Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Looking to VENT" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to VENT with J.Crew" post, a place to share our not-so-stellar experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a frustrating situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including poor experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. I have become increasingly frustrated with their vanity sizing, especially in the bottoms/pants department. I have always know to size down in almost ALL of their clothes, but when I recently ordered the wool cafe capri online in my normal j.crew size (2), I found that upon trying them on they were ENORMOUS. I returned them to the b+m the next day, and promptly ordered a 0, which I have never, EVER worn. although I know I should be flattered that my pants will say '0' on the tag, it's infuriating that everything just seems to get bigger and bigger, and sizes become more and more inflated...what is even the point?

    so there...there's my rant ;)

    still have yet to receive the 0s, I am just hoping they are even small enough at this point!

  2. J. Crew, what happened? I don't even know where to start with my disappointments. But let's start with quality.

    I bought the Lula snakeskin ballet flats in the pink color and after only a few wears it is starting to peel. I repeat, peel! This is supposed to be of superior quality over the regular Lula, right? I have Jane snakeskin flats from about two years ago that I've worn so much and are still in perfect condition.

    Their new (short fiber) cashmere is atrocious and uber itchy, pills easily and gets holes oh so quickly. I have cashmere from 4-5 years ago that still looks good. I take care of my stuff!

    All 7 tees that I purchased for spring/fall are falling or have fell apart. Holes, lost beads, sequins, but especially annoying tiny holes all over.

    And now their sizing has changed. Again.

    The only reason that I still drink the Crewlade is for that one piece that you get every season, that you wear forever.

    ...And thank you for letting me vent...I feel lighter already!

  3. D*ska, that's awful about your Lulas. I'm so sick of disposable clothing! JC would be smart to take a look at eBay - their old pieces are getting snatched up left and right. I used to be able to get great deals on there, but as more and more people flock to get the "vintage" (read: QUALITY) JC items, the prices have been going higher. It's saying something when shoppers would rather have years-old (and used!) items than your new offerings.

    I do like some of the new designs for this fall (and the lack of bag lady/Little Edie/twigs in the hair styling), but if the sweaters are pilling and the buttons are popping off of jackets in the store, then what's the point?

  4. Speaking of low quality, I posted once before, while I was trying on the schoolboy blazer in the store one of the button fell right off as I was trying to button it to see how it looked closed. The PS helping me was embarrassed this happened.

    I wouldn't buy t-shirts and sweaters from JC (or any retailer) especially with synthetic blend that would pill or have holes in few wears.

  5. I thought I might take advantage of 20% off jeans, and checked out the website. The image at the top of the denim page shows the matchstick jeans in the dark rinse wash -- they look great on the model, and they are described as "our most popular" jeans.

    Clearly they knew that people liked them & would want to buy them with the 20% promo -- so why are they only available in size 33 right now?

  6. I am really disappointed. I had some items in my cart last week and on monday they were dumped. I should have kept a separate record of the items...knowing it could happen but I was hoping. I mean it's not like everything is so great on their site that I would be grabbing everything, it's like certain items that I wanted. *sigh* This put me in a real foul mood because I have had a net-a-porter basket for the past month that hasn't been dumped so why can't jcrew figure out how to fix it. But ... I know their prices go up and down so they are trying to make more money off me.

    Also, their sweaters are so expensive. And there isn't much variety either. I mean a lot of the sweaters are over $120 and cashmere...close to $200. What the heck?

  7. My rant is quality. I preordered the Pia leopard pumps in advance. When they finally arrived, there was a large discoloration on one shoe. I returned and reordered. The second pair had an isse as well. The platform had separated from the shoe. I returned and reordered again. They were on backorder and yesterday I received the "we wish we had made more" cancellation email. I'm going to take that as a sign and give up on them. There are plenty of other leopard pumps out there.

  8. Just a suggestion to those unhappy with Jcrew tees and knits - try Madewell.

    I know, it doesn't make any sense that their quality is superior, but it really is.

    I have been exclusively buying Madewell over Jcrew, and I am so much happier with my purchases. Yes the style is a little "hipper" I guess, but I get so many compliments on my Madewell knits and denim. And I find that Madewell runs very tts.


  9. I agree with Ashby on Madewell's quality. However, I find they run just a bit more boxy and bigger for me than J Crew on many garments. I recently ordered a pair of the penny loafers and heeled loafers and the quality is excellent in these shoes at least. I ordered and sent back two pairs of Paddy pumps due to quality issues before giving up.

  10. I know this isn't "other JC retailers" time, but I have a good shoe solution:

    I have found that Ebay always has a big selection of Cole Haan loafers. If you don't mind vintage/pre-owned they are amazing quality and so classic. I bought one pair last year for about $20 and another for $10. Best kept secret material!

  11. Straight to Final Sale? Really?

    I can't believe the number of items that go straight to final sale. My B&M isn't very big so it's hard to try items on.

    So things that I was considering buying just get crossed off my shopping list. I just won't by them on final sale.

    Ordering items full price just to try them on gets to be too much of a hassle and I don't understand why J.Crew would want that.

  12. silver_lining, You're so right about buying 'vintage' JC items on eBay. They used to be such good deals. Now not so much. Everybody now knows the secret.
    I've given to wearing my Lulas around the house and searching desperately for the Jane in the colors that I don't have. It's so sad.

  13. I returned my hacking jacket in the vibrant flame the other day through the mail with the original receipt. Well, I got an email saying they received it but it was for the no. 2 skirt that I still have in my procession. I have no idea how that could happen when I gave them the correct invoice!

  14. Is it just J. Crew or do other retailers do this too? I've received the wrong item for the second time! I ordered a pair of jeans for my husband, instead I received a button down shirt..


  15. I received two cute tees I ordered during the last LOVEIT promo (the day it overlapped with free tee shipping). One is the perfect fit boatneck tee (M), and the other is the perfect fit ls crewneck (ordered a L to get a bit more room). Interestingly, the L is smaller than the M! They are manufactured in two different places--wonder if that is the difference? Will have to try and exchange the crew, but for an XL??? I am a size 10. Crazy!

  16. @Wendy, when the same clothing is made in different places it definetly can be sized differently.
    why cant they make the same style in the same factory?
    I have noticed this with pants from GAP

  17. Madewell's quality is far superior. After flirting with the idea for a while, I finally ordered a few things, but the sizing is huge! The lace tank I ordered is enormous in a size small and will have to go back. Sold out in XS by now. The other tank I ordered on sale never came-- I got two black bikini bottoms instead. So bizarre. The customer service person I spoke with was rude and unapologetic about the mix up. They'd sold out of that item too. Jcrew has always bent over backward to be customer oriented and pleasant. I was so surprised that Madewell would be so different! I'm still fuming and it's a shame because their jeans fit like a dream. I hope the other JCAs have better experiences!


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