Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great Weekly Exchange: Abbreviations

Many JCAs requested a post listing the common abbreviations we use for listings on the Great Weekly Exchange posts, as well as our comments in general ...So here it is! The following list comes from a few sources, including fellow {wonderful} JCAs and eBay (click here for eBay's original list).

  • B&M: brick and mortar store
  • B&W: black and white
  • BNWB: brand new with box (also see: NIB)
  • BTW: by the way
  • CS: customer service
  • EUC: excellent used condition
  • FC: fine condition
  • FS: final sale
  • G: good condition
  • GU: gently used (item that has been used but shows little wear, accompanied by explanation of wear)
  • HTF: hard to find
  • HTH: hope this helps
  • IRL: in real life
  • ISO: in search of
  • JCA/JCAs: J.Crew Aficionada / J.Crew Aficionadas/os
  • LTD: limited edition
  • LTF: looking to find
  • MNT: mint or in perfect condition (a subjective term that doesn't necessarily mean new)
  • MIB: mint in box
  • MIMB: mint in mint box
  • MIMP: mint in mint package
  • MIP: mint in package
  • MNB: mint no box
  • MOC: mint on card
  • MOMC: mint on mint card
  • MONMC: mint on near mint card
  • MWBT: mint with both tags
  • MWMT: mint with mint tags
  • NBW: never been worn
  • NIB: new in box
  • NM: near mint
  • NOS: new old stock
  • NRFB: never removed from box
  • NWT: new with tags
  • NWOB: new without box
  • NWOT: new without original tags
  • OT: off topic
  • PS: personal shopper
  • SA: store associate
  • SCR: scratch
  • S/O: sold out
  • TIA: thanks in advance
  • TTS: true to size
  • USPS: United States Postal Service
  • VF: very fine condition
  • VHTF: very hard to find
If there are any other abbreviations that are commonly used, please feel free to share in the comments. I will be sure to add them to the main list. :) I will also have this post on the side bar of the JCA main page, under the heading "Referencing {helpful posts}".


  1. Mint in package NWT Linen Holly Jacket, size 4 petite, flax color. All of the jacket's measurements are within 3/4" of a size 2 regular. See picture here:

    $40 plus shipping of your choice. email slr_sale at yahoo dot com.

  2. One I didn't see listed that isn't used usually on the weekly exchange but is seen on blogs is:

    IRL: In Real Life

    Also Have for Sale:
    New White High Heel Flare Jean in size 30 waist and has been hemmed to 30.5" inseam. $20 shipped. Sold out online and have not seen in my store.

    Navy 3" Chino Shorts from Outlet. Just like current Chino shorts except they have an extended tab. $15 shipped. Size 10 EUC

    Slub Cotton V/Neck Cardigan with 2 front pockets, Long sleeve. Similar to Michelle style. No longer have color code but is a muted melon/orange color, not as bright as melon. Can send photos. $15 shipped. Size L


  3. sale site has been updated again, BTW

  4. I am a communications major, and if I were doing a thesis (which I'm not, thank goodness) I would definitely write it on blog networks and the special lingo we use. Thank you so much for providing these, I've been wondering for a long time :)

  5. HTH- hope this helps
    TIA- thanks in advance

  6. This is completely OT for every content thread on this blog, but: if any of you are looking for a craft project these days, there is a nice little article about necklace bead stringing in the new issue of Martha Stewart Living, with directions for making a couple of styles that look inspired by recent JC favorites (check out p. 65 in particular). Enjoy!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Don't forget:

    OT - off topic
    IRL - In real life
    BTW - by the way

    I'm sure there are more - we just love to make up abbreviations! :)

    Thanks for posting the list! :)

  9. Everyone: thanks for sharing! :)

    Ashley & GingerSnap & Hayes Photography: Those suggestions are excellent additions to the list. I have gone ahead and updated the post with them. Thank you so much! :)

    Marketeer: Thanks for letting us know about the update. I was able to get a ruffle tiered skirt for $30. :)

    Zoë Moët: I know what you mean! It's incredible the individual language that springs up in every niche. I was recently exposed to Gamer (computer/ video game) language by my brother and was shocked by how much there is.

    Rae: that crafts article from Martha sounds great- I will have to check it out now. :)

  10. Suzy, I got that card yesterday and am willing to mail it to any one who shops at M&0. Just leave a comment on my blog (first come, first serve).

  11. OHHHH...thanks I never new exactly what B&M meant--although I had figured out it was going to our local J. Crew Stores!

    and I use HTH as "HOT TO HANDLE!"

  12. Alex how about:

    CS Customer Service
    PS Personal Shopper
    SA Sales Associate

  13. luvallthingsjcrew: The "hot to handle" for HTH is a good one too- I didn't know that version! ;)

    Mags: Those are *great* ones. I will update the post with them as well. :)

  14. If anyone is interested:

    On Friday the 24th, I am returning a pair of BNWB Floret Patent Slingbacks in size 9.5. I paid full price so I am asking $265 which will include shipping. They run TTS.

    When I return them tomorrow to the B&M, one of the Associates will pounce on them so they probably will not be available otherwise.

    So, if you are interested, let me know by Friday morning.

    KOggenfuss (at) aol (dot) com

  15. Oh, and BNWB is "Brand New With Box" (should have said NIB) and TTS is "True To Size."

  16. Kate: Those are good abbreviations- especially TTS! I have gone ahead and added them to the list. Thanks so much!!! :)

  17. Thanks for the list!! This helps.

  18. Hi,

    I am looking for a wedding dress, size 0 in Jcrew...I am 34B (bust), wear size 4 in bebe...sometimes size 2in other stores...
    In white or ivory. Please let me know if you sell unexpensive one...around $300. Email me at
    Thanks ;)

  19. Hi, I'm looking for the black& cream polka dot pop over in a 00. Please let me know if anyone is selling this top! It's a must have ; )


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