Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year-End Review: A Look Back With J.Crew

"Thanks!" to Anon at 1:01 PM (in this post) who suggested a great topic for a post: "...as we are nearing the end of 2008, how about a post on our favorite J.Crew item of the year? Or, perhaps we could list our top 3 as surely there would be a difficult decision choosing just one item as THE favorite." I think it is a *wonderful* idea to list our top (or top 3) items from J.Crew from 2008, that we consider our favorite(s).

My all-time favorite item from J.Crew this year is the the Victoria Ruffle, both the Shirt (Item 99694, $89.50) and the Cami (Item 99742, $88.00). When I saw these shirts in person, I fell in love with all those ruffles- especially around the collar! I think they are universally flattering as they look so pretty on everyone I have seen them on. :)

And for fun, I think my all time "questionable" item from J.Crew this year is the Bugle-Beaded Bug Pin (Item 11348; was $50.00, now $29.99). This particular pin has been discussed many times on this blog (refer to here and here). At this point, every time I see the pin I smile- could it be that it has grown on me? ;)

What is your favorite J.Crew item of 2008 (or top three if you can't decide just one)? ;) What is your favorite "questionable" item from J.Crew? What are some of the reasons behind your selection(s)? :)


  1. 1. Trixie heels in black dot

    2. Marie coat in ivory and black

    3. Isabella flats in indigo

    All on sale and beautiful! Great Blog!

  2. My all-time favorite item from J.Crew this year is the Elizabeth halter, the cotton/silk version from the summer.

  3. My favorite item is my silver soiree-love it!

  4. Great question- it was fun to take a quick peek in my closet to pull out my favorites. I'm such a sweater girl! My favorites of 2008 are as follows:
    1. Miranda sweater Jacket (lt gray)
    2. Tartine merino ruffle cardigan (deep persimmon)
    3. Dream taffeta sash cardigan - tan color- forgot the exact color.
    4.Rose merino cardigan in navy

  5. A little OT, but my favorite color of the year is light spearmint! I have one sweater in it (cable crew) and another on the way (dream turtleneck, at 29.99 & 20% off, too good to pass up).

  6. My Favorite items are:
    1. Martine (gray)
    2. Shawl cashmere sweater cardigan in sweet orange
    3. Lucinda coat in gray
    4. Emerson blouse in plum

  7. A new promotional code has just been put up online. Free shipping on orders $150 & up. Enter code "2009".

    Not much of an incentive to buy if you ask me.

  8. I'll go with...

    1. Maggie jacket

    2. Cashmere heirloom henley

    3. Favorite Fit Cords. I may have the last person on this board to try these.

    And I don't think I paid full price for anything. All year.

    I really, really wanted to like to like the Victoria cami. It looks so cute on the model, but I just don't like it on me. I must have tried it on 6 times with 10 different things before sending it back. Sigh.

  9. OT: J.crew offers free shipping on orders of $150 (Code: 2009).

  10. Hi all

    my fave 3 items this year:

    1. Millerain Waxed Canvas Jacket
    2. Vintage Slim Selvage Jeans, Rinse Wash
    3. Cashmere Cardigan in charcoal Heather


  11. My absoulute favorite was the classic peacoat - both the ivory and the plum purple are quite beautiful. It just may be one of my top three favorites ever.

  12. Dream Silvie dress in dark charcoal. I wear it everywhere!

  13. my favorite has to be the serengeti dress...it is absolutely alluring! i also love the owen bag. doesnt look that great on the site but is just gorgeous in person! the rest were ok but the brown and yellow dress that was $350 italian silk print, it needs getting used to. I got it for $41 so decided to keep it. i'll post more when I go through my closet tomorrow :)


  14. I also adore the Victoria Ruffle Cami Alexis mentioned in her post! It is so versatile and elegant! Wear it alone, layer it. I have received so many compliments on this blouse! I often pair it with my Dream Silvie Dress, quickly becoming one of my favorite outfits!

  15. OT: The Jcrew website is offering free shipping on FINAL SALE orders of $150 or more with code JAN2009.

  16. OT: The free shipping code was "2009" a few hours ago, but J.Crew changed it. New code: JAN2009.

  17. 1. Graphic Tees - so versatile

    2. City Fit Grosgrain Poolside Capris - great fit,received many compliments on them.

    3. Yoga Wear: Most of the items are high quality cotton, however I have noticed the newer items are declining in quality.

    4. J Crew sleepwear so comfortable.

    Best Color of the year Light Spearmint!

  18. My top 4

    1. 5 pocket trouser jeans

    2. Merino melanie button cuff cardigan( I have it in black, gray and off white)

    3.My favorite for the spring/summer Featherweight cotton v neck cardigan (I have this sweater in white, black, navy and green)

    4.Sanur dress

  19. 1. Safari Juliet Midheels

    (So fabulous and versatile...only downside is the comfort level, which is low.)

    2. Maggie Jacket

    (I know it hasn't worked for some, but the fit really works on me, and I ADORE it!)

    3. Berry-Trim Astrid Jacket

    (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it so much that I'm looking for it in Bright Blue, too!!! :)

    Favorite color of the year:
    Bright Flame

    Most questionable item:
    There were so many, but if I have to choose just one, then I'm going with the Lucido Coat.

  20. 1. Berry Trim Astrid Jacket

    Love it - have it in charcoal, desperately want it in plum or blue - (size 8 if anyone comes across it)

    2. Storybook charm bracelet

    3. Cascading flower jacket in ivory

    Oh, for another percentage off with this new free shipping code - I could empty my cart!!

  21. 1. Cashmere Argyle V-Neck - I have the gray which I paid full price for and the navy should be arriving today and I got that one at an incredible sale price.

    2. Maggie Jacket - I have Heather Nickel and Black. Black was full price, heather nickel was on sale.

    3. Light Spearmint - I got the cotton henley v-neck, a cashmere v-neck sweater, and the heirloom henley in this color, along with a perfect fit tank. I love it!

    4. Skirts - I have increased by skirt collection substantially this year. They've had several great ones: abstract rose, sketchbook roses, watercolor floral, watercolor schoolgirl, double serge pencil, sharkskin, taffeta a-line, felted wool mini.

  22. Laura,

    I never would have put those two items together, but you've inspired me! I will be layering my Victoria cami and Silvie dress today :)


    Fave items of this year:

    1) victoria cami/shirt
    2) droopy flower astrid (with a little spray starch and a safety pin of course)
    3) velvet ecole in honey glaze
    4) any of the jackie cardigans

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all their help and enabling this year :)

  23. 1. Cashmere Butterfield Jacket

    2. Chiffon Ruffle Sequin Cardigan

    3. Graphic Tees

    Love this post! Love this blog! HAPPY NEW YEAR! everyone

  24. Plum Berry Astrid

    Cascading Flowers Astrid

    Simone Snow leopard Peacoat

  25. 1. Victoria ruffle blouse in white. Fabulous with anything from jeans to a suit, my hair up or down, loads of necklaces or bare.

    2. Ecole jacket in all three fabrics. This style of jacket fits me like a glove and the colors and fabrics have been wonderful.

    3. Frankie bag in cherry. I went out on a limb buying a red bag and I am so glad I did. Compliments every time I use this stunning bag. The staff at Louis Vuitton even asked me about it once!

    4. Like the other poster, I have increased my skirt collection dramatically this year. Love all the pencils and refined looks.

    Although quality and sizing was off sometimes this year, I sure bought a lot of items that I love. Eagerly anticipating the new arrivals now.

  26. It's hard to pick just three! :)

    sketchbook roses belle skirt

    matchstick cords (this was the 1st time I tried on matchstick, and I was surprised at how much I love them - so cute with flats!)

    lydia blouse (works great with jackie cardigan and matchstick cords, plus it's washable :D)

    penelope flats - I get compliments every time I wear these

  27. 1. Berry Astrid (mines in Charcoal, would have LOVED blue!)

    2. Lille coat

    3. Droopy flower Astrid (I HIGHLY recommend spray starch for this....several light coats and that baby isn't drooping anymore!!!)

  28. Delicious blog!

    1. Cascading Astrid silk flower jacket in ivory.
    2. Berry trim Astrid jacket in blue.
    3. Ribbon-tied long pearl necklace.

    Sigh. I feel rich.

  29. 1. His Banker-stripe shirt (I wear this almost everday)

    2.Favorite-fit stretch vintage 5-pocket bootcut cords

    3. sketch rose belle skirt

    My favorite color? Bright berry

  30. 1. Cascading Floral Astrid (ivory)
    2. Juliet Mid heels (blanched almond)
    3. Giraffe Necklace

  31. My favorites are the Lady Day coat, the snowflake tee and the Glenbrae boots in maple.

    I agree with Alexis, the bug pins were definitely questionable. The most "you gotta me kidding me" item for me this year was the men's painted selvedge jean at $285. Ridiculous.

  32. 1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my boucle short scarf coat. Will wear for years to come!

    2. Juliet Patent Heels. Actually comfortable!

    3. Victoria Ruffle Cami

  33. Mine are:
    1) Merino sequin shell- so festive and not over the top;
    2)Matchstick pants- all of them, I started wearing them this year and now own both denim and cords, love them!
    3)Rosette dresses- have polka dot and tussah silk- just lovely, classic dresses to enjoy for years to come;
    4) Lille coat;
    5) Lulu peep toes ( I have 5! pairs- need I say more?)

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. My faves:

    1. soiree jacket in silver
    2. victoria ruffle cami (wearing it right now!)
    3. double serge skirt (I have 2!)

  36. OK, my top 3! :)

    1. City fit luxe cord trouser

    2. Primrose cardigan

    3. Crystal snowball necklace

    Very very hard to pick...

  37. Faves: Maggie jacket (I wish I could find it in grey) and the double-serge skirts--great material and fit.
    Graphic tees--I especially love the Frank's shoe tee.
    Kinzie calfhair peeptoes (both colors were wonderful!)--my happy shoes--great fit and style.

    Questionable item--the Lucido coat.

  38. My favs are:

    1. Double serge pencil skirt in bronzed ochre

    2. Cashmere keepsake cardi in honey glaze paired with the choc city fit luxe cords

    3. Cha cha dot pencil skirt in ivory/ golden olive paired w/ the Jackie in spicy mustard

    Questionable item:
    Carrie coat. I ordered it in ivory but I never could figure out the neck ties.

  39. Great topic! My top favorites are:

    1) Double Serge pencil skirt (I love it so much I bought 4!)

    2) Green Sparkle Plaid Tweed pencil skirt

    3) Chiffon Florette cardigan - I have both colors

    4) Berry Trim Astrid in Bright Blue

    I bought all of the above on serious sale!

    My favorite color by far is the Light Spearmint, I have it in the Dream Turtleneck and the Cashmere Ruffle cardigan. Happy New Year, everyone!

  40. 1. The Janelle Cashmere Sweater. Impeccable. I'll be wearing this for years.

    2. The Maggie Jacket. Unless it drops below 50 degrees here in the Bay Area, this is my coat.

    3. This years Bootcut Cords. They were A THOUSAND TIMES better this year. Improved cut and fabrication. I bought black, acorn, sea salt, and faded cement.....eyeballing other colors.

    Runners up:

    Matchstick jeans in premium indigo. Classic wash and great fit.

    Argyle cashmere sweater in Navy. Gorgeous, timeless classic. Great fit.

  41. My favorites this year:

    1. Kandinsky rose skirt (retail only, but the fabric pattern in the abstract rose print dress, but in a silk/wool blend) Here's Mrs. O wearing it:

    2. Sequined chiffon ruffle cardigan

    3. Candy graphic tee, in charcoal

    4. (and hopefully! Penelope mary janes, in blue, on their way)

  42. This is tough.........

    1. Lady Day Coat in black - should last a very long time. It's a well made and timeless coat.

    2. A black tie dress I got back in the Spring/Summer time. It isn't fancy but is so comfortable and so easy to just back and go.

    3. It's a large tie between the rose chiffon shirt, Maggie Jacket, various cardigans and skirts that I adore.

    My favorite online promos of the year was JINGLE and/or TURKEY. The in store 50% off final sale was my fav B&M discount. All came at great times and I got some great deals.

  43. 1. Cashmere Pavia cardigan in rhubarb

    2. Janelle cashmere sweater in putty

    3. Toscana shearling hat.

    I love thick cashmere and shearling.

  44. 1. Matchstick cord jeans in grey - I've never worn matchsticks before and now I really like them
    2. Jaime bag in clod great - bought it at a great price and I am so happy with the bag.
    3. Boucle tweed short scarf coat.

    and other favorite items that almost made it to the list are Cloud Necklace and Crystal Garden ring in jasmine color(pink).
    I still have not received my boucle Astrid in charcoal and my storybook bracelet so I am y change my mind about favorites once I receive those items.

  45. 1. Anything in Royal Violet. My favorite color EVER!

    2. Avery ruffle cardigan in navy. So feminine and sweet.

    3. Lady Day Coat in Black. Makes my boring work commute seem chicer:-). And it's so warm without being bulky, thanks to that thinsulate lining.

  46. 1. SHOES:Tie: Lulu peep toes; Lulu sparkle flats; Brewster short suede boots

    2. CLOTHING: Heirloom cashmere henley and Victoria cami in black.

    3. JEWELRY: Cloud (pink) necklace

  47. My favorites for 2008 are:

    1. Double serge pencil skirt

    2. Serengeti Peep toes

    3. Striped Victoria Ruffle shirt in Black.

    * Although I love the dyes of Jcrew Cashmere, I feel the quality is questionable. Almost every cashmere piece that I have purchased this has pilled considerably compared to sweaters I own from 2-4 years ago.

  48. Everyone: Thank you so much for sharing your top selection(s). They are so much fun to read- it is a *great* way to review the year. :)

    Also, I totally forgot about the Lucido coat until many of you (like FFM & SS) mentioned it. I think I take back the most questionable item of the year being the bug pin- it really has to be that Lucido coat! ;)

  49. My hands-down favorite anything of this year was the golden roses pattern. I know something it's too 'granny,' but I LOVE it. I snapped up nearly everything they made in this pattern, and if they made anything else, I'd snap that up too!

    As for my favorite non-pattern color, I loved the olive inspired shades they came out with -- golden cyprus, bronzed ochre, tawny olive, burnished olive, and golden olive. I have skin that looks like I'm slightly tanned year-round (though a little less so in the winter), and shades like these are perfect
    for my complexion.

    And now, for my "I will wear this into the ground" item -- the Toscana trapper hat. Love it, love it, love it. Granted, I live in Chicago and spend a lot of time outside in the freezing cold, so I'm going to wear it nearly every day by default because it's so warm, but I still love it.

    Here's to no questionable items and perfect shipping in '09!

  50. Clearly I need coffee. "Something' in the golden roses paragraph should be "some think." Starbucks, here I come.

  51. 1) Fiona (?) jacket with ruffle in sweet potato - always get lots of compliments

    2) Lulu peep toes

    3) matchstick cords - I look skinny!

  52. 1. double-serge pencils (bronzed ochre, bright blue & ivory)

    2. sparkle plaid tweed pencil skirt

    3. juliet patent leather midheels (light pumpkin, bright peacock, & buttercup)

    The one that got away: chiffon rose tee. If you see a white one in small, please let me know!

  53. My top items from 2008:

    1. Maggie Jacket - liked it so much I got heather nickel & bright berry

    2. Double Serge Pencil Skirt - so classy and perfect for work!

    3. Bright fuschia merino turleneck. I'm pale but the color works on me. I also bought the cashmere hoodie in this color b/c I like it so much.

    I just have to say this blog is fabulous and has led me to try so many items I wouldn't have before! Here's to much more enabling in 2009 :-)

  54. Double-serge pencil skirt - bought it in EVERY color and have worn them all several times over. I will be watching for a return of this fabric in fall 2009.

    Victoria ruffle blouse in white - soooo flattering on me and very versatile.

    Opera-length pearls - truly a wonderful piece that I will have forever.

    Pima stretch pinstripe suiting - comfort and style for a modest price.

    The Lucido coat really was ridiculous. I wonder what happens to the items like that, when they don't sell. Assuming they don't sell, that is. Maybe they give them to costumers as we see a lot of JCrew on TV. I would hate to be the person who bought the stock of it on behalf of JCrew.

  55. 1. Peeptoe Mary Janes, in patent black.

    2. Victoria shirt (haven't bought the cami yet!)

    3. Wilson hobo (bought on sale for $70)

    4. Brushstrokes sydney dress.

    5. Elizabeth halter

  56. 1. Bella cashmere coat in light camel. Not sure if it's from this year or not, but 2008 is when i bought. I love the style of this coat.

    2. Cascading flower Astrid

    3. Daisy eyelet jacket

    4. Golden roses skirt

    Most questionable: The patch designed men's pants, vest, and jacket, followed by the Lucido jacket.

  57. question about the victoria cami, which i absolutely love...i tried it on in size 0 in the store, but it was still fairly loose, but not tent-like loose. do you think a P0 would be more fitted?

  58. Hi!

    It's so hard to pick three...

    #1) Safari Juliet midheels in burnt sienna and Claudia crackle pumps in metallic sherbet (thanks, J.Crew for making a mid-heel perfect height) sorry...i had to pick both!

    2) Scoopneck tees in every color especially shell, light spearmint, and deep persimmon.

    3) Jackie shells and cardigans (with lycra now, yay!) in all colors. They are great together matching, or separately. love the cardigans with a suprising color tank underneath. The shells are fantastic alone in the spring/summer or in the fall/winter with a button-down shirt underneath for a more "pulled-together" look.

    Runners-up...Anything in bright rhubarb! What a great color, pinky bright red! So flattering, feminine, and uplifting.

    Hope you agree.


  59. For me, anything in PLUM...have the berry trim Plum Astrid, Plum rose merino cardigan(have several colors), Plum silk-cashmere wrap, Plum peacoat, and Plum cashmere flats(TDF!-quite cheap now))!!!
    Also love Charcoal Berry trim Astrid, Charcoal floppy-flower jacket, double -serge skirts X 3, domino dot pencil skirt(perhaps the #1 favorite piece), Boucle skirt in Honey Glaze(another nice color-just not next to my face!)
    Peacock Blue was also a nice color.

  60. I SO hate to go off topic on this one as I am struggling to name just 3 items so I am still going to ponder. BUT I would love to hear what all of those with a Cascading Flowers Astrid Jacket listed in their top 3 are wearing theirs with and where? TIA!

    I'll be back when I stop gasping after leaving a closet FULL of the most covetable J Crew clothes, shoes and jewelry one can think up. It's overwhelming choosing which fantastic thing to wear each day! That probably about sums it up;)

  61. There are several Blue Berry Astrid blazers on Ebay right now. It is where I purchased mine.

  62. My top three have been staples in my fall/winter wardrobe:

    1) Double-cloth Madeline coat - fits perfectly (Sea Salt and Black)

    2) High-heel flare jean (Clean indigo wash)

    3) Cashmere jackie cardigan - perfect compliment to any outfit.

  63. Bugpin: I have worn my CF Astrid in ivory out to dinner with the ringspun critter with applique in dark slate ( it has an ivory silk bow in the front) with the black rinse matchtick jeans from last Fall, the opera length pearl necklace and the glitterati ballet flats from last year in black.

    I have also paired it with the Victoria ruffle cami in fuscia with the matchstick cords in navy for a family holiday party.

    I have not worn it too work. I work in a fairly conservative environment and I think the CF would be too frou frou for the office.

  64. Jennifer -- I was in the store the other day and was trying on shoes next to an SA telling a customer that a P0 Victoria cami would be more fitting on her than the regular 0, which was too blousy on her. (I'm not even close to that size, so I can't confirm, but that's what I can offer!)

  65. 1. Slub/ ringspun cotton ts, and especially this summer's beach dress in orange. Comfy, airy, and so cute!
    2. Frankie bag in guava. Great color, perfect size, and totally different in shape than anything else I have. Plus, goes with almost everything.
    3. Dresses.... Though I love love love my go with everything Sylvie and my softy, so cheap I got two different colors Peyton, the last shout out of the year goes to... Adelaide in dark slate! It's just so flattering and so simple, I pull it out of my closet to twirl around in at least once a week.

    I really shopped like a nut this year, but the only item I paid more than half price for was the Adelaide (49.99 down from 88, I believe). Here's to more deep discounts in 2009! Happy New Year!

  66. Love, love the Victoria cami in navy and fuschia, also the snow leopard tartine cardi, lydia ivory cami.

  67. After buying way too much this fall I can easily narrow down the list to three.

    1. Five pocket cords in the straight fit. I have three pair.

    2. Merino v neck. I think I have four.

    3. Washed wool scarf in plaid. Light and warm.

  68. Jennifer, I haven't tried the Victoria cami but having tried on many J. Crew items in 0 and 0P, can tell you that 0P is definitely more fitted besides being shorter. A petite 2 is even slightly smaller than a 0. It seems I tried on a 4P jacket once by accident and it felt like a regular 0.

  69. And while I'm at it, my favorites (at the moment):

    * Double-serge pencil skirt. Beautiful fabric and yea, comes in petite. I have 4 colors.

    * Juliet patent-leather midheels. My poppy ones are SO delicious!

    * Giverny print. I have the Sydney dress and Bateau top ... and wishing I hadn't missed the pencil skirt.

    My vote for the "icon" of the year is the Chiffon Rose Tee. It is practically legendary!

  70. I still love my paper poplin ruffle trench--too cold to wear now, but it will definitely come back out in spring.

    Victoria ruffle cami and watercolor rosette cami are my favorites.

    ITA about those matchstick cords!

  71. Bugpin: I haven't worn mine yet but am glad you asked so i can read the options as well. :)

    Kara: Did you happen to wear an overcoat of some sort with yours? I'm wondering how that worked with the flowers. :)

  72. My faves...

    1. Victoria Shirt (black & white) & Cami (fuschia, navy & ivory)

    2. Cashmere Nola Sweater (black, navy and grey)

    3. Cashmer Heirloom Henley (black)!

    Alexis - Thanks for such a fun place to talk about JC! Happy New Year to all! :)

  73. 1. Juliet patent shoes - I have them in driftwood, black...and peacock is on the way! Soo comfortable, good quality, and they work with almost everything.

    2. White bootcut jeans - I wore them all summer and felt like a goddess.

    3. Eyelet blouse (I can't remember the style name, but it came in cream, pink, and navy). I was going to return it but ended up keeping it because my boyfriend loved it on me. It grew on me and eventually became a favorite summer piece.


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