Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Behind the Seams with Marissa Webb

"Thanks!" to Miss Penny Z. (in this post) who let us know about the following article from the NY Post (click here to read it in its entirety & to see additional photos):
Behind the Seams: J.Crew
By Kirsten Fleming
September 8, 2011

As the voice of CEO Mickey Drexler booms over the loudspeaker like a school principal's during morning announcements, Marissa Webb, head of womenswear, strides into her office wearing the label's newest shoe for fall: the neon orange Mona pump.

"Sometimes it's a serious announcement, and sometimes he's asking about Starbucks," Webb says with a wry smile.

Welcome to J.Crew's Greenwich Village headquarters, where workspaces are stuffed with racks of sparkly garments and cluttered inspiration boards offer a window into the next season's collection.

Employees look like walking advertisements for the company's irreverent, poppy take on classics. (Hello, leopard pencil skirt and twinkling party shoes!) "Every day is like a fashion show, so you really have to up your game," says graphic designer Dulci Cuprill, 25. "It's just fun coming to work to see what other people are wearing. And the discount doesn't hurt," she adds with a wink.

But when an outfit doesn't quite hit the sartorial sweet spot, the abundant togs and baubles lying about the office can do the trick. "People here change a few times a day," says Titina von Waldow, design director of women's accessories. "We just pull something off the rack. After all, we want to make sure we love all of it."
Seriously, how uh-mazing does Marissa look in the image above? I would never think to pair those stripes together and they look fabulous on her. I am totally crushing on her style!

I also what that discount of hers! I could do some serious damage with this upcoming Fall collection too.

What are your thoughts on the article? Any points you found interesting? Do you like Marissa Web's direction at J.Crew?


  1. I really prefer Marissa's style over Jenna's, so I'm happy to see her finally getting some more press.

  2. ITA FFM. Marissa's style is more iconic. I love that blue striped sweater. Does anyone know what item that is? I now must have it!!

  3. That Michael Kors cashmere stripe sweater is on Nordstrom's website for a cool $1195.00.

    FFM, can you find an affordable replacement for your Haven't I Seen You Before posting?

  4. I know I'm alone in this thought but what the heck, I'll post my opinion anyway. I think the button down striped shirt hanging out of the bottom of the sweater just looks sloppy. Kind of throw on and go, but not in a good way.

  5. Hi cmg! I'll definitely try to find a less expensive alternative to the sweater! :)

  6. I must admit I'm a bit obsessed with Marissa Webb! I LOVE HER STYLE and she's sweet too!


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