Thursday, January 16, 2014

JCA Community {quote it!}

JenniferD (in this post):
I have three crinkle boy shirts - blackwatch plaid, red check, and black/white check. Ironed them all, then literally watched them "re-crinkle".

Maybe that's a selling point . . . "retains crinkly / wrinkly texture despite washing, drying, ironing, stretching, bending, cajoling, persuading, bribing, strong arguments, kind words, and general wishing." 
HA! ;)


  1. It's so fun to read along and then bust out laughing at stuff like this. It's a goodie :)

  2. I read this on the review post yesterday and had a good guffaw!

  3. I certainly got a good laugh when I read that post. Well done!

  4. Great post and so true, my ironed crinkle shirt is slowly re-crinkling in my closet.


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