Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J.Crew Email: Breaking news: We've arrived in Trumbull

J.Crew has opened a new store in Trumbull, CT! To celebrate, they are offering "an exclusive gift with your purchase of $150 or more".

To shop and check out the new digs, visit:
J.Crew Trumbull Mall
5605 Main Street
Trumbull, CT 06611
(203) 371-9969

Congrats Connecticut shoppers!


  1. Yay for Connecticut J.Crew shoppers! Have fun! :)

  2. Well it's about damn time! Alexis, I haven't been to this mall in years. Have they renovated it at all? IIRC, it was kinda dingy, which I always found weird considering its fairly affluent always struck me as a lost opportunity.

  3. FFM: Yay indeed! :)

    Elaine: I know! I haven't been to the Trumbull Mall in years myself. The Trumbull Mall does have some upscale stores, but it was kind of "dingy" too. I remember stopping by several years ago and seeing the Food Court looking exactly the same since I was child. Hopefully they did renovate it! ;)

  4. I live very close to this mall, and while Fairfield County is generally wealthy, the area where the Trumbull is located (Bridgeport) is very far from affluent. They did renovate the food court last year, and it's vastly improved. I'd say the mall is no longer dingy, but still nowhere as upscale as Westchester or Stamford. Anyway, I'm so excited to have JC there, and I'm hoping to go this afternoon! Yeah!!

  5. SallyO: I didn't know they renovated the Food Court- yey! That is a good point about location- although that section of Trumbull is quite nice, it is easily accessible by both affluent and less affluent sections of Fairfield county. So there was a wider range of stores- from expensive (e.g. Coach) to less so (e.g. less than $10 clothing stores)- to appeal to the wider client base. In any case, I will definitely be stopping by at some point to check out the new J.Crew. Probably in a month when they have a sale section already. ;)


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