping code as my PS offered me free expedited shipping due to a return glitch. I better go to work or for a run or something. Hanging out on the pc costs too much, too easy to shop.

  68. I also see they have a new section in mens called ask Jack. It's basically some style advice for the more challenged of us. I feel like asking Jack if he can give me some suggestions on how to spend less. Second thought, nah.

  69. jcbellemarie, the SF Westfield had a few new things (mostly cashmere) but a sales person there told me new things should be in the store on Tuesday.

  70. can anyone comment on the quality of the stretch wool? i love the shape of the olive dress but want to make sure its worth it.

    i am holding off, for now. there is a JCA event that i am trying to attend next week at the 20% off the new items sounds wonderful.

    also- do you think its possible to combined my student discount with the 20% at the JCA event?

  71. Stacy,

    They have gotten very strict and don't allow you to combine anything anymore.

  72. Cass is right. No coupon combining. Heck, even their exchange policy has changed!

  73. I COVET EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF OUTWEAR. I would have to wear coat on top of blazer on top of field jacket to make use of it all, but I just love it. The Eden jacket seems to strike a nice balance between jackets past.

    I love love love the Frances cami in the rose and lilac shades. I also like the new super 120's (carlyle?) dress. All of my suiting is super 120's and I get complements all the time. I want the ruffle peeptoes. I hope that all of this is around when I'm finally ready to buy again, it'll be months!

  74. I'm planning to get things with the free shipping and see how they fit. That way when/if they go on sale/promo, or even final sale, I'll know how to order. It may be an pain to buy and return but with the way J.Crew runs promo codes and promos and final sale, that's the way it is. My local store is small and gets limited stock and does not carry my size, so I have to order this way.

    I may be in the minority but I like the cotton corssage cardigan. I also like: perfect-fit grosgrain scoopneck tee, merino ethereal ruffle cardi, whirling ruffles cardi, textured jersey ruched v-neck. I also plan to order the new denim pencil skirt and can't believe my size is already back oredered. I like that it has a flat front where in years past it has had buttons or a front zip.

    I live in the dessert so I don't really do coats and can't wear most of this stuff for another three months. Of course it is freezing in my office cube farm today so I can always bring it to work to wear.

    I'll do reviews on my blog when it all arrives!

  75. I am a bit surprised to see the new arrivals online before they're in the stores, but absolutely love having new pieces to look at on the website. :)

  76. I love the ribbon-front top, like others. It looks like a great piece that can be dressed up or down. I love the vintage feel.

    I like the tie front terry pullover in principle, but I was disappointed to see the color choices: champagne and light pewter! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!

    OT, but I have to put in a plug for the chunky handknit cardigan in champagne (yes, I am contradicting myself) that was one of Jenna's picks in January. I bought it on FS with the extra 20% off, and this morning before it arrived I was regretting a bit not saving my money for fall. I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled-it is classic NE preppy with a LOT of flair.

    It is style number 10821, still available in XS, S, and M if anyone is interested. I highly recommend it.

    Happy shopping, everyone!

  77. Check out the destroyed matchstick jeans under new arrivals:

    The 2nd, 4th, and 5th pictures have '' watermarked on them. Strange.

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  79. There are many pieces I love! But yesterday I realized that all my clothes have ruffles or lace or flowers... and then I had to attend a professional event where I felt dressed like going to a party or a date. Way too girl-y. I think I should start buying more plain sober clothes instead.

  80. i received my lexi tote in the mail today after ordering it off of the red phone on monday!

    i got the shadow, which is definitely not a true black. it's slightly more faded than that--halfway to grey.

    it's big enough to fit my macbook and up to 2 textbooks, which is important to me because i'm a student. the front zip pocket is a nice place for me to stick my keys, cell phone, wallet, etc.

    i will probably use it the long strap more often than not to make it a messenger (easier to schlep my stuff that way) but i like that it has the nice tote handles as well--it makes for a more streamlined option.

    highly recommended if you're in the market for a bigger bag that looks good but will hold up through the school/work day!

  81. K Mel - thanks!

    Meredith - is there any navy/blue tones to the Lexi tote? (I ask because the "Shadow" colored crisp cotton shorts looked black to me at first but in certain light it seems navy)...or is it more of a charcoal?

    Has anyone seen the FAWN leather color or the lavender IRL? TIA!

  82. jcbellemarie--i am wearing very dark-rinse jeans today, and when i hold the bag up to them, there does appear to be some navy in it. when i hold it up to my black macbook, however, it seems more charcoal. apparently "shadow" is some mystical color that matches everything?

    i am also interested in hearing about the lilac color--i couldn't pull this color off for everyday, but the clutch is calling my name...

  83. I posted all my picks on my blog this morning, but I'm seriously drooling over the Wool Ruffle-Front Coat in Camel. That will be coming home with me. I'm hoping it's in stores this weekend when I go!

  84. Cambridge cable sweater up to $74! For something that pills easily, ridiculous, IMO. Otherwise, happy to see the new roll outs-- the jewlery is a bit OTT for my taste, but I am a fan of several pairs of shoes and some of the new colors.

  85. Thanks for the free shipping code ^__^ the item that I really want just popped up at the sale section again, so I would be reluctant to buy if there's no shipping code. Also, I bought Whirling ruffles cardigan in buff pink...will see whether to keep or return.

  86. OT: Here's some insight into the big push for jewelry sales this fall:

    Retailers Highlight Accessories

    Retailers said jewelry, belts and scarves remain impulse-purchases that don't require a lot of budgeting, unlike a new wardrobe. "It's a little bit of a candy moment," says Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's creative director. "You don't have to try it on. You can just take it to the cash register."

  87. Oooh! I love Fall too! I love the Silk Evening Primrose Top, Double cloth Camino coat, the slouchy T, flutter scoopneck dress in raisin (loungewear)(but not sure how low the neckline is), cashmere V neck sweater (dying to know how it fits). But if I had to pick one, I'd go with the evening primrose top.

  88. I love the toothpick cords! Every store seems to have bootcut or straight-legged cords in the fall, but nobody really makes them skinny enough to tuck into boots! I'm 5'1" so the matchstick fit has always been too straight-legged for me and too loose to tuck in!

  89. I went to a B&M during my lunch and saw some new items:
    Grand Corsage Top
    Tissue Beaded Necklace Tee
    Sherpa Long Hoodie
    Sally Pearlized Ballet Flat
    Cheetah Calf Hair Belt
    Matchstick Jeans
    Cambridge Cord Sweaters
    Pointelle twilight-stripe V-neck cardigan
    A sweater like the Cambridge cable pocket cardigan but not in a cable.
    I saw a few other items that were not online or in the catalog too.

  90. has anyone seen the anton sweater in stores? I am loving it but want to see it in store before pulling the trigger. Thanks!


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