Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekly Share: Other JCrew-like Retailers

This is the weekly "Other JCrew-like Retailers" post (similar to the "Off On A Tangent" posts), where we can share our finds from other retailers that have offerings similar to J.Crew (like LE Canvas, Gap, BR, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and the like.)

If you have recently encountered items that are similar to J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including experiences with certain merchandise pieces, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. This may be a little off topic but I just realized that I own 7 leather jackets. But that was not what really surprised me. It was the fact that 5 of these are from Banana Republic and not J. Crew. I only have 1 from J. Crew. Banana Republic has some really great quality leather jackets in their Monogram line. I think I will hit up one of their flagship B&M to see their leather jacket offerings for this fall.

  2. LLBean Signature is using Abraham Moon for some of their pieces (they used to do some JC jackets). I love this skirt as an alternative to the sold out JC merino pleated skirt. I'm sure that the construction is better - and with free shipping and an unlimited return policy, it's pretty low-risk to try out. (I believe DaniBP mentioned the matching jacket, which is also gorgeous!)

  3. They're a little pricey, but has anyone ever bought stuff from EmersonMade? Experiences? Sizing?

  4. Is H&M JCrew-like? They have an email coupon for 25% a pair of pants.

    Banana Republic has 30% one FP item with BRMAD30 and 40% two FP items with BRMAD40 today only. The email works in-store.

    Eddie Bauer has $20 off $75+ with SAVE20. Today only and I believe it's online only.

    And has this been mentioned? Probably, because I get these emails after everyone else. But, just in case, 20% jeans & cords at JCrew.

  5. Hi MissJR - I gave some pieces from EmersonMade a try last fall. IMO, they're well made (and made in the USA! What a concept!) and not vanity sized like JC. They have a size chart on the site that I found to be pretty accurate with what I ordered. Their customer service is great too, and very helpful with any questions. Her pieces make me want to just get rid of most of my wardrobe and build it back up with a few, quality made items. Of course, the flowers are absolutely darling too! I'd give them a try - they have a promo every once in a while (but not too often).

  6. Thanks silver_lining! I have my eye on 2 skirts and a dress.... I think I'll splurge for my birthday and give them a shot. :)

  7. I have had my eye on EmersonMade as well and intend to buy a couple of items in October when I have saved up. The quality looks top notch and thus the higher prices will absolutely be worth it, unlike some other brands I could mention. The full skirts are to die for! And shoes are coming soon - I have high hopes for those.

  8. I am obsessed with the Boden Fall catalog, and am considering making a very large purchase! I have never ordered from them before, and I was wondering what anyone's opinion is about their merchandise quality, customer service, etc. Thanks!

  9. KateD: I love Boden and order often from them. Very nice customer service, although returns take awhile to process (and since they have no stores, it has to be via return mail). Quality is almost always good -- in my personal experience, always good, but be sure to check out the reviews on Boden's webpage -- I generally check both the US site ( and the UK site (, which often has more reviews. No vanity sizing -- I am nearly always a 0 for bottoms and 2 on top in J.Crew, and nearly always a 4 at Boden. The site has measurements for each item, which should help you determine what size to order.

    Also be sure to check out Dina's blog: She does reviews regularly and nearly always has some sort of boden coupon link.

    Hope you love it!

  10. As mommydearest mentioned BR has that sale, but also keep an eye out at BR because they have been having sales almost every day it seems. Most of last week, all the store was 40% off! As much as I love the Jezbel flares from J.Crew, I ended up with the flares from BR since the petite fit better and were 40% off. Almost every day I’ve gotten an e-mail from BR (which includes my local BR store) mentioning a % off. Love that! My work wardrobe loves that too. :) Maybe not my wallet though..ha

  11. Ann Taylor is currently offering 40% off everything for a limited time.

    I checked it out yesterday and posted a few reviews on my blog.
    See here

  12. interesting fall things - tweed, what a surprise! - on and many aren't coming down with logos and skulls for a change.

  13. A bit off topic, but did anyone get to check out the Missoni collection for Target in person?

    My store sold out within an hour of most items so I didn't get to see much of the collection.

    I'm a bit curious :)

  14. Hi TXgirl - I didn't see the items IRL, but there was an article in the NY Times (which I've read a lot today!) that said that the demand for the Missoni line crashed Target's website. Also, within 6 hours or so of the release there were over 6,000 items on eBay under "Missoni for Target" (looks like there are 27,000+ now). Insanity!

  15. audreys...

    thank you so much for your insight! i really appreciate it! dina's blog is great, too! : )

  16. Re: EmersonMade= I love her stuff. So far I have purchased two dresses, a skirt, two tops, and a necklace from EmersonMade and they have been in heavy wardrobe rotation this past Spring/Summer. Agree w/ silver_lining: just follow the sizing charts provided on the website for a true fit. Soft cotton tees, nicely finished construction on the sturdier garments, totally classic style. The customer service is indeed excellent - when I was sent a skirt in the wrong size in an order, I exchanged it for the correct size and received an apology letter as well as a complimentary signature t-shirt! I have my eye on so many things from the new fall line, but I just had to buy a new computer....

    Re: Missoni for Target= Not at all impressed with the clothes. Cheap weight/construction with loose threads poking out all over the seams. The accessories on the other hand are *adorable*, especially the makeup cases and desk/office supplies.

  17. KateD - Re Boden. They have some great offerings this fall I agree. I have bought a few things so far and the quality has been great as has the sizing and colors:

    Color Block Tunic in purple - love, thick substantial fabric.

    British tweed jacket- Slightly longer than the Jcrew Schoolboy and the tweed is to die for. A good fit that is not too boxy.

    Kilt in the black dot color - Love this skirt. Not business attire but great for business casual or weekends. Lands just above the knee.

    Brenton long sleeve T- Love, thick fabric and fitted shape.

    I would try boden, they have great customer service and returns are no problem (although they do take a while as posted above)

  18. There has been talk about Target making it to Canada but now it looks it will be 2013 by the time that will happen. Details here.

  19. @TXgirl14 -- I didn't get to check out anything in store. I totally forgot about the launch until I saw that NY Times article about the crash!

    Somehow I managed to get on the site in the afternoon and the two things I really wanted (sheets and a swimsuit) were still there! I would have liked to try the clothes, but since I own some real M Missoni, thanks to Yoox, no huge loss.

    I'll report back when my order comes... Whatever's not a keeper I'll offer to JCAs before I do returns to Targ├ęt. No ebay scalping here!

  20. oh, I forgot to say.... I really hope the sheets are as nice as they look. The Liberty sheets last year ended up being kind of ugly and not quality when I finally laid hands on them.

  21. Txgirl14, I was able to check out and score several Missoni for Target items. I posted a pic of them on my blog.

    The racks were half empty when I got there in the morning and I can't believe some of those Ebay prices.

  22. Silver_Lining, thanks for the info about Emersonmade, I've had my eye on some items for a while, but wasn't sure about the sizing..

    TXgirl14, I'm with you on Banana Republic's denim! I bought a pair of their flairs and the sizing and length is perfect! I've purchased a lot from them this summer and fall because they have such good sales and they have them weekly!! Great for trendier items!

  23. KateD:

    As Audreys said, I definitely am a bit in love with Boden. :)

    I am planning on another review post tomorrow (I try to do them weekly on Weds or Thurs), so definitely swing by tomorrow night and it should be up by then!!!


    I don't have an e-mail for you (I usually e-mail people about reviews), but I would love to use the written reviews you have here for those four items in tomorrow's post. Some of my readers are not into J. Crew at all, and they never come to JCA, so it would be helpful to them if I could! I can be reached at Thanks for considering it!!! :)

  24. Thank you all for the input on the Missoni line. I don't think I'll be hitting up ebay for any pieces. That is so crazy..I saw some of the!

    fshnonmymind, love the throw and the trays. So cute!

    The bedding stuff looked really cute...but that was gone too.

  25. Gap has additional 30% off sale through Sat with a copy of the email in-store or GAP30 online.

  26. Anyone have thoughts about the blazers at LLBean, not Signature necessarily. They are having a good sale on many wintery jackets and I am eyeing some of the herringbone, wool, velvet blazers. I was wondering about their sizing. I am usually a 0T or 2T in Jcrew jackets. Would the sleeves at LLBean just be ridiculously short?


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