Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Men's Fall 2009 at J.Crew

"Thanks!" goes to J.Crew Guy in Canada who let us know that several images of J.Crew's Fall 2009 for Men was spotted at the JakeDavisBlog (click here). According to the blog: "J.Crew Men's Fall 2009 looks really solid. Some classic collaborations and timeless pieces done really well. Nothing groundbreaking here but we have other brands for that. J.Crew gives us great basics time and time again. My top choices are pictured above and I hope will hit stores soon. I think I'm going to have to break down and cop another pair of those Red Wing Chukkas... Damn you, Red Wing!"

"Thanks!" again goes to J.Crew Guy in Canada, who also let us know that there is another sneak peak for men over at Por Homme (click here). According to the blog: "Kempt’s gotten their hands on J.Crew’s Fall 2009 catalog which is filled with a healthy mixture of homebrewed essentials we come to expect from the label as well as collaborative efforts with established brands such as Mackintosh Coats and Alden Shoes".

I totally agree with the quotes "J.Crew gives us great basics time and time again" & "essentials we come to expect", when it comes to Menswear. J.Crew is a great "go-to" store for any guy building their wardrobe- not only will it last for years, it always looks stylish too. :)

What are your thoughts on the pieces shown? Are you excited about any of them and if so, which ones? Do you agree with the quote?


  1. those grey denim jeans look like they're gonna hit the sweet spot.

  2. I really like the look of the buffalo plaid sweater. The plaid shirts look great too; just I'm just feeling plaid.

    The one pair of boots reminds me of the Sperry boots I got from J.Crew this spring.

  3. Not much of a preview yet. I'm hoping there's more f/w 09 stuff lined up to reveal later this summer?


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