Wednesday, July 15, 2009

JCA's Visits to the J.Crew at Garden State Plaza

A big "thanks!" to Tweedybird who shared with us some {great} J.Crew pictures of the concept store at Garden State Plaza (New Jersey).

She also shares the following {wonderful} tidbits with us: "Highlights in my 30 seconds in the store included a bronze metallic skirt with a black waistband and micro-pleat detail at the front. The material is gorgeous. It was $138. They also had a bunch of the new camis with the pleating (silk, $88) - silk version and a cotton one too. ...Also think I saw a version of the Lexington jacket, plus a sweater with swirly, frayed chiffon on the front."

The location for this store is:
Garden State Plaza
300 Garden State Plaza
Paramus, NJ 07652
201 845 9292

"Thanks!" again to Tweedybird for sharing. Everything in the store is always presented in such a lovely way {sigh!} Tweedybird's pictures makes me want to visit one of my local stores now! ;) And if there is a new version of the Lexington Jacket, then I am all for it. I think it's one of the nicest pieces they have created. :)


  1. it is a great store,
    not my fave mall

  2. OT but does anyone know if you can use your J. Crew Credit Card at the Sample Sale?

  3. Kelsey, no you can't use it unfortunately. Cash and major CCs only.

  4. Thanks Roxy! I'm going to check it out tomorrow while I'm visiting my friend :)

  5. I was wondering if Tweetybird could identify the blazer in the middle of the second picture. There is a sign up in front of it that says Blazer but I can't read the word above it. It's the blazer with the peplum bottom. It is so cute and I want it!!!!! Thank you to anyone one could help identify it!!

  6. Hi! I wish I could ID the blazer but I can't - but try the store and they could be able to help. I was literally in there for less than a minute before I had to run out of the mall :(

  7. I've never been to that store and I work very close. Hey Tweedy... is it nicer than the Short Hills store? Do they have shoes?

  8. Hi! I think it's nicer than Short Hills - plus the special thing about the Garden St Plaza store is that they get merchandise a few weeks ahead of all other J Crew stores to work out how they'll display and merchandise the items in the rest of the chain.

    Yes they have shoes!

  9. I like this store because they get new arrivals earlier than other stores however , the customer service here really stinks - big time! I have been to many JC stores and this one is by far the worst for customer service! Also, I find it quite dirty every time I am in there - in need of a good sweep and vaccum.

  10. waiting your new styles promotion .hope you mention as soon as possible .
    black flats for women


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