Saturday, December 13, 2008

Madewell Email: Give The Ultimate Gift (+40% Off Sale Items)

Madewell sent an email letting us know about their denim and to order before 12/19/08 to ensure packages arrive before the holidays. Also, stores are carrying an additional 40% off sale items. {yey!}

Incidentally, Madewell is offering 15% off all orders- just click here and print out the page. This offer expires 12/31/08.

Happy {holiday} shopping! :)


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  2. There is a madewell store around me, but haven't shopped there before. compared to jcrew's, how is its style and quality? Is this promotion nice?

  3. Off topic, I'm considering purchasing the wool herringbone ella dress (item 99504), and the only color in my size is bright papaya. Does anyone know if this color is as neon as it appears online? Is it more of an orange-red or a pinky-red? (I am fair with blonde hair and blue eyes and want to make sure it's not too much color for me) Also, has anyone tried the dress? Any comments on the color and the fit of the dress would be greatly appreciated- thanks so much!!

  4. I do not know bright papaya of this dress. I do have bright papaya francie skirt. It is of orange-red. A more vivid color than the color online and looks better. Bright but not too bright.

  5. I went to a Madewell while visiting family in California and I didn't like it much. There wasn't anything that seemed as high quality as JC... especially the jeans... but the prices were about the same!! I do think the age that they market to is slightly younger than JC, so maybe I just didn't like the style... and maybe there is better stuff online, I haven't looked. Anyway, I didn't buy anything. That's just my opinion, of course!

  6. I was able to use the 15% off facebook coupon in addition to the 40% off sale items. There were tons of cute scarves and sweaters on sale, plus some basic knits and fun tees.


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