Thursday, December 4, 2008

Product Review: Italian Houndstooth Greta Jacket

Italian Houndstooth Greta Jacket
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Item 96180
Regular: $375.00
Now: $225.00

I so love this jacket's "look". It is simply gorgeous- from its cute pattern to its swing shape.

Luckily for us, Cleo26 shared with us her review (in this post) of the coat. :)
I just received the Houndstooth Greta coat. The first word that came to mind when i tried it on was "retro." It is totally mod and could almost come out of the 60s were it not for the updated collar and its slender lines.

The color is just as it appears online -- bright, vibrant sweet potato and off white. The fabric is very soft; the details, including the buttons and back pleat, cute. It's a lightweight coat really, hitting just on the hips (well, at least mine). I expected it to be longer, would have preferred it longer and with a bit more swing.

I found it true to size, unless wearing a thicker sweater underneath, or if you have broader shoulders. I tried it on with a thick cardigan and found it a bit constraining. I will opt for the larger size which will give me more versatility, in addition to length. I wish J.Crew made in between sizes :) or would widen the shoulders in their jackets.

Anyway, the verdict is still out on this one. As cute as the coat is, it is very trendy (and bright!), and i rarely buy coats that i can't keep for years. Also, i've been eyeing the golden roses Renee, and may decide in favor of this one because of the more subdued colors and length even if it isn't as warm.
"Thanks!" to Cleo26 for sharing her great review with us! :)

What are your thoughts on the Italian Houndstooth Greta Jacket (do you like/dislike the style, design, fabric)? Are you considering or already have purchased this coat? Have you tried this coat on in-person? If so, please share with us your reviews too! :)

P.S. In case you are interested, mchesq (in this post) let us know that she found a similar looking (but also fabulous) coat (click here) in a slightly more neutral shade at Anthropologie.


  1. Great review. I haven't seen the jacket in person, but I think it looks darling on the model. I know it's hard to justify (especially in this economy) keeping a coat that might be considered trendy....but I find that I often get the most use out of my "non-traditional" jackets. My closet is jammed full of coats I've had for years in assorted neutrals- but often the ones I reach for most aren't as classic and have a bit of color (like the Lucille Mohair in orange, anyone?).

    Thanks to Cleo26 for a great review. :)

  2. Love the review! This coat is adorable but I agree that the color could be a bit much.

    I really really like the anthropologie one actually - thanks for linking to it Alexis!

  3. Coat looks great in the pictures, although it is not exactly my style. Thanks for the review!

    OT, but as this is the newest post:

    How comfortable are the Juliet heels (esp those of you who have wide feet)?

    I have flat, wide feet and usually live in flats w/ cushioning, but the Juliets are so gorgeous.. thinking about grabbing some for wearing out if they go on further sale..

    Advice? I know I should probably stay away from pretty shoes : (

  4. A jacket like this is a great way to jazz up a basic outfit. I am really into cute "toppers" right now and this fits the bill. I won't be going for this one but I think it's very cute.

    Oh -- I heard the additional sale will be 20% beginning Thursday. That's for Walnut Creek & perhaps Pleasanton and SF since all 3 stores are in the same area.

  5. gigiofca: does that apply to the stores only, or online as well?

  6. gigiofca: oh that's a bummer. i skipped out on the b&m tonight hoping they'd do markdowns and keep the 30% for the weekend, or at least tomorrow. maybe they did markdowns, though -- that would be nice. anyone witness in stores today?

    i was hoping to get a taffeta a-line and maybe some belts for gifts.

  7. WOW, I just called their priority line and the wait is "30 minutes or more" due to high call volume. People must be really ticked off.

  8. I was browsing Anthropologie because of this and noticed that the Seneca Jacket looks a lot like the summer fiona, but ruffley-er. And with a ton more buttons. :)

    Great review, thanks! :) I love the houndstooth version, just wish it wasn't in orange.

  9. I had a coat like this when I wa 9 or 10. It is cute but I don't care to revisit:)

    Could the high call volume be due to the last day of the 30% off or do you think that many people are pissed off??? wow. seems like July/Aug. all over again.

  10. P.S. I have yet to wear my orange Lucille but wear my JCrew camel coat a ton. I wear my basics a lot more. I am going to return the Lucille and get an ivory coat:)

  11. Warning, OT!

    Does anyone know what blue color of JCrew would be denoted as "FWA" on the tag? Was there a 'fresh water' color? I can't figure it out....


  12. just spoke to someone -- all the jcrew systems are down for at least an hour or two. more money in the pocket for us.

  13. extension of the 30% off sale till Thurs! And the shoe section doesn't work :(.. guess a sign I should be going to bed ; )

  14. The jacket is very, very cute, but not something I think I'd wear very much, I'm afraid.

  15. I noticed that J.Crew recently updates rare items in the middle of the night. Now it is 4:20 EST and I found following items after EXTRA30 was extended.

    Sketchbook roses Belle skirt: size 10 $39.99 only 1 available
    Ciffon Rosette belt: slate rhubarb $14.99 only 1 available
    Felted wool mini: Camel in size 2 $59.99 only 1 available

    I've been wondered why J.Crew uploads items which are already sold out, but now we know: They upgrade in the midnight and all good deals are gone by the time we wake up.

  16. It was explained to me last night that these could have been items MIA from the short ships, and it also could be the item does not really exist and people go ahead and order. Geesh!

    Don't like the coat it is the color that puts me off, the style is not bad but it something that I would not wear.

  17. I thought that there was no inventry if the inventory count showed only one, but I took a risk to place orders. After I placed order, the inventory count did not appear anymore (=sold out).

    A week later, I actually received those only-one-available items: perfect patent leather in dustry rose size 7 and a waffle henley at $6.99 (it was one week before TURKEY code, though).

  18. Thanks for the fantastic review Cleo26! I think the coat is the retro styling, and houndstooth is a *must have* for this season, too! I think the color will be fairly versatile...more so than you might think. I'd love to hear what you decide about keeping it. :)

    Chloe: I LOVE my Orange Lucille! I've already worn it 3 times so far, and have gotten tons of compliments on it, too!

    OT: Extra30 extended through today, 12.4.08. :)

  19. December arrivals now on-line.

    About the inventory I called about an item that I ordered last night (I know but it was the item that was lost), it is showing out of stock on line this am, but CS told me there is alot in stock.. So which is it?

    A week before turkey the system was relatively stable, afterwards all hell broke loose, I would not trust the inventory counts at all, and as I posted earlier low inventory goes by order#, and the phone orders do not take the inventory level down until the system gets updated, so your order still could be cancelled.

  20. You know, it's kind of amazing that all these TURKEY orders were screwed up, especially considering that everybody paid shipping & handling on them. Guess they can't say that those exhorbitant charges allow them to do quality checks or anything. ;)

  21. Its a 'pass' for me, too busy w/ the colour and the houndstooth, but, i could see it being cute w/ simple pieces. it was in a magazine recently cant recall which one. addl sale online thru thursday. only 20% off addl, boo hoo.

  22. OT

    Has anyone tried the Caroline square-jeweled ballet flats? Any opinions?


  23. New J.Crew deal alert! In stores only. Extra 20% off sale + new styles added. Now thru Sunday, December 7, 2008.

  24. Some cute NEW stuff online ~ love the polka dot cami & Ava dress & some other new items too. Is addl 20% off of sale items only in bm?

    What about the 20% off to open a JCrew card starting 12/5 someone mentioned awhile back?

  25. I have several J Crew coats and rotate them throughout the fall/winter/spring weather. I have the Lucille in both the Spicy Mustard and also the Orange. Have gotten compliments when wearing both. I personally prefer solid colors, but I do think that the Houndstooth Greta is darling. :)

    kendra: I have the Juliet heels in both Serengeti and Deep Poppy. I have found that they run about a half size BIG on me. I got the Serengeti heels in a 7 and have to put something in the toe to make my heel touch the back. I got the Deep Poppy in 6.5 and they fit perfectly. I really like the heel height as well! Since I got them both on sale I feel as if I got a great deal. :)

  26. i really like that coat. if it was cold enough here in the winter to wear coats more than a couple of times i'd probably get it. i like the retro feel and the fact that it's so different. :)

    i went to look at the new arrivals and i'm anxious to see the polka dot skirt that i see a model wearing with the jean jacket. makes me glad i didn't settle for a solid one on sale one last week!

  27. Hi guys- I know TONS of people were looking for a review on the Shipley (myself included). Chiffon Cupcake did one here yesterday-


  28. In my humble the styling; HATE the color/pattern--and I do like houndstooth...have for years-- but this coat is ugly! Looks like something from Goodwill.

  29. kendra-it's tricky. I never wear anything but an 8 in all other brands.
    I had to go up 1/2 size to an 8-1/2 in the juliet patent and wore my typical 8 in the serengeti slingback. I wavered between 8 or 8-1/2 on the serengeti peeptoe--decided to keep the 8-1/2 with gel insert. I hear the serengeti midheel (juliet) run much smaller than regular juliet. I do think Juliet is gonna be difficult comfort for wide foot-just my opinion.

    Seems overall I have a lot of 8-1/2 JC shoes (1/2 size up).
    But I wear an 8 in the lulu peeptoe pumps and 7-1/2 or 8 in the Liza peeptoe pumps. It's really all over the board with JC--makes it tough.
    whats a girl to do? If their shoes weren't so darn cute and special looking they wouldn't sell ANY-it's just so hard to buy them:( and we know they are mostly uncomfortable. I suggest whenever possible--buy 2 sizes for sure! There's nothing worse than loving the shoe then chasing down the other size at a store across the country:)

  30. personally i'm not fond of orange houndstooth, although the silhouette of the coat is nice. I had a tough time deciding between this and the felicia coat and ultimately went with the felicia because i really like the back pleating on the felicia and like the fit since i was able to try it on in store. I can't be happier with the felicia, would love to try the greta in the solids but for me the houndstooth is a pass.

    also a side note, i received my lofty cashmere shawl collar sweater today, LOVE LOVE the fit!! and i know the bright rhubarb was not a good seller but i think its a beautiful pink, not bubble gum pink but a nice femininer deeper pink. the sweater is fitted but not skin tight, i ordered my usual in xs and the length of the body is just perfect and the cashmere is yummy and soft.

  31. kendra - I really feel that the Juliets are TTS. I am a 7.5 and sometimes wear a 8 for comfort in high heels or boots. I have often sized up in J Crew shoes. I have size 8 in their flats and a couple pairs of heels. HOWEVER, the Lulus w/the patent bow are definitely TTS. I got a 7.5. And at the other end of the spectrum...the driving mocs run large, so I got a 7 in those. I have the Juliet mid heel and I tried 7.5 and 8 on multiple occasions. I really feel they are TTS, so I have a pair in 7.5. Another disclaimer -- I don't have wide feet so you may feel more comfortable going up that half size. Especially if your feet are going to swell a little bit while you're wearing them. But yeah, bugpin is right -- they are all over the map w/their shoe sizing.

    caliglam - I was told the 20% off when opening a J Crew card is from 12/5 - 12/20. I would imagine you can get 20% off FS + the 20% for opening a new card. Maybe that's why they reduced the additional sale percentage.


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