Wednesday, August 26, 2009

J.Crew & the J.Crew Aficionada Blog

In one of today's posts, it was mentioned that the JCA event scheduled at the King of Prussia Mall (in PA) was canceled because it got too popular (read more over at the post "Update: Calling all JCAs in the King of Prussia, PA"). In that post, love2shop4bags shared several details including the following: "according to the manager, corporate stated that J.Crew cannot be associated with this blog" (referring to the JCA blog).

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have heard this. Over the last year, several J.Crew employees mentioned to me, that management made it clear they could have no contact with this blog in particular. (I referred to this in the May 26th post, "J.Crew's Internal Blogging Policy: Don't Do It!"). As a result, I ended up advising any employee contacting me to check with their managers first. (Especially in this economy, I don't want anyone to lose their job for sharing.)

I thought maybe the tide had changed when Madewell's Twitter page started to follow the JCA Twitter page. But after reading love2shop4bags comment, I think I was too hopeful. ;)

I completely understand the decision by J.Crew Corporate– to maintain their professional distance from this blog. J.Crew has an image they want represented a certain way. I also understand that if one employee responds to a comment in a public forum, it could be seen as representative (fairly or unfairly) of an entire organization. With all that said, the news also deeply saddens me. It's like finding out someone, who you love so very much, wants nothing to do with you. :( [Wait, that is exactly what it is.] ;) Even though it may not come across it all the time, I do want the best for J.Crew.

{sigh} ...maybe, just maybe, one day J.Crew will love me back. ;)


  1. Well stated, Alexis. I had a very positive experience today at one of my rare trips to B&M and then to hear about something like this just makes me wonder . . .

  2. I'm sorry Alexis and JCA's who were planning for the event at KOP.
    I'm shocked and saddened JC would do this. As for the event here last week, the manager was sort of aware I posted it on a blog though I never said "JCA" nor did any one attended mentioned it as far as I know...
    After the event, the manager was so glad that there were a lot of new clients that came for the event.
    I think JC is potentially losing future customers/clients by denying this kind of event to take place and more $$ from the sales.
    I cannot help but think JC & Jenna Lyons is so up in the air from all the media exposure and popularity in recent years.
    I love JC, but lately I've been disappointed by their attitude towards their loyal customers.

  3. Hexicon: Thanks for the comment! :) I agree with you- that hearing about what happened at the KOP store, makes me wonder too. :(

    JC Mama: I am thrilled that the event you were at last week went so well. {yey!} I think there are a lot of benefits with promoting those types of group events. Although the Shop & Share program has its rules (when it comes to the number of new customers), maybe J.Crew would consider having another program for JCA-type events. I think it would be profitable for them. :)

  4. I wonder how they found out the event got too popular. Did people have to RSVP?

  5. It's an odd policy, considering that they're now directly advertising on a few blogs.

  6. I suppose I understand, but of all people, I feel that we are their most dedicated and loyal customers! I suppose they do not want to play favorites and give us more obsessed shoppers an advantage over regular people ;)

  7. I called J.Crew at Tyson's about the 20% off event on the 23rd, they wouldn't tell me anything about it until I mentioned this site. I said, "so I had to say the magic word, right?" And she said yes and then was very sweet to me.

    Customers being so obsessed with a company's merchandise can only help the company. And retailers cannot ignore the fact that with technology these days there is only one world and they need to do what is fair for everyone in it. That probably means rethinking the way they run promotions.

    keep it up.

  8. That's so bizarre! It's like a forbidden love affair :) I agree with everyone else...I would guess it'd serve in jcrew's best interest to collaborate with the blog.

  9. Hi Alexis,
    Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't this a blog dedicated to jcrew? Don't you pump up the interest of the clothing? Don't you "advertise" what's cool? Kudos to you for developing and maintaining a cult following. You were “IT” before twitter,

    Last time I checked, we're in the midst of a recession. Of course, jcrew is pretty cocky seeing that their stock price is at $32. Let me tell you what jcrew, you have plenty to worry about come Q3 reports. Your items are flying straight to final sale so quickly; I don't even care to look at your new releases. All the stuff I bought at full price last week, is hanging in my closet with tags attached, ready to be returned to your KOP store. I hope your store won’t mind getting all these returns- there's at least 3 big bagfuls of cardigans, cords, jewelry and coats. In fact, I think all JCA’s should do so, it's not like anything is getting sold out. Sure, I thought purchasing cashmere and gloves in August was silly, but I believed that I loved your brand. You can bet I'm not going to keep my bubble necklace jewelry. Your factory workers overseas apparently steals from you and sells them for $60.

    I used to be a loyal fan, buying full price and enjoying the shopping experience. I see you advertise a whole heck of a lot now. I’m guessing this is your way of getting your name out there, after the Obama’s wore your clothing. I’m not sure sure how much you want to tout that image, now that his approval rating is down on the floor. Guess your PR department has a lot image revamping to do. Oh, and don’t try using little Malia and Sasha’s image, the WH doesn’t appreciate YOU hounding and using the kids as your models. Plus, as cute as Crewcuts is, no one in their right mind is going to outfit their children, as if we’re all spending summers in the Hamptons, rubbing elbows with your CEO or Jenna. You can keep your snobby attitude to yourself, and you're right, the "game" has changed and you're on the losing end of it. You've lost me and I'm sure others.

    JCA has heightened my shopping experience and I'm excited when I hear about coupons or new releases, or news. I think it’s pitiful that you’ve decided to shut down events just because it’s discussed here. Sure, people get catty towards one another here, and it’s like a big dysfunctional family, but we can all say we love the clothes, until today. You seem to have a problem with people buying your clothing at a discount. Let me set the record straight, it is the women here on this blog that are passionate about your clothing. DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. DON’T KILL THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG. I’m sure all the dollars you spend to turn us into loyal customers is now wasted. Good luck finding a new group to buy your overpriced, undervalued, unstylish pieces.

    Alexis, keep up the great blog. I have fun reading it and think that even though jcrew doesn’t love anyone who is a fan/atic, we still do!

  10. On one hand, I could see how J Crew want to control their marketing and not be associated (or endorse) non - company blogs and websites. As they cannot control the topics posted I could see why any post on such a site deemed in poor taste could come back to haunt them. Not that there is anything in poor taste on this blog at all, but hopefully you see my point.

    With respect to the cancellation of the shopping event - how disappointing! A saleslady told me about setting up a shop and sharE appointment for me and a few friends - we would all get 20% off (if I recall correctly) if we came in together at a scheduled time. How would the Philly event be any different, for example, if I had sent an email to my girlfriends and had them forward the invite to their friends ( instead of all these ladies finding out about it on a blog)?

  11. Well stated Alexis. I can't even guess what's in the head of J.Crew corporate...but I will anyway. ;) J.Crew lufs this blog because it gives them more free demographic marketing research on a daily than a hired consultant could yield in a year. And I bet that this blog just happens to represent a measurable amount of J.Crew's daily e-commerce business. Maybe not 10% but certainly enough for one to sit up and take notice.

    Quite frankly keeping their professional distance is commensurate to staring down their nose at the plebes. They're lucky to have someone as mature and intelligent as you presenting objective and subjective from an informed point of view. Were J.Crew as smart they'd find a way to leverage the invaluable service you're providing.

  12. Not to mention the scores of bloggers you've inspired, me among them. :)

  13. Wow, I'm really shocked. I agree with everyone that this blog assists in providing FREE marketing for J Crew merchandise. What could possibly be wrong with that? It seems to me that any brand with such a level of loyal followers should be grateful, but maybe I'm missing their point.

    I can only say that as a new, small business owner, I would be sooo excited if my customers wanted to hold such an event, in fact, I would be honored. At my job, however, that's another story - they are not a company for 'fans' and everything, but everything has to be regulated.

  14. You know who should be the most upset? Your poor salespeople who are scraping by trying to make a dollar. They would have had a potential 22 people to sell they don't.

    Jcrew, you're the worst employer of the year, to publicly snub your own people in a backhanded way.

  15. I'm loving this. I can hardly wait for the PR deptartment's reaction. Some news service is sure to pick this up, AND on the day before Q3 results. Oh dearie! Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this mess. ;-)

  16. I think J.Crew is being extremely short sighted and old fashion. You cannot BUY the kind of advertising Alexis is providing every single day here for free.
    More forwarding thinking companies (like M+O) see the value in bloggers and are thrilled to work with us. Tons of businesses are jumping on the fashion blogger bandwagon. Meanwhile JC is pouring money down the tubes paying traditional press to print yet another uninspired slobbering article about Jenna.

    Alexis- You are incredibly patient to put up with the attitude JC gives you. Thank you for your commitment!

    Robin- which blogs is JC adverting on??

  17. This really doesn't make sense, I just don't see a store turning away business. Did they not think that canceling on 22 people who love J Crew could hurt future business? Or do they really just not care about their customers because that is the image they are giving. I seriously feel like as time goes by the more and more they take away.

  18. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog. I can't believe you all are as J. Crew obsessed as I am ;) Amazing!


    For The month of SEPTEMBER buy absolutely nothing...If enough people do it they'll feel it.

    Corporate image aside; there is a better way JC could have gone about this to make this a win win for all.

  20. I am really disappointed in J Crew today in general. I really think the KOP cancellation is unreasonable, I am still annoyed that J Crew is the only retailer that I regularly shop at that hasn't sent me a discount this fall (no my catalog didn't have one), and then they sent me a preorder today that I was assured had been cancelled. That is kind of ironic after they never bothered to process the two preorders I made last year and my size sold out.

    On the other hand, I had a great experience at both Ann Taylor and Banana Republic today.

    Alexis, thank you for everything you do for the blog. While I understand J Crew's position they seem bent on alienating their loyal fan base. And as much as I love J Crew, they aren't the only store with pretty offerings.

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  22. Alexis, your blog is the forbidden fruit that JCrew desperately WANTS but can never have! It's kind of sad, but a little romantic, no?

  23. I'm joining the ban of purchasing from jcrew for soon as I return the items I bought as well. I'm so disgusted with this company, it makes me sick.

    Jayden's right. I feel bad for the employees of the King of Prussia store, talk about getting ripped off without much of a warning!

  24. I'm not as impressed with this year's J.Crew fall rollout as last years. I like some of the blazers and pencil skirts but the rest isn't that exciting...I'll wait for the sales. Whereas Ann Taylor and ATL have really stepped up to the plate this year and Banana Republic as well! Anthropologie is also another place enticing me more. Not only that but the fit in the other stores is much better then J.Crew's boxy shirts (other then the slim stretch shirts which fit me well). I also feel like its foolish to purchase anything full price at any of these stores when it will all be on sale a month later given the recession.

    J.Crew had better work on quality, fit, deep jewel-toned fall colors and pricing if it wants my money.

  25. Wow--this is shocking! So sorry for everyone involved. :(

  26. I'm reading all these posts in total agreement. And I think it's really rude that some people got coupons in the mail while regular customers didn't.

  27. A ban's a great idea. Maybe we could generate posts during September on creating our favorite J. Crew-esque looks with what's in our closets or what we've managed to find in thift shops and other places or what we've made ourselves.

  28. :

    Marketeer: JCAs did have to RSVP to love2shop4bags, who was graciously organizing the event.

    Robin: I noticed those J.Crew ads from Google too! ;)

    Julia: LOL! I am definitely obsessed with J.Crew! ;)

    Stacy: That is super interesting! I wonder why the associate wouldn't say anything about the event until *after* you mentioned where you saw it. I would think they would want to promote it.

    AppGal: I like the "forbidden love affair"- because its so true on my end. Although, from their perspective, I am probably like a stalker. ;)

    Jayden & Jodi: Thanks for the kind words about the blog. And I love the "fan/atic" term, because I am both! ;)

    Tweedy: I am in total agreance with you about the cancelation of the KOP event- disappointing! It could have been handled better with proper communication on J.Crew's end.

    Roxy: I know J.Crew checks this blog regularly (from the Statscounter). They probably do use it for {free} marketing purposes too! Also, thanks for the nice words about me. I really appreciate it. :) P.S. Your blog, Effortless Anthropologie, rocks!!!

    Belle de jour: Although I don't think this post will make any heads turn at a news org. or PR dept, could you imagine all the funny headlines that could be used? ;)

    Shannon: Thanks!!! Your Wardrobe Review blog does an amazing marketing service too! I know I bought a couple of J.Crew flats *after* I saw you wearing them (no joke either- I really did buy them because of you!) :)

    Summerilla & LBJ: I am withyou. Canceling on 22 customers seems unprofessional. Especially considering love2shop4bags did not find out until she contacted them to check in.

    LifestyleBohemia: Welcome aboard! You will find there are many of us. :)

    kitsmommy: Thanks for the nice words. :) I agree with you that J.Crew does have some pretty offerings- oh pretty ruffle shirts and gorgeously tailored jackets- you get me every time! ;)

    SallyO: LOL! I love it: forbidden fruit!!! I like your perspective- it could be romantic!

    Christy: I totally see your point about the employees. I am sure they were put in an awkward position because of the cancelation request by corporate.

    Maryamjan: J.Crew's previous Fall rollouts did have some delicious items! Maybe the next rollout will feature more of those classic pieces. :)

    Petunia: It is sad for the attendees of the KOP event. :(

    Lori J: I find who gets the coupon and who doesn't like one of those unsolved mysteries you see on t.v. I find it interesting as I don't quite understand the process. ;)

    Kikki Cee: I love the idea of re-creating outfits with what is already in our closets. That is why I love checking out everyone's Polyvore sets, as well as outfit-of-the-day images. It usually is a good reminder of the items I own, and inspires me to style similar outfits. :)

    Everyone: Thanks for your great comments! I really appreciate your kindness. :) I will now go to bed early (and watch the rest of Wipeout on ABC). ;)

  29. About these mysterious catalog coupons, it is my belief that Jcrew sends out coupons and/or free shipping coupons with differing threshold amounts to the customers who have not purchased anything in awhile. In the meantime, loyal customers get the short end of the stick. Basically, since they have been spending a lot of money on Jcrew clothes, the company believes that it does not have to give any enticements to the loyal customers. It has been my experience that since I purchase a lot of Jcrew clothing, I do not get the benefit of the enhanced discounts as compared to some of my friends who shop there a lot less frequently. Annoying...

  30. And Alexis, now, thanks to this, there is NO ONE who can claim that you are affiliated with jcrew! :)

  31. Granted, in the grand scheme of things, a shopping event getting canceled isn't a big deal. But: the smart thing would have been for them to hold the event, downplay the JCA angle of it, then immediately change the policy, so that they wouldn't be in the position of holding future events that looked like they were at all related to an independent blog. Canceling looks like nothing other than complete disinterest in enthusiastic customers. I don't buy that they didn't want to give a 20% discount to that many people. If they didn't want to give discounts, they wouldn't release discount codes, run promotions, or put anything on final sale - they probably sell the majority of their merch at discount. It's probably just that they don't want to formally acknowledge the blog, since we all beat the system in tiny ways here by sharing free ship codes and reports of quality/service issues.

  32. I am also surprised and saddened to hear about all of this! How disappointing for all the JCA's planning on attending the event! It really seems that J.Crew isn't concerned at all about losing business...apparently they have their own agenda, and it no longer seems to be customer service and satisfaction, unfortunately.

  33. I think the entire mess is pathetic, at the very least. I live in Baltimore metro and have frequent little "private shoppings" with friends at a local store. I love it, b/c it allows me to be in the store after they close and I get personalized attention from my PS. I wonder if all of that will change now? 99% of my clothing dollars go to JCrew. I may now have to start looking elsewhere for clothing. I enjoy these larger events, and even drive over an hour to get to them. You can't buy the comraderie and meeting you fabulous JCA's IRL has been wonderful. In this economic climate, I can't believe JCrew is driving away business! What this tells me is that they don't *need* my business and I don't *need* the hassle!

  34. I kind of support the policy. Jcrew should not treat a group of people.

  35. One more thing - it's a WHOPPING 20% off at these events and if you get a coupon! Prices are already overpriced, and their competitors have 30 and 40% off periodically. I love JC shoes, but they are all approaching $200 and that's totally overpriced. I'm really considering the ban for September, the arrogrance is making me sick.

  36. Alexis,
    I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now. It's a fantastic resource and I think J. Crew knows that too. I suspect that they just didn't expect the KOP event to gain so much momentum and cancelled it to be on the safe side. I'm sure deep down J. Crew really does love you and all the exposure they gain from your blog too!

    Keep up the great work!

  37. Just wanted to STRONGLY AGREE with you all about how ridic it is for the KOP event to be cancelled and how rude it is for frequent buyers to not be sent %off coupons....and might as well add that a SA finally convinced me to get the credit card and told me i would get 10% off that day AND a 20% for my next purchase in the mail with the card. Turned out to be if and only if I used the personal shopper. No thanks. I would feel bad wasting their time, as there are barely any items I even like available right now. I regret being tricked into that card.

    Would also like to note that EVERY SINGLE online purchase i have made has been after consulting this blog and the opinions of JCAs. No way I would go for "catalog/ only" without the good advice of the people here (especially considering the photography tricks and random sizing)..... you'd think they would be more grateful towards a group of people who generate a significant amount of business for the company.

    oh well. my savings account stands to benefit.

  38. Geez... They really don't care about customers. It was rude and tacky of J Crew to shut down the event. What a lame excuse for a company that likes to state over and over again how they distinguish themselves on their customer service. Really, I mean they expect us to genuflect as if they were a god of retail when in all reality their quality control issues have hit rock bottom. Shame on you J (s)crew!

  39. kiki cee, love your idea! I've scored several crew-esque finds at TARGET and ON lately! Totally agree with other re AT & BR.

    Alexis, thank you so much. I ADORE your blog!

  40. Anonymous 9:21:
    J.Crew's "Shop & Share" event is not just for JCA's here. It's for anyone who set up an appointment with a Personal Shopper and bring in 3 or more "friends" or anyone who would make any purchase (be it one item or more) at the same time and then you or anyone in the party are eligible for a 20% off $125+ purchases.
    At my S&S event, the manager noted that I may bring NEW clients who have not participated in a S&S event.
    I am grateful to Alexis and this blog to allow me to gather fellow JCAs in my area for an event.
    I'm just wondering is J. Crew never going to hold any "events" if there are more than 4 people? I guess they don't want new customers?!

  41. This is diappointing to hear, especially when I was just in the planning stages of organizing a JCA event in my city. The potential of all of us going back to our local B&M to host such an event would be a dream to most retailers. I'm surprised it's not for JCrew.

    OT, but tell me more about M+O, I noticed it in the mall last weeekend and they have a trenchcoat that is TDF!

  42. That's too bad that J.Crew isn't loving you back. I wish that they did. Maybe some day. I feel like they are missing out on the blog-o-sphere - we are fans, we love J.Crew - why not try and befriend this blog...

  43. Shannon - I agree that J Crew is "being extremely short sighted and old fashioned." There are PR people who would whack the heel off of someone's Louboutin's mid-stride if it meant getting this type of regular, dedicated discussion. I'm thinking there must be some type of legal angle to this that we don't know about. Many conflicts are money generated, so maybe they have some sort of legal conern in that regard. I have no clue.

    The Sept ban is of interest. Are we picketing, too? *lol* Just had to throw that in there as it would be a funny sight to see JCAs walking back and forth the storefronts on weekends telling people to go to M+O, BR, ON, GAP, ATL, AT, and so on...though what would we wear as so many of us own a huge % of J Crew. *lol*

  44. Alexis - is one blog in particular that is advertising for I wasn't referring to google ads.

  45. Oh boy, what a mess for the J. Crew employees at KOP. J. Crew can not afford to lose customers with this economy although they act like this recession did not hit them at all. Are they in a bubble? Are they immune to the effects of the global economy? What world do they live in? I am all for boycotting J. Crew for September. This is about principle.

    Alexis, I feel that you do a wonderful job maintaining this blog. I enjoy all the information and the reviews. It is not easy keeping up with JCA and being a student. Kudoos to you! Good for you for being the bigger person.

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  47. What's 20% anyways? It’s basically tax. Very bad move. I agree with some comments that its time to find an alternative. I spend a significant amount of money and I don't feel I’m rewarded enough. Other stores are really fighting for my business this fall and I have taken notice. Three hundred dollar shoes in this climate is ridiculous. All my other fav stores gave 30% when they rolled out their new Fall line. I think Jcrew is exhibiting a bit of arrogance. Jcrew shame, shame!

  48. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. Why lose out on all the free advertising?

    I am very annoyed in particular to hear J. Crew is mailing out discount coupons to some customers and not others. And that the percentage of the discount varies in a seemingly random way.

    I am currently waiting for three different orders to arrive from J.Crew. What, my business isn't good enough? Don't you want repeat customers, J.Crew?

    I think that J.Crew persists in banking on a sort of "mystique" and desirability about their style and clothes that they think sets them apart from other retailers (Gap, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Banana Republic). It has been successfull to a certain extent but
    I think they will start to see it backfire because they are not rewarding customer loyalty.

  49. haha I have to add something to Gigi's post. Yes, what would we wear for protests since we have so many JCrew items in our closets?

    I remembered those ads with models that "would rather wear nothing than fur" hahaha - can you imagine JCAs marching in underwear ....."rather nothing than JCrew"? :)

    On a more serious note, Alexis, I hope JCrew loves this community back soon otherwise I am sending pictures of all my JCrew items-gone-wrong to fashion conscious Michelle Obama! ;)

  50. Robin-That's interesting, I can see why JC would buy advertising on that blog. It realllly fits their men's styling

  51. In related news...Abercrombie & Fitch is dropping prices. Seems like everyone is on the bargain program w/codes & free shipping -- except J Crew.

    From the great Budget Fashionista:

  52. Reading the original post about having the KOP event, it appears the discount is the main issue (and being "related" to this blog is secondary). JCrew Corp. seems to think it is unfair to give a large (mainly established) group a 20% discount on new fall items. That is their call to make. Seems like a sound business decision all in all. (Just making a statement as to what is seems happened. I understand people losing out on a discount are disappointed.)

  53. Very disappointing to hear about the event cancellation. Even though i'm not from the area, i still feel as if i was snubbed too. In fact, i'm very annoyed by JCrew's arrogant attitude esp. toward their loyal customers and this blog, ugh! Yes, their clothing is really cute for the most part but so is a lot of other stuff from other stores. I admit i've become sort of obsessed with the brand since the last year or so. Before, i used to buy a lot more from Anthro, BR, Ann Taylor Loft,etc but Jcrew slowly started getting my attention with their cute styling in their catalogs until it exclusively became the go-to choice for all my clothing needs and wants. I guess Jcrew doesn't care about my business that much then, i guess it's not that important. So now, i think it's time to go back and give those other stores a chance once again, maybe i'm missing out and i don't even know it!...i'm all for the JC boycott during sept. or who knows maybe indefinitely.

  54. I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman when she comes back into the store and says- "big mistake" and holds up all of her shopping bags from another store!
    Ok I admit that I am not going to do as much shopping anywhere else... but Big mistake for J Crew in disappointing their biggest fans. I mean we blog about their store, we live for new rollouts, who do they think buys the most J crew? We do!!

  55. This news completely saddens me. I'm a J.Crew sale buyer (meaning, I rarely, if ever, purchase things full price) and I was lucky enough to go to the DC JCA event, at Tysons Galleria last weekend. Wanna know what I purchased? 2 FULL PRICE items, at a total of $260. Why? Because I thought, heck, if I'm getting personal shopping with 20% off, why not indulge.

    So I think J.Crew is losing out by cancelling such events. I'm sure people would have/do spend more when little incentives are put in place. Silly J.Crew!

  56. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that for me it isn't so much about losing out on the discount as it is the shoddy way they handled the situation.

    They scheduled the event and knew well in advance that it was for the blog; about a month ago I saw the particular PS at KOP who was heading it up, and she mentioned that point to me specifically. She thought it was great. love2shop4bags put a lot of work into organizing the event, as did the PS. When love2shop4bags happened to call to confirm just a couple of days ago, management said oh no by the way your event is canceled and there is no way you can have any other related event because 1) there are too many people 2) we can't be associated with the blog and 3) you aren't new customers. That's it, end of story. Yes, we know you were planning to spend a lot of money with us, but we don't care. Have a nice day.

    That is no way to treat customers, period. I had planned to go shopping at the KOP event, so I am still going to KOP as planned ... just not to J.Crew.

    As an aside, I feel bad that particular PS lost out, because she has 3 kids and is a single mom. She could have used the money we would have generated.

    I understand why J.Crew would not want to be associated with the blog officially, but that doesn't mean they have to treat us poorly. We are still customers, loyal customers, who spend a lot of money with them and provide valuable insight to them. I don't think we should get special treatment necessarily, but I also don't think we should be treated worse than other customers.

    And if we aren't being treated worse, if this is how J.Crew rolls ... well, let's just say they are in trouble.

  57. The way JC corporate handled this is deplorable! Another turning away business situation, business from avid customers, that they had to know we'd all come together on this forum to discuss. I can understand if it isn't corporate policy to "court" JCAs with JCA exclusive parties. But this was a private shopping event, which anyone can set up. This debacle is on par with marginalizing petites and size 12 and ups, and the draconian final sale issue. I was on my way to a JC ban, unofficially, since there's better quality, prices, and merch for fall all over the place, but I am definitely on the "ban-wagon" for September to protest the KOP incident. (What do JCAs wear to picket JC, hahaha!!! You guys are a riot!)

  58. I'm in for the Sept ban - I have an order coming Friday and I am pretty much shopped out for now anyway, so it is a bit hollow - but I'm still in!

  59. Lauren: That is a pretty good explanation about the catalogs. :)

    AppGal: LOL! You are right. Hopefully it is crystal clear now that I am *not* affiliated with J.Crew. ;)

    Rae: I agree with you on many points... that canceling one event is not the worst thing for the firm and that they should have downplayed the JCA aspect to carry on the KOP event, but not anymore in the future.

    FFM: I agree with you that its disappointing to hear what happened with the KOP event. Especially since J.Crew has such excellent customer service.

    jBird: I am with you that the JCA events are a great way to meet other JCAs in person, while shopping at the store after hours. The pictures of the events (posted by the JCAs on their blogs) always looks like a lot of fun! :)

    Anonymous & Genny:: I understand where you are coming from. There is a policy and it has guidelines that should be adhered to. With that said, it sounds like those guidelines/ restrictions were never communicated properly to the organizers of the KOP event, who moved forward to the point of having 22 attendees ready to shop.

    Lori J: It's not just like its 20% off anything, the discount was with a *minimum* purchase of $125 or more. I am not sure of the cost/trade off of the event, but it sounds like it could have been very profitable for the KOP store to carry on with the event. :)

    L: I do the same! I use the advice of other JCAs to make purchases. Many times I have hesitated to "pull the trigger" and buy an item, *until* after reading someone's review or seeing their outfit of the day image. ;)

    JCrewCrazy: I know what you mean! They do have great customer service, which is why I find it really disappointing that they would cancel this event. :(

    Mommydearest: Thanks for the kind words! :)

    JCmama: Thanks for the nice words too!

    Joyce: I don't know what future JCA Events will look like, but I do hope you go forward with yours and see where it takes you. Best of luck!!! :)

    Gingersnap: LOL! I would like for J.Crew to "like me" at this point! ;)

    GigiOfCA: Your last paragraph made me laugh! Considering how much my wardrobe is of J.Crew. ;)

    Robin: You are so right!!! I remember visiting the ACL blog (which is excellent) with all the J.Crew banners/ ads. I was both excited & a bit jealous that the blog's author got that partnership with J.Crew and even got to visit their offices to interview J.Crew's Frank M. :)

    Shannon: ACL blog definitely vibes well with J.Crew style. :)

    Wendy: Thank you so much for the nice words- you are too nice!!! :)

    JAAB Connoisseur: I can understand where you are coming from, especially since the 20% came with a minimum of $125+ too!

    SE Mom: I hope you get your orders soon! And I agree with you that their style sets them apart from their competitors. I just hope that they also continue to appreciate their loyal customers. :)

    San Francisco CA: LOL! Add me to the list of JCAs who would probably be wearing nothing but underwear if we avoided wearing J.Crew. ;)

    Miss Penny Z.: I agree, it was disappointing. Perhaps J.Crew will reach out to the attendees- I think it would be a lovely gesture on their part. :)

    Twiga: LOL! That was a great scene!!! But who am I kidding, I love their clothes so I will be back. But its sad nonetheless. ;)

    Cloggsy: "Yey!" for attending the Tysons event! It sounded like it was a great time. :)

    lilaccupcake: I agree with you that the way the KOP event was handled is what is the real reason why the cancellation is so disappointing. I also think the store's PS, who help set this up, losing out is also sad to hear.

    CheesyGoodness: I agree that J.crew could have handled the KOP event in a better way.

    Girlification of Jules: LOL! I loved the line "shopped out for now anyway" because I am at that point right now too! :)

  60. Preppy Sue: You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. :) I hope J.Crew likes the blog, but honestly, I suspect they find it more of a nuiscence. ;)

  61. JCrew's current marketing strategy:

    1. Clamor to snap up the nouveau riche consumers who've downgraded from designer. Increase prices and superlative rhetoric. Create an atmosphere of pseudo-exclusivity with salon type personal shopping excursions.
    2. [oh shi- we are still a mall/online retailer with millions of customers who has built a following by providing mid-range clothing that is stylish yet classic.] Alienate base by determining that giving them any perks is unbecoming of a 'designer' label.
    3. ?????
    4. Profit


  62. JCA's could call J.Crew's customer service number to protest what happened at the store. If enough of us call perhaps they'll change policies or at least issue an apology. 1-800-562-0258.

  63. I was just surfing and saw j crew ads on! Talk about choosing a classy website to advertise! UGH

  64. OT: Gap is offering more incentives to shop with them. I have some things sitting in my shopping cart that I'm contemplating, and was pleasantly surprised this morning when I received a *Did You Forget Something* email along with a 10% off code for my next Gap purchase. I know 10% doesn't seem like much, but it's a nice perk just for looking and placing things in my cart to possibly get later, not to mention that a little bit of a discount is better than no discount.

  65. And another
    What exactly would have been the big deal for J Crew to treat a measly 22 loving customers to 20% off when they ALREADY give tons of established customers (students and teachers) 15% off every single day?
    It makes no sense at all to me. So it's okay for one group of people but not for another? What's the difference...a whopping 5%?

  66. Hi All!

    Please check out my Jcrew ebay auctions for A chic dress and a too fun jacket!


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