Friday, May 30, 2008

New In-Store Coupon: $25 off $150

A big "thank you!" to Crystal who provided this link in the "J.Crew 20% Off Sale Ends Today" post.
J.Crew is offering for a limited time $25 off purchases of $150+ in their stores using this coupon. Please make sure you bring a print-out of the coupon in order for the associate to scan the bar code. The offer expires this Sunday, 06/01/08.


  1. Is it just me, or do other people think that just over 16% off isn't much of a sale?

  2. Unless there was a specific item/or items I had to have for a required event that coupon wouldn't make me go running to the store! As my husband says, "A coupon isn't going to make me buy something I already wasn't contemplating."

  3. Hi Lynn! I agree that 16% off is not much of a sale. However, if I was already purchasing items that matched the minimum, like Jagjag2 writes, then I would be delighted to save more money. :)

  4. I'm also not crazy about these "in store only" coupons, considering the closest JCrew to my house is well over an hour away.

    P.S. - love this blog, just found it a week ago and have become addicted, come back to see what everyone has to add, on a daily basis. Great idea Alexis.
    Also, must be that I'm 35 or maybe just plain clueless but I can't seem to figure out how to sign in, so I'll just post as anonymous.

  5. Just found ya. I'm a JCrew addict. Looking forward to more posts.

  6. Hi Anonymous at 12:57PM & Antigone! Welcome! I am always happy to meet new J.Crew Aficionadas. :)


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