Tuesday, July 14, 2009

J.Crew Launches Madewell '37 Jeans

According to an article on WWD (click here), J.Crew has launched its latest brand-new lower-priced '37s jeans. There is also a great article over at MSN that shares the following (click here):

First Look: Madewell's New $59.50 Jeans- The J.Crew offshoot launches a more affordable, skinny style
By Laurel Pinson
July 13, 2009

While the denim at J.Crew offshoot brand Madewell has always been better-priced than most other stores (compare their "rail straight" $78 jean to, say, Earnest Sewn's $195 "Decca" straight-leg), chairman and CEO Mickey Drexler tells WWD that he knew the brand could bolster its denim even further. "There's a new world today. The denim customer is no longer trading up to higher price points. With customers giving us feedback and the marketplace changing, it was pretty clear there was a need to come out with a collection of jeans a bit more price friendly." Of course, it doesn't hurt that, according to WWD, denim represents about 20 percent of Madewell's core business.

So today, Madewell is launching a kind of capsule collection within its already well-stocked range of jeans called '37s, a spin-off on the founding date of the Madewell label (formerly focused on workwear) in 1937. The '37s are all one style: the "skinny skinny," an unfussy-yet-ultra-slim style that Madewell designers and execs believe remains the most popular, over trendy boyfriend cuts and bootcut fits.

The jeans be available in five different washes -- black, plume, dark ash, avalanche, and chimney -- all of which emphasize hipster neutrals like black, gray, and acid wash over the colorful, saturated hues that Madewell has focused on in the past. But the best part, of course, is the price: $59.50, which falls well below the brand's other lowest-priced $78 pair. (Or even J.Crew's most affordable pair, for that matter, which comes in at $88.)

What are your thoughts on the new line of denim? Do you think the new price point is good (or should it be higher, or lower)? What are your thoughts on Madewell denim overall?


  1. I haven't tried any of the Madewell's jeans, but if the new 37's or their other jeans fit well as my Hudsons, Joe's, COH, SFAM then I'd be more than happy to wear them. I care about the price but it has to fit me well.
    I am kind of a curvy size 2-4 for J. Crew pants so if any of JCAs who wear Madewell's jeans is there a particular fit you like wearing you could recommend to me? Thanks!

  2. I went to Madewell this past Sunday (KOP store). Lots of jeans, t-shirts and scarves. Similar aesthetic to UO, but even more overpriced and stripped back. Was not impressed. There was one plaid shirt I thought was cute, but it was $72 or something. I did not try on any of jeans, but they were heavily promoting the 37's.

  3. I would pay $300 for a pair of skinny jeans that were flattering on me. It's about fit more than price for me. But it is an excellent price point, and I'd probably be more willing to invest $60 on an only "ok" pair.

  4. i can't wait to try them on this thurs! my madewell is having a denim after dark thing going on...

  5. I am still on a search for the holy grail of jeans. You know the ones. They look so cute on display and on the size "0" SA who is folding the shirts nearby. You take what you THINK is your size (and one size up just to be safe) into the dressing room. You close your eyes and say "please please please fit me" as you put one leg through. (More often than not for me, the pants can't go past my upper thigh, I get depressed, lament my over-40 bod, and go home.) But every ONCE in awhile, the Miracle pair will zip up, hold in your butt and won't gape in the back and will make your legs look a mile long. You will be willing to pay ANY price for those pair of jeans.

    No, I don't think we of the not-so-perfect shape are looking for $60 jeans as much as we are looking for a way to shave a few years off our figures.


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