Friday, July 10, 2009

J.Crew's Fourth Sample Sale Starts Sunday! :)

ClothingLine (click here) will be hosting yet another J.Crew sample sale in NYC, taking place during the week of July 12th. For the event's days/hours, click on the image above (or click here).

This sample sale will have lots of items from both the J.Crew and Crewcuts line. From the ClothingLine website, it seems as though they will be selling more sample stock for men, women, & kids. I am not sure if that means they have brought in new merchandise to sell or if this includes the merchandise they were unable to sell in the first three sample sales. I am really hoping that the price points for this latest sale will be lower than the last three.

The location for the event is:
Clothingline | SSS Sample Sales
261 W 36th Street
(between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! If you could also share any information (e.g. merchandise selection, quantity, prices), it would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. I will be checking this one out tomorrow and will report back my findings. I was at the first one which had ridiculous lines to get in and so I am wondering if this one will be the same? I am planning on getting there when they open but wondering if I need to go extra early? It probably will depend on how late I am out tonight! : )

  2. MN2NY--
    Looking forward to your report. I thought about getting up early and going today, but decided to sleep in. I went to the first one too and the lines were ridiculous, but I showed up very early and was part of the first batch of people in the door. I was primarily accessories hunting, which I felt wasn't worth it if I weren't part of the first wave.


  3. Here is my report-

    Got there at 9:30am and there were about 25 people ahead of me so I got in right away. When they opened to door at 10, there were probably 100 people behind me. I was out by 11:15am and there were still about 75 people waiting in line. Like the first sample sale, I didn't think the prices were that great. Here are the prices that I took note of:

    tshirts and tanks - $10
    cotton bottoms and skirts - $20
    dress pants - $40
    beach dresses - $25
    other dresses - $60
    special occasion dresses - $90
    wedding dresses - $399
    jeans - $30
    cashmere sweaters - $60
    knits - $30
    belts & scarves - $15
    large leather bags - $150
    small leather bags - $80
    clutches - $35
    shoes - $50
    flip flops - $5

    As far as accessories, there were alot of bags, both leather and canvas and alot of smaller clutches. Several boxes of belts and scarves. A few boxes of shoes, sizes 6-9 and mostly were plain satin so didn't spend alot of time digging there. There were also several boxes of swim wear. There were many wedding dresses in several different styles and sizes. Many special occasion dresses too. Lots of tshirts and tanks - with the tanks I noticed many samples with embellishment, some ugly (in my opinion), some cool. There were some sweaters and lots of blouses. I didn't pay much attention to the mens. As far as the crewcuts - I did notice some cute crewcut shorts that I was considering for my niece but from what I could tell, they were $20 so I put them back. I did notice some crewcut special occasion dresses too.

    I ended up with a few items - a simple, metallic gray, leather clutch (tag said $138 so I think it was from the store), a gray tshirt with a black bike printed on it (I think it was from the outlet), a blue and white scarf with the big turtle print on it, and a black/brown wool herringbone "utility" vest that was a sample. I considered a dress but for $60 put it back since I couldn't try it on. Some guy kept yelling about not trying on stuff so thought I better not risk it. I also wanted a beach dress and tank but I noticed cuts on them when I examined them further so passed on those. For me I guess it was worth it, as I got a couple of unique/hard to find now items which is what I was looking for.

  4. Hi, here's my report:

    I got there around 11 and the line was about half a block long so I wanted around an hour. The prices I saw were about the same as MN2NYs with a few additions, all fabric bags were $25 and swimwear bought separately was $10 together was $15 total. Most of the men's shirts were 20 (maybe 25) and size M (a few Ls).

    In terms of sizes, the majority of women's clothing were S and 6s for pants. This was kind of annoying b/c I wanted to buy some shorts but I wear 0 which I didn't find any of. (I was under the impression most sample sales are sized 0-4, is that wrong?) Also, there are no size 5 shoes and one pair of 5.5s.

    Anyways, I ended up with a few items; a swim suit (ruffled bandeau top/bottom), a cute tropical blue t-shirt with white flower embellishments, and a yoga bag from plank (not part of J Crew) and spent about an hour there.

    I found it worthwhile but it may be moreso if you wear the more common sizes (I did alot of digging).


  5. Just came back from the sample sale... didn't have to wait on line and got right in. I'd have to say it's worth the trip especially if you're looking for special occasion dresses. Some simple wedding dresses like Cecelia, Gracie, Robin & Whitney are only $90. They have pretty much all sizes but very limited. The big puffy wedding dresses are $399 (very few styles and pieces). The shorter bridesmaids dresses are $60. Saw a yellow Whitney printed long dress in size 4 and Melody slub cotton dress.

    The tops, tees & sweaters just didn't catch my attention at all. They're all scattered on the racks and sizes are usually small/medium or size 6. The standard sample size is usually size M or 6/8 so I'm not surprised that I can't find anything in smaller sizes. The shoes, swimwear and accessories are all final sale. You can only exchange the clothing. Yes, the people who work there do yell at you if you try on the clothes! You can only try on wedding dresses. The jewelry are expensive! Necklaces for $45?! I got a few good ones for only $9.99 + 20% off in stores! The shoes collection is very limited... Carmen satin peep toes mostly in Ivory & Fresh Melon color. Saw 2 Augusta peep toes in yellow (size 8 & 9 1/2), one Fleur in bright blue color (size 9 1/2) and one Martin 2-colors (purple/black) peep toes in size 5 1/2. I don't like the bags collection as some items seem like the failure of design! Saw a silk tote that looks like the silk gala tote but the bow looks distorted or the shape is weird-looking. There are some good cluthes... $35 is not a very cheap price tag but it's worth it for some special & limited designs. I got one that is a version of the golden roses with crystal clutch but in black/gold metallic polka dot pattern with the crystal. Saw a soiree clutch in yellow but didn't get it because I already have 2 cluthes in yellow.

    Overall, I'm most impressed with the dress collection they have. They have more style and more sizes to choose from. The only bad thing is that you can't try them on except the wedding dresses. Many people just walked away from the dresses because of that. I'd probably go back there again on Wednesday so I'd have Thursday to make any exchanges.

  6. MN2NY & lilmizdaidouji & Jean: Thank you so much for sharing your first hand experiences with this sample sale!!! I really appreciate it! :)

  7. I was at the sale today and it was just like everyone has described. I didn't have to wait on line. There were lots of dresses. I got 3 tshirts, a crystal garden bracelet and a yellow leather bag. Once I got home I realized that the bag was missing the detachable shoulder strap. Any suggestions where I might find one?
    And does anyone know if they add new items or if it will be the same selection for the rest of the sale?

  8. Got there at 10 on the opening day and it was about an hour and a half long wait. Not so fun. There was a lot of variety, but as others have said, you couldn't try anything on. There weren't even mirrors to hold it up in front of you. It was pretty ridiculous. And they were yelling at people for even putting on a cardigan. Not such a great sale, if you ask me.

  9. Are you able to use the J.Crew Credit Card at the sample sale?

  10. NO, only major credit cards are accepted (Master, Visa & American Express). I heard some items were marked down like the jewelry & swimwear ($5 a piece). Plan to go there tmrw since it'll be the last day and I can do some exchanges.

  11. I just got back today from the sample sale. I went yesterday evening which was a nightmare. You could try on the special occasion dresses, which as of 1pm Thursday, were marked down to $60. There is NOTHING ELSE worth getting.

    I bought a Silk taffeta halter sanglé dress in a size 6. You could try things on, but by the time I found this dress, they closed the fitting room (20 minutes before closing). When I finally tried it on, I took one look at me in the dress and wanted to return it. It made me look HUGE from the back, there were acres of extra fabric, and it squished me up top. I hated it, especially the way it looked from behind. I exchanged it today for a 6P Silk taffeta Delores dress in the same black.

    I looked around the whole sale, especially since I was hoping to get a bikini or a cashmere sweater. However, the prices are ridiculous for anything other than a special occasion dresses. I am sorry, but a stretched out cashmere sweater with the words "SAMPLE" in black permanent marker does not merit a $60 price tag. There was a sign that said cashmere sweaters - 2 for $40, 1 for $30. However, they wouldn't honor the price at check out.

    All in all, I needed a black cocktail dress for an event next week, so I am glad I found my dress. If you don't specifically need a dress, I wouldn't go. Other than special occasion dresses, there is nothing else much worth getting. As you might expect, the staff there is terrible, lots of clothes are on the floor or mixed up, or wrapped around multiple hangers. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but the prices are SKY-HIGH for the stuff they're selling.

    Go only for a special occasion dress, and don't be surprised if you can't find anything.


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