Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's Your "Top 3 {holiday} J.Crew Items"?

There are only a few more weeks left before the holidays are here. :) Similar to another post from awhile back, I thought it would be fun and interesting to find out what Aficionadas and Aficionados select as part of their "top 3 coveted items list" and why. :) I am sure there are lots of items we are all lusting after, especially with so many {great} promotions and sales tempting us. ;)

My top two are the same as last time (which sold out quickly in my size): (1) the Victoria Ruffle Shirt (Item 99694, $89.50) in white. I saw the shirt in person and I just love love love those ruffles! I think it would look great underneath a sweater- a bit of feminine flair for my normal crew neck or v-neck sweater and trouser pants. (2) the Victoria Ruffle Cami (Item 99742, $88.00) in classic navy. Same reasons as the shirt version- but I could wear the cami during the Spring and Summer seasons, underneath a t-shirt or other short sleeve shirt. My top third choice is the Maggie Double-Serge Jacket (Item 99322; $250.00, select colors $179.99) in black. I think this jacket works great for both professional (e.g. work) and casual (e.g. out with friends) settings.

What top 3 items are you currently coveting? Also, what is the reason behind the selection of those items (e.g. love the fit, color, style)? :)


  1. My top 3 favorite J Crew items this holiday season is:
    1.) The Lea Cardigan. I love the look and fit of the cardigan, so much so that I purchased it in 7 colors for $27.99 each. That price just can't be beat and I know that I can wear these all year round. They great basics.
    2.) Perfect Fit Flower Tank: I love the idea of a tank with the flowers on it. But I hate the placement of the flowers so I cut the flowers off and restitched them in the spot I wanted. I love the flowers where I have them place - just off front centre. The tanks go with so much and look awesome under the Lea. I can wear them to work as well as play.
    3.) Berry Astrid Jacket - I realize that this isn't quite holiday and that it was fall. But I love the jacket and it goes with so much. I purchased it in both the Plum and the Bright Blue to wear them to work as well as with jeans.

    When I love something, I tend to load up on them because I know that it fits and that I will love it. There's no second guessing. Moreover, I got them at great prices!

  2. 1. Double-serge pencil skirt. One of the best made pieces, and the fabric is beautiful.

    2. Melanie button sleeve crew neck. This sweater fits like a glove, is made with beautiful yarn, and hits in all the right places.

    3. Victoria ruffle cami. An all year-long cami with a beautiful neckline that compliments jackets, sweaters, and can be worn alone in the warmer weather.

  3. OT, New code, HURRY, free shipping on anything, no percentage off.

  4. Too fun! Here are mine:

    1) Double serge skirt in blue. The color is so beautiful and actually easy to wear. The wool is the perfect weight and the fit of the skirt is perfect! It is very much like the Refined Serge cotton skirt (a win from spring/summer 2008)

    2) Rose Chiffon graphic tee. I have this one in charcoal and I love how feminine it is and how it makes a casual outfit a little more special. I can pair it with the above skirt and an ivory jacket or with jeans and the same jacket and it still looks cute.

    3) Fireball necklace in cornsilk. I was surprised at how versatile this necklace is and how just plain pretty it is! I find myself wearing it a lot.

  5. My list is a bit boring:

    1) double serge pencil skirt in black (still looking for a size 6 if anyone has seen it)

    2) cashmere argyle bow vest, size small - OOS online and I haven't seen it in stores :(

    3) super 120's pinstripe pencil skirt in navy - for work, to match my blazer/ludlow trousers

  6. free shipping on every purchase :) through friday the 19th!

  7. black maggie
    safari midheels
    vneck sequin tank (the one that is $148) in beige/silver
    (separately, i wouldn't wear it all together)

  8. My fav items are:

    1 - Cascading flower Astrid in ivory. I just love the flowers, and it's so playful to me, especially when i pair it with jeans.

    2 - Golden roses Renee coat. I like the print. Not sure what i am going to wear it with.

    3 - Maggie jacket in black or nickel. I love the lines of this coat. I hope they replenish the inventory.

    Ok, and 4 - the paradise jacquard Clea jacket. So festive and combines all my favorite colors.

  9. I really like the Shipley coat and the cashmere heirloom henley. I also just got the Pembridge dot skirt and like that a lot as well. :) I guess those would be my 3 picks.

  10. My top 3 have to be:
    1. Berry Astrid in Charcoal- Perfect for work and way more fun than my other boring blazers:)
    2. Snow Leopard Peacoat- I LOVE this jacket and got it from another aficionada so it is even more special. I get a million compliments every time I wear it.
    3. Jacquard Fiona in Sea Salt- Love it!
    Ok I am kinda into J Crew jackets:)

    #4, 5 and 6 would be some fun jewelry- the Cloud necklace, the fireball bracelets and necklaces and the Mosiac cuff from this Summer in Bleached Aqua.

    FYI- just got off the phone with CS after being on hold forever... and used the JINGLE one last time to order the Victoria Ruffle in white (thanks Alexis for bringing this cute blouse to my attention) For only $62 how can you go wrong? It is backordered until the end of January, so I hope it shows up...

  11. There's an ivory cascading flowers Astrid in size 10 if anyone is looking for it.

  12. Kimmy

    1)Large Oslo Bag in ash
    First of all,I don't like it,because it is unlined inside.Then I tried on and looked myself in front of the mirror,and the color and the full grain leather are really adorable and timeless,so my appreciation of this bag is increasing.

    2)Fireball Necklace in corn silk and black,I ordered two hour ago with the promo code "Jungle",it was the love at the first sight,I adored the necklace since the day I saw it on the catalog.I planed to purchase it when its price went down and maybe with a decent promo, then the dream came true,I hope I can receive these two necklaces before Christmas eve.

    3)Jamie Bag in honey glaze,simply elegant with some cute key-chains from a famous German brand which I purchased in Austria,the leather is super soft,maybe the color is not as shining as burnt sienna,but honey glaze is a color can suit most colored outfits.I was also considering the one in tulip,but I compared the color with my Frankie Bag,it's similar,so...Although CS told me Jamie Bag in tulip is so popular and totally sold out.

    If I can pick another item,

    4)Crystal chain necklace:simple,pure,gentle,elegant,and most important,it suits turtleneck sweater so well,I like it.

  13. with that statement about finally being able to purchase the fireball bracelet--I figured they must have gone on sale (versus you finally pulled trigger with just the code) anyway, I swear I must be crazy if the black fireball bracelets are seriously gone?? Does anyone recall looking at inventory for these earlier? This is one of those cases where I feel like JC pulls certain things from sale/site. I don't know..but it all makes your mind play tricks on you. Thing about that whole theory is that only a true aficionada would have ANY idea--the rest of the world that buys something on occasion doesn't even realize all the games they appear to play with inventory.

  14. Re: the cascading flower Astrid, I meant it's available online, not just that one exists out there somewhere. :)

    My favorite 3 holiday items:

    * Golden Roses coat (and heels, and cami, and dress, and skirt, and clutch...I love the pattern so much). Absolutely gorgeous. I still owe the blog a review!

    * Metallic ball Cherie cami. It was more expensive than I would have liked, but I love the color and texture. Can't wait to wear it!

    * Toscana trapper hat and Bromley boots. Okay, that's two when I only had one left, but I've been hiking the woods in 10 degree weather (windchill below 0) the last couple of days looking for a lost dog (I fostered her for months until she was adopted on Saturday, and then her new family let her run out the front door on Sunday -- I'm so upset about it). :( Anyway, it's freezing and snowy out, and I'm literally climbing over fallen trees, jumping over frozen streams, and scaring foxes and deer in thick woods looking for her, and I can't believe how toasty my head and feet are. Granted, I'm wearing 3 pairs of socks, but usually when I'm out with my dogs, I only wear 1 pair, and my feet are still toasty warm and comfy. And the trapper hat is so soft and toasty warm...I've been very grateful to have them the last couple of days. Really can't say enough about both of them. Back out tomorrow -- wish me luck!

  15. kitchy7: Like you, i love the golden roses print. Since I'm afraid to have too much of a good thing, i haven't acquired the clutch, flannel/silk dress, shoes, or cami. :)

  16. Cleo26 -- you have far more restraint than I do. I'm trying though -- I'm taking a self-imposed 6 month break from J. Crew because my closets are stuffed full of J. Crew (although if I happen to receive gift cards for Christmas or my birthday, I'm allowing myself to use them). :) Here's hoping my self-restraint approaches yours!

  17. Big Pin-Yes the fireball bracelets & necklaces just went on sale today ($20 less each). The necklace is available in Black and cornsilk and the bracelet only in cornsilk. I did check inventory earlier tonight and there seems to be a ton of the necklaces, but not many bracelets. I also noticed since I was on the phone with CS when the promo switched from JINGLE to HURRY that a lot of prices of jewelry jumped up in price? I believe the Crystal Bow necklace went from $69 to $75???

  18. Sorry, OT: I just got my HOHOHO order tonight and I really like the maggie, but I would prefer the black (i got heather nickel). I think I would get more use out of the black. If anyone has a 10P they're returning, please let me know! TIA!


  19. This sucks - the website FINALLY has the spectator peep toes in dusty rose in a size 7 (searching EVERYWHERE for this size), but I'm hesitating on paying $149, when I paid $70-something for the gray ones on Saturday. Aaaaghhhh, Jcrew, you are killing me!!

  20. anon@2:54: KOP had a few of these over the weekend, and I think I saw a size 7. Their number is 610 265 0210 if you want to try; I think they are still having 30% off sale.

    OT: so I just got a shipping confirmation on an order I placed Monday. The tracking number says "n/a". I think I should be worried about this :P

    UGH J.CREW!!!!

  21. does anyone know if the tissue sequin graphic tee in dark fog is usually available??

    The price just went down to 9.99!!! I dont know if i should wait till the morning and order it with possibly updated stuff that I want, but the tee might be sold out by then....its a gamble.

  22. What is going on with jcrew, 11.26.08, ordered a Medium Men's Suede University Coat, first time they shipped me a small, now they shipped me a large, appalled at this customer service. Any help from jcrew here??

  23. Joe,

    That is really bad bad customer service....what has JCrew said in reply...You need higher up help.

    I am royally pissed at JCrew right now too so I understand!

  24. My top 3:

    1) Slow or completelydown website sucks.
    2) Wrong items/missing items from orders sucks again.
    3)Want to toss the empty cardboard box out my 3rd floor window! (but afraid I might hit someone in the snowstorm below)

  25. All I want for Christmas...

    is for JCrew to get their act together....

  26. My top 3 are:

    1) Maggie Jacket: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    2) Fireball Jewelry: I have both Cornsilk and Black Sets (necklace and bracelets)...they are stunning IRL.

    3) Candy Tees: I bought 3 of them on sale in my B&M with the 25% off card...they are fabulous!

    I need to add one more: The Crystal Snowball Necklace...I got this last week, and have already worn it 3 times. It's really pretty and extremely versatile. I wore it doubled around my neck the other day instead of wearing it long like in the pic on the looks great either way. :)

  27. My top 3 are
    1. The melanie button cuff cardigan, I bought it in 2 colors

    2. 5 Pocket trouser jeans(my favorite jeans)

    3. The tissue chiffon trim tuxedo tee

  28. Free shipping on any order with code HURRY - yay! :)

    (I wonder if they read this seems like everything they're offering is stuff we've asked for in the past. Maybe just coincidence.)

  29. My favorite are:

    1) Tissue Hoodie - great for lounge and the quality is great, and so comfortable.

    2) Slub Graphic Crest Tee: Got this for $10.00 loved it so much I ordered 2.

    3) Yogi Tee: This one surprised me great quality got multiples at a fantastic price.

    4) Bootcut cords - great quality.

    Other than I was disappointed with the quality of alot of items that I received, especially the cashmere sweaters.

    I did a mock order the 60% did come off on sale items it is supposed to?

  30. ^ the 60% discount did not come off. I need mre coffee.

  31. I had to call in my order last night because the website wouldn't let me place the order - anyway - the CS rep told me that in a 24 hour period yesterday, that there were 52,000 orders placed on line! Glad I placed one more order with 30% because just free shipping suddenly doesn't seem soooo good!!!
    My favs:
    ivory cascading jacket - love love!!!!
    Storybook charm bracelet - absolutely terrific
    berry astrid in gray - worn many times already

  32. I'm going to go with:

    1. Maggie jacket - thick, perfectly tailored, love the silhouette, basically everything that I hoped last year's Lexington jacket would be (the wool blazer look just wasn't working for me, but that soft azalea color was awesome!)

    2. Double-serge pencil skirt - again, thick, perfectly tailored, lined, great color options. I have the black and ochre and love them - I can actually see these and the Maggie jacket holding up in terms of quality, as opposed to some of JC's more "disposable" options.

    3. Bromley boots - perfect for Northeast winters! Love the lining, and the tie at the top to keep snow from getting in - they're like wearing marshmallows on your feet.

  33. 52,000. orders, no wonder some orders get messed up!

  34. Cascading flowers Astrid in ivory

    Berry Astrid in Plum (the only color-in my humble opinion- that has fabulousity written all over it and the color of the fall fashion season!)

    Melanie sweater--I have 3!

  35. 1 - The Cloud Necklace. It is huge but such a statement piece. I admit I copied the website styling and wear it with the putty cashmere turtleneck and the brushed gold lamé skirt. The outfit is wonderful.

    2 - The Madeline Dress. I wore the dark eggplant Madeline to a holiday party and it was a hit. I hope this piece remains in style for many more seasons because I can't wait to wear it again!

    3 - The Cashmere Heirloom Henley. This is the kind of sweater J.Crew is known for...classic timeless sweaters that can be worn for years.

  36. my faves are:
    the lofty shawl collar cashmere sweater: the fit is great, the weight of the cashmere is awsome, it's not too thick nor to thin like the 12 gauge knit. The bright rhubarb color is definitely a very cheery color, great for the holidays.

    becca ballet flat: very cute and very comfortable, although i was worried that it wouldn't be based on the reviews i read, but totally comfortable, didn't need any breaking in and i'm very tolerant when it comes to pain or discomfort with shoes.

    boatneck city tee: absolutely love the cotton on this, it fits great, and feels great against the skin, it is a great basic item.

    As for the maggie jacket, maybe i'm the only one here but i actually returned it after i bought mine, i found it to be too plain, albeit the details at the back is cute, but it just didn't work for me. Whereas the lexington last year, everytime i wear it i get tonnes of compliments, it's so sharp and tailored and very well made.

  37. 1.) Maggie jacket! I absolutely LOVE this and have it in the Bright Berry, Yellow, and Ivory. I still am hoping that I can get it in the Camel and Black as well.

    2.) Victoria cami in Fuchsia is TDF!! I wore it under my Black Tartine cardi on Sunday and got so many compliments!

    3.) Tees...I love them all! I have the Candy Tee in Champagne and Black, the Chiffon Rose tee in both colors, painter tees, perfect fit tees, they are ALL to wonderful and so wonderful to wear!

    I also have to name one more and it is my basic black cashmere turtleneck. This can be thrown on no matter what I am wearing and give me a simple chic look by just adding some necklaces. FP or on sale you just can't go wrong with this. :)

    I am still coveting a Heirloom henley! :)

  38. That should say *so versatile and so wonderful to wear* not *too wonderful and so wonderful to wear*...def need more coffee.

  39. Just curious why J Crew would end a promo that was driving such business? Free ship with No minimum is nice, but I placed 1 order with HOHOHO and 2 with JINGLE because I got %off +Free ship. So not too excited about the % off being gone:( Besides isn't now the time when online Christmas shoppers start paying for expedited shipping so they get everything in time for Christmas? I assume that Free ship is the usual week or more UPS delivery ? Doesn't make sense to me-

  40. FFM - I am so glad to hear that about the Snowball necklace. I just ordered it with the Jingle code last night. I also picked up the cornsilk fireball bracelet (there were 6 left).

    Also picked up the Bria Tank in Champagne. Not many left in that color either.

    Candy Tees - I am addicted. With the the ones on sale for $29 + 30% off + the 25% off card in store they were a steal. I think I have every color but the orange.

  41. 1) The Lucinda cable cardigan - so cozy, love it!

    2) The Double Serge Pencil skirt - I own this in the bronzed ochre and ivory, fabulous fit. I can't wait to wear the ivory on Christmas with a red cashmere sweater.

    3) The Berry Astrid in blue - what a great piece!

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  42. Does anyone find J Crew bracelets too big for their wrists? I would love to get some of the bracelets but find them too big. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

  43. Anony@9:11,
    I agree with you on the Maggie. I returned mine yesterday. What a let down...boring--too basic. I waS not into it at all. Maybe too much hype about it on this blog got my expectations set to high...I don't know but glad there is so much variety at JCrew to make us all happy. I agree with you on the Lexington. I don't own it but I tried it on last year several times and I did like it:)

  44. Anony@10:01
    Try another companies bracelets.

  45. anon 10:05-
    Thanks for the really great suggestion. Your are so smart.

  46. anon at 12:57 - there was a cashmere argyle bow vest in size small, the heather wheat color, at the bethesda md j.crew. it was in the sale section on monday afternoon, so it might be gone by now, but it's worth a try!

    301 365 2000

  47. About the bracelet is costume jewelry and not too much to be done with either fits and works or it doesn't.

    I have a small wrist and I can wear childnren's size bracelets. I buy hot diamonds in the children's line and they are great! (and less $)

  48. If anyone is returning a Maggie in a popular size/color please post here first! I know alot are still looking for them. :)

  49. Those looking for maggies...

    I am planning to return a gray maggie in both 8R and 10P. Please let me know if you want either of them before I return to the B&M.

    stephanie (dot) marty (at) gmail (dot)com

  50. Hi Kate! The Snowball Necklace is definitely big and sparkly...I hope you like it! I just wore it again this morning and received another compliment on it. :) The Cornsilk bracelet is also beautiful...congratulations!

  51. Yesterday I was at Stonestown SF and saw the CUTEST trench coat. I think it was a spring item. It came in Navy and Khaki but at $175, it was too steep for me to buy. It is exactly like the leather one online (Lauren washed leather trench) but in a cotton type fabric. Very very cute on. If it ever gets marked down, I will think about buying it. They had a lot of spring items out- white pants, cute jackets. They also had 30% the sale racks with NO final sale. :)

  52. Why are people so in love with JCrew is expensive but only costume jewelry that is big and for the most part ugly. I can find beautiful (real) stone and jewel pieces at my local jeweler that will last for years and are very tasteful and pretty and the same price. I just don't get it. I tried a few pieces and returned them cheap looking.

  53. did the website go down just now for y'all?

  54. Items I think are timeless and good for gift-giving:

    women's flannel pj pants: i like the polka dot ones this year.

    Men's lambswool sweaters: always classic, always great colors. a no-brainer.

    women's classic peacoat: never goes out of style, durable, and the colors just keep getting better every season!

  55. My three are the ones I always seem to grab and want to wear; straight fit cords (three pairs), shetland sweaters in a v or crew neck, and the washed plaid shirts. So easy to wear, look good and feel comfortable in. And sadly all sold out in the other colours I want.

  56. has anyone noticed some of the models for J.crew also pose for Banana Republic and Gap and Old Navy?

    I wonder how gap co and jcrew feel about that.

  57. but if I had to pick specific items:

    Alessia peep toes in light spearmint or cool graphite

    Maggie coat in yellow

    flannel kate dress in light pumpkin

  58. heather,

    I just order the Maggie in yellow today and the Maggie in the Peacock fabric.

    How do you like the yellow?
    What do you wear it with?

  59. I don't have the Maggie (yet, fingers crossed), it's an xmas wishlist item :) but I do have the lady day in bright saffron or whatever the vibrant yellow was called last season. I wear it all the time with everything (that isn't yellow, that is!). casual, dressy, solids, prints, etc. Though sometimes when I'm wearing bright tights (blue, bright berry, teal) it is possibly too much, but I figure I'm taking my coat off when I reach my destination anyway.

  60. My faves are:
    Double serge skirts- I have ochre and still want the blue
    Ringspun graphic tee-Loving my Licorice and rose tees
    Wool-cashmere shawl collar sweater- I wear this almost every day. It's so comfy and warm

  61. favorites:

    (1) Victoria Ruffle Cami in the dot-print (LOVE with my black velvet bella!)

    (2) Black leather opera gloves (and then they went on sale so I got the gray too ;))

    (3) Dark Cloud Lulu's

    I would not have known about these if not for this blog. Sooo enabling!

    *Note that the above don't include the fall "rose" items (chiffon rose tee, abstract rose flannel dress, rosette chiffon and satin belts). I'm a sucker for the roses this year...if it was marketed with the Paris catalog I would have been in even more trouble!

  62. Top 3 items are Charcoal Berry Astrid, Juliet Mid Heels, Ringspun Cotton Tees

  63. 1. Lea Cardigans - the buttons are so pretty!
    2. Persimmon gold bauble necklace - I wore this for thanksgiving because it is so festive - makes a statement - and I love that the necklace adjusts for different looks/tops
    3. Silk Camis - the hammared tank, quinn or victoria camis with a cardigan are elegant and festive

    And one last item (it's hard to stop at 3) - ALL the crackle items - shoes, clutches, totes, Jaimies! I don't care if the crackle comes off - they are beautiful!


  64. My top 3 favorite items are
    1) the Lea cardigan. I LOVE this cardigan - it fits well and is very flattering. I have 2 and would love to eventually get at least one more.
    2) the cashmere heirloom henley. I was able to try a return on in the store and I love this sweater. It's cute and cozy and it needs to go on sale already!
    3) the city fit luxe cords. I love these so much better than the favorite fit bootcut cords. I do wish they came in short, but other than having to hem them, they're perfect.

    One more I have on waitlist is the cornsilk necklace. I've seen this IRL and am hoping that I can wear it with lots.

  65. 1. Cashmere heirloom henley in bright turquoise (love the color)

    2. Victoria ruffle cami in navy

    3. City ballet flats in gold and silver

  66. 1. Madeline Dress in black. So versitile and classy. Fantastic.

    2. Cashmere argyle sweater in the grey/white combo. Looks great with jeans and very comfy.

    3. Maybe the Maggie? Different size on the way. If not the Maggie then for sure my Lady Day and Madeline coats. They are warm (for Texas) and so classic.

  67. Alexis, how about a post for best jcrew "deal" we have recently got. Mine is a tie between the tartine cardigan in navy for about 14.00 and the sequin tissue henley for about 7.00. Steals! (worst deal was buying the rose shirt off ebay for about 125.00 - love it but not a good deal!)

  68. Hi JCrew addicts, this is my list:

    1) Merino sequin chiffon shell in putty. The texture and effect is incredibly rich and I'm sure I'm going to wear it for years to come during the holidays (the putty color is sold-out on the website. I have tried the honey too but it's not the same thing). By the way, they have a long merino cardigan that is exactly the same color and goes great with it, I don't know why they haven't paired them together on the website/catalog, I had a hard time trying to find something to put on it.
    2) Candy Tees. They are so versatile and festive. I have the golden licorice one and I'm going to buy the bright papaya too if I can still find one.
    3) Boyfriend cashmere cardigan in bright papaya. I got it for $69 and I looove it (+ it's great with the candy T under it)

    But I must confess that my most coveted one was the Toscana trapper hat in gold: it almost immediately sold out after they marked it down and I couldn't get one... It's true that the price was ridicolous.

    I agree with the other post that this last promotion is a little bit disappointing after all % off we got used to recently. I was expecting something big, I might wait until after the holidays and see if there are real bargains.

  69. I'm surprised I even have three items from the holiday season, since generally I'm so picky about stuff, but here goes:

    1. Maggie Jacket in black. Fits like a dream, can be dressed up or down...fabric is very nice.

    2. Puffer vest (on sale)..I got mine for about $43, so it was a nice deal. I love the ivory color, which makes something that usually is about as stylish as the Michelin Man, much chic-er

    3. Nola cashmere shawl-neck in navy. I adore this sweater and I'm trying to not wear it, as it's a Christmas present (I need something to open!). The model on the site had it a little more fitted than my taste, but one size up and it's perfect for layering. It looks sharp but feels pretty cozy...

  70. 1) THE LEA CARDIGAN! For now, I ordered 5 of them, but I might have to have more. Because I knew I had to have this cardi in all of the colors, I waited patiently until the price drops deeply. It's funny that if I like something a lot, I become more determined to wait for a deep sale, so that I can purchase several of them.

    2) Lucinda. Deeply in love with it. Looks better on me than the model. : ) I am kind of ruler figure and Bridget looked horrible on me.

    3) Tuesday Wool Trench. Deeply in love with it too!

  71. 1. Jenna bracelet!!

    2. would be the 2 dogs ringspun cotton beaded graphic tee - (item 96842) - but it is always out of stock! Ebay kills me!!

    3. double serge in blue in P0 - but again out of stock. (It takes a lot for me to purchase at full price.)

    Does anyone have sizing advice re: beaded dog tee and if you have one available (in M or L), lightly worn or new, I am definitely interested (and recheck JCrew stock often) but not ebay prices desperate. It's more of a personal sentimental t! TIA!!

    4657rt at gmail dot com

  72. Thanks to all the comments about the double-serge pencil skirt, I decided to try it and managed to snag 2, ivory and deep persimmon in size 0 petite! I am hoping this will get me wearing more skirts to work.

    My 3 favorites:

    - Penelope Mary Janes. I am shocked that I love them so much as I thought they'd be too high and uncomfortable. I found them SUPER comfy and SO cute! The peep toes version is on its way to me ....

    - Ringspun Silk-Applique Critter Tees. I have 3 of 4 designs. Actually, I love pretty much all the embellished tees. I just realized Alexis wanted to know the most *coveted* items ... OK, I covet (as many of you) the Chiffon Graphics Tee in champagne (I have the black one).

    - Berry-Trim Astrid Jacket. I am yearning one in 0 petite in Plum ("discovered" this too late so sold out in my size)!

    - Juliet Safari Midheels. Not sure if I need 5.5 (do they come in 5.5?) or 6 but I WANT THESE!!!


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