Thursday, September 29, 2011

J.Crew Warehouse Sale Time {score again!}

A big "thanks!" to J.CrewJD who shared the following {fantastic} news J.Crew.

J.Crew's Clearance Store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is having another Regional Warehouse Sale. This event takes place for three days only:
Friday, October 7th (8AM to 8PM)
Saturday, October 8th (8AM to 8PM)
Sunday, October 9th (10AM to 8PM)

I am so jealous! Another amazing sale and I live too far away to attend. You local JCAs are so lucky!!! :)

The location for the store is:
(old Border's location)
1801 Fordham Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. YES!!!!!!

    Mama needs some new pants :):):)

  2. OOOH! That's me! I went last time and scored some great deals.

  3. If anyone picks up a Selma in silk taffeta, matisse blue, size 8, I will pay you double for it! It will be $30 at the sale. I'll give you $60.

    I'm kind of desperate!

  4. I was elated when a coworker sent me the email this morning -- this time I AM GOING, even if I have to take vacation time from work to do so!

  5. If you spot someone who appears to have no head because the merchandise is stacked up so high in my arms that I can't see around it ... that'll be me. LOL!

  6. Thanks for posting this. Love J. Crew and I'm close so I'm gonna check it out! This is my first post and I love your blog. I check in daily for reviews and all the helpful comments!

  7. Yes! This is me! On the calendar :) I've never been to one before...

  8. Congrats to all those who attend this event. :) I would love to be there myself! ;)

    Pam: Thank you for the nice words and Welcome Aboard!!! :)

  9. Ooooh my goodness! I just moved to Chapel Hill for grad school, already love it, and now THIS?!?! LOVE!! Now, to restrain myself from buying anything from retail until this lovely warehouse sale...

  10. Why does the graphic say "Sunday October 9th - 23rd"? Does that mean the sale lasts longer? Has anyone had any luck getting great deals after the opening weekend of one of these sales, or is the stock totally picked over?

  11. It's a two week long sale. the times are earlier the first two days. It runs until the 23rd. A 3 hour drive from Richmond but I will make it at least once:)

  12. Sitting outside since 6:30. They cant figure out how to turn on the lights so they r opening an hour late (9am)

  13. The sale was decent. Women's shoes are just AWFUL. Nothing but gold and silver heels/sandals. After finding a lot of great shoes at the last sale in January, I was expecting great things again.

    Tons of special occasion. A few current season things mixed in and of course they are still unloading. Hardly any skirts at all. I scored the current season Teddie dress for $20 and a Saint James striped shirt for $10, so there are definitely bargains to be had.

    I did get very luck in the boys Crewcuts. Great, great stuff there, though it isn't the best price.

  14. Got home about 12 with a bag full of goodies. Best buy was the boots for $60.

  15. Did they have any winter coats?


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