Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Looking to VENT" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to VENT with J.Crew" post, a place to share our not-so-stellar experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a frustrating situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including poor experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Arghhh. The ultra knit zip hoodie that I have worn less than five times has a hole in the sleeve at the wrist AND a hole in the opposite sleeve in the dead center. I always wash in cold and NEVER put these in the dryer. What a shame and a waist of money....think I will invest in a Lulu hoodie.

  2. Lauren, that's awful. JC, open your eyes! Between the holey knits, shedding double-breasted sweater jacket, pilly Betsy sweater and probably others we haven't heard about yet, your quality is worse than ever - so stop sending those white cards with my order that say that you're "obsessed" with quality and that it's a "priority", because it is so obviously not.

    Here, I'll even start your new card: "We're obsessed with high profit margins, and will do whatever it takes to get there - even if it means sourcing our sweaters from the lowest quality acrylic blends possible, not taking QC measures to ensure our shoes aren't leaking glue, and bringing you the cheapest buttons from the bargain bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics."

  3. My silk-linen perfect shirt in warm jade has a giant rip down the front. I have worn it all of TWO times. So is such a gorgeous color. At least I can still wear it under sweaters :(

  4. silver_lining, that is perfect. I am laughing out loud over here!

    I have never had an item outright rip open like that but wow, that is just terrible. Time to step it up, J.Crew! I can find similar looking pieces at retailers like Boden and Talbots who seem to care more about quality (though I have heard complaints about Talbots quality too.) I'm still drinking the crewlade but definitely looking elsewhere before I buy from J.Crew to make sure I can't find something better for the same amount of money. This is a very recent development for me... I've long been a strictly J.Crew shopper.

  5. silver_lining LOL!

    The card that was in my order yesterday was slightly different that what I remember seeing in the past, although it may just be that I haven't look at the inserts lately. This one reads:

    Millar S. Drexler

    I, and the entire team here at J.Crew want you to know that we're committed to providing the best quality, design and service. Every day and in everything we do - that's just who we are. Now, more than ever, we invite you to put our commitment to the test. If there is anything you think we can do better, we'd like to hear from you:

    As always, thank you for shopping with us - we look forward to seeing more of you.


    I have seen that email address before but have never used it. Has anyone else emailed that address and what was the response?

  6. Still reeling from the Betsy sweater failure.

  7. OT, but can anyone tell me anything about the Paley pant (specifically the bi-stretch wool) and/or the Iris sandal? I'm eyeing both in final sale territory, but oddly can find nothing on the blog about either item. Wondering if the Paley pant fits weirdly since there are several versions on final sale....tia.

  8. Elaine, I have the Iris sandals in the tortoise print patent. I found them to be a little short in my regular size, and toe strap is tight and uncomfortable. Not unbearable, and it has seemed to stretch out with wear, but after 6-8 hours wearing them I am ready to throw them across the room. They are really cute though... I always get compliments. But go up half a size if you can. If not, they will still fit but my toes are quite close to the edge :) Would I buy them again? Yes. The colors are so amazing in the suede ones... so tempting...

  9. I posted in yesterday's reviews thread but the Betsy sweater was the worst - I can't believe they are selling it at full price. The pilling is outrageous and it seriously looks like an old sweater after one wear. As I brought it back to the store I looked longingly at the table of them - I really loved the shape and color offerings, and it's so sad they won't be getting my business for more sweaters. I did write an e-mail to CS (before I ended up just taking it back to a store) and they responded that I can send it in and they would inspect if for a defect... um, the defect is a cheaply made sweater that doesn't last.

    So frustrating!!

  10. Can someone tell me why they keep churning out awful blends for women's sweaters, yet manage to make affordable 100% wool sweaters for men?

    I was so excited to receive my two Alexa Chung for Madewell Hamish blanket wraps. Ok, I did notice in the product description that the blend was a bit extreme, with five different fibers--vicose, wool, nylon, cashmere, angora--but I even called a store before placing an online order and was assured it was thick and soft and wouldn't pill. Got them yesterday and back they go today :( As my husband said, with the small percentage of wool (29%) and even less of cashmere and angora (8% each, if I remember correctly), they're worth about $15.

    JCrew, will you please go back to making the 100% thick knit cashmere wraps like you did in 2008? I'd buy one in every color!

  11. Lauren: I'm sorry to hear that! My sherpa hoodie from last season developed few tiny holes along the sleeve (close to the seam) after only few wears. I hate paying high bucks for disposable clothing.

  12. silver_lining: good one! I too laughed at that new white card that was included in my recent shipment.

    AppGal: I'm sorry to hear that about your shirt. That color was beautiful on you!

    Seriously, I hate to worry about the clothes/shoes I'm wearing out to work or else where fail on me in a major wardrobe malfunction!

  13. I take much of the responsibility for this complaint since I should know better by now, but I was so disappointed to watch my Cashmere cable sweater turn into a pilly mess by wearing #3. Since it's a shorter length which fits me unlike JC sweaters from other seasons which are too long, I made the mistake of jumping on it at full price, figuring I'd get plenty of wear out of it before it ever went on sale - and now I'm scared to wear it because I want it to last more than one season!

    I just don't understand how this is a regular complaint from customers season after season - awful, piling cashmere - and yet the quality remains to be in a totally different ballpark from the price point. And yet as much as I don't want to keep supporting this lousy cashmere, I'm always tempted by the beautiful color choices I don't find elsewhere...

  14. By the way, has anyone tried the Laundress for JC sweater comb? I've been using an old fashioned lint shaver which gets the job done but I fear it may be shortening the (already short) life of my JC cashmere sweaters.

  15. I have learned never to pay full price or even full price minus educator's discount for anything from JCrew ever again. The quality of their item is just awful as of late. I cannot think of one item I would consider at this point.

    I did buy a skirt this summer at full price --15% and it came with a hole. Same with a recent scarf purchase. Even their scarves are cheap and thin anymore. I think this is the first time ever in 11 years I have not bought one fall item from J.Crew. So sad.

  16. I'm sorry to hear the sweater woes of so many JCAs. These are some horror stories. I myself got burned badly by JC sweaters last year and I'm mostly staying away from them this year.

    I bought a gray cashmere sweater from Garnet Hill recently, and I'm very happy with the purchase. The cashmere is exquisite and luxurious, and GH offers much better deals than JC. (You want to size down IMO.)

    I've also been eyeing Pure Collection (a U.K. brand). They have lots of stylish cashmere sweaters and they look very promising too.

  17. I just went to check out Garnet Hill, and this could pretty much be a picture from a 2007 J.Crew catalog, model and all. Their prices seem pretty reasonable too!

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  19. JcrewJD:

    In total agreement!

    That sweater was on promotion for $108 a month ago. Not a bad price.

  20. OT -- but would appreciate help on this--what is the sweater name and color shade from this pic?


  21. xoxo, I did e-mail at that address and got a reply within a couple of hours from one of his assistants.

  22. @Greta: I've ordered many things over the years from Pure Collection. I've been pleased with the majority of them. They definitely offer better quality per dollar than J Crew. Hopefully you have their 30% off + free shipping email offer.

  23. I need some guidance and help from fellow JCAs who own the "Cocodrillo" pencil skirt from 2009 summer collection. After searching for almost two years I found a brand new one on eBay this year.

    My dry cleaners ruined the skirt as the dark navy ink has bled to the ivory color. The care instruction says "dry clean" and I didn't want to risk ruining it so I took it to the cleaners. When I took it back to the owner, he said that they are not responsible for dye fades or the ink the manufacturer used to print. He said that the skirt was dry cleaned using a special solvent and I questioned why he didn't spot clean and he said that since it's a big machine they have someone come and fill with solvent so no way to spot clean prior to putting it in. He said that I should have known about this fabric ink and that any dry cleaners would not be responsible for garments' ink transfers.

    Now, if any JCAs has had their Cocodrillo skirt dry cleaned, could you let me know if your ink bled or if yours turned out fine. I don't know if JCrew can help me if I contact them saying that the garment care instructions were wrong (spot clean instead of dry clean). Any advice is appreciated!
    Beyond all this, I'm devastated my most treasured clothing is ruined and I can't replace it.

  24. @jcrewphd,
    I own the cocodrillo pencil skirt and have had it cleaned many times without issue. I've even resorted to washing in my machine on the hand wash cycle the past few times because of the high price of dry cleaning here in France. I'v not had any issue at all with fading. It sounds like an issue with your cleaner. I'm so sorry that happened, It's a beautiful skirt.

  25. I am very annoyed with JC these days.

    I had a pair of the Wool Cafe Capris on backorder through the Canadian website ever since mid-August; they were backordered till mid-October.

    A couple of weeks ago I was in the US and lo and behold, found the pants at a B&M store, so I bought them, thinking I could cancel my online backorder.

    When I did, the CS rep told me that the pants had JUST come back into stock (a month early), and it was too late to cancel my order. I wanted to keep the ones I bought in the US because I saved about $40 and I figured, not a big deal, I'll just return the online ones to the Toronto store when they arrive.

    But wouldn’t you know, the Toronto store will not accept online returns, not even ones that were paid for in Canadian dollars; not even when they carry that item in stock. So that leaves me with no choice but to send them back via Canada Post, which will cost me about $20.

    So not only do we pay more for the same items in Canada, and taxes and duty on top of it, but we also pay extra to return merchandise. No free return-shipping label for us Canadians! It is so unfair. And I’m furious about it.

  26. Conster - that was the egyptian cotton v-neck sweater in true aqua. The picture was in my January 2008 catalog. HTH!

  27. Got my 30% off sweaters yesterday and they are both going back to the store today.
    Hadley Sweater:
    Not impressed, very boxy and stiff looking and really too heavy for our winters. We need layers here not heavy sweaters.
    Cashmere Henley:
    I am short (5'1") but it was much too long for me. The buttons gaped in the front but it was baggy??? not sure what was going on there. The cashmere did not seem very soft. On the plus side, they were both in Heather Spearmint color which is actually brighter in real life and I loved the color. So I am on the hunt for another sweater in that color.

  28. wondering WHY the fishermen sweaters that were marked down on-line from $99 to $79 went back up to $99 since yesterday... with the shopnow code it brought them down to $55-ish which is what they are currently selling for in the B&M stores...I had a basket filled, but was waiting to make my Bloomies F&F purchase (which included 3 of my preferred brand VINCE for sweaters-pricey but they last FOREVER)- sadly, Jcrew sweaters have become my alternatives to Sweatshirts/ lower tier loungewear... i have been shopping JCrew for over 20 years, and STILL spend thousands of dollars a year there for basics- which ALL are used as disposable work-from-home/ errand schlub wear... very sad. Sorry, Jcrew, but between the latest price-jack and the holes and pilling that appeared with first wear of $80 striped hoodie that i bought in every color, and the current insult of a "return policy" i am discarding my $980 basket right now.

  29. Today's mini complaint: frustrated by how some sales associates are above and beyond helpful and others kinda just shrug you off. I was in store today and fell in love with the No. 2 pencil skirt in metallic boucle, so I asked the store associate if it was being offered in petite sizing online. Her answer was simply, "I don't know", not "I'll check for you" (which, having worked for several years in retail during and after college, would have been my answer). I was in a rush to get back to work so I bought it with my student discount, realizing that the price of shortening it would negate my discount entirely, but at least I was saving a little in the first place. Well, it IS offered in petites online - had I known I would've just ordered from the red phone then and there! Now it's back to the store to return and reorder from the red phone (which, on a side note, I love the idea of but find very annoying to use in a busy store).

    Clearly this is not the hugest complaint in the world, but a little extra effort on the part of the salesperson could've saved me a trip.

  30. That associate should be fired! Sorry, but that is NOT what you say when a customer asks you a question like that. Geez. Obviously the manager was not in earshot...


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