Friday, July 17, 2009

Madewell Email: They're here: our new $59.50 jeans

"Thanks!" goes to Marietta who shared with us an email from J.Crew's sister store, Madewell.

The email features its latest lower-priced '37s jeans (refer to the July 14th "J.Crew Launches Madewell '37 Jeans" post for more about these jeans).

The email also states that "with every '37s purchase this weekend, get a free, limited-edition tote to carry your jeans home in". This offer is valid from July 18-19th (and only one per customer, while supplies last).

What are your thoughts on the new line of denim? Will you take advantage of the limited-edition tote offer?


  1. Ok, this has nothing to do with Madewell denim but last night I had a dream that they put a Madewell store in State College (where I live). What a strange dream.

    J.Crew - if you are listening - how 'bout putting a J.Crew store in State College. People are dreaming about it!! lol

  2. I was super excited because I thought it was a new longer jean, (37 inseam)!!

    Maybe next year

  3. Has j crew released the madewell jeans on their website or in stores yet? or do we need to buy them directly from the madewell company?


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