Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Time {celebrating with J.Crew?}

Anon at 2:00 PM (in this post) asked, "Where is the "what are you wearing Christmas Day" posts??? Let's share!!! Merry Christmas!". So here is the post! :) What we are planning to wear during the holidays (Christmas and/or Hannakah). (I really like these posts. I love hearing what outfits Aficionadas and Aficionados plan on wearing. It's a great source of outfit-inspiration!)

I have to be honest, I am still not decided what I am planning to wear tomorrow (since I am staying at home, I can't decide to dress casually or stay in pajamas). ;) But for today, I am planning to go with the Snow-leopard Simone peacoat (Item 96475; was $260.00, now $149.99) with the white tissue tee turtleneck (Item 97644; was $39.50, select colors now $19.99), the Stretch Leightweight Denim Trousers (was $98.00, now $69.99) and my Juliet Patent-Leather Midheels in blanched almond (Item 96716; $198.00, in-stores for $129.99).

What are you planning to wear this holiday (Christmas and/or Hannakah)? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. LOVE your outfit today, Alexis!!! I haven't decided what I'm wearing tomorrow, either...but I made a Polyvore earlier of what I'm wearing today. :)

    Click Here

  2. FFM: I LOVE your outfit too! I also love that we both have similar color schemes (black & white with jeans). I swear I could shop in your closet and be thrilled with everything I pick up! :)

  3. Tonight to services and dinner Madeline dress and either hose and black heels or black heeled boots. Tomorrow jeans, ruffle cami, and some cardigan to go with. :)

  4. Tomorrow for Christmas dinner I will be wearing my Double Serge skirt in Persimmon and Metallic Lame Oxford Shirt in Shell with nude colored pumps... I like red and pink together on certain occasions.

    I have been wearing my Metallic Lulu flats in Gold almost everyday. I love these shoes so much (I have two back-up pairs... don't tell my boyfriend).

    Can't wait to hear about your outfits!

  5. I'm wearing my crawford watercolor print cami with a bright rhubarb tartine cardigan and dark denim plus silver claudia crackle metallic heels.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. I haven't decided what I'll wear tomorrow, but I know what I'll wear to bed tonight: my favorite J. Crew pajamas. Back when I was in college (about 12 years ago), my mom gave me J. Crew flannel pajamas that have the entire text of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" printed on them. They're no longer fuzzy and the printing is fading, but I still love them, especially on Christmas.

  7. My family is pretty casual so I will be wearing my trouser jeans (item 92871) with a J Crew navy corduroy jacket from last year or I might wear the Miranda sweater with the jeans. I love the jeans and they are on sale now for $49.99. I didn't have any problems with color transfer. I also love the Miranda sweater jacket- it does run large so I had to exchange it for a smaller size. I may dress up though for church since I am making my kids dress up!

    Anon at 3:09 I love the Madeline dress! I tried it on for fun at a B&M but I don't dress up so I can't justify the purchase. I adore the ruffles!

  8. Yesterday for the in-law Christmas I wore Quinn Cami in Champagne, Gray Cardigan, Snowball necklace & twisted crystal necklace, dark True Religion Becky Jeans.

    Running errands today - wore Twisted Heart gray sweats, white long sleeve tee with motorcycle sequin tee over it and black scarf.

    Tonight for dinner - City luxe trouser cords in ivory, Quinn cami, Ivory Cardigan, Metallic skinny belt in gold, snowball & twisted crystal necklace.

    Tomorrow - Candy tee (orange licorce) with Deep Persimmon Tartine cardigan. Dark 7 for all mankind jeans.

    Hope everyone has a very wonderful holiday!

  9. I'm wearing my JCrew union suit right now! (It's bedtime where I am)

  10. Errands today- light spearmint crew, straight leg dark wash gap jeans.

    Tomorrow Im working at 7am (Im a psych nurse), so it's casual--probably jeans, tee shirt, and maybe a green cable Tneck, as I don't own any red. And oh yeah, Christmas socks (hehe)..

  11. Hey JCAs,
    I'm looking for a few items that seem to have been sold out. If anyone can help me i would love it.
    Dream Tie Cardigan #96220 S(the one that ties at the waist)
    V-neck cashmere argyle in XS
    Maggie jacket size 0 any color but pink or yellow.

  12. Gold matchstick cords and light spearmint long sleeve perfect fit tee (love this color combo). Ugg slippers (I am at home snowed in with the kiddos--making sugar cookies!) I will switch to jammies in a bit, but the matchstick cords are just as comfortable as pjs! We have a RARE White Christmas in the Pacific NW. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


  13. Tomorrow, I'll be wearing a red ATL sequin striped tee, ivory favorite fit chinos, cornsilk necklace, and Christmas socks (staying home). Then on Saturday for shopping, JC bootcut jeans, ruffle henley in plum, an ATL turquoise cord jacket (just until it warms up) and silver Lizzie mocs. Happy shopping!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas eve and day! Those of you with snow, enjoy some for me. :)

  14. I'll be wearing the snow leopard shirtdress with black suede peep toe pumps during the day. In the morning I'll have on the striped skivvies from last year in the red/green.

  15. Today,
    Maggie jacket in black, dotted Victoria, Bootcut jean, twisted crystal necklace.

    Quinn cami in bright fusia, Melanie cardigan in black, twisted crystal necklace and Bootcut jean.

    Only 1 more hour to decide:)

    Happy HOlidays Everyone!


  16. I will be in sweats (Tuxedo pants)and tees ( Market tee), we are tucked away in woods for mini-vacation so no dressing out for me. I am going to make up for it fully at New Years Eve.
    Alexis, you outfit sounds gorgeous- love Simone peacoat-so unique!

  17. Linda, I bought Lulu's in flats too- aren't they fabulous? How is the fit for you? They are a tad tight on me but I hope they will loosen with time.

  18. It will be a pretty casual day for us. So, I'll be wearing the luxe cord trousers in gray and the bow necklace cardigan in navy with the city suede ballet flats. My 2 1/2 yr old daughter will be wearing the cord jumper in ivory with a turtleneck and leggings.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!!

  19. Today I wore my cotton belle taffeta skirt in dark fog with grey tights and my cashmere snowman sweater from a season or two ago - all J.Crew except the shoes.

    Tonight and tomorrow I am wearing my white, red and green plaid J.Crew PJs from last year and a white tissue tee. I did buy some other PJs this year but these are so Christmas-like.

    Tomorrow I am wearing my bright rubarb Francie skirt with a merino v-neck sweater and a cami underneath and my Maggie in camel as outerwear with some brown sold tights.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!

  20. Oops "sold" should "solid." Good night everyone!

  21. Tonight was pretty casual at my place with the family. The only thing I wore from JCrew was the Perfect Fit Flower Tank in petal and the metallic skinny belt in silver. I had a cable knit cardigan from Abercrombie and Citizens jeans. It was comfy...tomorrow? I don't know yet. So far I've got a couple GC to eventually redeem, yay!

  22. It's been a JCrew week so far, so why break it off now?

    Sunday dinner with the inlaws-Madeline dress in deep eggplant (love!) With the grey and black herringbone tights and last year's black patent mary janes.

    Monday at the office and then holiday-tinis with the girlfriends-stretch wool pencil skirt in heather grey (high waisted and a fit to die for), silk watercolor lydia ruffled tank, black tights and peeptoe spectator pumps in graphite.

    Tues at the office-grey and black houndstooth university trousers, salina patent leather flats in dark poppy, white victoria ruffled blouse and black velvet ecole jacket.

    Christmas eve at the office/dinner with the parents- cotton taffeta skirt in bright berry, Lea cardigan in navy with perfect fit cami in navy, grey and black herringbone tights and lulu peeptoes in dark cloud.

    I'm currently wearing the men's reindeer union suit in bed and my husband is wearing the green and grey striped union suit (finding your way around them is a great way to add some "holiday spice"!)

    Christmas day at home with the family-holiday red bootcut cords, sweet ruffled top in yellow, and penelope flats in metallic silver.

    Safe and happy holidays to all!

  23. Christmas Eve - snowflake tee, past season's wild orchid Jackie cardigan, toothpick jeans and last year's Tenley midboots.

    Christmas Day - Victoria white ruffle blouse, opera-length pearls with two David Yurman necklaces to mimic the website look, the lighter coloured pembridge dot skirt and crackle metallic mary janes in sherbet.

    My husband loves the pink mary janes and I have to say the Christmas day outfit is very festive and very sexy too. Love my JCrew looks!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone.

  24. At work! JCrew LS tee under grey cable sweater (gap) and AE chinos (gotta love 'em for 29.99!)..

    Anyone think there'll be discounts on sale tomorrow? I have my fingers crossed!

    Mickey: just so you know, my cart is full and if you give me a code, I will give you & JCrew my hard-earned $$! ; )

  25. I am spending today at home enjoying Christmas with my husband and 4 boys, so I am staying comfy and casual in jeans and a turtleneck: Click Here .

    Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

  26. For church last night: Victoria black ruffled cami,
    black, tweedy herringbone crystal button v-neck cardigan (don't remember the actual name), and a black skirt (not JC), with JC gold/rhinestone earrings recommened to me back in October from FFM (thanx FFM, I wear them so much, and get compliments EVERY time!).

    Today, home with my husband and 3 teenaged daughters - Tuxedo stripe black sweatpants (great buy at 7.99!), grey chunky star cable pullover with lt. pink LS fitted tee under, and comfy Lands end slippers.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!!

    PS: Thanks Alexis for everything you do on this it!

  27. OH, this is ANON at 1:14 - wearing today with the grey chunky star pullover sweater: my daughter gave me the silver poinsettia necklace from Banana Republic for Christmas, and my husband gave me a gorgeous 40" long silver DY chain necklace with grey and white pearls! Perfect (I was already dressed before I opened the presents! ;-)

  28. great outfits! Today was super casual: I wore the cashmere diana pants in navy, favorite tank in white, cashmere robe in putty. It is soooo nice to relax!

  29. Merry Christmas all!

    Today its all about the Vintage Slim Fit worn rinse wash selvage jeans, washed fave shirt, with the charcoal cashmere cardigan and a silk kint skinny tie to boot.

    Love the comments from family...hey, are u sure skinny ties are back in???

    May your holidays be wonderous.


  30. Does anyone own the boucle penny jacket and if so, do you find it super boxy? Has anyone tried taking it in? I don't know if that would ruin how the jacket hangs - but I can't stand the boxiness as is.

  31. Hi everyone,
    I just spoke to my niece who is a SA at the Michigan ave store in Chicago and she said tomorrow everything is 30% off. Not sure if that means everything or just sale items and also not sure if that will include online items.

  32. thanks for the info, joangee.

    although 30% off, considering that just before christmas everything was 20% off, doesn't sound that impressive.

  33. Merry Christmas to you all!

    I am wearing my Francie skirt (dark peony), merino turtle & glass-button cardigan (champagne), wavy glass necklace and garden bracelet (pink). I am making a cake & cookies and have already spread flour all over my J.Crews:)

  34. JCrew cashmere socks and a smile...

  35. How about a thread where we list any J. Crew items we got as gifts? :)

  36. colettenoelle - too funny. We think alike. I sent Alexis an e-mail suggesting the same thing earlier this afternoon! It would be a good topic.

  37. Does anyone out there know what's next for arrivals at J Crew? We pretty much gathered up enough winter goods from the additional 50% off sale back in November, through the 25% anytime use coupon for a few weeks, and then the TURKEY codes, free shipping, Christmas gifts for everyone, etc.

    Time for some new merchandise????

  38. All - your outfits sounded lovely! I know I'm a bit late with this post, but it's been very hectic for me these past few days! I am just now catching up! On Christmas Eve I wore my Double Serge pencil skirt in Ivory, a red off the shoulder cashmere sweater (from Ann Taylor), and tall black Via Spiga boots. Christmas day I wore the green Sparkle Plaid Tweed skirt, a black seamless cami with novelty trim, black crystal button cashmere cardigan (both from Ann Taylor), and tall black Via Spiga boots. Happy Holidays to all!

  39. I wore my taffeta A-line skirt in warm taupe with my Haley foil cardigan in oatmeal. I wore a heather grey tissue tee underneath (possible color faux pas). I wore knee-high Aran socks in white because I was freezing! And I use any excuse to wear my pink foil ballet slippers.

  40. I missed out on purchasing the Madeline dress but am hoping I might find a return at a store. I wear a size 2 in jackets, blazers, coats at J Crew and a size 2 or 4 in pants and skirts. I don't own any J Crew dresses. I read somewhere that the Madeline dress runs big, but when I look at the measurements, I'm not quite sure... I'm almost 5'5" and small chested (32B)... Any advice on what size I should look for?? A 2? 4 petite? or smaller? I'd Really appreciate any advice since it will be a final sale if I find one. Thanks so much!


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