Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make Sure You are Protected with Online Tranasctions {thanks roxy!}

Roxy discusses a very important topic today over at her amazing "Effortless Anthropologie" blog. It is definitely worth reading her "Alert! Protecting yourself from online tranasction scams" post.

While I am at it, I want to remind readers about an older post from GigiOfCa (from the fantastic "Gigi's Gone Shopping" blog) that is also worth checking out: "GigiOfCa's "Tips for a successful sell/swap experience" :)".

My own advice (for what it is worth), is to always use a third party like PayPal to send money. This way both parties have a resolution center they can go to work out any differences/ disagreements. Also ask for an invoice to be sent as "merchandise", with the item being purchasing described in the notes section. Sometimes, a Seller will ask the Buyer to send money as a "gift" to avoid charging the recipient PayPal fees. I advise against this (unless you really, REALLY know the other party to be reliable). Under this scenario, the Buyer forfeits the ability to dispute or file a claim. Lastly, if things go wrong contact the other party early on! If that doesn't work out, escalate the situation by filing a claim in a reasonably quick time frame. (In a personal story from a purchase on eBay, I was suppose to get a refund. I waited 5 days and heard lots of excuses. I filed a claim with eBay + PayPal and got my money that same day. No excuses once that happened.)

The JCA's Great Weekly Exchange is a wonderful weekly resource to sell / purchase items from J.Crew's current & past seasons. However, you should always make sure you are protected during any transaction.


  1. Great info! I always feel weird asking people to send me an invoice, but when I sell I always use Paypal's invoice system. I don't like their fee-skimming any more than anyone else does, but I chalk it up to being the price I have to pay to have recourse should I need it.

    I'm happy to say I can count on one hand the number of mishaps I've had in 13 years of buying and selling on eBay, but I do remember getting stiffed with bad checks in the pre-Paypal days. Ugggghh. I don't miss that at all.

  2. Elaine: I totally agree. I am not a fan with how much PayPal charges, but it is a small price to pay for security. It is the same reasoning I use for adding tracking when mailing a package. It might cost a dollar, but it definitely helps if an issue comes up. :)

  3. Great tips and hope everyone here understands why people demand to be sent an "invoice" via paypal. I've had positive experience via JCA exchange.

  4. ITA with the comments here. Thanks for the security reminders. I have had great transactions on the JCA exchange, so thanks as always Alexis for this great community. :)


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