Tuesday, September 13, 2011

J.Crew Works Fashion Week

Look for a bright palette and a 'tomboy element,' from J.Crew, says Marissa Webb, head of women's design
The following article is from the Life section of USA Today (click here to read it in its entirety):
First look: J. Crew's Fashion Week splash
By Alison Maxwell
September 12, 2011

J.Crew has joined the crew. The hundreds of other designers showing at New York Fashion Week, that is. The retailer, which hosts its first presentation Tuesday, joins Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang on the Fashion Week roster.

Creative director Jenna Lyons says she's surprised by the attention, since the retailer typically presents the collection a few weeks after Fashion Week.

"We have some very passionate J.Crew fans, and they've e-mailed and blogged about it. … It feels exciting for them and it feels exciting for us," Lyons says.

For spring, women can expect a bright palette that is saturated with clean, crisp colors balanced with classic neutrals, says Marissa Webb, head of women's design. Her inspiration? Travel, the ocean and Francoise Hardy. "Hardy is beautiful and feminine but has that tomboy element that we love," she says.

For men, head designer Frank Muytjens drew inspiration from "the paintings of Fairfield Porter because of their fresh colors and the paintings of Robert Rauschenberg for their tactile quality."

Muytjens says to look for different shades of navy paired in one look and "small pops of color like electric red and acid yellow."

Says Lyons: "We had been labeled as a preppy retailer. And as much as preppy is wonderful, it can be a little bit exclusionary. We've been trying to make it a bit more modern."
Jenna is right, J.Crew does have some passionate fans who are eager to see what is next! :) I would love to see a live stream of J.Crew's showing on Fashion Week! Thankfully, the images of the event will soon be up. Can't wait to see them all!

What are your thoughts on the article? Any points you found interesting? Are you excited about J.Crew's presence at Fashion Week?


  1. I always love to see new stuff - looking forward to some pics!

  2. Does anyone know if we can watch the live runway show online? Thanks! :)

  3. Yes, I'd love to see the show even if on screen. ;-)

  4. Alexis they should be inviting you to attend next time! Anyone with me on that?

  5. Just finished watching the Tory Burch show from her website--awesome! I searched around for awhile and couldn't find any live streaming of the J Crew show. Boo! I'll look a little more and let you all know if I find it!

  6. Yeah, J.Crew should stream that video. We'd all love to see it. :)

    teeny84, I want that too! I'd love to go. It's just a train ride away for me too! ;)

  7. Alexis you should be front row and centre representing all of us! :)

  8. Well, I can't see where anyplace has live video, so we'll have to wait for the pictures and commentary after the fact! Can't wait!

    Maybe you'll get seats next year, Alexis! :)

  9. They aren't doing a runway show, just a presentation like for Fall 2011, so that's why there's no live stream probably. Matchbook Mag has posted a few sneak peeks to their tumblr though! Looks colorful! http://matchbookmag.tumblr.com/

  10. DaniBP & Amy: Thanks for the support- I would love to be invited! However, it's just a dream since I barely receive catalogs from them. ;)

    Sydney: Thanks for sharing and letting us know! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing the link, Alexis.

    Ooh, need to save money for spring... I'm loving the color palette, especially the oranges & reds in picture #3! Must have that cream colored midi pleated skirt!


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