Tuesday, July 14, 2009

20% Off Final Sale Items Still Going On In Stores

"Thanks!" to Laura and Pam (in this post), who let us know that the additional 20% off final sale items is still going on in-stores! {y-e-y!} According to both {fabulous} JCAs, their respective SAs told them that the promotion was extended, but they are not sure for how long.

This sale (originally reported in the "J.Crew Offers An Extra 20% Off Their Final Sale" post) was expected to end last Friday, 7/10/09.

I did stop by a J.Crew over the weekend and noticed the additional 20% off signs were still up and being applied at the cash registers. However, I thought the promotion was going to end on Sunday for stores. I am thrilled to hear its being extended. Now if only the online promotion was extended! ;)

Will you be taking advantage of this in-store offer? If so, what items are you hoping to purchase? :)


  1. Scored a great belt & some hair bands with the 20% off earlier in the week, but my local store (Santa Clara, CA) was picked pretty clean in the sale section. I swear, it's never been that empty or orderly back there before. It's nice that they extended it in stores, but methinks they're trying to clear the way for new fall merch. I wildly speculate that the web merch wasn't discounted because it will probably be sold to a mass outlet like TJMaxx soon - at least then JC can say they made a profit for things that aren't moving.

  2. I rememeber the summer (it was 05 or 06) that JCrew had great in store sales end of July. I got several pair of jeans for $10 and tops for $4.99. The manager said they were practically "giving the stuff away." I bought a ton. And that is when the economy was good.

    I don't see why JCrew cannot offer the great online sales as well like they used to with 30 and 40% off sale items. It has been a long time since 40% off was offered. And in those days you could get free shipping too.

    I think it is sad if they sell their stuff to TJMAXX.

  3. I confirm that the stores in NYC have still the 20% off sales promo going on. I went yesterday to both the Rockfeller Center and Madison Avenue stores. Rockerfeller was more worth it (esp. the shoes section), Madison Avenue was totally picked over but it was interesting to stop by both b/c they didn't have the same items. I saw 4 or 5 Playa dresses at Rockerfeller (including a 0 and a 2) and the poplin cargo jacket in peach (or whatever is called that color) was down to $69 (plus 20% off) if anyone is interested. I just bought a tee.

  4. I got the jacquard dot tuxedo perfect shirt for $23.99 (after 20% discount)! Last week, it was on sale for $59.99. Regular $88. Score! :)

  5. I can't believe all of the sale items they added to the website! The cute "cotton medallion dress" is now on there and it was showing they had all sizes. It's funny how it was sold out, and now they have a ton. Why does J. Crew do that?

  6. The JC at Easton in Columbus was also pretty empty, but they had lots of capris, dressy jersey dresses (twisted strap and belted), and button-down shirts. They also had a ton of the lightweight denim trousers, which I'm still considering. What do Aficionadas think of these? Are they essential (in this economy, I'm trying to only buy things that I must have)?

  7. fyi- mega update this am- lots of Jewelry pop backs and also be sure to check out the non-sale jewelry section as several pieces are on sale now but not in the FS section.

  8. Off topic so sorry... but I just received the Tortoiseshell resin bangle from one of my 20% FS purchases and LOVE it! It looked a bit orange online, but it is actually much more brown and is very substantial (heavy) bangle. Totally worth the $19 paid and still worth it for the $24 listed now. Also adore my shoreline dress in Chocolate, I noticed that they have these listed again FP in some new colors so I ordered the next size up and the slate color as a ride along to an order today to get the Free shipping:)

  9. Twiga - thanks for the heads up!

  10. Grrr. How is it there are items from last fall available, and they're still only marked down a teeny bit (like from $175 to $130)? Get with the program, j.crew - when an item has been on sale that long, mark it down to move!!

  11. I have heard a lot of blog chatter about some of the stores just being empty, so I don't know that I am rushing out to mine. If I get there, I get there. I got my confetti necklace online, and that was what I really wanted from the FS. :)

  12. FWIW, the KOP was well stocked this weekend (regular and sale section). Downtown Philly store had a fairly large sale section, too, but I find that store in general to not be that great (always seems picked over and messy, and sometimes on the sparse side).

  13. Hi all,

    I had a similar exp this weekend. First I visited the Los Gatos store & scoring several sale items with the additional % off. My amazing SA said that they had extended the sale, but not for how long. Then I drove over to the Valley Fair B&M to see if they had a similar promo. & they were also offering addt'l 20% off.

    I must say that Los Gatos had more in stock. More reg price & more sale items including the bow front serge skirts, piles o' polos, several sweaters & tees, a good selection of jersey dresses, & a whole rack of tops. Also, they had several menswear items on sale.

    Valley Fair had some things that weren't @ LG including some suiting items. However, they looked like the 4th had hit the selection pretty hard. Don't get me wrong, the floor was v. tidy. Just not as much selection in sizes & styles.

    In the end I walked away with:
    3 Slim stretch shirts w 3/4 sleeves (luckily as we're in a mini-heatwave) for $32 ea
    1 cotton cardigan sweater for $32
    1 polo for $8
    & a fun madras tie for $16

    I felt that the prices were reasonable for the items I bought. Most esp because I didn't have to pay shipping. Worth the trip IMO.



  14. I popped into Westport, CT today and there was nada, pretty empty. I was struck by how blah the whole store looked actually.

  15. Lauren, I ordered the lightweight denim trousers but I wouldn't say that they are essential. I'm on the fence about them. I've took some pics with some styling ideas and I have just posted them on my blog.

  16. I ordered the dressy ruffle dress and the ruffle cotton sateen dress. I ordered the ruffle dress in a small and I normally wear an x-small. Does anyone have any experience shrinking JC jersey dresses. I hope I can shrink it down!

  17. This morning I woke up extra early with the intention of ordering the Soiree Sateen blazer in slate, and the rumpled french terry cardigan in navy. The blazer wasn't there, so I went ahead and ordered the cardigan and the cotton stitch perfect shirt. Later in the afternoon, oh goodness what do I see on the screen??? The darn blazer is back on the sale section. I hate that JCrew puts up "sold out" items randomly. Had it been there earlier, I could have gotten the free shipping *sigh* Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the blazer since I really wanted it in the first place.

    I went to Montgomery Mall's JCrew store last Friday, and it was soo empty! Hardly anything on sale, and even some of the shelves were bare.Maybe they're making room for more stuff??

  18. Was at the Michigan Ave. store in Chicago this afternoon and totally excited to see the 20% off signs! I didn't get a chance to go last week so I was sure I'd missed it. The sale section was, however, very picked over :( got a tissue tee, patent ombre flip flops in a nudish color; printed fabric flip flops and a headband.

    They had the following:

    - a few of the bow front skirts in a peachy/pink, orange and ochre colors; not sure of
    - Lots of tissue tees in various colors, size selection limited
    - One of the rumpled terry cardis in large, oatmeal(?) color
    - Lots of shorts, printed and solid
    - Picked over bikinis, saw one medallion print top and bottom, not sure of size
    - several jersey dresses; not impressed by the fabric on these, it was already pilling.

    Hope this helps someone!

  19. Got in my items from the online 20% off final sale. All in all, pleased with my purchases:
    1. Petite cropped chino: amazingly soft. I got the honey brown color and it's great. I ordered up because I like my summer chinos to slouch a little (always wear them dressed down). No "baggy ass", which is what happens when I typically wear chinos. For $15.99, these were great :)

    2. Navy chiffon trim cardi: nice, but I'm not sure it's $31.00 nice. I guess I'm getting picky, but I remember picking up the Issy (much more substantial, though granted a fall/winter sweater) and the Piazza for around this price and it seemed like more sweater for the money. I sized down (thank you fellow, JCAs who told me about the length of the sweater) and I'm happy to now have a sweater that sits lower on the hips for a change of pace. I usually size up in sweaters because of my shoulders, but the fit is generous enough that I should be okay.

    3. Kids items: girls' slub cotton rosette tee, chelsea tee in golden cypress, boys vintage polo, girls cropped french terry pant (all between $8-$12 each). The rosette tee is beautiful and generously sized. The chelsea is a lovely color...funny you don't see this color on kids' clothing too often and I think that's what makes crewcuts unique. The french terry pant was an impulse buy, but perfect for after swim class or beach. And DS loves that his polo looks like daddy's :)

  20. Hi everyone. I was back at the b&m at Easton in Columbus tonight while I was waiting for my husband to get off work and I noticed a guy further marking down a lot of sale items. Thanks to my good timing, I got the lightweight denim trousers for $24. (Ema, thanks for your input. I was on the fence until they got marked down so low, then I couldn't resist!)

  21. Those trousers are very retro. I don't care for them no matter what the price!

    I have some lightweight JCrew denim with cute seams from summer a few years ago that are super cute! None they have come out with have compared. Glad I bought 3 pair in different washes that summer!

  22. I agree that the light colored trousers look super retro, but I got the dark denim version, which I thought looked nice (at least on me). Maybe I'm wrong.

    Anyway, the point of the post was that in-store sale items are now cheaper.


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