Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everyone Loves Mickey Drexler! {part II}

"Thanks!" to cuckoo4crew & redglass99 who shared the following from CNN (click here to see original). It is the video companion to CNN's article featured in the "Everyone Loves Mickey Drexler!" post.

I love seeing their offices! It is always neat to see fabrics and things laid around the office. I always wonder if its a new item we haven't seen before.

The one part that made me laugh out loud (besides MD creating "casual Fridays"– please check out xoxo & wellfedfred's comments in the "Everyone Loves Mickey Drexler!" post– a must read), is seeing Jenna Lyons folding clothes at a store. Um, yeah. If a camera wasn't there, I doubt she would have done that. ;) (Mind you, I really like Jenna.)

What are your thoughts on the video? Did anything catch your eye?


  1. Actually, one time I stopped by the J. Crew Collections store on Madison last year and saw Jenna Lyons folding clothes - no cameras in sight!

  2. Christina: I am clearly wrong then and that is a pretty awesome story! :)


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