Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Product Review: Golden Roses {partie deux}

Another big "thanks!" to kitchy7 who provided wonderfully detailed reviews for several Golden Roses items. In yesterday's post ("Product Review: Golden Roses"), she provided {fantastic} reviews for the Golden Roses Renée Coat, Chérie Cami, and Pencil Skirt. This post is the continuation of the remaining {great} reviews:

Wool Flannel Golden Roses Dress (& Astrid Jacket)
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Item 99732
Regular: $195.00
Now: $139.99

This suiting dress is cut in the same shape as the wool flannel abstract rose and watercolor dresses, with a bodice featuring a higher boatneck in front and a V cut in back and a skirt featuring a higher waistline and a flattering drape that hides flaws nicely. The bodice is 100% silk, and interestingly, it feels much softer and smoother than the silk bodices of the other two wool flannel dresses.

The skirt and the Astrid jacket are both made of 100% wool and have a polyester lining. The wool flannel is quite soft to the touch, and as an added detail, the inside of the Astrid jacket features lining trim that matches the bodice of the dress.

As an aside, I love these wool flannel dresses and hope J.Crew continues to develop this line. I have found them to be perfect for work when I need to dress up but don’t want to wear a suit and perfect for reception-like occasions. They never fail to draw compliments.

Carmen Patterned-Fabric Peep Toes
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Item 11333
Regular: $275.00
Now: $189.99

To the touch, the fabric of these heels feels just like the coat, skirt, and clutch do, so I believe it’s made of the same fabric mixture. The heels are surprisingly comfortable, considering most of my J.Crew heels tend to hurt my feet after a while.

With a 3 ½ inch heel height, they are on the taller side, but it’s not quite to my “4 inches and I’ll kill myself trying to walk” limit. They are true to size. I was comfortably able to fit in the 9 that I usually wear in shoes, even though I’ve found myself having to size up a half size in some of the J.Crew closed toe heels featured this season, such as the Gayle and Isabella patent leather heels.

Golden Roses Clutch With Bejeweled Bow
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Item 11027
Regular: $118.00
Now: $69.99

I was initially saddened when this clutch was missing from a Thanksgiving promotion order and then sold out on the website, but it later popped up and I was happily able to buy it. The clutch is nice and flat, making it easy to carry (unless you stuff it full, of course), and the bejeweled bow isn’t too flashy.

It has a magnetic closure in the top flap, and on the inside it features the main compartment and a smaller non-zippered pocket. The fabric feels like the same fabric that the coat and skirt are made of.

A super big "thanks!" to kitchy7 for her amazing reviews! :) I also have to say, that I really like the Golden Roses design- it is just so beautiful and I love the color combination!

What are your thoughts on the Golden Roses items (do you like/dislike any of the styles, designs, fabrics)? Are you considering or already have purchased any of these items? If so, please let us know. :)


  1. Thanks again kitchy7...fantastic reviews! Love the bag and shoes, especially...congratulations on getting them! :)

  2. Great reviews, kitchy7--I have been thinking about the rose flannel dress for sometime. I am worried about the fit across the I notice inconsistencies for me in jcrews skirts and dresses...either a 2 or 4 (4s have to be taken in a bit). Now that it is final sale, I dont know. Although, I think my personal shopper would probably let me return in store if it was a size issue. We'll see...

  3. oops, i meant to say across the hips, that is wear i have issues in jcrews skirts and dresses.

  4. Awesome reviews kitchy7! I like the dress, but the product page model photo has really scared me off from buying it. She just looks so gaunt in the photos I wonder how that dress would ever look right on someone with curves.

  5. I tried this dress and sent it back. I don't think it works on fuller-busted women, because the silk pattern ends right after the bust, so it emphasizes it in the first place, and then all the more for C-cups and above. I bought it at $140, and also didn't think it was worth that price - the wool is pretty average. It is a pretty pattern, though.

  6. I know what you mean about the model. If she turns any more sideways you'll see right through her. I am most definitely not her size though (I average a 10, but stray to 8 or 12 land), and I like the way it fits on me.

  7. k7, did you stay true to size in this, or size up/down? thanks.

  8. Hum, I am curvy with a full bust (34D), 31 waist, and 38 hips. Size 8 was perfect.

    The silk on this dress was a tad lighter than the abstract rose, so it clings a little more on the top. I wish I was able to get the matching grey astrid.

    Still looking for the carmen in 7.5. Anyone seen one or has a pair to part with?

  9. Great reviews, kitchy7. :) Did the clutch have any pockets on the inside?

  10. I ordered both the 10 and the 12. I can wear the 10 right now, but I figured I might not be able to after the holidays... Bad me!

    The clutch has the main pocket and then a little pocket along the back of it (no zippered pocket or anything though).

  11. I have the golden roses wool flannel dress. I'm 34D and the fullest part of my rear is 36 inches. I am going to have to take in a size 6 at least 2-3 inches at the waist to get the streamlined silhouette of the model. So if you are fuller in the waist the dress may still fit you because it has a boxier cut than you'd think from the website pics. I ordered the jacket as well and while the lining was a neat touch, I didn't think the jacket and dress went all that well together. The fabrics matched and all but it wasn't as put together a look as I'd hoped for. That said, the wool flannel is very soft and drapes nicely.

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