Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mark Your Calendars: J.Crew Warehouse Dates

A big "thanks!" to Helena who shared the following news & upcoming events:
Asheville Sample Sale J Crew DC
Oct 29th & Oct 30th

Asheville and Lynchburg Holiday Warehouse Sale
November 25, 26 & 27 both DC locations

Please join us for our next RWS
January 6th thru January 22nd
Richmond VA – Former Borders location on West Broad

Sounds like some amazing deals to be had during and after the Holiday shopping season. Maybe I should be booking a ticket... ;)

Mini-update: "Thanks!" to AppGal (check out her lovely "Musings on the Mountain" blog) who shared the following additional details:

The first event will run from Saturday, October 29th (9AM - 8PM) through Sunday, October 30th (10AM - 4PM).

The location for this shopping event is:
J.Crew Clearance Store
1 Clifford Way (off N.C. 191)
Arden, NC 28704
(828) 687-6475

If you are attending these events, please share with us! Let us know if it is worth going and what deals you found. Thanks! :)


  1. Another one? Seems like they have them pretty much all the time now.

  2. Regarding the lookbook pics with this post - has everything been released with the exception of the skirt/shirt combo in the first pic?

  3. silver_lining: The shirt is already online here and the skirt is available for pre-order right now. It should debut sometime in November/early December.

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  5. Does anyone actually have the addresses to where these will be? I've never been to one, just heard about them but would love to go.

  6. In North Carolina, the address I believe is 1 Clifford Way, Arden, NC. That's for the werehouse and the actual clearance store; they are connected.

  7. ^ Yep, that address is correct! (is it sad that I know the address by heart?)

  8. LOL AppGal, so do I. It is a little sad... but I'm ok with it :D

  9. Where is the Lynchburg location? And it says there is one in DC? Anyone have any more details?

  10. I'm so happy! My family is from Richmond, and I'll be home for an extended holiday vacay! I'll def. be at this sale. I went to the Charlottesville sale a while back and found *so* many great things!! :D

  11. Too bad I'll be 705 miles away...yea, I checked :-(

  12. Realistically how picked over will the Richmond RWS be if I go the 2nd weekend? Do they continue to replenish stock or is see it, grab it, buy it? Thanks ladies!

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  14. Any more details one the Richmond sale? What time does it start? I thought I was on their mailing lists but haven't heard anything about it....

  15. anyone know if jcrew warehouse sale their 3rd party collaboration items?


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