Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post. Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. All you JCA's are probably tired of seeing this weekly! I am still hoping to find:

    Giverny print pencil skirt, size 2 or above;

    Cate leather slingbacks in light chartreuse, size 7 or 7.5;

    Lulu pumps in grey and honey glaze, size 7 or 7.5;

    And HUGE LONG SHOT, but if anyone picked up the Aurora heels in 7 and doesn't LOVE them, please contact me!!!

    Good used condition is fine.

  2. still seeking the following item

    aubrey cotton-linen jacket in white, size 8 or 10

    meringue blouse/shirt, navy blue, size 8/10

    hammered silk tank in silver, size 8 /10

    petite 10 for all of the above okay also, thanks!

    jkim103 at gmail dot com

  3. If anyone ordered, or has the Linen Holly jacket, in size 14, and plan on returning it or no longer want it, I'd be interested! Thanks! email bichonluvr42005 at yahoo dot com.

  4. Double serge pencil skirt, 2

    Juliet heels, 9

    Jackie Cardigans, S

    EUC is welcome!

    kocanez @ gmail dot com

  5. Hello!

    I would love to find:

    Kayla Jersey dress, size L- any color but white

    Size L Lisa Dress, Strawberry or Kelly green

    Kelly green Jackie Cardigan

    Lulu heels size 7 or 7.5 (euc is fine)

    Shift Embossed Beach dress from last summer, most colors size 12 or 14

    Matchstick cords size 33


  6. Looking for:

    Holly Linen Jacket, Flax, size 0 or 2

    Let me know if you see it in stores.

    jcsusan87 at gmail dot com

  7. Hello! I'm interested in finding:
    Victoria cami in Navy, Size 0, 0P, 2 or 2P
    Piazza Sweater Jacket, Size XS, Yellow.

    met0516 at yahoo dot com

  8. Hi! I'm still looking for

    floral ruffle astrid jacket 0 or 0p,

    classic peacoat in blue or plum (xs/xs petite)

    watercolour pencil skirt 0

    library bookshelf cardigan xs

    Vintage cord skirt 0

    Thanks!! email add is

  9. I'm looking for
    *Joelle cami sz 6 any color
    *Bubble necklace any color
    *Golden roses skirt 4/6
    *Portland cardigan M any color
    *Cashmere boquet cardigan M -navy
    *Crystal bow tie necklace - new
    *Ringspun tee's M/L from last year (like tale e vita )
    *Pembridge pencil skirt 6/4 any color
    *Abstract lattice skirt 6/4
    *Library shawl cardigan M
    *Giraffe cami 6/8
    *Golden roses cami 6
    *Chacha polka dots pencil skirt 6/4

    NEW/EUC welcome

    Please email me at ptriciahoward@gmail

  10. I'm looking for a Belle Satchel in either pebble or pink. Please let me know if you have one!

  11. Does anyone have:

    - Puff-sleeve cotton slub tee, XS?

    Please please oh please? EUC is fine.

    I just bought one from last week's exchange (thank you silver_lining) and LOVE it! I'd love to have more, if I can find it!

  12. Looking for:

    Crocodile cocktail jacket, size 0.

    Please contact me at ctorborg (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I'm looking for a Lulu metallic peep toes heels... can anyone advise me if this style fits true to size? I'm always confused if I should wear size 6 or 6 1/2 for J.Crew shoes... I wear size 6 for the Fleur suede peep toes... is the Lulu runs bigger than the Fleur style? TIA!

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  15. Martinique jacket - size 10


  16. Good morning!
    I’m looking for…
    (1) Fleur suede heels size 9 in yellow or blue
    (2) Paintbrush Floral Belle skirt size 8 or 10
    (3) Dot San Telmo Jacket size 6 or 8
    (4) Lana Dot dress size 8 or 10


  17. Good morning! I am looking for the Italian Jacquard Fiona Jacket from last summer. EUC is fine I would need either a size 6 or 8.

  18. Hi, I'm looking for:
    1) orange bow skirt in an 8 or 6.

    2) snow leopard cardigan (not tartine) in a small.


  19. Good morning! I'm looking for a Cotton contrast-stitch perfect shirt size 2

    please email me at

  20. I'm looking for:

    Tissue roll-up sleeve camp shirt in white or pink size 0 or 2

    Danielle sandals size 7

    Any new flat boots size 7

    Any new cashmere sweaters size xs, reasonably priced.



  21. Would love to find a flowy bateau jersey dress in Fresh Strawberry - medium. NWT or EUC

  22. totally random...but I saw this on a lady at the park the other day and thought it was so darling...

    Bermuda Ruffled Shirtdress from summer 2007 in the pink stripe, size 4. EUC is great.

    Send pics and information to: jeclark (at) mac dot com
    thanks! :)

  23. Looking for the casbah mia dress(or any short mia dress except the patchwork) in size 0 or 2.

  24. I am looking for few items from Fall'08:

    Libery Fabric tisted placket shirt, size 2 or 4

    Cotton silk-lawn Twisted Placked shirt, size 2 or 4 (any color)

    Waterfall necklace

    Metallic Giraffe Day Coat, size 4

    Double-serge Tuesday trench, size 4, in navy

    Watercolor floral schoolgirl skirt, size 2

    Jamie bag (different colors)

    Kelsey Tank dress in Heather Graphite, size S

    Tumbled leather quincy hobo in yellow

    Bee-jeweled necklace

    Lizzie drivng mocs,size 8 - in kelly green, chocolate/camel, golden yellow


  25. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE to find:
    Short sleeve stardust sequin cardigan in L or XL
    Giverny print bandeau top in size 12

    In good used condition is okay.


  26. I am seeking a NWT corsage tee in xsmall ... pretty much any color.

  27. Looking for:
    adelaide dress (preferrably in dark slate) in size xs
    knotted black patent leather flip flops in size 8
    cashmere peyton dress in grey, size xs
    new or used condition is fine!

  28. HELLO! I am in search of Juliets in 7.5 in Peacock (bright Blue)

    Please email me at

  29. Looking for Isabella heels (two tone suede and leather), size 7.5 or 8. Any color.

    Snow Leopard tartine, size medium

    Magnolia leaf necklace

    Leather gallery satchel or small Thompson tote, tan rose (reasonable price please)

    enstowe @ hotmail

  30. Still looking for:

    > Grenada palm cami - size 12 or 14
    > perfect patent pumps - any color size 11
    > Coralie fabric heels - lemon - size 11

    Anyone get the rose gold link necklace on sale with the 20% discount and not want it?

    mackenzie_0007 at yahoo dot com

  31. Looking for the following --
    -Ischia Kaleidoscope Capri - Size 2
    -Cherry Blossom Capri - Size 2
    -Greta Coat (black, white, or orange houndstooth) - Size 0 or 2P
    -Peacock Pencil Skirt - 2
    -Royal Violet/Eggplant cardigan - XS

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  33. Hello,

    I am looking for:

    -jackie cardigan, honey glaze, sz s
    -city metallic ballet flats, platinum gold and pewter, sz 8.5
    -metallic uptown tote in platinum gold

    Please email me at love2shop4bags AT yahoo DOT com.


  34. Desperately seeking:
    Jcrew Bow Skirt in the Tiffany Blue color - Size 0 or 2. If you have one and you don't love it, please sell to me - I'm desperate for it! Or if you see one in a store, please let me know!!

  35. Would love a coccodrillo skirt in size 4 or 6, if anyone has one they plan to return to the store.

  36. I would love to find a Cotton contrast-stitch perfect shirt, size 4.
    jenni.c.pinedo at gmail dot com


  37. Still looking for the...

    "Elusive Ringspun Chiffon Graphic Rose Tee" in Champagne. If you're tired of yours. I'll give it a good home.

    New or EUC - Size S, M or L

    Thank you.

    Please email me at goldcoastgal at gmail dot com

  38. Looking for:
    1) Patent double wrap belt, grey.
    2) Jakarta mini, size 2.
    3) Abstract lattice print pencil skirt, honey brown, size 0.
    4) Cashmere argyle V-neck sweater, stone sandalwood, XS. Item 15400.

  39. Hello again,

    I am also looking for:

    -Maryjane spectator peep toe heels in dusty rose and graphite, sz 8.5
    -Alessia peep toe heels in gray, szie 8.5
    -Belle satchel, heather pink, for around $100

    Email me at love2shop4bags AT yahoo DOT com.


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  41. as always, looking for:

    - perfect patent flats, size 8.5, dusty rose

    - veruschka dress (spring 08), size 10 or 12

    - ischia dress (spring 08), size 12

    EUC is fine! If you're tired of any of the above, I will give them a happy home! ;)

  42. I'm desperate. J.Crew won't do 'We'll Find it..' for sale items, so I've just called 17 random J.Crews and no luck.

    Desperately seeking:
    Critter Flip Flop, Pewter Starfish, size 10

    Have you seen it? Do you own it? Are you willing to sell it?

    csantisteban [at] gmail

    Help me, JCA. You're my only hope. (Any Star Wars fans out there?)

  43. Desert Flower

    Check your email I have a pair of heels you're looking for Brand New (Never Worn)

  44. Late to the game but I'm looking for the:

    Chandelier Bracelet


  45. Looking for :)

    Giverny print pencil skirt, ANY size

    Domino jacquard pencil skirt, size 0

    Paintbrush floral belle skirt, size 0

    Featherweight cotton ruffle V-neck cardigan in white, size XS

    Liberty art fabric perfect shirt, size 0P or 2P please :)

  46. Hi!
    I would love a striped french 101 slub shirt in a Large. I ripped my other one when I was cutting art glass. It was a melon color and said c'est bon..any other color and saying would be fine as well. Thank you!

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  48. I am looking for the Embossed Beach Dress, preferably from 2008 in Yellow OR Lilac size 0 or P0.

  49. Anybody interested in selling their:

    1)Snow Leopard Cardigan - Medium
    2)Shirred Ruffles Tank, Light Sage - Small
    3)Metallic ballet flats (gold or silver) - 9
    4) Rolling Ruffles tank, dark slate - Small


  50. Hey there!

    I know this is a long shot, but I thought I'd try. My girlfriend has always raved about her favorite pair of J Crew suede sneakers from when she was younger. She wore them to shreds long ago and J Crew eventually discontinued them. It's her birthday and I was hoping to track down a pair.

    If anyone happens to have a pair of J.Crew "Suede Sneakers" from the 90's, please email me at

    Here is a picture of them:

  51. Long shot I know...
    Anyone willing to part with the Marbella mesh strapless bikini top in XS?
    I keep wanting to buy the still-available bottom but can't pull the trigger hoping the top will resurface

  52. Revision: the bottom to the Marbella mesh bikini just disappeared from my cart so I am looking for a small bottom as well, preferably the one with the ruffles. Thanks!

  53. Since my "we will find it" failed...

    Silk indigo floral skirt, 0. Item 16701.


  54. Hello!

    Is anyone tired of their Rolling Ruffles tank in Slate yet? Size L preferably?

    Let me know!

  55. Hi All! I'm trying to find the Printed Linen Antonia Shift Dress in the Navy/Flame color in a size 6 (or larger as I can just get it fitted). Please let me know if you have one to sell.

  56. please email: regarding the Printed Linen Antonia dress (navy/flame) ..THanks!

  57. Elodie vachetta FLAT sandal. Size 9.

    Please email


  58. TONS of JCrew items - all gently worn, some never worn. Oxfords, pants, cotton tanks, and more. Please check out the website I created to show them all, have sold many items already but site is kept current with items for sale:

    I will do PayPal transactions - please check my feedback score on Ebay under profile laurens33 for buyers responses to other items sold. I'm a private seller and JCrew fan too - just cleaning out my closets. Items shown in photographs will be laundered or drycleaned, and pressed before sent to you. Any questions, please email me at lauren80383 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  59. hello! searching for the delfine pencil skirt, size 2 or 4

    nwt or very lightly used (i.e. like new) is fine

    many thanks!

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  61. I'm looking for a pair of Juliet pumps without the 100 dollar price tag (poor little college child) a size 9 1/2. Would love a driftwood or grey color or really any color for that matter...., s'il vous plait!

  62. Looking for Linen Cotton Seaside Pant in Slate color, Size 14. They are sold out online. EUC OK. Please e-mail me at annega at microsoft dot com if you would like to sell.

  63. I am looking for the Irish Linen classic-fit Suit pants, size 38/32 or 38/34 in british khaki.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
    justus dot eisfeld at gmail dot com

  64. Hi! I'm looking for:

    Watson Pant- Size 2 R (British Khaki preferred, but will take almost any color)

    musikid5 @ aol dot com!

    Thank you!

  65. Rehearsal Dinner Help!
    Looking for Men's chino's with lobsters embroidered on them for my rehearsal dinner in Mystic this fall! Pleae help or pass along to someone who can. Thanks!

  66. Looking for the Space-dyed cotton cardigan in medium.

    karlye.leahy at gmail dot com



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