Wednesday, September 14, 2011

J.Crew Email: ENDS TODAY: 20% OFF women's denim & cords

"Thanks!" to Irina, who shared with us the email J.Crew sent out earlier today.

J.Crew reminding customers that today is the last day to take 20% off on select full-priced Women's denim & cords (click here & here to shop online).

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion before it ends today? If so, what items are you planning to get. Please share! :)


  1. I have enough denim and cords to last me 3 lifetimes, but I want the pointelle beach cardi to pop back in the beige color, grrrr! So I'm cooling out until the next promo comes up. :)

  2. If they were offering the cords in the color 'Sea Salt' again I would have taken advantage of the promo.

  3. Yay...can't wait for this promo to end. Bring on the shoes, sweaters, and coat discounts :)

  4. LOL! Ladies, I too am looking forward to this promo ending. I am hoping a better promo will come up tomorrow with the new arrivals. ;)

  5. I agree with a coat promo, then I will definately make a purchase. Funny when I was in my B&M yesterday they said jeans and cords were selling like crazy. I told them not sure why since they were 20% on-line and not in the stores.


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