Tuesday, October 18, 2011

J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}

This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)


  1. Any one have a review on the Kendor cardigan?

    I've had my eye on it on the site, and then saw it in the catalog over the weekend. In the catalog it looks like it is really long and hits low. Anyone seen this sweater in their B&M?

  2. I received the Booker Boots in black the other day. They are beautiful, but came up so high on my calves (like awkwardly past my knees) that they are going back. The fit TTS in the foot, though. I am 5'5", so not super short.

  3. could somebody please review the acorn fireball bracelet(#67761)?
    i am thinking of the bright papaya color.
    is it worth FP?

  4. I saw a sweater in the store today on super sale (19.99) but I can't find the name anywhere: it is 100% merino cardigan, with buttons, and very much a boyfriend shape. The arms are narrow and the shoulders are dropped and the body is large. It has pockets. Anyone know the name? I saw it in flame, green, and gray. THANKS

  5. Was in a b&m yesterday and picked up the stretch twill minnie (18850) in NAVY. The stretch twill is by far my favorite version of the minnie, and the navy is a bright but deep navy; great color. Apparently it is in-store only. This one runs slightly large, as did previous years' minnies; I sized down from my usual 0 to 00.

    I also have the minnie in vibrant flame, but this one I got in petite sizing, and for some reason, this one was more TTS and I took my usual P2. Not sure if the TTS-versus-runs-large fit applies to the regular sizes as well. The vibrant flame is a great color, an orange-red, but my wait continues for a true red pant and double-serge skirt...

    I also received the petite no. 2 pencil skirt in corduroy (29997) this week in navy and autumn bluegrass. Again, great colors. I had been looking for a navy pencil skirt as well, and the more casual cords (versus the gorgeous double-serge) are fine (probably even better) for my lifestyle.

    As for fit: I ordered only my usual P2 instead of ordering two sizes -- can never tell with JCrew sizing these days -- and that was probably a mistake. The packaging describes the skirts as stretch corduroy, and I guess that explains why the skirt is tight. It is stretchy, however, so I'm not sure if it's supposed to fit tight -- wish I had also ordered a 2 or P4 to compare.

    An aside/other-retailer-plug: I am sitting here typing with a kitten on my lap AND wearing an Ann Taylor cashmere cardigan. Would NEVER do this with any of my JCrew cashmere!!

  6. Hi Margaret - sounds like the Cocoon cardigan - I think the flame color was in-store only.

  7. I finally received my Boy Shirt in Stripe Crepe de Chine (in Navy) yesterday and absolutely love it. I now see why it has received so many positive reviews from other JCAs. I know some have said that it runs large, but I don't find this to be the case. I have been wearing a 00 in the 'boy shirts' this year, but purchased this one in a size 0 at the suggestion of my PS and the fit is perfect. (If I had purchased the 00 it would definitely have been too tight in the shoulders and would not have had as much of a 'relaxed' look.) I would highly recommend trying this one if you haven't already. :)

  8. The No. 2 pencil skirt in Royal Paisley is beautiful!!! Fit is TTS.

  9. I think I posted these in the sale section but a few new arrivals and sale items here

  10. I bought the Booker boots (flat) in marsala chai (despite some not so favorable reviews -- they were/are exactly what I was looking for in a boot). They are absolutely gorgeous. I don't have the fit issues that other have talked about (coming up too high) and I'm only 5'4". The leather is soft and really smooth and the boots are a great shape.

  11. The dearie dress is currently waiting for me on my porch along with the Encore trench and a new favorite tank. Worried about dearie because I've seen several smalls popping up on eBay with the sellers noting that they fit like a medium. I can make a small fitting like a medium work but if the elastic waist isn't tight it might look silly, boo.

    I tried the Encore while visiting Cleveland recently (my local J.Crew carries basically nothing); excitedly ripped it off the mannequin bc that was the only one they had in store and it happened to be an 8. Same as my icon trench size, one size up from my normal coat/everything else size. Fit like a glove. So if you're considering it, I recommend sizing up. It is very fitted.

    Has anyone tried the mini stripe leggings? Intrigued but skeptical of quality.

  12. the paisley pencil skirt and pasiley perfect shirt are on their way to my house today... quick review later tonight...

    also ordered the gimlet tweed skirt but it hasn't shipped yet so review of that next week.


  13. Hiya! Wanted to share a few items...

    The Matinee Trench: fits true to JC sizing (so a bit big). I originally ordered the 0 but it was waaaay frumpy looking. I read some reviews and some people say that the belt was up to their chest so I refrained from ordering the petite sizing (I'm 5'4"). But the regular 0 didn't look right and came down mid-thigh. On the JC model the coat looks nice and only covers her bum, so I re-ordered in P0 and I'm happy with it. I think this coat is meant to be shorter in length and it looks good (on me anyways) like that. I've heard people think the arms are short, but it fit fine for me (I do have short arms though). Fabric is mid-weight twill and looks fab with skinnies.

    The Elodie Blouse: I bought this in grafiti green and cobblestone. The green is deep and lovely and the cobblestone is a nice neutral that can be dressed down. Fits quite large as I had to get the PXXS (I am normally a XS/0 at other stores).

    The No 2 Pencil Skirt in double serge cotton: I got the mauve color (looks like a deep pink). Sizing is big, of course. I got the 00 and it fit everywhere except the waist, which was big. I threw it in the dryer and it shrank and fits ok now - the waist fits well but everything else shrank a bit too so a bit tighter than I would've liked. Should have probably had the waist taken in instead. Also, I asked my PS about sizing for all the No 2 Pencil skirts and she said that the different fabrics are cut slightly differnt so I should NOT expect the sizing to be the exact same (ie. the double serge wool may have slightly different measurements that the cotton).

  14. @Rynetta what are you wearing with the new paisley skirt? I have the s/s one and have only worn it once with a white tee because I couldn't find anything in my closet that worked. I like the colors but the pattern is so busy, it's a challenge for me.

  15. JCrewJD, I am so confused! Another JCA told me to order the Encore trench in my normal size. My personal shopper says to size down. You are recommending sizing up. Darn final sale!

  16. My pointelle beach cardigan arrived yesterday and oh, j'adore, just as I knew I would! Even though the knit is chunky, the fit is streamlined and TTS ... although I would say I think the sleeves run a bit slim.

    Since it's cotton, it will be perfect here in the south all year 'round, but especially for this weird transition time we're in right now. Our days start out and end up chilly, but midday can still be warm.

    I tried it on this morning over downtown skinnies and a linen tank and I must say I looked just right. I'm wearing that outfit tomorrow when it'll be just a tad cooler. :D

  17. Poo. I also wanted to mention how much I love the paisley pencil skirt (pumpkin/navy color way). Grabbed it during extra 30% off and while it's a size too big for me, it's so pretty that I couldn't resist wearing it today before it gets cold out. I also love that it's lined, as we know not all JC cotton pencil skirts are lined. The print is TDF, I just LOVE the colors!

    (BTW there is one in the sale section online right now, size 00 for $99. Just sayin'.)

  18. Desert Flower, Ahhh! I'm so sorry to add to the confusion!!!

    For me, the Encore trench fits just like the Icon trench. In the Icon, like many JCAs, I sized up one size, from 6 to 8, so I did the same in the Encore, and it fits great. Granted, I didn't have a size 6 in the Encore to compare with the 8. Whatever you do, DO NOT size down... I have no idea why your PS would recommend that because this is a pretty fitted coat.

    Another note on fit, it is the tightest in my chest, which is slightly large for my size, but not huge, haha. If you have a small to normal sized chest, your "regular" coat size may work.

    Also, if you don't ever want to wear heavy clothing under it, then you can also be safe with your regular size. I think I recall that you live in a hot climate so I doubt you'll be wearing any heavy sweaters or blazers underneath this thing... so after considering all that I know about the Encore trench, and in what climate you'll wear it, I think you should get your normal size, unless you have a large chest. Phew! Trying to figure out sizes in J.Crew can be so exhausting...

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  20. My personal shopper found the last pair of cherry colored cafe capri (wool) in size 6 yesterday and I woke up this morning to the UPS guy at my door (JCREW overnighted!!!)....anyway, I love the color and cannot wait to wear...wearing the dahlia color today and they are by far my favorite work pant for fall. I used to like the chino's for fall but I'm taking my pair I bought this weekend in the BENNET style right back to the store. There is no need for a pant to be that SLIM in the the thigh and leg and then bulky in the hip!

  21. I am going to throw a big shout out to the crewcuts cable cashmere crewneck sweater. OMG.


    I wanted something from the cashmere line in the heather citrus color (very light lemony color), but all the womens' cashmere that came in this color was sold out in my size. Well, lo and behold, there was a size 14 in the crewcuts line and with the 30% off, I ended up getting this beautiful, well-fitting, supremely soft sweater for all of $77.

    I highly recommend looking in the crewcuts section for sale finds like this, especially if you can wear a ladies 00-6 or xxs-small in tops. I typically wear a 4 or 6 or xs or s and the 14 was even a touch generous feeling. I think some of the very petite ladies could even go down to a size 10!

    That said, I do not think this will work on anyone with a longer torso, as the cut is a bit short. But I have a short torso, so it was fine. The sleeves are plenty long enough, though.

    I would post pics today, but we are super, crazy busy, so it will have to wait a little bit. But wanted to put that out there for people looking for a good price on cashmere.

  22. Pants:

    Wool caris in Tall
    These were reviewed zillion times but I just wanted to say that I got them in tall to see if I can wear them as regular pants and yes, that woudl work. I am 5'6" and my inseam is about 32", I got size 4 (my regular size) and they woudl work especially that you have cuffs to let go off.
    The shape is still nice as narrow legged pants, and in case you are wondering the stall size fits the same it is just longer. Maybe they are a smidge bigger but it may be an individual pair.
    I am returning them because they are very scratchy. Yacht blue is beautiful.

    Foundry Pants:
    I sized down one size based on reviews here and it was a good call. They fit me in the waist but they still look big in the hips.
    I think they fit like they are supposed to I am just not sure if I like it. I think you really have to be tall and slender to pull it off.

    I am 5'6" and I think this is borderline, I would need heels. They are not that long on me, I could cuff them but I still think they look longer on the model and I doubt shi is shorter than me.
    The fabric is of substantial weight and it feels good on. They are well made and solid. That is also part of teh problem, as they don't drape that well and stick out where they are loose.
    That is on me since I have no butt to speak of. But if you carry weight in that area they may comouflage it and they definitely have room there.
    If your waist is not so small definitely do not size down more that one size, just go with your waist size and the rest will fit.
    They are definitely not city fit. The rise is higher than on HUtton pants that are supposed to be high waisted.

    I am on the fence with them and to me they are only worth the sale price minus 30%.
    If you got them on FS and don't like them I woudl argue about the rise and 'city fit' being misleading. I got my order noted becasue of that after chatting with CS.

    Hutton Pants in 120s
    I got them to try before they are final sale. They are very nice and fit me well. I got them in my reguilar size despite CS recommendation that i go size up and they fit me well.
    But keep in mind that the waist is smaller and they are cut relatively straight. Navy is a beautiful shade, not so dark that they woudl look black, exactly what I was looking for.
    They are unlined but they are soft and not scratchy at all and I thought the wool capris were definitely scratchy.

    Hutton chinos
    I got another pair just so I can hem this pair to wear with flats. I highly recommend them at the sale price since the fabric feels better and sturdier than regular chinos, but they are the same price now.

    I am a recent high waist convert, I like how contains my 'love handles' and gives me smooth look under t-shirts.

  23. JCrewJD, thanks for the input. I am a slim build, average chest, and you are right that I will not be layering under my trench. I will toss the dice and go with my regular size. I think that will work. It's such a beautiful coat!

  24. Margaret: has to be the Cocoon cardigan. The flame was an in-store only colour.

  25. This is not really a review, but a plea for advice. I ordered the schoolboy blazer in both decadent red and maraschino cherry. While they are very different - they are both "red" and I can't justify keeping both. I need help if you've seen both colors.

  26. Hi Mack, I ordered both decadent red and maraschino cherry schoolboys as well. The cherry is much prettier IMO. While both are true reds with more blue than orange, I think the cherry is just a bit more blue if that makes any sense. I really like this color and will probably pick up a couple of tees and maybe a Jackie in it. Hope this helps.

  27. A few quick reviews based on my fall shopping thusfar:

    No. 2 pencil skirt in vintage tweed
    Loving the No. 2 pencil skirts for fall, particularly because they're offered in petites which saves me the expense of having them hemmed in NYC for $25 a pop. I was immediately drawn to this one for the stunning, ultra-feminine color and thick, luxurious texture and found that it had a flattering, TTS fit. While I love the skirt and don't regret purchasing it, the one major drawback I've found is that (surprise, surprise) it pills. I have to take a lint shaver to it every time I wear it, and I must use extra care during the process so as not to snag it. It's been said before and I'll say it again - items of this price point (or of any price point exceeding that which you'd pay at F21) should not pill or look grubby after a single wearing. Beautiful skirt and one of my favorites of the season, but like so many JC items, it could be better crafted or just crafted of better materials.

    No. 2 pencil skirt in plaid
    Perfect skirt for fall/winter. Has the fabulous fit of the No. 2 in tweed without all of the pilly side effects. Love the bark color and the subtle plaid print, and I'm finding this one very easy to pair with many items in my closet. This would look stunning with a top in the henna color, which I've now mentally added to my wishlist.

    No. 2 pencil skirt in metallic bouclé
    I've only worn this once so far, but it has not yet begun to pill like the tweed skirt so I'm optimistic. I love that this is a very chic twist on a simple grey skirt, and the hint of sparkle makes it great for day into night. Love the exposed back zipper. Fits TTS. Found the petite length to be just slightly longer than my petite skirts typically are, even compared to the other No. 2 skirts of the season.

    Flair skirt in plaid
    The styling of this skirt did nothing for me when I first viewed it online and in stores, however given the fabulous sale price last week I decided to try it on and I'm glad I did! This skirt has a very flattering fit and a feminine shape. It accentuates the smallness of the waist with its full A-line shape, and the front pleats will hide away any little bulges of the tummy. Looks sensational with knee high boots. Also love how thick the fabric is since it will be cold here in no time, plus the thickness helps it retain its shape all day long.

    Telegraph pencil skirt in wool flannel
    Tried this in two different sizes. Found that my usual size looked great but felt uncomfortably snug, particularly when sitting down, and a size up was much more comfortable through the waist and hips but just sort of hung on me limply instead of clinging to my curves as the smaller size did. I'd say this skirt is cut for a woman with a true hourglass figure, as it does accentuate the smaller waist and fuller hip. Wanted to love this since I need a solid brown skirt desperately, but this just wasn't the one. I did also wish the brown was more of a true brown and less of a heather, but that's a personal preference. Anyway, glad I didn't keep it at full price since I found it on the sale rack for $89.99 less 30% last week; would likely have repurchased the smaller size at that price but they didn't have it.

  28. Factory silk pleated skirt
    I was slightly wary of the cobblestone color, which turned out to be beautiful in person and very easy to pair. My issues with this skirt and the reasons I returned it are that (1) it's REALLY short. I have skinny stick legs and I love minis, but this one made me look like a grown woman playing dress up in a child's clothes. I could swear it was advertised as 17" long... (2) The pleats are very odd, and I don't mean the pleats in that it is a pleated skirt, I mean the hidden pleats in the design of the skirt itself. There are two gatherings in front, sewn into the lining, which make it bunch up and appear as though it's not sitting properly. I've just begun fashion design classes in the evenings and I thought a lot about what they were going for with this design, but I'm stumped. Too bad because I had the most fabulous silk pleated skirt in college that I've been trying to recapture ever since, and I really thought this was it when I spotted it online.

    Factory printed pencil skirt in begonia
    Thanks to some helpful reviews from my fellow JCAs, along with the cardi in the same print having sold out, I ordered this against my better judgment that I wouldn't get enough opportunities to wear it before it becomes tights weather here. I'm certain that remains true, but I agree with other JCAs that this is nicer in person than you'd expect. The begonia print is stunning, and the skirt itself has a nice shape unlike some factory pencil skirts from seasons past which I've found to be a bit shapeless. Fits just a touch larger than TTS in my opinion. I'm actually liking the attached lining (nothing worse than when you sit down and the whole lining of your skirt hangs out) but I do wish it were done in a fabric that could be layered over a thin stocking at the very least.

    More reviews to come...

  29. mack, I didn't know that there was a maraschino cherry schoolboy. Anyway in my opinion the decadent red being more orange-y works better with beige and camel while the maraschino cherry works better with navy and darker colors. So it depends if you have more camel or navy in your wardrobe (especially bottoms). HTH!

  30. Lunch break delivery! Reviews:

    Polka-dot popover: This is a fab top! Silk/cotton blend feels great, fit is similar to the silk boyshirts but the length is a little shorter...it hits at a flattering place on the hip if you want to wear un-tucked. Sheer enough that I'll wear a cami beneath for work but it's not so see-through that you couldn't wear it alone for a party top. Dots are definitely off-white. This will be a wardrobe fave!

    Elsie Skirt, Nightfall Floral: First, it's shorter than it appears online. I'm 5'8" and it hits a few inches above my knees. Luckily, I went up a size in anticipation of this problem (take that, tricky Crew skirt lengths!) and the rear elastic on the waistband allows me to wear it lower (and it's comfortable). Second, I wouldn't have bought this if I didn't live in GA where it's still 80 degrees in mid-October. It's a heavy, crisp, unlined cotton, and I love the colors of the print. Very versatile.

    Matinee Trench, Light Khaki: Heavier than what I expected, which is good, and the hood is actually useful and deep enough to cover my entire head. A bit roomy...those who are less-busty could go down a size. The belt is set too high...I'll move the loops or take them off all-together.

  31. Dara: I have this too, No. 2 pencil skirt in plaid and really like it, I'll have pic of it up on my blog on Friday, it has a really good cut and is just very wearable for autumn/winter.
    I feel your pain on stick legs - I'm a full size size bigger on top.

  32. CaptainCrew, I'm thinking that I will wear the paisley skirt with the Perfect shirt in warm jade, but I'm not sure. My online PS sent me a few looks, but I can't decide which works best for me. I can post a few of the pics she sent on my blog if that will help. Let me know! The skirt has beautiful colors in it. HTH!

  33. Some quick Crewlet reviews HERE

    The school boy blazer in Navy and in Velvet

  34. Has anyone tried the Bellamy ankle boots? I've been admiring them online for weeks but I'm skeptical as they do not appear to be selling. (Not to mention the fact that final sale shoes are a nightmare when the sizing's not consistent.)

  35. I purchased the tissue turtleneck in Royal blue, I love the beautiful color. IRL it looks like it does on my monitor.

    I was disappointed when I saw the Talia blouse in store because some were already starting to pill / look shop worn. I couldn't believe that. They didn't have my size so I didn't try it on but the pilling was a turn off.

  36. Just stopped by my JC (Park Meadows, CO) and they are having a 30% sale items and lots of sale merchandise. I also noticed that they are offering 25% off mens outerwear and asked when the womens outerwear would be on sale. I was told that they are having a coat event next Tues and Wed but no confirmation if there would be a discount or not. I did purchase the Fisherman Sweater which was on sale for $59.99 with 30% off in a lovely color that I have not seen before in the store or online. It is a grey/taupe/biscuit color. Hopefully my JC Final Sale shipment will come today and I will have some pleasant surprises.

  37. Has anyone purchased the Classic mini in felted wool? Reviews? Help :) I did try on the factory version and wasn’t a fan…but it was mainly a quality issue. I liked the length, but the material was very thin. Love the violet and red colors this year…but knowing me I will end up with black or grey..haha.

  38. Rynetta, could you post the pics with the ideas for the paisley skirt? I received mine today. I ordered it because I bought so many black and gray sweaters last year, and this is a nice complement, but I'd like to see some other ideas. Thanks!

  39. Also, I received the swish skirt from backorder. I really just wanted to see this irl, and wasn't necessarily thinking I'd keep it. However, I kind of love it. Nice thick silk, fit is tts, hits me at the knee. Only problem is, I'm not sure I'll get enough wear to warrant the price. I love how it is styled online with the tipped blazer, I may be able to wear it that way to work with boots. Decisions, decisions.

  40. I wanted to let you know about a terrible transaction I've had with J.Crew returns and mail order. I do not live near a J.Crew store so I use the online ordering a lot. I received a J.Crew cashmere cardigan sweater for my birthday. Unfortunately it was too small so I sent it to the J.Crew returns address specified by the website. I included a copy of the gift receipt along with a note specifying that I was returning the cashmere cardigan sweater in exchange for the Minnie pant style number ####, size ##, color ## and to please put the remainder, if any, on a gift card. Three weeks later and i still haven't heard anything. I contact the customer service and Charlene was able to track my return and said the return was being processed. A week later, still no word from J.Crew other than Charlene's email letting me know the return is being processed. Another call to J.Crew customer service and I found out the gifter's credit card, had been refunded instead of issuing me my exchange and credit. The customer service agent apologized and said a gift card will be issued right away, it would be sent USPS Priority Mail, and I should receive it no later than 5 days. Well it has been a week now (seven days) and I called again to J.Crew customer service. Now I am told that nothing can be done until they can contact the gifter to see if they can debit the charges. So now I have no sweater, no gift card, no birthday present. J.Crew totally dropped the ball on this. I am a loyal customer but now I will never use the mail order again.

  41. Kris, you got it! I will do it as soon as I get home!

  42. TXgirl14, the classic mini in felted wool is great. I tried to on the other day. I'm loving it with either tights and loafers or boots. The fit is TTS and the length is perfect. Definitely not too short. The quality seems good as well. I am hoping it goes on sale soon.

  43. It is a very sad day as I have decided to return my cece suede ballet flats. I love, love, love these shoes and the gorgeous indigo color. They fit TTS and hugged my foot just so, which was awesome except they rub on the back of my heel. I'm sure to get blisters after only a few minutes. :( I love the look and overall feel of the shoes, but I know myself well enough to know that I won't wear them if they hurt. Anyone else know if they stretch out in the heel?

  44. LOVE the wool cafe trousers and the maraschino cherry is gorgeous! As a shortie, I like the trousers better than the capris on me, especially in cooler weather. I did have to get them hemmed, though, so I have to wait a while to wear them. They are very light and not itchy at all. Also very popular - all of the female sa's were planning to buy them before they left work that day! :)

  45. I have wanted JCrew to reissue their knit cashmere wraps ever since I snagged the 2008 version on super-sale.

    I bought the new version at the last rollout. Arrived today. $275for this??? It is half as thick as my 2008 version and not nearly as wide.

    I think I'll be keeping the tags on and hoping for a sale within 60 days. Or maybe I'll try the Garnet Hill version--much more reasonably priced, and looks to be about the same quality.

    I'm so disappointed! :(

  46. I bought the dotted popover and was very disappointed in it. I really am not a fan of the silk/cotton lawn to begin with as it doesn't wear well, but this really looks cheap IMHO. Also, the shirt in my usual size looks skimpy and is too short. I am much more impressed with the striped boyshirts and this is going straight back.

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  48. Kris,

    I can't figure out how to copy the looks from my email and load them on my blog. Will you send me your email address? My email address is jcrewismyfavstore@gmail.com I will forward the email from my PS to you!

  49. Went to my B&M after work to do some returns. They do have 30% off going on and quite a few things in the sale section. Picked up the polka dot blouse for $59 - 30%.
    They also had Winsome dress for $109 plus 30% off, great price for this dress. I reviewed it before and I highly recommend, very flattering fit and color, nice length and bra fiendly, love it!

    Tried on Talia blouse and paisley skirt. Both fit me well in my regular size. I did not like the blouse, the puffed sleeves and busy pattern was making me look large.

    The skirt is gorgeous and the fit is even better than wool double serge, smaller in the waist. The fabric feels very nice and luxurious. Only thing that is stopping me from buying is that I will not get much wear out of it until next spring.

    They are going to get bright blue next week so I will report. I saw the pink azalea wool skirt and it is very pretty but I cannot justify it since it is purplish pink, quite close to bright dahlia that I have and love.

    Also tried on Hutton lined wool pants and I love them. If they go on sale they will be mine.

  50. I am also on the love side of the Booker boots. I got them in Masala Chai and they are truly lovely. I am 5'9'" though so they didn't hit me in a strange place.

    I ordered the cashmere tee dress as I have an old one that I love, but the fit is a little tricky on me. It's adorable belted but it also makes it very short! (Again, I'm tall). I could wear it as a tunic with skinny jeans but might be slightly inappropriate with just tights. Too bad.

    I also got the blouson dress in polka dot as I have been kicking myself for not getting the striped version. I love it. I got a 4, which is on the high side of my dress range b/c I wanted length to wear it to work. With a cardi and belt/tights it will be perfect for work and will also be perfect for my upcoming trip to St Lucia :)

    I also tried the cashmere wrap and agree with Amy that the quality is just not the same. Two returns out of four for me...

  51. the Trans, Paramus NJ store had several black stripe blouson dresses in sale section (with additional 30% off). I don't know what price and sizes but give them a call if you are interested.

  52. Hi afreeball, I am pretty sure I read on here that the Cece flats run a half-size small.

    Did anyone else notice that in the catalog JC is using the word "Hookup" to describe the pairing of two patterns in one outfit? I can tell you this much, I know what a "Hookup" is and it has NOTHING to do with your outfit! Who writes this stuff?

  53. HI ina, I saw the acorn fireball bracelet in my store. It was pretty, tricky to get on by myself, but looked delicate too. The first thing I said when I saw it was that it looks like acorns. That is before I knew it was the acorn fireball bracelet. I think it looked more red than orange to me. I don't know that I would say that anything made by JC nowadays is "worth" full-price but that's just my opinion. It seemed to be small, not very long, and I have a very small wrist. I would ask CS for a length on it if you can.

  54. OT: The Gallerista Skirt and Floral Chiffon Maxi skirt made it into the sale section today. I have the Gallerista skirt and absolutely love it. I paired it with my black Jackie cardigan (buttoned up) and wore my Skinny Calf Hair belt in 'brown spotted cat' at the waist along with a pair of nude Cole Haan pumps and received numerous compliments on it. It really is so pretty in person, plus it has pockets! (I reviewed it on my blog when it first came out, too.) :)

  55. for those in Bergen County a new outlet is opening in the Bergen Towne Center,
    article in the Bergen Record today

    I am going to check it out later

  56. I ordered the long stripe boater tee (52233) as a ride-along during the last promo, and I'm sorry to say it was a major disappointment. Maybe I am just really sensitive but I found the cotton weirdly scratchy and uncomfortable. The dolman sleeves are also unflattering. This was a fail and since it's final sale, I'm stuck with it :-(

  57. Fabulous Florida Mommy - That Gallerista skirt looks great on you. I think it's now on my list of items to purchase. It looks like there is only one size online - has anyone found this in a store?

    Also, I'm thinking about purchasing the Encore trench. Anyone know if online would match the 30% extra found in stores? I know that sometimes stores won't look at other stores if the item is on sale. If you've found a size 6 in your store, let me know!

  58. TXgirl14, I am wearing the classic wool mini as we speak, and I also have the 2009 retail version of the Factory one currently being offered. I have to say, I am much happier with this year's retail version. Yes, it is thinner than the 2009 version, but I find that this makes it less stiff and gives it a slightly more fitted look. There are two things I like about it much better than the 2009 version: (1) There are no side pockets, and while I like pockets, the styling of the 2009 retail/2011 factory version is such that the pockets are directly over my hipbones so they don't lay flat, and when you view it from the side you can see the openings jutting away from the skirt so it looks ill-fitting. (2) The length is way better this time around. I am actually wearing this one to work today with some tights and I could never do that with the old version. Yes, it's still a short skirt, and I'm short as well which is why I can get away with it at work, but I'd say this year's is a full two inches longer than 2009's. I can't fully comment on the Factory version but from the online photo it appears just as short as the 2009 retail version. HTH! By the way, I've seen both the ivory (what I have on now) and the red in store and they are both lovely. I guess they're not really catalog/online only! The red is very bold, almost like a fluorescent red, very pretty but I wasn't sure how I'd pair it. Can't wait to get my hands on the tan and the grey which will be excellent staples in my fall/winter wardrobe.

  59. Does anyone have a review of the J Crew Wonderland Puffer and/or any of the J Crew down puffer jackets? I emailed them to get the specifics on it and was a little disappointed to learn that the down fill power was only 350 which is much less than most other down jackets. So, wondering if it will be warm enough/durable. I liked that it seemed to go well with casual clothing but considering a patagonia/tnf puffer instead. Thanks!

  60. I am wearing the corduroy pencil skirts in a couple of outfits on my blog today.
    I love these skirts and they are now on sale. They fit TTS and are flattering and comfortable.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Several reviews from my trip to B&M -

    No. 2 pencil skirt in blackwatch plaid. Fits AT LEAST one size small, even when sitting at waist. I sized up one when trying it on, and then it was too poofy in the hips. Pass.

    Excursion quilted jacket. Fits TTS. Great shape. Loved it, actually, but discovered that the down is leaking out of the jacket in many places. I checked the other jackets on the rack. Same thing. I think it's because the stitches are too large to hold the feathers in. Pass, unless on super duper sale.

    Excursion quilted vest. Different story than the jacket - the stitching is smaller (more stitches per inch), and the feathers did not appear to be leaking out at all. Unfortunately I didn't try this one on, so I can't comment on fit. I may order it online though.

    Eden cardigan. Beautiful drape. Fit is TTS for a drapey look, but not too large. Great length on me (I'm tall).

    Dream ribbed yoga cardigan. This was on sale, with 30% off in my store. It was big and cozy - I would not size down because that is how I wanted it to look - but it was a pass for me because it looked like it attracted lots of lint, and I didn't need it.

    Elsie skirt in nightfall floral. Loved the construction on this with the back elastic on the waist, plus pockets, and a decent length. I took my regular pants/skirt size. The cotton is nice and thick. The silhouette is full, but not poofy. It does seem to fit shorter than it looks on the model online. This came home with me even though I think it is seriously overpriced - I splurged because I think it will span seasons nicely.


  63. Got my JC Final Sale items yesterday:

    Minnetonka deerskin moccasins #41411:
    They did not show up under sale>shoes>my size but were on sale plus 30%. I love them, super comfortable, TTS and functional driving mocs. They were not however a Final Sale item.

    Perfect-fit zip boatneck Tee #4876
    This is cute for $17.49, also satisfied my desire for Heather Spearmint in the Wave Crest color.

    Dream Cardigan #48781:

    A little shorter than I would like but I was not sure on the sizing on the other Dream Cardigan and wanted to place the order. Got the Getaway Green color which will match with my Perfect shirt in Blackwatch plaid. I am not as color creative as other JCAs.

  64. Thank you so much Mary Beth and Ema for the feedback on the red schoolboys!

    I agree the maraschino cherry is very striking - but to Ema's point - depends what you have to wear it with. I could pull together outfits for both, but would probably be more comfortable in the decadent red day to day because it seems more casual, but the maraschino cherry is really a bold, beautiful statement color and would get you noticed ;) Sigh... still debating.

    As for a review, I got the polka dot pop-over in the mail yesterday and it is too short :( I'm 5'9" so it may work for gals not as tall, but it was a bummer.

  65. InboxImpulse: Thank you! The skirt is really so beautiful in person. Here's my Polyvore of the Gallerista outfit I described wearing earlier this morning: click here. :)

  66. little review on the No. 2 skirt pencil in vingate tweed (deep navy) here

  67. I put up a couple of pics from the Crewlet on my blog.

  68. Has anyone ever tried the Herringbone Vest (50069)? I'm wondering how it fits -- I'm a 4 in the fitted jackets and blazers, do you think that translates to a S or XS in something like a vest?

  69. Count me among the fans of the cafe trousers in maraschino cherry. I was considering the cafe capri but I already have the yatch blue ones and the Lollis from last year. When I went into my store earlier the SA was wearing them with the selvedge chambray shirt and they looked GREAT, so I tried them on even if I normally prefer cropped and slim pants to long and straight or wide-legged ones (I am 5'2"). I sized one up (so that they are not too tight around the hips and they look fantastic. Definitively a splurge but worth it!

  70. Ema - Did you size up one from your Wool Cafe Capri size? I would love to order the Cafe Trouser in Maraschino Cherry but I'm not sure what size to get - I have a 00 in the Wool Cafe Capri in Port Wine and they are perfect. Should I get the same size, or go up one? Thanks so much!

  71. I bought the boy shirt in stripe crepe de chine (dark cider color). It's lovely. The fit is wonderful (I went with my usual size 2 and it's perfect), the fabric is nice, and it's cute. Plus, I bought in during the 30% off final sale. So, two thumbs up from me.

  72. Caitlin, yes I sized one up from the wool cafe capri but to be fair I think they fit TTS and in fact they are gaping a little bit at the waist. I sized up because I don't like when straight leg pants are tight (even a little bit) at the crotch/hips and that's where all my pants typically pull a bit in my regular size. So, to sum up, I would go with your cafe capri size if you don't have this problem.

  73. Caitlin, just for another opinion, I bought my regular JC pant size in the cafe trousers. Had I sized up, they would have been way too big in the waist. Btw, I have tried on the cafe capris and would buy the same size.

  74. A review of the Wool Cowlneck Poncho on my blog here

    I love it, but am not sure it loves me. May or may not be a keeper. Feel free to chime in!

  75. I might be chiming in a little late for this week's review thread, but I wanted to post some specifics about the royal paisley pencil skirt, especially for those like me who are very finicky about color.

    The print is royal purple with some pink, combined with a surprisingly bright light green and yellow. The interesting thing is that the juxtaposition of the colors creates an optical illusion. Having the pink next to the purple means that the paisley works with duller purples, such as the plum orchard cashmere, as well as brighter purples such as the Tippi in the heather grape. Likewise, the bright green next to the yellow gives an olive effect.

    My only complaint about this skirt is the matte cotton lining. I like that the lining has a little stretch, but I hate the matte texture, because it clings to tights or hosiery. It clings less than the matte linings on the Factory cotton skirts, at least.

  76. Just received a delivery today!

    Cashmere cable- TDF. I bought the light camel color and it is so soft, SO soft. I am in love. The color is divine. The fit is fitted but not to fitted, I wouldn't say boxy but there is so room. You don't need to size up. Some cashmere I size up because I do not want clingy when it comes to sweaters but you don't need to with this one. I will be buying another color in this one.

    Hutton Trouser in wool flannel - This is my second try on this one because they run a little small but I think it feels that way because they are higher waisted. Call and get measurements before you order this one because you need to get the fit right on it. If you are one of those like me that can go between a petite or regular measurements are going to be important because there is a difference in the rise on p and reg. Overall, it is a keep on try number two, beautiful fabric, they are lined, substantial waistband.

    Encore Trench - I like it. It is not love at first site for me for a couple of minor reasons but it was final sale so will have to do. It seems slightly short torso on me. I can have the belt loops moved down lightly to fix that. The other thing is the crinoline lining hits a little to high in my opinion, and adds what looks like a little bulk on the hips, not a big problem though you can move the buttons down. I might have it hems up a couple inches. I find this fit TTS. It is a beautiful trench.

    Overtime necktie top in bird's-eye tweed - one word...Awesome. I love this top. But the price seems a little high. Not sure what to do on this one yet.

  77. Sorry about the grammar errors, I should have proof read better. Its late, I'm on hour 13 of work now :)

  78. Celeste- I posted last night on my iphone but it didn't actually post.

    In regards to the Puffers, I bought the Mirable 3/4 length puffer last year and love, love, love it. I'm a Chicagoan and live in Northface, and this Mirable puffer I wore non-stop so it is plenty warm. Granted....it is not sealed like a Northface, I wouldn't go sledding or hiking in it. It is very fine for running around the city, with a scarf, in and out of cars, stores, etc. The fit is slimming and feminine. I bought a second one on sale after season, and plan to buy this year's with the snaps in black. HTH!

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Anyone have feedback on the leather Adrianna pumps? I'd love info and if anyone has IRL pics that would be great.

  81. I ordered the petite memo dress in Super 120s , size 4p/peacock feather. It's fully lined and surprisingly lightweight. I love the color; it looks more on the greenish side IRL and not at all shiny like on the website. The fit was perfect from the waist down, but was a little too big on top (extra fabric on the sides when I lifted my arms), so I'm going to have to return it.

  82. Does anyone have a decadent red schoolboy blazer they don't want, size 0? Please let me know if so, I would love to buy it.


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