Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post.

Please note: this posting is not for resellers. If you are a reseller, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. Looking for any J.Crew pencil skirts in 0p - Used, new, whatever! ;)

    tinalhernandez (at)

  2. Would anyone like to swap their cece studded ballet flat in size 8 for a cedar colored pair in 8.5? I need to go a half size down. Let me know!

  3. Hi everyone! I’m looking for the following items. Please let me know if you are willing to part with them. Please email me at mcullen7318 at gmail. Thanks!

    - Cashmere long argyle skirt (not sure of sizing but around a size 4/6, small/med)
    - Maggie double-serge blazer in pink/camel/ivory/yellow in size 2/4 (6 if ran smaller)
    - Penelope Mary Janes in black/silver colorway (8.5 or 9)
    - Patent Mary Janes in yellow (8.5 or 9)
    - Ava Sunflower slingbacks (8.5 or 9)

    Also, if you're looking to trade your small Campo di Fiori sweaterdress for an XS.

  4. Hello!

    Still looking for a yellow (buttercup) cotton taffeta Belle skirt, size 10 or 12, EUC is fine.


  5. Hello!
    Looking for juliet patent pumps (with the contrasting wood heel) any color but red in 8.5, please.

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  7. I'm looking for the perfect shirt in maxi check in blue, in a 4 or a 6. Thanks!

    sarah dot boyette at gmail

  8. Looking for the Portia Pant in size 2 (or 0 if they run big).

  9. Hi everyone! Looking for a lightweight cardigan with a side/front tie in S or M. I believe this was a Spring item that came in heather gray, cream, and light pink. Thanks :)

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  11. Good morning and Happy Labor Day!

    Looking for Golden Roses Print Frances/Victoria ruffle sleeveless blouse in size 6 or 8 (this was a factory only item).

    Thanks in advance!

    Email me at

  12. Domino Jacquard Pencil skirt, size 2, 4, or 6 (depending on measurements).

  13. Still looking for wool perfect pencil skirt from fall 2009 (side zip) in size 2 bright blue - will consider dusty blossom or cinnamon stick colors as well!

    Also searching for wool super
    120's pencil skirt from 2009 in size 4 expresso (brown) or other colors in this skirt - black, dark gray or light gray (from 2009 on).


  14. Still looking for watch bands for the Ladies' Timex Traveler watch in any colors besides the grey/orange stripe & the original green (thanks again to the kind JCA who sold me the green one last week!).

    Also would love to find a few more Cambridge sweaters from last year in most any style and color, size XS or S.

    TIA! :)
    byondtheblue at gmail dot com

  15. Hi! I would like to find a Plume Headband or the more recent Petal Headband (40889) in black, at the sale price. EUC is fine.

    I had the Petal one in my online basket for $15 and it sold out while I've been biding my time for a free shipping code. Thank you!

    brooklinian at gmail

  16. I would like to add to my closet:

    - Jayne wool suiting dress in size 4, black, gray or navy

    - Maggie double serge blazer in size 4, black

    - 100% Cashmere dress in size S or M
    (any color in great condition)

    - Veruschka dress (91142), 2/4/6

    - Lace scalloped tee (31958), black, XS/S

    - Metallic raw-edge layered leather clutch (23257), gold color

    - Joley patent peep toe heels in tortoise print. Size 7

    jcrewphd at gmail dot com

  17. Would love to find the Juliet patent red pumps, sz. 8 or 8.5.

    Also, would love to find the Coralie Cami, sz. 10, any color. Would be willing to trade from my sz. 12 in wild mushroom color also.

    ajswirsky AT sbcglobal DOT net

  18. ANy Fenton-Fallon jewelry out there?

  19. Would love to find:

    -Stripe silk tee (#41950) in 00/0
    -Chiffon Cecelia cami (#29213) in 00/0
    -Perfect shirt in pixel dot (#48517) in 0
    -Petite double-serge pencil skirt (#29993) in nightfall blue in P2
    -Dot flouncette blouse (#28829) in 0
    -Shoreline-stripe dress (#42543) in XS

    Looking to TRADE my NWT Paisley pencil skirt (#44248)in a size 0 for a P2.

  20. Seeking a Jackie in the bright green colorway (don't remember the official J.Crew name) from several years ago, new or GUC/EUC, size medium.

    mmork at umich dot edu


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  22. I'd love to find the following:

    Flannery platform peep toes (#28770) in a 7.5 or 8

    Juliet Tortoise Patent Leather Midheels (#16969) in a 7.5 or 8

    Contact le.crewsette at the gmail if you're willing to part with either of these delightful items.

  23. How I wish I had bought the Pluma Pendant, in the gold tone.....

    Anyone have buyers remorse, and want to sell theirs?


  24. Whoops - I'm new to this, and didn't realize it would post me as "unknown" (no blogger account). If you'd like to swap your size 8 Cece studded flats for my 8.5 Cedar Cece studded flats, contact me at Thanks.

  25. Looking for double strand flower necklace or bracelet in guava...will consider gray!!

  26. If anyone has the Studio Ball Skirt from 2008 in a size 12, I am interested. Here is a refresher Polyvore set:

  27. Would LOVE to find a Maritime Dress in Navy in a XS that is less than retail price (I already have the Sail Blue!). If anyone has an EUC they are tired of already or a New (they are willing to sell for less), I will take it off your hands!

    Thank you!

  28. Hi All,

    I am looking to trade a paisley pencil skirt #44248 size 8 for a size 6.


  29. Leather Atlee Skirt Size 0 (sale price)
    Beaded Firewoks Necklace (pink color)
    Metallic Beacon Tote (EUC condition or new ok)
    Starfish Earings
    Shearling Moto Jacket Size 0
    Bridget Shirtdress Size 0
    Ocho Rios Gathered Sweater Dress Size XS/0
    Taffeta Rugby Skirt Pink Color Size 0
    Icon Trench Size 2
    J.Crew Glitter-finish leather sandals Size 7

    tararoach at gmail dot com

    Thanks is advance!

  30. Looking for the Tissue Ruffle Tank, size Medium, in the charcoal, oatmeal heather or keylime colorways.

    Also looking for items, esp. knit tops, in the Paris Pink colorway. Size Med.


    Contact: elaine . hamill @ gmail . com

  31. Hope all enjoyed Labor Day!

    1.Wool perfect pencil skirt, Cinnamon Stick, size 8.

    2. Double serge wool pencil skirt, Red (or Bright Rhubarb I believe), size 8.

    3.Double serge wool pencil skirt,
    Brilliant Blue, size 8.

    e-mail me at:

  32. Hi all -
    If anyone has the sand dune Camille wedges in size 7, and has changed their mind about them, please let me know. I held out too long for a sale!
    Amanda A.

  33. Looking to find:

    Joelle cami or blouse. Gray only, size 0 or 2
    Metallic-stripe tissue tee, gold stripes, XS
    Classic stripe tissue tee, navy, XS
    Calf hair sofia shoulder bag
    Retail only dream argyle shell with tie, XS only
    Cashmere French stripe boatneck sweater – from 2007—size XS or maybe S
    Striped wool cashmere bateau sweater, black, XS
    Short sleeve cashmere tee, XS, chocolate brown
    Penelope peeps, canyon, size 7
    Gold derby clutch

    New or EUC Ok for all. Thanks in advance!!
    Condupuy at

  34. looking for:
    j crew perfect shirt in neon gingham, in neon azalea in a size 0 2 or 4 and the perfect shirt in suckered mini gingham in kelly green and/or violet in a 0 2 or 4..

  35. I have a Darla dress in size 10 that is a bit too short for me, any takers?

  36. Looking for the Perfect Pencil skirt, Cinnamon Stick, size 10 or 12

    lolalovesfrank AT gmail DOT com

  37. Would also love to find a pair of Glen Plaid wool shorts. I'm not sure how the sizing on these ran, but I think a size 2 or 4 would work.

    byondtheblue at gmail dot com

  38. Looking to find the blushed tweed pencil skirt size 4 or 6.

    Would also like to trade my size 6 dauphine jacket for a 4. Thanks!

    ljkbuckner at gmail dot com

  39. Hi JCA's

    One more time, the Vintage Violet jacket, size 4 or 6. Contact is

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  41. Hi,

    Looking for EUC Madewell Archive leather boots in any of the 3 colors.


    abby dot allender at gmail dot com.

  42. Hi, Fleurette backpack. Email is

  43. I'm looking for either the Selma or Lorelei dresses (silk tafetta) in Matisse Blue and a size 8.

    I picked up a bunch of Matisse Blue dresses at a warehouse event and I know there are others out there!

    smallchic {at} gmail

  44. I'm looking for a featherweight cotton cardigan in smoldering brick, size small!

  45. To add onto my never-ending list... also looking for:

    Lady lace popover (38409) in XS. Would prefer any color besides black, but am open to it too. TIA!

  46. Looking to find Isabel cashmere sweatshirts in any color and a size small. Thank you :)

  47. Merino Ethreal ruffle cardigan in navy, XS or PXS or PS.

  48. I'm looking for the Factory Delfine skirt in a 0 or 2 (it's on sale right now) as well as the new Martina suede wedges in grey, size 6!


  49. I'm looking for the Factory Delfine skirt in a size 0 or 2 (it's on sale right now) and the new Martine wedges, grey suede, size 6!

  50. Also I would LOVE to find:
    Lizzie driving mocs, brown, size 6
    Shimmerveil capri sandals, grey/silver, size 6

  51. looking for the 5 inch chino short in shocking pink in a 2 or 4. They were on sale for 32.50 a couple of days ago and now they are back to regular price??? Still looking for the neon gingham perfect shirt too :)


  52. Looking for the Graham Bootie in black suede either size 7 or 7.5

  53. Looking to find a few older season items that I still love:

    Fall 08 Dream Ruffle Herringbone Jewel Button Cardigan in black/charcoal, size M

    Spring 11 Striped Mandarin T in Red, size S

    Spring 11 Madras Popover (red), size S


  54. Just looked at old J. Crew catalogs and have a new-found obsession with J. Crew bags from 2009 and before. Please let me know if you have any of these, new or EUC is fine.

    -Georgie bags. Try me on style; I like all colors except the silver
    -Marche satchel or tote in fawn
    -Lexi tote, not the light purple color
    -Small gallery hobo or satchel, try me on color
    -Small leather Thompson tote, tan rose
    -Small Thompson tote, try me on color
    -Uptown tote, try me on color
    -Small suede Maddy bag, yellow gold color

    -Cotton interlock Ava dress, 0, navy
    -Deco shirred skirt, 0 or 2

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  56. I'm looking for a bronzed ochre double serge wool pencil skirt in either a 4 or 6.

  57. Baybaybay,

    You have a Jcrew hanbag I want REALLY bad! Can you email me at
    Greatly appreciate it!

  58. Hi everyone!
    This is my first time commenting here- I LOVE this blog!!
    Anyway, I am really, really wanting to find an Elsa jacket in the red or blue colorway, in a sz 10 or 12. If anyone out there has one they are willing to part with and are ok to ship to Canada,please let me know. E-mail me at:

  59. Hi! I am looking for the Claudia halter dress (or similar) in size 0. Any color but navy. :)

  60. Hi! Looking for the Dapple Dot Cardigan in a size small or medium. Thanks for any help out there!

    mbrincat1 at netzero dot net

  61. Please help! I need a neon hot pink skinny belt in a size small or medium. Please email me at wallsjamie at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

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