Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crewcuts Email: crewcuts new arrivals are here. in stores and online.

J.Crew sent an email this morning announcing new arrivals for Crewcuts. Much like yesterday's email, "J.Crew Email: Cardmember sneak peek (new arrivals are here). In stores and online.", the email above indicates that new arrivals are also now available for purchase at B&M (brick & mortar) stores. However, many JCAs have mentioned that their local stores will not be offering new arrivals until next week. So you may want to call & check beforehand, to see if your local store will carry new arrivals this weekend. :)

They are also reminding us about their on-going free shipping offer for Crewcuts items. (Side Note: Dear J.Crew, how about a similar offer for adults? Even if it's for one day.) ;)

I love the image used for the email. J.Crew's catalog has some of the most beautiful photos- that sometimes I forget its a catalog to buy clothes! ;)

Lastly, I remember wearing sweaters & jackets around my waist back in the late '90s. Is this a look that will be making its way back (like the Harem pants, neon colors, and ankle socks)?


  1. Good morning everyone! Sorry to be OT right out of the gate. I did a search on JC for socks (DH needs some new, cute, cheap ones) and last winter's wos. wool Aran knee highs popped back up in black, grey, and the rhubarb. I recall someone lookin for them, Em maybe? If so you can grab them for $6.99. I got those colors last year and they were super warm and cozy during all the months of snow MI had.

    I'm glad for new crewcuts, if only because they'll put more into the kid's sale section to make way for the new stuff! I never buy my daughter's stuff full price, we'd go broke within two seasons. Maybe when she stops growing sooo quickly I won't be so thrifty? Not likely.

  2. I'm upset that the some of the items in the JC "boys" line look better that the mens line :(

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