Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J.Crew's Twisted-Ribbon Dress {the Ultimate Steal}

"Thanks!" to J.CrewJD who shared an email from StyleFind, that features a dress from J.Crew.

The Twisted-Ribbon Dress (item 43317; $228.00 now $49.99) is touted as the Ultimate Steal. J.Crew describes this little number as:
Clean lines and an elegant drape make for one sultry dress. Our designers kept things lean and languid with figure-flattering seams and a longer length that skims the curves just right. Our favorite part? The alluring twisted-ribbon back. Sleeveless. Loose fit. Straight skirt. Falls to knee. Import. Dry clean.
It is easy to understand why this $228 dress is now $49.99 ($34.99 with the additional 30% off). It is an oddly shaped dress– loose around the waist, fitted at the skirt, with an overall droopy fit that appears like a potato sack. This dress is a big pass for me.

Now with all that said, this dress comes in lovely Warm Jade and Navy. So it got me thinking about how this dress could be styled. What I came up with? I advise cinching the waist with a great brown belt, throwing a fitted neutral jacket on top, and finishing it off with some cute sandals. Basically hiding the dress under more form fitting pieces.

What are your thoughts on the Twisted-ribbon dress? Do you own or have tried on this piece? If so, please share your review with us? How would you style this dress to make it work?


  1. Lol @ Alexis: "with an overall droopy fit that appears like a potato sack." You hit the nail on the head.

  2. Saw it IRL, the color is quite lovely but it was one of those "touch and go," pieces for me. I must admit I was tempted to purchase it for the color alone with this recent promo but went for the trellis dress instead because of it's bigger price drop. Maybe next time around if there's a free ship promo as well...:)

  3. Cass: Right?! That shape is a bit bizarre. Even the model can't pull the dress off by itself. ;)

  4. Candece: The colors are very pretty, I definitely agree with that. :)

  5. It could work for someone who's pear shaped and "hippy" Which is what I am. :) Was also considering wearing it with a belt as you suggested. One of those wide stretchy ones.

  6. Rose I had the same question! The description doesn't even give the fabric information.

    Alexis the way you would style, it could be cute, especially in that green. Agree it is an extremely hard shape to pull off with any success.

  7. Me me, I'm pear-shaped / hippy! Do we think there would be too much excess fabric around the waist area? That usually ends up being the only problem I have with belting dresses...

  8. Not trying to be snarky, but why would you buy a dress if you're just going to try to cover it up? Is this what it's come to, J Crew, hmm?

  9. Oho. I must ride to the rescue of the much maligned and overlooked Twisted Ribbon Dress :-)

    This dress is quite fab on me (eh, if I may so myself...), and I would assume would be fab on others who are tall, not stick-thin, and blessed with a decent pair of shoulders.

    Some time ago I bored y'all with a litany about how none, absolutely none of J.Crew's pretty dresses ever fit me because all their waist seams sit unflattering high up.

    This dress however doesn't have a waist seam, therefore doesn't impose a waist in the wrong spot. I use a simple black skinny belt to define my waist right where it is - ha, genius! Add black booties and some edgy black/silver/steel jewelry, and there's my current favorite cocktail or party outfit.

    I agree the dress looks like a potato sack on the model. She seems to be slouching a bit, she doesn't quite seem to fill it out, and the straps seem too long on her. Stylists sometimes go for grungy looks, I guess...

    Someone asked about the fabric. It's 100% rayon, I'd say a mid-weight fabric with a bit of texture to it. Drapes nicely. Lined in 100% polyester, and while I usually detest polyester, this feels fine. Not a dress you would be wearing all day, anyways.

    Nice craftsmanship. It has some flattering pleats at the bust, and a single stitch taking up the hem a bit for flounce. (I sadly cut that stitch to gain a bit of length, but loved it for its simplicity and effect.)

    For reference, I'm 5'10", JC sizes 12 on top and 8 or 10 in bottoms, straight-shaped, not an hourglass nor a pear nor an apple. The size 12 fits perfectly.

    I'd strongly recommend this dress if you have a similar "column" shape and feel you could risk $35. It's a gamble, but chances are you might win.

  10. Boooo, ALL synthetic? I don't think I can do it. :( Although I do have troubles with the dress waists usually being too high on me. If I could just try it on, and /or return it if it didn't fit....! Arrgghh.

  11. flaminga,

    You and I are the same height and body shape. I wear an 8 or 10 or top and bottom at JCRew. I agree with you. This dress could work for me. Thanks for your post. If the dress is still around and there is a free ship for cardholders, I might try it.

  12. Hi Candece, how did the trellis dress fit? Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Only if it wasn't final sale I would try it. Boo!

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