Saturday, July 4, 2009

Darlings, is it time for a J.Crew coupon code?

Yes, it is that wonderful time!

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Steph (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $175+ with promo code JULY4. Not sure when this offer expires.

(The website only mentions this offer will last for "a limited time only".)

And of course... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! :)


  1. I wish it were an extra 25% off like Madewell.

  2. OT...but in the latest lucky magazine, they mentioned a new silk cami by Jcrew called CAMILLA. I'm not if someone may have mentioned it before! The cami was shown in black, so it was hard to see the details. But I would say it's like a mix of the garland cami and victoria cami...Hope to see it soon online or in the stores.

  3. Nice to see new camisoles come out for JCrew newbies but I think I am at my limit for silk camisoles that need to be dry cleaned. I have too many at this poing to want more! I would love to see more cotton and/or machine washable fabrics:)


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