Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Product Review: J.Crew Shoes {thoughts?}

"Thanks!" to Anon at 10:51 AM (in this post) who suggested a great topic: J.Crew Shoes. J.Crew offers some of the most beautiful shoes around. However, sometimes it is difficult to know what shoes to buy (e.g. is it comfortable, do I size up or size down, etc.).

For the most part, I l-o-v-e J.Crew flats because of the beautiful fabrics and pattern. (My most recent purchase is the Becca Ballet flats [Item 97022] in "fog white dot".) I find the flats run true to size. As I mentioned before, J.Crew flats in general have a little bit of padding in the soles, but not enough to warrant them walkable for a day-trip to the city. They are pretty office shoes, where you walk a bit but sit down for most of the day. ;) There is also no grip on the soles of the shoes (making them very slippery unless you add a sole-grip).

When it comes to other types of shoes... I find the driving mocs true to size. Although they are way more comfortable than the flats, they tend to hurt by the end of the day as well. When it comes to espadrilles, I find that I normally had to size down (either a half a size or even full shoe size). This was until this summer, when I bought the Rafina Espadrilles Sandals and found they were true to size. This can make ordering online difficult (when you think you know your shoe size in general). This also reminds me to include heels. For the most part, I had to size down (usually a half a size) in heels. For example, when I tried on the Spectator Mary Jane Heels (Item 96589), I found I had to "half a size" down. (Incidentally, the shoes are gorgeous. I just can't walk very well in such high heels.) However, when I tried on the Juliet Patent-Leather Midheels (Item 96716), I found the pair to be true to size.

What is your review for J.Crew shoes in general? Do you have a particular shoe (e.g. item number) that you highly recommend or would suggest avoiding? What are some of the reasons behind your choice?


  1. I have a higher tolerance for pain, and high need for beauty, so I ended up with a lot of J crew shoes. I got espadrilles, many ballet flats, sandals, pumps and flats. The lack of padding generally doesn't bother me much. At least my J Crew shoes were no where as painful as the Coach ones I've got.

    My favorite is the Katy tumbled leather heels in roasted pumpkin from several seasons back. They are stylish and fairly comfortable.

    The Juliets are a good height, but the patent leather just doesn't breathe.

    I really liked the fleur and lulu peeptoes. They are fairly comfortable and so darling!

    I know people who love J Crew's rubber soled flipflops for summer. I rather wear my Bernardo Matrix.

  2. Not much experience for me; I've only had one pair of flats and they *kill* my feet. I still wear them occasionally if only for very short periods of time. I have avoided buying any heels just because I really do need to try them on first. Few things ruin an outfit/evening like uncomfortable shoes.

    I do love the styles and colors they offer!

  3. Anon @ 12:23 reminded me. . . I do love their flip flops - they last forever (for flips) and feel like walking on a cloud!

  4. Does anyone have an opinion of the City Ballet Flats (I think that's what they're called, with the site down I can't check)? I've been thinking about getting a pair in black suede, as I need just a simple everyday black flat, but they're expensive for a college student so I'd like to know I'd been getting quality.

    I have a pair of Campbell driving mocs (from a few seasons ago)--bought on ebay for $29 I might add--that I absolutely love. They're the only flats I own that I can wear all day every day and not get blisters. Comfortable and the leather they're made from is really nice. I assume subsequent styles are just as good.

  5. I like driving mocks. The are very comfortable and soft. They fit well those who have wide feet. Otherwise they may be too wide. I have 2 pairs of driving mocks, I ordered one yesterday and I am planning to order more in the future, I really like them.
    I bought Becca ballet flats last night at the store. Their comfort level is ok. Like Alexis said, they are perfect for the office since you do not need to walk around too much. And that's exactly what I bought them for, to wear for work.
    The high heels shoes are not the most comfortable either but I think they are better than flats. I wish the site was up so I could give examples because I do not remember the names of the shoes I bought.

  6. I've been eying the lulu metallic peeptoes but they sold out in my size (9). Does anyone have these? How do they run? Would a half size up work, maybe with a heel pad or something? They're just so pretty! And perfect for holiday parties. I was thinking of pairing them with the onyx dress to amp up the fancy a little. :)

  7. Jaimie, are you asking about patent-leather City ballet flats? If yes, then I tried them on last night at the store and they were extremely uncomfortable. I am comparing them to the driving mocks I had on at that time. All I wanted to do is to remove the City and put mocks back on. The Becca flats are a little bit more comfortable then City, they are made of a softer material.

  8. Great topic! I love J. Crew shoes and have heels, flats, espadrilles also. The one shoe I eagerly anticipated was the Lucie heel (strappy dress sandals) which I got in my usual size 7. they are so cute, but (does anyone else have this problem?) are unwearable because the back strap just does not stay on!

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with JC shoes...they are beautiful but I find many to be very uncomfortable. I also hate the inconsistent sizing. I never know if I need a 6.5, 7, or 7.5!

    My least favorite are the Becca flats. They look so cute but I bought them on final sale and they are sooooo uncomfortable. I think this is mostly because i have wide feet and they are *not* made for feet like mine.

    The shoes I have found to be the most comfortable are the Lulu peeptoes. I love them! They are a good heel height (not too high) and the leather does not pinch.

  10. This topic really makes me want to buy shoes...but, oh wait, the website's down. My inability to online shop is killing me, but hopefully will work out well for my final grades.

    I wore a pair of the pink crackly heels to the bar last week, and got so many compliments. But, they did absolutely kill my feet. I'm planning on saving them for seated events in the future.

  11. *Anon @ 12:53*
    The lulu metallic peep-toes are GORGEOUS IRL! That said, I received mine and was so disappointed because the bow is too wide and touches the floor. Because it is a satin-y fabric bow, I was afraid it would be dirty and gross after one wearing.

    Maybe my pair was defective...for your sake, I hope so because they are so pretty. If you decide to try, I think you could actually size down. I found the Lulus to run TTS/big.


  12. Here I am in my almost 10 year old heels from J. Crew, and they're comfortable! The newer generation, not so much. I have the Teuta mid-heels, which I can stand for a while, some ballet flats which are okay, and some very comfy flip flops. I tried on the Juliets, but they ran really small, though they were pretty. I think a half size up on those. I tried on the Penelope ballet flats, though, in the store, and they ran true to size.

  13. Great topic - especially while the site is down (tap tap tap - pun intended)...

    First of all -- I love the way all J Crew shoes look in the catalog - especially the flats - but I have a very high arch - and try as I might - I cannot wear them. I think I have parted with my whole collection of flats via Weekly Exchange - thanks Alex!

    What works IRL - mid heals - especialy Juliet mid heals. They are comfortable and beautiful - and I love love love - the wooden heal. Tones the patent down just enough that the shoes can be casual or dressed up.

    The first poster mentioned the Katy tumbled leather. Prior to my Juliets - the Katys were my favorite - extremely comfortable - but very elegant.

    The crackle mid heels are similar in style to the Juliets. I have them in sherert and pewter and get many complimetns on them. They seem to go with a lot of basic things - even though they look like party shoes.

    Anxiously awaiting Lulu peep toes in cloud -from 30% sale and hope they actually show up -- happy to hear other Aficionadas love them.

    I inquired on another thread about the Gabrielle crystal starburst flats. Are they TTS? Comfortable at all? Painful??

    Finally -- I am desperate for a pair of Penelope peep toes in golden moss - size 7 1/2 if anyone knows where I could get them : )

    Are we back up yet????


  14. I think the heels pictured in this post are so pretty but I don't like that I can see the toe cleavage. :) I wonder if that's just the way they modeled it or if it's like that for everyone.

  15. Anonymous-

    I have the Lulu metallic peep toes and LOVE them! They are my favorite pair of shoes and so comfy...which is saying a lot because I have finicky feet (I love high heels but my feet do not).

    I found they ran a 1/2 size too big. I ordered them in a 7.5 and had to return them for a 7. I am almost always a solid size 7.5, so it was a bit of a surprise to have them be too big!

    I also don't have a problem with the bows touching the floor, whew. Love them love them love them!

  16. espadrilles: fun in theory, but i have a couple pairs with gorgeous silk straps and haven't worn them, probably because of the height/ high maintenance look that clashes with summer wear most of the time. i rounded up in size.

    flip flops: cute, fun, no arch support, but they're flip flops! love the metallic capri(/) ones I got a while back but the metallic sheen rubs off with wear. love the grosgrain patterned ones.

    flats: i tried on many, and only own the lulus in dark cloud. others were just too darn uncomfortable. bottom is slippery (fixable - just scrape it and be careful when first walking in them); very minimal toe cleavage, and love the patent leather bow look more so that the satin one.

    heels: again, tried on a few, and the only one i own is the lulu, bought the same day as the lulu flats. yes, i loved the dark cloud coloring that much!

  17. Great topic!!!

    For the most part, all the shoes are adorable, but some are difficult to wear on a wide foot (the Lucie strappy heels come to mind, as do the Penelopes). Also, I think the majority of their slingbacks fall of the back of my heel no matter WHAT I do, the Serengeti Mid Heels being the one notable exception to this rule. My espadrilles from this summer were WAY too tight in the toebox in my normal size, which was annoying.

    I will rank my JCrew shoes from most to least uncomfortable. I will say I only have ONE pair that I really love to wear. The rest all kill or have other issues!!

    Of all my JCrew shoes, I have to say the "Everyday Pumps" are THE MOST uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. I bought my usual size and feel like my toes are jamming out the end of the shoes. And, it's a relatively low heel! They also show too much toe cleavage to be the best everyday shoe. I hate them, in fact.

    Next on the list are the "Parisian Mary Janes". These have some sort of ridiculous almost 4 inch heel, and are uncomfortable from the moment I put them on till the moment I take them off. Super cute, though, and even ALMOST cute enough to warrant the pain. TTS.

    Next are the "Patent Leather Mary Janes". Again, not quite as high a heel as the Parisians but still pretty uncomfy. But very very cute! TTS.

    Next are the "Serengeti Peep Toes". These are actually not bad, but I bought my usual size and apparently needed to size down 1/2 size because the toe box is huge and they are hard to keep on my feet.

    Finally, actually the "Serengeti Mid Heels" are SUPER comfortable and probably my favorite pair of shoes in my closet. They go with everything, and I get TONS of compliments on them every time I wear them. I probably should have sized down 1/2 size, but luckily they are slingbacks so fit doesn't have to be exactly perfect.

    I also just recieved my "Crackle Claudias" in Pewter, they are to die for!! I got 1/2 size down and even that is generous, but not too big. They are super comfy (at least from wearing them around the house) and absolutely beautiful.

    My pink Lulu Peep Toes and my silver Lizzie mocs are on the way, can't wait for them!

  18. What is missing?????

    Crystal capri sandals
    item 93936

    do the zoom?

    do you see it?

  19. I love the look of J. Crew shoes but echo the opinion that their lack of comfort outweighs their beauty.

    I own several flats. The least uncomfortable ones are the jellys from this past summer. They embody the worst of J. Crew shoes: no support, thin material, really narrow, foot cleavage, slippery, unbreathable. But they were $20 and, long story short, my shoes disappeared when I was trying on shoes at J. Crew, so I bought them. Had to, really. I think the salesperson felt bad so I got them on extra-extra sale.

    I find the silk/satin/twill material more finicky for flats: I own the glitter flats from a couple winters ago, which are on cotton canvas, and they feels sturdier (although I won't wear any J. Crew flats in this current wet weather we have in Paris). Patent leather is a toss-up: now I'm going into heels territory, but I find that J. Crew patent leather + the Mary Jane style = impossible.

    I do own some heels; the latest ones are the Trixie and the future ones are the Lulus. :) I also have a pair of rainboots (Target has them cheaper if you're interested) and a pair of tall Richmond boots from a few seasons past. I love their boots; good price on sale for the wearability.

    Love this topic, btw.

  20. Oh- I guess what I don't own from J Crew shoes are the sandals. The capris online trick me every summer but I just have to recall trying them on in the store; it was like a hard, flat dead weight on my foot anchored by some really tight straps. RESIST!!

  21. I like their Wellies, esp. the sherpa lined:) and I love their flip flops.

    However, I think their shoes are awful. I only own two pairs of ballet flats and the fabric on the toe of one shoe was put on wrinkled and the other silk pair is really poorly made. I would never buy a pair of JCrew shoes again. Very poorly made for the price. I skip over all the posts on shoes. Not interested in them.

    Once again the Wellies and the flip flops. I own 20 pairs of flip flops from JCrew.

  22. And I meant - LEAST comfortable. That makes more sense for the post.

    ... Plus, they FEEL.

    Etc, etc.

  23. Their shoes hurt in general (not enough padding) and I've had trouble with construction/quality, so I'll never buy a pair at full price. My Jackson boots (love the way they look) have a problem with the rubber tread part of the heel separating from the rest of the heel, and I had a pair of (expensive) flip flops completely fall apart on me while I was walking--the leather thong strap completely broke away from the bed of the shoe, giving new meaning to flipping and flopping. I was grateful I didn't break my neck.
    So I'm cautious about their shoes. Sizing is inconsistent, too--I can wear a 7, 7 1/2 or 8 depending on the style. JC shoes are one item I rarely if ever order online. I have to try them on.

  24. For Sara and lucegirl: re: the crackle heels.

    do you feel the "crackle" is wearing off? I bought a pair in pewter, have just been wearing them around my bedroom, but am worried that once I start wearing them out the finish will start wearing off, which i'm not sure i'll appreciate as much as J. Crew seems to think I will. They've been comfortable in my room- not sure how that translates to actually wearing them b/c they even gets marks on the heels from me walking around on hardwood floor and area rugs...

  25. J.Crew boots, I have no problem with- I think they're comfortable, and the leather is beautiful.

    It's with J.Crew's darn flats I have a problem! My first pair of flats were the gold eyelet-y one from 2-3 years ago- they were gorgeous, but expensive at over $100. I got them on final sale for much much less, but when I tried them on, the sides of the shoes just spread- they had no shape! I can't believe they were charging over $100 for them!

    Same story with mocs I bought this past spring- on a lesser scale. I can wear those without my feet flapping around so much, but the shapelessness makes me look like I have a bunion.

  26. I own 3 pair of J.Crew Capri Sandals and now the Safari Juliet Midheels...I don't find any of them to be overly comfortable, either. The Safari Juliets are truly stunning, but I won't be wearing them anywhere I have to do a lot of walking. You would think for the amount of money J.Crew charges for their shoes they could put a little effort into making them less painful.

  27. audrey - your shoes DISAPPEARED??

  28. Jo- Yes... I was trying on shoes at J. Crew, didn't wander very far, but when I was ready, my own shoes had walked away without me! They were some polka dot flats I'd bought when I was in London, not new or a name brand. It's never happened to me before, and no one saw what happened. I had my eye on my purse... but at least that didn't disappear too.

    I can only hope that those flats have a good life...

  29. Ballet shoes until she passed away. It was only while going through her mother's belongings after her death that she found the ballet shoes along with a diary, which told the story of how they had helped her survive the Holocaust. My friend vowed to keep them safe forever and pass them on to her own children, to keep the story of her mother's life alive. Tragically, just a few months later there was a terrible fire at my friend's house.

  30. I love JCrew's critter flip flops. I pick up a pair or two every summer when they go on sale for $10.

    The only other shoes I own by JCrew are two pairs of Trixie Heels. One of the pairs I have no problem wearing all day even with city walking (like Anon @ 12:23 I have a pretty high pain tolerance). But the other pair is a bit tighter even though it's the same size so I have to wear walking shoes for the commute down to work and back home.

    I hopefully have a pair of Brewster boots on the way if they make it out of waitlisted state.

  31. WIth all i've heard about their shoes being so uncomfy, I don't see myself trying any of their shoes in the near future. with that said, I have been eying the driving mocs, but they don't look like they have much of an arch support. being a teacher and on my feet all day, I HAVE to have something with ultra-comfort and support! (hard to find comfort + support + cute!)

  32. Melanie: Toe cleavage is "the new cleavage". ;)

  33. Anon @ 4:26:
    Are you talking about the missing "diamonique" on the right-foot silver sandal? Maybe JCrew wants us to think it's supposed to be that way, like "shabby chic" footwear. :0

  34. Their shoes are hit and miss, mostly miss. The heels tend to be cut too small in the toe box and since they do not offer a 10.5 and an 11 would be too big elsewhere I don't get them. I just got the Becca flats last night and they cut into my instep so badly they are going back. However, I have some flats that are leather (liv, capris) that fit well, but are flimsy. I almost always have to put a heel insert in them so they work. The espadrilles ankle straps are not long enough. The one time I tried them the A told me has problems with that, too.

    Like a cookie or indulgent sweet their shoes are good in theory and as a craving. However, once the craving has been indulged you are often left wondering why you gave into it.

  35. After reading a few of the post here I think the mens shoe designer should start doing women's shoes.

    I have seven pairs of J.Crew mens shoes and find them to run true to size and comfortable as well. I especially like the ankle boots; I have three pair and wear them regularly and love them.

    The one pair I found small were the McAlistor boots.

    I have my eye on the gallery boots and hope to snag a pair after Christmas. Gifts for others first, me second.

  36. First of all, I should note that I wear heels almost 100% of the time. I had read great reviews about J.Crews flats and decided to give them a try at the end of last summer. I bought the flats ... I can't remember the name but they have a gold footbed and then red, white, pink, and black pieces of material woven over the vamp of the shoe. When they arrived, I thought they were so cute and I couldn't wait to try them on. They fit just fine in size 6, which is what I wear in all shoes, but I was disappointed with how they held up. The first day I wore them, I went for a walk, and after walking for only a few miles, the tip of the shoes were already torn up, with the gold lining coming apart from the sole. I was so upset! Overall the shoes are ok, and I got them on super sale for around $40, and I am so glad I didn't pay more because the quality was subpar.

  37. Jaimie, regarding City ballet flats:

    I love them. I have them in black and yellow suede. I also have them in black patent leather and the gold color. I got most of them on ebay for good deals - so check there. They are so cute and look great with work clothes and jeans. Somebody else said they weren't comfortable, so probably just a difference in feet. But, they are the 1 J. Crew shoe that is actually comfortable. I'd give them a try!

  38. I love shoes (especially heels & boots) and find JC's shoes to be super cute looking, but so inconsistent in sizing and quality that it's really hard to find that magic combination of good shoe & good price. They are cut way narrow in the toe box - you can even tell this if you zoom in on pictures of the models feet, and they look all squished - how painful! Most are very overpriced, and missing the little touches, like reinforced heels/toes that make shoes last. I still think that eBay is the best place to go for the shoes, as you can usually get them for well under $100.

  39. I have narrow feet and even J Crew boots don't work for me AT ALL ... many of the their flip flops stretch out to the point of just falling off my feet ... probably a good thing for my credit card ... still disappointing, though ...

  40. I love, love this thread! Thank you, Alexis.

    I thought I was the only one who found J.Crew flats severely uncomfortable. I have several. I have a pair of flats in the tan and brown Cat pony-hide print from a couple of seasons ago. J.Crew also sold a belt in this print. I love these shoes but I nly wear them when I don't have much walking to do. My ballet flats from J.Crew tend to stretch out. I have had better luck with their platform wedge esparadrilles (mine are from a few seasons back).

    Thanks to those who posted feedback on J.Crew boots. Have been eyeing them for a few years now, but given my experience with their shoes, I have hestitated spend that much on boots from J.Crew. Does anyone know of a good equestrian style boot or one that has a kitten (up to 2.5 inches) heel?

  41. I have the silver Lizzie driving mocs and love them. I'm on my feet most of the day and they are extremely comfortable. I want another pair even though I don't need another pair. (I've always been a strictly-heels person - as comfy as they are, I have a hard time buying flat shoes.)

    I like the flipflops but not the stacked heel rubber ones. I had two pairs and they destroyed my feet. I guess they are meant for walking from pool chair to pool and back and not extended walking.

    I've never tried the heels or boots. I have a pair of the wellies but they are tight in the calf (I have big calves) and feel too smothering (unbreathable?) otherwise. I've only worn them once and doubt I'll wear them much in the future.

  42. I normally wear Stewart Weitzman heels around the office but have a pair of J. Crew heels in the desk drawer. I am surprised whenever I wear them how uncomfortable they care compared to the Weitzmans.

    (Weitzman heels are designed for lots of walking, which I do.)

    I have a few pairs of J. Crew ballet flats but again find them uncomfortable. And I'm not a fan of sliding around in them either!

    I agree that J. Crew shoes are aesthetically pleasing, but after wearing well-designed shoes, I doubt I'll be back to J. Crew for shoes again.

  43. RE: City flats

    I have several pairs of them (2 suede, 2 patent) and they're... ok. As others have mentioned, there is little to no padding or support, and the soles are really slippery at first (I almost broke my neck going down carpeted stairs in a new pair!). Not worth full price, not really worth the sale price unless you can get them for add'l % off. $40-50 seems to be a reasonable price for them given the quality (iffy) and comfort (iffy). You can usually get them for about that on ebay.

    One of my suede pairs (navy blue) fell apart after only 3 or 4 wearings. It's kinda hard to explain what happened, but basically the heel part slouched down and was rubbing on the ground to the point where it completely wore through the suede. Thankfully they were pretty nice about taking them back. I bought a cheap replacement pair on ebay.

    The other suede ones are fine, and have in fact become one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

    The patent ones are ok. The sizing is a little different for different colors (the yellow runs a little small).

  44. oh, and on the subject of their boots: I feel the quality has really gone down on these in recent years. I have pairs from a few years ago that are made with really lovely, thick-but-not-stuff leather that has worn really well despite all the snow and salt they've been subjected to. I had one pair that I wore so much that I had them resoled twice and they still looked new (I finally gave them up when the zipper broke). But the newer pairs I've tried have thin, stiff, scratch-prone leather. (I haven't tried any of their current season boots, so I can't comment on those.)

  45. I have had mixed experiences with JCrew shoes. For the most part, I have found their flats dreadfully uncomfortable (unwearable really...and I have a hight pain tolerance) with the exception of the ballet flats. The ballet flats are somewhat comfortable for a while, but the soles are very thin and can be rough on the feet if you are doing a lot of pavement walking. They also can be prone to stretching. Heels are okay...the shoes themselves aren't too bad comfort-wise but I find some of the skinnier somewhat unsteady. I feel like there is something amiss with the blancing of the heel. I have other heels that seem much steadier on (hopefully this makes sense to people)

    I've had great luck with flip-flops, espadrilles and boots. All have been very comfortable and worn well. Although as another poster noted I have noticed a significant decline in quality of their boots in the last couple of years. The leather was MUCH nicer in my older boots.

    Overall I would say JCrew shoes aren't worth it at full price, but I'm usually content with them if I purchase on sale.

  46. About ten years ago, I bought a pair of pink suede wingtips from J. Crew. They were not advertised as having any special features, but they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. They must have had a steel shank or something in the arch that were perfect for my high arches.

    Since then, I've searched in vain for comfortable J. Crew shoes. The flats are too painful for my high arches and often too narrow in the toe box.
    But three to four inch heels are unthinkable for a newspaper reporter who is on her feet a lot.

    I wish J. Crew would rediscover the two-inch kitten heel because I love the styling of their shoes.

    I hate the platypus look of a lot of the "comfort" shoe lines.

  47. JC shoes sizes are always a toss up for me.
    Recently bought the Lulu's in HG and went for a 6.5. They are a little big on me but since I got them for $40 I can't complain too much.
    Last week I received the Alessia's in Royal and b/c the Lulu's were a bit loose I sized down to a 6. Well I found those to be a little snug. I am hoping they stretch since they are patent.
    Speaking of stretching I have some pointed herringbone flats w/ a pink bow that have stretched considerably.
    The flip flops are the best bet for me and they last forever. I probably wear them 10 months out of the year being in Dallas.

  48. Laura,

    I also just purchased the crackle heels in pewter. I'm totally on the fence about keeping them! I like them on...and they aren't too bad in terms of comfort, but I wondering if the chipping of the crackle finish will end up really annoying me.

    I'm worried that if chipping is bad enough to warrant a note in the box from JCrew that they just may not be worth it even if they were a good deal. (Plus I'm sick of JCrew screwing up my orders, that I might just return them for spite anyway.)

  49. i love the boots! i have the brewsters from last year (high heel and flats) and love them. no, the heels aren't the most comfortable, but they look so good its hard not to wear them. and in general their shoes aren't the most comfortable, but i fix that by wearing dr scholl's, that $5 fix makes them wearable. i can also say every single time i wear j crew shoes i ALWAYS get a compliment :)

  50. Can't remember my PWD so I am logging in as anon.

    I own a pair of the Tivoli in a size 7. They are fantastic, and far more comfortable than I expected. I purchased the City Metallic in a 7, and I just sent them back in exchange for a 7.5 - they didn't give me the impression they'd have much "give".

    I have ordered and returned so many times due to the inconsistency in sizing...

    J Crew shoes from '05-'07 seemed to be far superior in quality and comfort.

    This year the heels are in the 2"-2.5" range and I need 3.5" and up so I have been limited in my ability to order. Just placed an order for the HH feather peep toe. We'll see how they fit!

    - KathGrace

  51. anon 10:59, thanks for the response. I am feeling the same way. And am still not sure what I'll do. I paid $104 for them so it's about 50% off the regular price, but I'm still not sure if that's cheap enough for me to deal with the finish wearing off. And then I wonder if it would get worse with pants and if I have to only use them with skirts/dresses, etc.

  52. I'm a size 5 or 5 1/2, and JCrew doesn't make too many styles in the 5 1/2, but I got both the pink and yellow versions of the Kinzie calfhair peep toes last spring--LOVE them. They are actually really comfortable.

    I have another pair of t-strap dotted black heels a few years ago--not as comfy until I added some gel-insoles. I get compliments every time I wear these shoes.

  53. I'm so glad this post came up today. I was just about to order the crackle metallic mary jane heels and the Alessia patent mary jane heels. Does anyone already own these? Do they fit TTS? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

    Also, in general I find J. Crew's shoes too low-heeled. I wear heels almost exclusively and prefer at least 3-1/2-inches.

    Interestingly, the pair of shoes I've owned the longest (more than 12 years, with only one re-sole) were a pair of J. Crew riding boots that zip up the front and have a strap that buckles on the side, just below the knee. I bought them my first year of college and I'm still wearing them to this day...and they're still in great shape!

  54. I'm 5'10" so I love that JCrew makes reasonable high heels... the 4" ones just make me way too tall. I wear them anyway but i prefer shorter ones!

    Does anyone have the Liza D'Orsay heels? My mom just picked me up a pair at the B&M near her but I have no idea what they'll be like. Are they comfy?

    I have the metallic tivoli ballet flats... I haven't worn them but trying them on, they were really comfy as compared to the stiffer flats like the city ballet flats.

    Does anyone have the glenbrae high heel boots? Are those comfy? I want a pair but I don't know if they are worth the price... considering I got a pair of Michael Kors leather penelope boots for $50 at Marshalls which are absolutely gorgeous and comparable in quality I think.

    I love reading everyone's thoughts on the shoes! Great idea.

  55. The only JC shoes are I have are the Alessia peep-toes. I probably could have gone with my smaller size (I'm between a 6.5 and a 7) but the 7 has a really comfortable roomy toe area, so I kept them slightly big. I bought the Wild rose and love them. I will probably purchase the spearmint if they go on sale

  56. I love the look of J.Crew's shoes, so I have tried them, but I have been sadly disappointed with every pair of heels. They have plastic soles and no (or very little) padding in the footbed, so every single step is painful and jarring. Oppositely, my favorite shoes from last summer was my J.Crew capri flip flops, and I was NOT a flip-flop fan before these shoes! They have leather coles with a rubbed no-slip insert, and they were extremely comfortable, both standing and walking, even walking longer distances. I am even buying up whatever pairs I can find in my size just to make sure I have them for next summer!

    I wanted the crackle MaryJanes in metallic parsley so badly that I almost gave them a try, but then the website went down, and when it came back up, my size was sold out. The desire for leather soles did inspire me to try shoes from Cole Haan, Stuart Weitzman and Bettye Mueller, all of which have been just wonderful. I will be sticking with these designers and others like them unless/until J.Crew steps up their quality on their pumps. For shoes retailing for $250, I expect leather soles. Maybe it's just me. (And if so, that's fine - there are other designers who meet my needs.)

    Thanks for the topic, Alexis!

  57. Everyone: Thanks for sharing your great comments! They have been super insightful!!! :)

    Audrey: I am so sorry to hear about your shoes disappearing at the J.Crew Store while you were trying on another pair! :( I also know what you mean about those rubber rain flats- truly no support. I ended up inserting a Dr.Scholls insert to make them wearable- and for the most part it has worked out. :)

  58. I have several pairs that I love. Although I would not consider J.Crew shoes to be extremely comfortable, they rarely give me blisters which is an accomplishment with my oversensitive feet.

    I have the Bari ballet flats from a year or two ago, and I love them. I wear them lots, and I wouldn't hesitate to get a new pair of J.Crew ballet flats when they finally wear out.

    I also have the Erin peep-toes in the flame red suede (roasted pepper?) They are gorgeous shoes and I get tons of compliments when I wear them. I definitely do not want to wear them walking around town (did that once, and regretted it!)

    I just received the Isabella heels in sweet potato (teal and orange). This color combo is really different and I LOVE it. I slipped the shoes on as soon as they arrived and they fit great, but I haven't worn them a full day yet. Can't wait too!

    Oh, and all of my J.Crew heels show off my toe cleavage. I like it! My husband was aghast when he heard there existed such a phrase as "toe cleavage." LOL

    I've gotten all my J.Crew shoes on sale. I'd never pay full price. Ever!

  59. I'm glad JC is doing more mid-heels. The really high heels look cute but are really bad for your lower back and knee alignment, not to mention painful on the balls of your feet. I am 29 and work out a lot, so it's not that I am old, decrepit and unable to wear high heels for that reason. Don't like flats b/c I have high arches and heels are just more flattering to all legs.

    For those that like the really high heels there are still plenty of styles 3.5" and above...several I would have liked to order (like the ones in the pic of this post) if they were at the 2-3" height instead. When you walk around the city for going out and to/from work really high heels are just not practical--better if you live in the suburbs and drive everywhere.

    I did get the claudias with the 2-3/4 inch heel and they are quite nice. I just ordered a second pair.

    I have also tried the perfect everday pump--looks really refined but runs way too small. I normally wear a 10.5 or 11 and the 11 was too small so I am out of luck in that style.

  60. Also, this has been discussed before but I wish they would keep in mind that the northern half of the country does not want to wear peep-toes in the winter.

    OT, is having an extra 50% off their clearance styles plus free shipping on any price. I got a $100 shirt for $25 and free shipping. :)

  61. Shannon:

    I asked this on your blog, too. What do you wear with your Alessia? I have the wild rose and it is a little brighter than I thought. They are beautiful, but I am not sure I can do them justice. I need some ideas.

  62. I have a lot of coral and rhubarb tops and cardis that I can pair the Alessia'a with, including the tulip licorice tee. Most days I wear jeans but a grey or navy pant would work too I think.
    In the Spring I will wear them with my denim swing skirt and hopefully I can find a pretty floral top at anthro to match the rose shade

  63. Laura--

    The finish on my shoes wore off very quickly. I actually kind of like the way they look now though. It makes them look a bit more unique,

  64. Also, this is off topic but does anyone know how to check the inventory online?

  65. *sara*
    Try to add 99 of an item to your shopping cart...if there are less than 99, the site will automatically adjust the number down. You'll then be able to see how many are (supposedly) in-stock. HTH!

  66. I'm regularly seduced and disappointed by J Crew's shoes - like a gorgeous date who can't sustain a conversation. Beautiful but no connection. Their shoes are usually too small for me in size 8 and too big in size 8 1/2, but I keep trying -- order and return, repeat. I have a pair of long glenbrae flat boots in dark maple (item 95938) and they are almost perfect. They don't fit as snugly around the calf as I'd like so I'm not sure if I'll keep them - I was glad to discover that they are more narrow in the calves than most. I have some mocs that took a few months of wearing inside before they were comfortable enough to wear outside. I'm glad I persisted because now they're so comfy. I have a pair of short black midheel boots that I got from JCrew probably 6-8 years ago and they're one of my favorites. I walk to/from my work and my daughter's school - about 3 miles per day of city sidewalk walking and I can't wear much of a heel on weekdays so I love attractive shoes/boots that can slog through 3-4miles of city streets every day.

  67. To all who responded about the metallic lulus -- thanks! Unfortunately I guess that means that the one size up won't work, if they run so big. :( Maybe the Alessias...

    I LOVE Jcrew's boots, and I really love that they make extended calf. I gave up on boots for a long time but finally tried some last year and they're wonderful. I have the Richmond flat boots in black and brown, and the heels in brown, and I just got the Glenbraes in gray suede. They're totally gorgeous and comfortable too.

    I'm also a huge fan of the espadrilles -- I can walk miles in the savannahs from last year. They stay on the foot so well, and something about the wedge heel just makes them sturdier and I guess absorbs shock better. They're also great because they can be casual or dressier, and work with almost any summer outfit.

    I also agree that the Katy tumbled leather heels are wonderful -- so classy and pretty and still comfortable, with a pretty reasonable sized heel. The Juliets are nice as well, but I only got them in the orange so far and haven't found much to wear them with, sadly.

    Finally, ITA about the flats, pretty miserably uncomfortable. The mocs are nothing to rave about in my experience either. I wore a pair for a few hours recently and I felt like my arch was collapsing and I had blisters everywhere! How is that even possible in floppy soft moccasins?? Well if there's a way JCrew will find it.

    Ok, long post!

  68. Thanks, Sara, for your response re: the Crackle shoes. Would you say they look more casual now that the finish is wearing off?

    It's funny I'm so unsure about these heels, but I'd get the crackle flats in a heartbeat if they were less expensive (though i don't own JCrew flats, and reading these comments..maybe they would be horrible)

  69. Thanks for the helpful comments about the shoes. So far I only own JCrew's flip flop, but I have been eyeing the Joelle ballet flats. Does any have these and would you care to comment on them?

  70. A few of you asked about how the crackle finish wears...

    I have decided not to worry about the crackle coming off - I love the shoes too much and they are in the rotation now so no turning back!

    I have noticed the crackle does - well - crackle - but it isn't peeling off or anything - it's just getting more crackly - like a patina - so I kind of like it like the prior-poster commented.


  71. This is the post that has made me come out of lurking!!

    I love, love love J. Crew shoes so much - they just add something special to so many many outfits (especially ones featuring J. Crew items). However, lately many of their shoes have been fail for me.

    I tend to favor flats since I'm already tall, on my feet a lot during the day, and fairly close in height to my husband. I LOVED the Manhattan loafers from a few years back, and I also love my Campbell driving mocs. But the Liv's and Becca's from this season have been a major disappointment. I never thought I had wide feet, but after the first time I wore my Becca flats my dh commented that "it looked like I had stuffed my feet into them". Not because they were too small (I tried sizing up for comparison - too big), but because they are cut soooo low on the sides and the tops - the amount of toe cleavage is almost obscene! I bought the gold metallic Liv's on final sale, and have been too embarrassed to wear them out of the house. So I just take them out of the box, ogle them, sigh and then put them back. :(

    Just because I live in MI doesn't mean I want to wear Ugg boots every day all winter long! If only they offered some flats with a decent amount of coverage and a decent amount of support and comfort.

    Thanks for listening to my rant, girls. I love this blog!! Keep up the good work Alexis!


  72. My favorite J.Crew shoes are the flip-flops! LOL!
    I also love the look of their espadrilles, but I find them to be very uncomfortable! I have the metallic marsala flats from last year in bronze and silver, and they are very comfortable.

    I just purchased the sherbet crackly heels, and received them today! (Yae! I got them! :) You are so right, they do look like PAR-TAY shoes! I cannot wait to wear them!

    Please tell me more about how they look when the finish wears off!


  73. I love the flip-flops! I especially like the ones with stretchy elastic straps, as the plastic ones tear up my feet. I own five pairs and wear them all summer.

    That said, I'll never buy J. Crew boots again. Two years ago I bought kitten heel black high boots. The leather is nice and the boots are comfortable, but the problem is with the soles, which were leather. The first time I wore them, I walked from my car two blocks to a conference. When I sat down and crossed my legs, I noticed that the leather on the soles of both shoes was completely shredded and hanging off in strips. I had them resoled with rubber and now I like them much better (more traction than with leather), but that shouldn't have happened.

  74. I love the Lulus (both Flat and Heel) and the driving Mocs...ordering a pair soon!

    The leather Capri sandals for summer are great. I have the light gold and they go with everything. They can easily dress up any outfit even though they are technically flip flops.

    I know there was a boot post awhile back but I love my Long Glenbrae leather boots. True to size and so beautiful.

    NOTE: I put gel pads in all my shoes (Flats, heels and boots). When I'm on my feet all day there's no way I'm taking any risks.

  75. I have 3 pairs of Jcrew heels and I find them to be comfortable enough to wear them for a couple of hours but definitely not all day. I buy them at Jeremy's in Berkeley, CA which as like an outlet for anthropologie and jcrew, so I usually pay about 15-30 dollars for them. So i'm very happy with them :)

  76. Love the styling, hate the inconsistency in sizing. Makes buying JC shoes impossible once FS sets in.

    Have never purchased a pair of the flats. Not flattering on a wider foot with chubby toe cleavage, IMO.

    I always been amazed that the styling of JC shoes remains distinct and unique. In any given season, its difficult to find similar offerings from other retailers. Do wish their shoe designer would lose his/her infatuation with toe cleavage. That styling convention is overdone by JC, IMHO.

  77. I own many pairs of their flats, and on all of them, I've had to order a half size up. I insereted foot petal heel and sole paddings into all of them, so I am able to wear them the whole day.

  78. I liked the look of the sherbet crackle heel pair I saw last week, but they looked a little too party-ish and I have a pair of bright silver heels already.

    Does aging/further crackling make it a little less bright?

  79. How comfortable are the Juliet heels (esp those of you who have wide feet)?

    I have flat, wide feet and usually live in flats w/ cushioning, but the Juliets are so gorgeous.. thinking about grabbing some for wearing out if they go on further sale..

    Advice? I know I should probably stay away from pretty shoes : (

  80. kendra-i wouldn't purchase the juliet if i had wide feet. IMO i don't think it will be comfy-sorry:(

  81. bug pin- thanks, that's what i needed! Do you know anywhere I can find cute, comfy heels similar to these? I love the wood heels and the gorgeous colors.

  82. ITA with bugpin -- the Juliet heels are quite narrow. I'm a 7 narrow so I almost always buy 6.5 in any brand, but my yellow 6.5 Juliet heels are quite snug. If the brown ones go on sale, I think I'll pick them up in a 7. But I think it also has to do with the patent leather being quite stiff. I recently bought the sherbet Claudia crackle pumps in 7 and they're too big and they're pretty much exactly the same shape shoe. Those I got at the 30% off sale in-store so I'm going to return them and I've ordered them even cheaper off the web in 6.5.

    Re: flats, one of my fave pairs of flats are the Marsalas from last year or the year before. I'm totally going to run them into the ground. But that's my only flats experience from J Crew...

  83. kendra-
    I don't know where else to find something similar--that's where JC gets us! They make really exclusive looking shoes-not the best quality or fit but super unique! I am sure posters could refer you to a wider fitting style though. I have med-to -narrow feet so I cannot comment very well.

    Abby-what store has the crackle pumps? Thanks!

  84. Laura--I would wear the shoes dressed up still most of the time. I think they're a bit to sparkly for daily wear, but you could definitely also pull them off for a dressed down night out.

    Anonymous 5:40--The shoes get small greyish lines once you wear them a couple lines, but mine haven't faded yet. And yes, they're great party shoes!

  85. BugPin -- I got them at the store on 5th ave and 17th Street a couple of weeks ago.

  86. I bought a pair of the suede bucks for my boyfriend a few years ago. I had to send back 2 pairs before we got the right size (NOT true to size at all). They're beautiful but we had to add padding to the inside of the heel because the bare leather chafed his achilles tendon. Thinking that it was probably just a problem with the men's shoes, I ordered some of the York suede driving mocs. They're so cute but I'm really disappointed overall with the quality. They run at least a half size big and they're very wide. The bigger problem is that there are exposed stitches and raw edges on the inside of the toebox, which makes for some bad blisters. So sad. I keep looking at the shoe section online because they're so beautiful, but I just don't think I can do it to my feet. As a runner, I need to take care of them!

  87. I got off ebay a couple of pairs of J. Crew slides from last summer. I've been very pleased with them. They're very comfortable even after several hours on my feet. Now, I did put in Dr. Scholls inserts for my heels and the balls of my feet, but I do that for practically all my shoes.

    For other J. Crew shoes, I'm a little leary. I hope J. Crew is reading these posts, because it looks like the J. Crew experts are giving J. Crew's shoes a big thumbs down.

  88. I recognize this is ridiculous but I have been literally hunting for years for the manufacturer of some discontinued J. Crew Shoes from 10 or more years ago! The name of the sandal is "O-Ring Moroccan Slide." They were made in Italy and were a dark brown color made of a lightweight wood material. They had a slight heel in a wedge style and I have never again found a summer sandal in any price range from $50 - $5000 I liked as well.

    I wonder if anyone remembers the shoes and either knows where I can find them or has a picture of them so I can try to have some made. I'd be willing to spend a significant amount at this point to replace them. The pair I had lasted around 7 years before the leather strap broke and I'm kicking myself now for throwing them out instead of taking them to a shoe repair store.

    At the time I bought them they were sold out and I had to drive to a different city to get them in my size. I wish J. Crew would bring this classic back!

    Thanks for any help you can offer a crazy obsessed summer sandal girl. =)

  89. I have been searching high and low -- for years! -- for another pair of J Crew shoes I bought 5+ years ago. Description: they are brown, suede, and, the best way I can describe them is that they look like European-style moon boots, except they are shoes, with lug soles. I bought them a good 5+ years ago. Anybody know where I might be able to find a pair?

  90. i love the boots! i have brewster high heel and flats and love them. The heels aren't comfortable, but they look so good its hard not to wear them.Every single time i wear j crew shoes i always get a compliment.

  91. So what is the final verdict on the Brewster boots? I am normally a size 9.5 and I found some on ebay for $99. Are they comfortable or should I stick with Frye boots?

  92. Lightweight, flexible, breathable, and slip on, the Skechers GOWalk line gives you the added supportBest supportive shoes for pregnancy


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